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I Couldn’t Help Myself

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As a sharp click came from the front room, Danica panicked. She wasn’t entirely sure how she arrived in this predicament, but she was positive Master would not be happy. She was eager to look around, but the blindfold was wound around her oval shaped head, securing easily over her short blonde locks. Eagerly hearing for footsteps, she strained her head, attempting to break out of her bonds, but with no luck, she was bound in way too tight for any comforting movement.

She heard Andre move into the kitchen, His thick soled shoes clunking on the white marble tile was a dead give away. She was hoping He didn’t go into their bedroom, where He’d see her harshly tied in a large dog cage on the floor. She knew he prohibited her pleasing herself, even in a submissive context. The small voice in the back of her head knew she was begging to get caught, to feel the pain He inflicted on her for submitting to the restraints and gags He solely devoted for His use on her only.

The footsteps were no longer heard, He was in the hallway now, any second going to step through the door. She heard His keys unlock the padlock He used to keep her in the bedroom, where she belonged. Suddenly the door opened, and Andre’s deep voice softly spoke, “Oh my, my little bitch has broken my rules hasn’t she?” Knowing she couldn’t reply, Andre knelt on the floor, watching what his little slave had gotten herself into.

Danica’s heart raced as Andre’s dark eyes scanned her imprisonment. Her hands were securely wrenched painfully through the upper bars of the cage; in leather cuffs which were padlocked on both sides so there was no way she could escape without assistance. Secured to the small ring on both cuffs was a small, yet powerful length of chain, which also ran through her tightly pulled penis gag, her 6″ posture collar which pulled her neck at a dangerously stiff level to almost the top of her cage. The chain was secured to three locks on the collar, then back up through her blindfold, locking that as well.

At her waist, a thick chained chastity belt was wrapped tightly, securing the 7″ long, 4″ wide vibrator inside her, and the medium-sized butt plug Master introduced to her the previous afternoon. The chain was also snaked through five rings on the belt, ensuring that it would not be disturbed in her struggles. Finally, the chain led to her ankles which were encased in a thick pair of leather cuffs, which themselves were connected to a 4 foot long spreader bar, which hardly fit inside the cage, which was already a bit too small for Danica’s long torso and tower high bebek escort legs.

“How did you get into this, little bitch? You knew this was forbidden, you knew you would get severely punished, but you want that, don’t you? You disgusting slut, I should just throw you out now and let the scavengers have their way with you.” Andre mocked the slave, admiring her handy work at the same time.

This was all too much for poor Danica, with the vibrator at top speed, and her Master spitting his angry words at her, she was ready to burst, but with Master present, she couldn’t or her punishment would just be as worse. It was too late though, Danica gushed, biting into her gag to suppress the scream that would surely worry the neighbors.

Master did not appreciate this. He considered letting the little bitch out and give her the beating she deserved, but He decided to leave some more time for her in her solitary confinement. With a smug chuckle, He walked back out of the room, locking the double padlock this time, to make sure she knew she was in store for something big.

As soon as she heard the locks being shut into place, Danica knew she was in big trouble. She was hoping Master would remove her from her bonds, then doing what He wished to her, but that seemed not to be the case tonight. She never defied Him like this before, not since their first encounter, but she knew that what He was planning was going to be far worse than she imagined.

Abruptly, a new sensation carried on in her tight anus, the plug was vibrating! She was unaware Master grabbed the remote, but now that He was home, He would control her, and she would not be allowed to orgasm without His word, she already broke the rule once today, one more time and she’d be out for good. She pictured the look of disappointment on Master’s face. She never liked to hurt him, never. She was His, and it was her duty to submit to Him and please Him as she wished.

Hours passed, with both plugs on high, making her sting with pure delight and the hatred of the torture. Her bladder was aching too, begging to be released. She considered going, but Master would not tolerate this as well. She could only perform on His command, even for the simple act of eating. Soon enough, Danica found herself in an erratic sleep, awaiting the next day where Master would show her what she deserved.


Andre awoke on the fold out couch, His blanket sticky from the load He shot out onto them, thinking of what He had in store for His little bitch. Stretching, He stood up, his mecidiyeköy escort massive 6’4″ frame gleaming in sweat, He was impatient. With his thick, long tool, He made his way to the bedroom, where His slave itching for her pleasure.

