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Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 71

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As Jodie took hold of Karen’s knees, Karen started feeling shy again — she had never spread her legs for another woman other than her gynecologist, and she was acutely aware of Miss White, who was sitting there still fully clothed. But she did not resist when Jodie began to push her knees apart.

Jodie felt a rush of excitement as she looked down at Karen’s mouthwateringly luscious pink pussy, festively framed in red hair, then back over at Miss White. Jodie was beginning to believe she had been born to give pleasure, and now she would able to please Miss White by pleasing Karen. Truly, hers was a blessed life.

Planting a kiss on the inside of Karen’s knee, Jodie felt the older woman tremble in response. She started kissing her way up the smooth, soft skin of Karen’s leg, the rich, musky smell of Karen’s juices growing stronger as she moved closer to its source.

Jodie intended to spend a long time teasing Karen before she dove in, but her will soon grew weak. Next thing she knew her tongue was gliding across Karen’s pussy lips, then slipping between them. Karen let out a groan and sat back further in her chair, opening her legs even wider and closing her eyes in bliss. It was possible that nothing had ever felt as good as Jodie’s tongue felt inside her just then. Then Jodie slid a finger in as well, and that felt even better.

Karen had been very keyed up and it didn’t take Jodie long to make her come. As the spasms rippled through her Karen felt like little explosions were going off in every part of her body. Jodie sat back on her haunches, happily licking Karen’s nectar from her lips.

When Karen opened her eyes she was looking straight into Alexis White’s. Those steely gray orbs were a little scary — not sinister, exactly, but they seemed to be looking all the way down into Karen’s soul, seeing her innermost thoughts and deepest desires. Suddenly Karen felt exposed, though she was already completely naked with her legs spread wide apart.

Jodie still had a finger inside Karen; her pussy had already been very wet but now it was drooling, the juices running down onto the fabric of the chair. Karen’s eyes stayed locked on Miss White’s, unable to look away, until Jodie resumed licking her; then she let her head fall back and floated away again on a cloud of euphoria.

Some indeterminate time later, when arap porno Karen finally opened her eyes once more, she seemed to be alone. Last thing she remembered she’d been coming for the fourth time, or was it the fifth? Apparently she had passed out for a bit. Or had the whole thing been a dream? No, here she was — stark naked in an unfamiliar hotel room, her body still vibrating with post-orgasmic ecstasy.

Then Alexis White appeared, now wearing a white bathrobe. In her left hand she held a belt that she had attached to Jodie’s collar as a makeshift leash; Jodie followed behind her on hands and knees.

Seeing them, Karen felt a sudden rush of warmth and gratitude. She felt that she desperately wanted to somehow repay all that she had been given. She was stammering incoherently, trying to put this feeling into words, when Miss White put a finger to her lips to silence her. “It’s OK, honey. I understand.”

Miss White took Karen by the hand and helped her up. Then the two of them walked together to the bedroom, Jodie crawling along behind. Karen’s heart was pounding; she knew that she had now surrendered herself completely to Miss White’s will, that whatever limits might previously have applied were now a thing of the past.

Miss White guided Karen onto the bed, where she lay face up on the cool, soft sheets. As she leaned over to unhook the belt from Jodie’s collar, Miss White whispered something into the younger woman’s ear that Karen couldn’t hear. Jodie nodded and smiled.

After climbing up onto the bed, Jodie took up a position astraddle Karen’s head. And so for the first time in her life, Karen found herself looking up into another woman’s vagina. She swallowed and tried to muster her courage. Jodie’s pussy was beautiful in its way — brown hair trailing down into dark lips, with a hint of inner pink visible underneath. But Karen was intimidated; she knew nothing about pleasuring a woman, and Jodie had been so skillful.

Watching Karen hesitate, Miss White’s instinct was to go over there and just shove her head up into Jodie’s crotch. But she told herself to be patient, and in fact she was rather enjoying the look of innocent perplexity on Karen’s face.

