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Hi, my name is Sue. Well actually, it’s Susann, but every one calls me Sue. I am 45yrs old 36DD-32-36 and a mother of four. I have three beautiful girls and a handsome son. My oldest is my son Hunter and his twin sister Jessica, and they are 25. My other two are twins also. There names are Alexis and Paige, and they are 20. My husband Bill died 3yrs ago in a car accident, so it is just the kids and me. Ever since the accident, I have not felt the need to date. Well actually, I have not had time. Nevertheless, like every other woman, I am horny. I have needs too. Sure, I could go out to some swanky, dank whole in the wall bar and find some young college boy who is horny and wants to fuck, but I am not like that. I do not want a wham bam thank you ma’am fucking. No, I want someone to make love to me.

Since I am always horny, I am always putting on a show for my kids. I will wear next to nothing bikini’s in the summer when at home laying next to the pool. We have a very relaxed attitude towards sex and nudity in the house, so when we wake up, we usually just go downstairs and have breakfast in what we slept in, which is either nothing or just our underwear. I think my youngest two girls are nudist. They are always running around wearing absolutely nothing, oh to be young again. So let me tell you about one Thursday afternoon when the kids were all out of the house at school or work.

It was a hot afternoon in late July. I was completely naked. I had stripped of my bra and panties, which I had slept in, to wash them. I had washed everyone’s laundry, folded it, and was bedava bahis now putting it away. I had gotten Jessica’s, Paige’s and Hunters clothes put away. I entered Alexis’ room; put away her pants and shirt’s. I pulled open the top draw and I dropped all her skimpy little panties. What I saw stunned me. There was two large butt plugs, a couple of vibrators and a thick realistic dildo. Now the fact she had them did not stun me, but she is a beautiful girl and has many boys chasing her. What stunned me was when I picked the dildo up it was sticky. She had used it today, which is what stunned me.

Not thinking, I walked to Alexis’ bed and laid down on it. I still had the dildo in my hand. I brought it up to my mouth and began licking it. “Mmmmm, Lexi has a sweet tasting little pussy.” I thought to myself. Sucking just the head of the dildo in my mouth, flicking my tongue against it. Slowly I sucked it in further and further until I had all 12inches of the dildo in my mouth and down my throat.

I pulled the dildo out and traced it down my body. Stopping at my nipples and slapping them with the dildo. I moaned aloud and continued tracing down my body with the dildo. I started pinching both my nipples now with my free hand.

I felt the dildo reach my shaved mound. I just shaved it today. You cannot have any hair when you wear tiny little bikini’s. I slowly began rubbing the dildo up and down my slit. Teasing myself, and getting my tight cunt all wet. Soon I felt my juices flowing out of my pussy and down the crack of my ass. I took the dildo casino siteleri out of my cunt, brought it to my mouth and licked my juices off it. I placed the head of the dildo back at my tight cunt. Slowly I started pushing. The head of the dildo popped in. Inch by inch the rest of the dildo slid in my slick cunt. I held it in there letting my cunt get use to it.

I continued pinching my nipples hard. I was twisting them and tugging on them. “Ohhh god, yes, that feels so good.” I moaned aloud. Good thing no one was home. Slowly I started sliding the cock in and out of my pussy. It felt so good to have a huge cock in me, even if it was real. I started ramming the dildo in and out of my pussy harder and faster.

Soon I was continuously moaning and panting. “Ohhh god yes, Mommy likes it good and hard. Fuck mommy’s pussy hard with that dildo!” I moaned dreaming that Alexis was there fucking me with the dildo. All of the sudden I had the urge to pull the dildo out of my tight juicy cunt. Then I rolled over and got on my hands and knees. I lined the dildo up with my asshole and pushed it in. It hurt a little bit at first, but after a minute or two I did not care, it felt so good. Slowly I started picking up the pace, ramming the fake cock in and out of my asshole harder and faster. Moaning aloud, incoherent words and sentences were coming out of my mouth. Screaming, “Fuck me, fuck my ass hard. Fuck mommy’s asshole harder baby.”

I reached down with my other hand and started rubbing my rock hard clit. Rubbing my pussy in circles, I got my fingers bahis siteleri all wet. I took three fingers and jammed them in my sopping wet cunt. That did it. I started shaking violently. I screamed aloud as my asshole clenched down on the dildo. I felt a rush of creamy girl cum run out of my pussy and down my arm, soaking the sheets below me. I collapsed forward, my three fingers still in my pussy and the large dildo still deep in my tight little asshole.

“So I see you discovered my toy stash” I heard someone say from the doorway. I looked over and there I saw my daughter. Standing with a huge grin on her face was Alexis, and right behind her trying to look over her shoulder to see what was going on was Paige.

“I am so sorry baby, I was just putting you panties away and it was lying there, and oh god I am so horny!” I said, “I am a bad mother”.

“No your not mom, your human like the rest of us.” comforted my daughter as she moved towards the bed stripping her clothes off. Paige stood behind her and seeing her sister strip and her mother already naked, she removed her clothes too.

I pulled the dildo out of my ass, rolled over and scooted to the end of the bed. Alexis reached out and hugged me, While Paige picked up the underwear I dropped on the floor. “Hey these are mine,” claimed Paige, “I thought I left my favorite panties at Johnny’s place, I have been looking for these forever. Turns out my slut sister had them,” added Paige.

“Paige, that’s not a very nice thing to call your sister” I scolded her.

“I am sorry mom, sorry Alexis for calling you a slut” Paige said.

“Better, now come give mommy a hug with your sister” I told her. Paige came over and hugged me with Alexis. All three of us moaning as our large tits pressed together as we hugged one another.

To be continued…Or is it?

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