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Aunt Meg Ch. 03

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It was 9:30pm when I saw the Welcome to Rhode Island sign on I-95. It took a few hours to get through New York with all the traffic, as well as parts of Connecticut.

“How much longer before we get to your place Aunt Meg?”

“Not much longer Anthony. It will take about 40 minutes from here to get to the East Side, which is in the north eastern part of the state.”

“It’s only 40 minutes to get to the northern part of RI from here?”

“Well, it’s 40 minutes to get home from here. RI is a small state. You can get from one end of the state to the other in about an hour. But before we head home, you better put on your shorts. We need to drop off this SUV at the car rental place near the airport and pick up my car at the long term parking garage.”

“How long until we get to the airport?” I asked.

“About 20 minutes.” She replied.

It was dark in the car. I couldn’t see my Aunt’s naked lower body anymore. We had some fun on our way back, before it got dark. Aunt Meg let me take pictures of her pussy with my phone, while she drove. She spread her legs so I could get close up pics from between her legs. She let me spread her labia to get pics of her inner lips and entrance to her birthing canal. I got lots of pics of her strawberry blond pubic hair and I even got pics of her holding my cock at different stages of my arousal, as my cock grew in her hand.

When we crossed the NY/CT line, we stopped at a fast food place and went in the drive thru. We decided not to cover up. We couldn’t wait to see the look on the face of the girl who took our order once we got to the window to pay and pick up our food. My aunt made it a point to put her purse in the back seat, before pulling up to the window. At first, I wasn’t sure why she did this, but then I realized why.

“$15.39.” The girl at the window said.

Aunt Meg took off her seatbelt and lifted her body off her seat so that her bare ass would moon the girl when she reached into the back seat. I watched the girl’s expression and her jaw dropped. When my aunt sat back in her seat, the girl looked over at me and saw me sitting in the SUV bottomless. My cock started growing as her eyes fixated on my manhood. The girl started to blush and she started giggling to herself. She took my aunt’s debit card and came back a minute later with another female co-worker. She was whispering something in the other girl’s ear before they both reached the window. The first girl had a bag in her hand and the second girl had two drinks. Both girls looked over at me. My cock was standing straight up and they were both staring at me.

“Is that our food?” my aunt asked with an amused look on her face.

“Yes ma’am the first girl said.” as she put the bag out the window and handed it to my aunt.

The second girl kept looking and she licked her lips, which made me smile. My aunt took notice too. Aunt Meg put the food on my lap and asked the second girl for our drinks. The second girl walked over and handed my aunt our beverages. I put the bag on the seat next to me and reached over to grab the drinks from my aunt. Then Aung Meg looked at the girls, reached over and grabbed my hard-on with her right hand.

“This cock is mine ladies. I hope you enjoyed the view.”

Both girls looked at each other in shock and then looked back at me. I just smiled at them as my aunt drove away. She let go of my cock and we both laughed uncontrollably. We ate our sandwiches as she drove and when we were done, I put the trash on the floor by my feet.

“Anthony.” Aunt Meg said as she looked over at my engorged penis. “Your cock is making me wet again.”

She spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy with her right hand. I followed her lead and started stroking my cock. She kept peeking over as she drove, swerving a little bit, but careful to look out for police. The last thing we needed was to get pulled over. I unbuckled my seatbelt and sat next to her so I could get a closer look at her masturbating. We both played with ourselves for several minutes until I felt a climax coming.

“I’m going to cum Aunt Meg.” I announced.

“Get on your knees and face me sweety. I want you to cum in my lap.”

I got on my knees as fast as I could and pushed my pelvis out while I lowered the head of my cock over my aunt’s legs. Within seconds, long strands of white liquid sprang out of the tip of my cock and landed on Aunt Meg’s legs, arm, hand and part of her sundress. When I finished ejaculating, Aunt Meg lifted her cum stained right arm and licked my semen off her skin while I sat back down. Then she reached over and pinched the tip of my softening cock with her thumb and index fingers and squeezed. A little bit of white fluid emerged. She ran her index finger over the fluid and then put her finger in her mouth. When she was done, she rubbed the remaining semen on her thighs all over her skin, as if it was lotion and continued to rub her pussy with her cum soaked fingers. I reached over and inserted a finger inside her womanhood while she rubbed her clit and put my liseli porno finger in my mouth. I loved tasting her juices. It didn’t take long for her to orgasm. She groaned and moaned when she climaxed, but she did not squirt. When she was done, she turned to me and I leaned in to kiss her. Then I slid back over to my seat and buckled my seatbelt.

