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I just want to start by saying this is my first story. So any criticism, good and bad will be appreciated. I would also like to say this is mostly a true story. Some names and places may have been changed, just to keep us from getting in trouble. Well here we go

It all started one evening when my friend Tina was going to come over and have a few drinks with me. This always turns into an adventure in it self. But that’s a whole different story. Well this time she asked if she could bring her friend, whose name was also Tina. Well of course I said to bring her. I mean come on two hot blondes with the same name. Well when they showed up I’d already had a couple drinks in me so I was pretty relaxed. They both took a couple shots straight out of the bottle to catch up. I went to the kitchen to get some glasses and ice for they’re drinks.

I keep getting this feeling that the new Tina wants to fuck. At first it was just from her sex comments, and every story she has been telling all night has to do with sex. Then the original Tina goes to the bathroom, that’s when Tina got closer to me. She started whispering in my ear how badly she wanted me to fuck her. She reaches down and started stroking my cock through my shorts making it harder and harder. She reached up the leg of kadıköy escort my shorts and grabbed a hold of my bare rock hard cock, while telling me how bad she wanted to feel it in her hot, wet pussy. Just about the time she started to go down on me, Tina came back into the room. She had kind-of a stunned, not sure whether to be pissed or not, kind of look on her face. I just kind of sat there quiet waiting. Trying to come up with the right thing to say, without pissing her off when new Tina called her out side to talk.

I just sat there on the couch, with my cock still out, waiting. Wondering if the new Tina’s pussy was as good as the old ones? The more I thought the harder I was getting. All I could think about was how tight and wet the old Tina always was, how good her wet pussy taste. I would always eat her out until she would come all over my face before I would fuck her. I wanted to taste both of them now, Sometime during my thoughts I ended up closing my eyes and slowly stroking my cock. Fantasizing about the two of them together, and how much fun we would have. When I opened my eyes there they were standing about 5 feet from me. I wondered how long they had been there, but I didn’t stop stroking my self. As I laid there slowly kaynarca escort stroking my hard dick, they both started stripping. I couldn’t believe this was actually going to happen.

They both dropped down on they’re knees and started taking turns on my dick. While one was licking the shaft, the other was focused on my balls. It wasn’t long at all before my dick started throbbing, ready to shoot the first of many loads of cum that night, and when it went it went. It had to have been one of my biggest loads ever. Both of them had it all over themselves. The new Tina started to clean the other up with her tounge. It didn’t take long and they were both licking and sucking My cum off each other, and by the moans and such they were enjoying it as much as I enjoyed watching. Butt I couldn’t watch long, within a half a minute I was down with my face buried in pussy. They were laying side by side at first, which became hard for me to treat them with the same amount of attention. (Once I go in I don’t like to come up until I have my face covered from a woman’s orgasm) So I picked Tina up and laid her on Tina. Then I started by licking and nibbling on Tina’s (on top) pussy, while I was playing with Tina’s clit. Tina (on bottom) was giving kartal escort me a helping hand in pleasing Tina. I slowly slid my tounge down her pussy. I was working my way down. I was at her ass now and I could tell she wasn’t far from orgasm. She was making noises I’d never heard before. I couldn’t wait, I wanted her pussy to gush out that sweet juice. I continued on her ass until I had it wet enough to get a finger in it. Tina was playing with her clit while I had my face buried in her pussy and a finger in her ass. She started to shake and shiver. I knew it was only a matter of seconds before she came. And when she did she did it good.

Now it was new Tina’s turn, I just hoped it was going to taste half as good and get half as wet. I was sure I would find out soon, I slid the rest of the way down to her. My face and fingers soaked from Tina, I decided I had better put the juices on my fingers for something good so I slid one right down to her ass. As I ran my tounge from her pussy to her ass I slid the wet finger right in her. She let out a slight moan which was muffled. I glanced up to see Tina with a mouth full of my Tina’s wet pussy. Tina (new) was making her fuck her face, and it was hot. I went back to work on Tina(new) I slid another finger in her ass while I was fucking her pussy with my tounge, It took all of about 1 minute before she lost it. Her juices came running out , I was very satisfied with how great it tasted, and since Tina had never tasted a woman or her juices before I got her down there with me. After we cleaned her up a little I was ready to fuck., and so were they.

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