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Aunt Laura Ch. 02

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Laura and I usually got together in the early evening. My parents were always downstairs watching their TV shows with Laura usually alone in her room upstairs. Although she never asked or invited me to do anything to her, she always was available to me and would do whatever I asked. She got in the habit of putting her stockings and high heels on because she knew I liked her that way. She would then cover herself with a short white silk robe and wait to see if I would come to her room each evening. There was nothing she would deny me and I knew that she was totally submissive to my desires even though I was just a teenager. So many times she had told me that I could ask her to do anything and she would do it.

My parents were going on a trip to Chicago for a convention and they asked Laura if she would look after me while they were gone. She agreed, of course, and they said they would be gone for an entire week. I was always home from class before Laura got in from work and I would do some homework and then go play some ball with my friends until dinner time. Laura said she would be home in time to fix our dinner and that it would be ready by 6:30 each night, so I should plan on being home by then. My brother had joined the Coast Guard the previous month and was away at boot camp in Cape May, New Jersey. It was to be just the two of us for the entire week. At this point in our activities, I had only allowed her to suck my cock, jerk me off and play with her body in front of me. But I knew that this week would be my opportunity for stepping up the action.

Laura had already left for work when my parents said their goodbyes and took a cab to the airport. When they left, I went off to school. I knew that this would be a very exciting week but I also knew that I needed to be in control where Laura was concerned and take the lead in this relationship. At lunch, I went to a pay phone and called the hospital where she worked. She was a pharmacist and I was switched to her after waiting for a minute.

“Laura, it’s Paul,” I said, “I am looking forward to this week with you. Are you looking forward to what I am going to do to you this week,” I asked her.

“I am, but it’s a little busy in here right now. Can I talk to you when I get home later,” she asked.

“No you can’t, I need to hear you tell me that I can do anything I want to you. I need for you to tell me right now,” I said to her with more force in my voice.

“Okay, let me walk over to the corner here,” she said and I could hear her heels clicking on the hard floor. “Alright, I am over away from everyone.”

“Tell me, Laura. Say it now,” I told her.

“You can do whatever you want with me. I will do whatever you want and whatever you tell me to do,” she said very softly into the phone.

“You’re my whore aren’t you Laura,” I asked over the pay phone.

“Yes, I am your whore, Paul. I’m your dirty whore,” she breathed through the receiver. It was obvious from the tremble in her voice that she was getting excited.

“Good,” I said, “When I get home I want you in your heels and stockings, panties and bra with that short silk robe over it.” After giving her this instruction, I just hung up the phone. I had just confirmed that this was going to be a very good week.

After school I went home and did my usual routine of getting my homework out of the way and then met up with some friends at the school yard for some basketball. The game broke up about 6pm and I walked back home and entered the house. I could smell dinner cooking and knew she was home. I went upstairs, took a shower and pulled on a T-shirt and shorts and then went downstairs to the kitchen.

Laura was standing at the sink washing off a pan when I walked in. With the noise from the water running, she had no idea that I came into the room. I liked seeing her sexy legs in the black stockings and heels and the short robe which really showed them off. As the water was shut off I cleared my throat and she seemed startled as she turned around and looked at me.

“Open the robe and show me that you paid attention to my instructions,” I ordered as I held eye contact with her. Her hands went to the belt of the robe and untied it. Then she took both sides of the robe and pulled it open so I could see that she was wearing exactly what she was told to wear.

“Give me the robe,” I said holding my hand out. She shrugged out of the robe and walked the few steps to hand me the garment.

“Now take off your bra and panties, Laura.”

Still standing very close to me she slowly pulled the bra straps off her shoulders and then unclasped the center hooks and pulled the bra away from her big firm breasts. I held my hand out and she gave me the sexy piece of lace. Her hands then dropped to her hips and she slowly pulled her thin nearly transparent black panties down her legs to her shoes. She lifted each shoe and then stood up and handed me the black panties. I felt the thin fabric of the panties and the obvious moisture in the crotch of the black lace garment.