I heard my aunt’s voice as we pulled off the highway, which caused me to snap out of my little dream world.

“We are almost there.” She said.

Within minutes, Aunt Meg pulled into the long term parking garage at the airport and stopped in front of a black Mercedes.

“Is that your car?” I asked.

“Yep. You like it?”

“I love it! I said as I stepped out of the SUV to get a closer look.

Aunt Meg got out as well and popped the trunk to her car, so we could put our bags and luggage into the trunk. When we were finished she closed the trunk and turned to face me.

“Here you go Anthony.” She said, tossing me the key to her car. “You’ve earned the right to drive this. Just follow me to the car rental place and then you can drive the rest of the way home.”

“Seriously Aunt Meg?” I asked in excitement.

She smiled at me and nodded. I ran up to her and gave her a big hug and kiss on the lips. She embraced me and kissed me back. We stayed that way for several moments before I clasped her left butt cheek with my right hand. She pulled away and laughed.

“I will thank you in a more proper way tonight.” I said as I grabbed my crotch through my shorts like a stereotypical Italian jabroni.

My mom’s side of the family was french canadian and my dad was italian, so I felt like showing my jabroni side. My aunt got a good laugh out of it. She walked to her rental and lifted the back of her dress, flashing me her tight twin cheeks as she climbed into the driver’s seat. I got behind the wheel of her sweet ride and followed her.

After dropping off the rental, we got on the highway and headed north. Within 15 minutes, I took the exit Aunt Meg told me to take and we arrived in front of her condo complex shortly after that. Aunt Meg took off her seatbelt and got out. I got out as well and went into the back to grab our suitcases. Aunt Meg went to the front door and opened the door to her unit.

“Put the suitcases by the door and help me grab the rest of our stuff.”

I did as I was told.

“Do you have anything to eat?” I asked as we brought in the rest of our stuff.

“You are hungry again?”

“I’m a growing boy and I need to refuel for what I have planned for you later.”

“I’m excited to see what you have planned for me, but I don’t have anything to eat…except my pussy.” She said with a naughty smile.

“That’s my desert.” I said with a smirk.

“Fine, I’ll go to the convenience store and pick up a few things. You go inside and find my bedroom. You will be sleeping with me.”

“I don’t get my own room?” I asked.

“You can have your own room to keep your stuff in, but you will be in my bed every night, at least until your mom comes to visit.”

I felt butterflies in my stomach and I got all excited. The idea of fucking my aunt every night was a huge turn on.

“Well, feed me so we can get ready for bed!” I exclaimed.

“Be right back.” She said as she walked out the door.

I walked around her place and turned on some lights. Her condo was larger than I expected and very nicely decorated. It had an open concept floor plan. The large gourmet kitchen had granite countertops and high end stainless steel appliances and expensive looking tile floors. It opened up to a large dining and living area with fancy furniture and dark, hardwood floors throughout. I was drawn to the 65″ flat screen t.v. that hung on the wall in front of her leather couches. There was a lavette off the living area, underneath the staircase that went to the second floor. I grabbed my suitcase and backpack and took them up to the second floor. There was an open sitting area at the top of the stairs. The hardwoods continued down a hallway that lead to 2 bedrooms and a common bathroom. I decided to put my stuff in the guest bedroom, across from the master suite. Before, going into my aunt’s bedroom, I went downstairs and grabbed her suitcase and bag. I brought them upstairs, into Aunt Meg’s bedroom. She had a large bedroom with it’s own bathroom, off to the side. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the lights. She had a separate, tiled shower stall in the corner with two shower heads. The shower stall was big enough to fit two people comfortably and it even had a sitting area in one of the corners. On the side of the shower, there was a toilet and a bidet. Across from the shower, there was a large jetted tub. I started visualizing the two of us spending a lot of time in that tub.

About five minutes had passed since my aunt left to grab us something to eat. I figured I had enough time to shower before she got back. I turned on the shower in her bathroom and walked into mobil porno the guest bedroom to open up my suitcase. I pulled out my bathrobe and then grabbed my shower gel and shampoo from my backpack. I walked back into the bathroom and got in the shower.