He unlocked the stiff padlocks, swinging the solid oak door, to find His precious slut still restrained and sweaty, obviously in an arguable amount of pain. “Good morning, you little whore. You ready for what I have for you?” He snarled, grabbing the keys from their carved nightstand. He started with the cuffs on her wrists, which were by far the most painful. As soon as the chain fell away, her arms collapsed, the muscles strained and exhausted from constant pressure. He slid the chain through her remaining obstacles, removing the spreader bar and the posture collar as well.

Underneath the tight fitting collar was yet another collar, a think, elaborate silver band, which included a ring in front as well and a welded seem, so tightly pressed into her skin that there was no way it would be able to be removed without inflicting damage to her porcelain neck skin. Similar bands encased her delicate wrists and ankles, forever marking that the bitch was surely Andre’s, and would always be.

Andre grabbed a short chain leash from their nightstand, securing to His bitch’s collar, yanking her out very forcefully. His slave yelped as He threw her face down onto the bed, securing her ankles and wrists once again to short chains from their bedpost before He unclipped her leash. He moved to the chastity belt, where he unlocked it and removed the plugs, both having drained batteries, he placed them aside and pulled at her labia and clit piercings, debating if He should lock Her up once more, for good this time. He looked up at His bitch, deciding to keep the gag and blindfold in place, the stinking whore didn’t deserve those senses back yet.

He moved to the drawers to his left, removing a small, yet brisk leather whip with metal balls at the end of each leather strip. He slammed the whip down on His slave’s peach fuzzed butt cheeks with all His might, showing no mercy. Danica bucked up as blood began to dribble slowly from the miniscule welts. Andre repeated this nine more times, showing the nasty bitch who she belonged to.

He also then shoved his pulsing member into her dripping pussy, feeling her tighten as He violated her. Andre grabbed her hair, pulling her face up and once again securing the posture collar in place. He knew this caused her great discomfort, which only fueled his raging cock even more and more. He florya escort felt her muscles straining, begging to orgasm, but once again He pulled up her hair, growling “No.” into her slightly stretched ears, licking her thin ear lobes as He pumped her full of his juices, admiring His work. “Happy now, bitch? I bet you liked that, being treating like a fucking animal.” Andre spit on her, unlocking her ankles and removing them from the cuffs, then moving up to her wrists, where he released the chain but not the cuffs.

Danica felt as the thick gag and hard blindfold were unlocked from her head, her green-eyed gaze immediately meeting Master’s enchanting dark brown eyes. He kissed her hard on the mouth, all while securing a small chain to the collar. Danica loved His attention, it made her feel alive, worth something, something she lacked for years and years.

“Thank you Master…” Her small voice cut to a halt when Master yanked her off the bed to the bathroom, where she urinated and then was led to the cage once more. “No, please, not again.” She pleaded, her eyes watering; she wanted His love, His taste, His touch, His smell, His warmth, not the cold, hard cage floor.

“Sorry baby, this is what you wanted, now you are getting it.” Andre’s voice was soft, He truly did love his Danica, but His aggressive side love treating her like the slut she wanted to be. Before pushing her back into the cage, He pushed her backwards, driving a slightly heavy padlock through her regions piercings, assuring she would get no more pleasure for the night. He also place small, yet secure clamps on her nipples, a small silver chain and silver weight dangling from this, giving her the perfect pain/pleasure combination.

Andre then pushed her back, kissing her forehead before securing her arms through the cage bars to the back of the cage with a short length of chain, providing her movement, but not enough to touch any part of her body. He shut the cage door, pulling the chain on her collar through the front bars and attaching it to the middle bar, allowing her slack, but not enough to lay her head on the floor. Finally, He secured the cage door shut with a thick, complicated padlock that required both a key and a combination to remove, only one He and only He knew.

Danica shuddered. She was being treated like an animal. This is what she desired, why she fell for Master so hard in the first place. She loved the torture, loved the humiliation. Master then placed a small bowl of scraps from his dinner into the cage and a slightly larger bowl of water for Danica to sustain herself from until next release. He then smiled, patting Danica’s head and shutting off the lights to the room, then leaving the room and padlocking it once more, leaving His little slut where she belonged until He next craved her lusty breath, her dripping pussy, and her endless submission.

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