Finally Karen lifted her head, extended her tongue, and took a first tentative lick at Jodie’s vulva. She enjoyed bedava porno the way Jodie quivered in response, and found the taste intriguing. She had tasted her own juices second-hand plenty of times, but this was different somehow — exotic and complex, familiar yet strange. She went back for another taste, running her tongue along Jodie’s furrow, feeling a deliciously naughty thrill — she was actually doing it, she was eating her first pussy.

Jodie gradually sank down until Karen’s face was completely covered by her crotch. It was only then that Miss White sat down on the bed, spread Karen’s legs apart, and bent down between them. Having contained herself for so long, Miss White went at it with gusto, eagerly lapping up the redhead’s juices before thrusting her tongue deep inside. Taken by surprise, Karen moaned up into Jodie’s cunt.

Jodie was now holding on to Karen’s breasts, grinding her pussy down hard onto the older woman’s face. Her tits bounced wildly as she rode Karen’s tongue, trying to get some friction on her clit, a little frustrated with Karen’s inexperienced clumsiness. Finally she reached down and began to rub herself, and soon she was climaxing, gushing liquid onto Karen’s face as Karen also came again from Miss White’s ministrations. Jodie’s orgasm was a massive one, and she leaned back against the headboard for support, feeling lightheaded and weak.

After taking a minute to compose herself Jodie climbed off Karen, who lifted her head to see Miss White standing at the foot of the bed. Her robe was hanging open and protruding from her pelvis was what appeared to be a very large penis. Karen did a double take; was Alexis White a transvestite? True, there was something vaguely masculine about her demeanor, but to all appearances she had seemed quite female.

After a minute Karen figured out that the phallus was artificial, and that it was supported by a harness that wrapped around Miss White’s hips. Innocent that she was, this was something she had no experience of. She stared at the thing for a moment, fascinated, and then she suddenly realized what Miss White had in mind. She gulped. This was an unexpected turn, and she felt both a twinge of fear and a sudden yearning emptiness between her legs.

She could have said no. She could have stood up and walked away. Instead cüce porno Karen lay there meekly as Miss White crossed to the side of the bed, rolled Karen over onto her stomach, and lifted her hips so she was on her knees with her ass sticking up into the air.

Karen braced herself — she’d only ever been with two men including her husband, and neither of them had been particularly well-endowed. But Miss White was gentle with her, slowly easing the bulbous head inside, and to Karen it felt heavenly — and better and better as she was gradually penetrated further. She’d never felt so full before, and she began to eagerly push back against Miss White, being stimulated inside in new and delightful ways.

Miss White whispered to Jodie, who nodded and slid underneath Karen, lapping at Karen’s clit as Miss White fucked her while at the same time reaching one hand over to finger Miss White through the gap in the strap-on harness. Stimulated by Karen’s response, Miss White took hold of the redhead’s hips and began to pound her in earnest, drawing a little moan or grunt with each thrust. After a few minutes, Miss White could tell that Karen was near climax — but somehow or other, despite Miss White’s best efforts and the help of Jodie down below, she couldn’t quite get there. Maybe the angle of penetration was wrong, or maybe she’d been desensitized by all the orgasms she’d already had.

Suddenly Miss White was struck with an inspiration. She raised her hand and quickly administered three forceful open-handed blows to Karen’s rear. That did it — Karen let loose with a deafening howl and began to shake all over. She went limp and with her knees no longer able to support her, she pitched forward onto the bed, leaving the strap-on thrusting into nothingness, wobbling slightly before gradually falling still.

As she extricated herself from underneath Karen, Jodie could sense that Miss White needed her. Shimmering over between Miss White’s legs, Jodie adjusted the strap-on harness for better access to the older woman’s clit, and gently sucked the hard little nub into her mouth. Now it was Miss White’s turn to scream. She was not quite as loud as Karen, but completely uninhibited and even a little undignified. It was possible that Jodie had never seen her come so hard. She sank down onto her side next to Karen, the dildo now dangling lazily across her thigh.

Later, when Karen finally left the suite to return to her own room, she was walking funny but had a big smile on her face. She wasn’t going to get much sleep before her flight, but she had finally had her Las Vegas adventure — a night she would never forget.

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