It was very roomy in there. I messed around with the difference knobs on the wall and found the one that turned on the over sized shower head in the center of the ceiling. I left the shower head that had a hand held shower attachment on as well. It was on a on the wall on as well. I stood under the overhead shower head and just closed my eyes. I felt the water fall on top of me and imagined myself standing outside in a hot, summer rainfall. It felt amazing.

“Is there room in there for one more?” A familiar, female voice asked.

I jumped back a bit and opened my eyes. The voice startled me. My aunt was standing completely naked in front of the open shower door. She looked beautiful. Her shoulder length, strawberry blond hair covered part of the left side of her face. Her skin was tanned except for her bikini areas. Her body was toned and she had an amazing midsection with a visible six pack. It didn’t take long for my dick to salute her as she stepped into the shower with me.

“Cat got your tongue?” She asked as she closed the shower door behind her.

“I’m just blown away by how beautiful you are Aunt Meg.”

“Why, thank you Anthony. I’m glad you find me beautiful.”

“I speak facts, and those are the facts.”

“Well, if we are talking facts, I must say that I find you you to be a very handsome young man.” She said as she stepped into me, took hold of my rock hard cock and pulled down on it.

She got on her tippy toes and spread her legs a bit as she stepped into me and placed my stem in between her legs. Once she had my manhood where she wanted it, she put her legs together and dropped down onto the flats of her feet as she embraced me. Her inner thighs held my cock firmly in place, and the top of my penis pressed up, against her outer labia. I was about six inches taller than her so my cock spasmed on its own, trying to push upward against her vagina.

I wrapped my arms around her and lowered my head down to kiss her awaiting lips. We held each other, with our eyes closed, and kissed each other passionately, as the hot water rained down on us from above. Aunt Meg was an amazing kisser. None of my past girlfriends kissed like her. I ran my hands up and down her back, occasionally sliding them over her firm glutes. She kept her arms wrapped around the back of my neck. I reached down, grabbed the backs of both her legs and pulled up. She jumped up, understanding what I wanted. When she jumped, I caught her and supported her body weight with my hands and forearms as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I turned and walked her toward the other shower head, on the wall and pressed her into the wall. My cock continued to press up, against her outer labia, trying to find its way inside her. I shifted my hands so that each hand held an ass cheek. We continued to kiss, our tongues swirled around in each other’s mouths as if they were doing some kind of erotic dance.

“Put me down Anthony.”

I did as my aunt asked. I released my grip on her ass and her legs dropped down to the floor.

“Sit down.” She said as she reached for some body wash.

I sat down on the seat in the corner, next to the wall mounted shower and watch Aunt Meg. She lathered herself up with her body wash while I watched. She made sure to turn her back to me when she bent over to wash lower legs. After her legs were done, she spread her legs wide, reached in between them and slid her middle finger in between her open twin cheeks, allowing me to see her wash her hairy rectum. When she was done, she stood under the shower head on the ceiling until all the lather washed off her body. She looked over at me and eyed my erection.

“Your turn.” She said to me as she grabbed me by my cock and pulled.

I stood up and walked into the center of the shower, just to the left of the shower head that rained on us from above. Aunt Meg reached for my body wash and squeezed its contents into her hands. She rubbed her hands together and then spread the lather on my chest. She was very thorough and methodical. She worked her hands over my shoulders and neck, down my arms and to my midsection. She squeezed more body wash onto her hands and knelt down so that my cock was directly in front of her face. She stared at my manhood and started lathering up my legs. Her hands ran up and down my legs several times. She spent extra time on my inner thighs, making sure she got the crevasse between my testicles and inner thighs. Then, without warning, she slipped the three middle fingers of her right hand up, behind my ballsack and inside my ass crack. I felt her fingers massage my anus. I had never had anyone do this to me. It felt odd at first, but then highly pleasurable. I spread my legs a little bit to give her better access to my asshole. The next öğrenci porno thing I knew, she slid a finger inside me. My body jerked forward and when it did, Aunt Meg’s mouth opened and her lips engulfed the tip of my cock. She closed her lips around me and started performing oral sex, while the tip of her finger stayed inside me.

I felt her pressing and releasing as if she was doing the ‘come here’ motion I had done to her in the SUV. I never felt a sensation like that and before long, I reached climax. I grabbed the back of her head and pressed my pelvis toward her, indicating I wanted her to take me deeper into her mouth. Aunt Meg resisted and kept working the tip of my cock with her lips and tongue while she continued to massage the inner wall of my asshole. I felt my cock spasm as I released my load into her mouth. Her head stopped bobbing back and forth and her lips puckered and sucked on the tip of my penis when she felt my seed shoot into her mouth. She sucked the tip harder with each spasm my cock gave. As my orgasm faded, the pressure she put on my helmet became unbearable. I tried pulling away from her, but when I did, her finger slid deeper into my asshole. I couldn’t get her to stop sucking me. The sensation she made me feel was intense and indescribable. I was at her mercy. My knees buckled and I squirmed uncontrollably until she finally stopped. She pulled her finger out of my ass and released her lips from the tip of my cock. I stepped back gingerly and collapsed on the seat.

“What did you just do to me Aunt Meg?”

“I milked your prostate Anthony.”

“What?” I asked, confused.

I had never heard of milking a prostate. I didn’t even know what a prostate was.

“I will give you a biology lesson later.” She said. “Sit there and relax while I wash your hair.”

“You better wash that finger first.” I said.

We both laughed. She poured shampoo into her hand and proceeded to massage my scalp slowly. I felt goosebumps develop all over my body. It was like my Aunt knew exactly where to touch me to make me feel things I had never experienced. When she was done, she washed her hair. Then she removed the handheld shower attachment from the wall and extended it to where I was sitting. She washed the shampoo off my hair and then did the same with her hair. I assumed she was going to put the handheld shower back on its hook, but instead, she leaned up against the shower wall and lowered the shower head down to her waist. She spread her legs, turned the handheld shower head over, so that the water shot up, and slipped it between her legs. Aunt Meg spread her outer labia with her free hand and moaned as the water hit her clit and vaginal entrance. I watched her intently, anxious to see her masturbate. Her moans and groans echoed in the shower, which amplified how sexy she sounded.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I got up, went over to her and spun her hips around so that her back was to me. I wrapped my left hand around her pubic area pulled her toward me while my right hand pushed her forward from behind. She understood what I wanted and she bent over, in front of me. I got down on my knees and spread her ass cheeks as far apart as I could and slid my tongue into her asshole. Her groans got even louder, as I massaged her rectum while she pleasured her clit with the shower head. I slid my tongue lower, so I could lick the entrance of her sweet pussy. We did this for several minutes until my cock got hard again. I stopped licking my aunt and stood up. I kept my left hand on her back, indicating that I wanted her to stay in the position she was in. I positioned my pelvis behind her ass and guided the tip of my penis to her inner lips. It was time to penetrate my aunt’s pussy with my manhood.

I inserted myself inside Aunt Meg as she turned her head back toward me to see what I was doing. Her knees buckled and she dropped the shower head when I entered her.

“Oh My God!” She exclaimed in a loud voice. “Fuck!”

Her pussy was tight and it took several pumps before the entire length of my 8″ prick entered her completely. The water created some friction, intensifying the sensation I felt. Aunt Meg extended her arms and supported herself against the shower wall. She matched my thrusts with her own. When I pushed in, she pushed her ass back and when I pulled back, she moved in the opposite direction, stopping just before the tip of my cock came out of her tunnel of love. The sounds of my hips smacking her ass echoed in the shower and my aunt’s groans were louder than ever.

“Anthony, tell me when you are going to cum.” She said as she began to climax.

She screamed in ecstacy as her orgasm hit her. She slammed her ass into my hips as hard as she could, over and over. After she came, she pulled away from me and my dick fell out of her. She pushed me toward the seat and made me sit down, Then she turned around and lowered her ass over my shaft. I spread my legs to give her better access. My cock slid inside her with ease. There was less friction now that there was no shower water hitting her pussy. Aunt Meg bounced on my cock and vigor and enthusiasm. She was enjoying this fuck, and so was I. When she got tired bouncing her tight, round ass on my cock, she sat on it and grinded me. She moved her hips back and forth and side to side. She played with my balls as she did this.

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