“Your hd abla cunt is wet isn’t it,” I asked.

“Yes,” she said, “I am very excited.”

Looking at her taught sexy body in front of me I pulled down my shorts and my semi erect cock sprang out.

“Stroke it, Laura,” I said to her, “Get me nice and hard.”

“Should we go upstairs to my bedroom, Paul,” she asked as her hand began to move up and down on my hard cock.

“Just do what you are told, tramp,” I said as she continued to jerk me off right there in the center of the kitchen.

“Yes. Sir,” she moaned at me and I could see how her submission deepened when I called her a tramp. She had never called me “Sir” before and I could tell how turned on she became when she used the word. My hands reached out and began to pull and pinch her nipples. They stood out and swelled immediately and I pinched harder and heard her moan loudly. My cock was like an iron rod and she had a firm grip on it as she stroked it.

“You like it when I hurt your tits don’t you,” I asked as I kept at her full, firm breasts and nipples.

“Oh, God, yes” she gasped, “Hurt my tits,” she pleaded. “I love it when you use me like this, Sir” she confessed to me. Again she had called me Sir. I pulled her close to me and our lips met and then our tongues were dueling with each other as we tried to climb into each others mouth. I held her in my arms and pulled her tight to me and grabbed her firm naked ass. My fingers dug in and pulled her body to mine so my cock was pressed onto her belly.

I pulled her hair back and her face was away from mine. I could see her need and desire. He mouth hung opened as she gasped for air. I pulled her across the room by her hair and pushed her face down on the butcher block table.

“Bend over the table, you slut,” I shouted and watched her body bend over the hard wood as her arms reached out and grabbed the far edges with her hands.

“Ask me to fuck you, Laura,” I ordered.

“Fuck your whore, Sir” she whined, “Take your Aunt with your cock.”

I had waited for this moment for weeks and here we were in the kitchen with her wearing just her stockings and heels and holding onto the table. She was so completely out of control and now begging for my cock. I knew without a doubt that I owned her and her body. Reaching down, I took my cock and ran it up and down her wet cunt. Then with one hard thrust, I pushed forward and buried myself all the way into her. I couldn’t believe how wet and tight she was.

“Oh, yes,” she cried out as I imbedded myself into her. My hands gripped her hips and I began to pound into her with a steady, hard motion. There was no technique, it was just raw need on my part. Her ass quickly found my rhythm and she met me with her own urgent need.

“Oh, yes,” she was crying, “Fuck your whore, Sir.”

I could tell she was fast approaching her climax and I knew I was close as well. I kept up this pounding pace and felt her convulse and knew she was climaxing. Her orgasm sent me over the edge too. We both began to groan out our orgasms with me shooting hot cum deep into her. Her ass kept hammering back at me. She couldn’t stop crying and moaning and begging.

“Fill your slut, Sir,” she babbled, “Use your dirty Aunt. Oh, God, it feels so good. Cum in me, baby, please fuck your hot cum into me.”

My cock slowed as we both started to come down from this amazing climax and I pulled back and watched my cock slip out of her. I saw all the wetness and cum drip out of her and my cock was soaked with our mixture of sex fluids. Laura rose up and turned to me and began to kiss me.

“Thank you,” she said as she looked deep in my eyes. “I need you so much. I will do anything for you. Just tell me what you want and I will do it. You own me, Sir.”

“You’re my property, Aunt Laura,” I told her, “My dirty Aunt is my sex slave isn’t she?”

“Oh, God, yes,” she told me with her eyes still directly fixed on mine. I put my hand on top of her head and firmly pushed her down. She immediately complied and squatted in front of me.

“Clean off your owner, Laura,” I ordered her and she took my wet cock into her mouth and sucked it and licked it as if she needed my cock more than she needed air. It was just 7:15 and we hadn’t eaten dinner but I had just fucked this incredibly sexy older woman who pledged her body to me just moments ago. It dawned on me that I really did own her now as I watched her work on my cock. I also knew that she was not trying to clean me up but to get me hard all over again.

“Let’s go up to your room,” I told her as I pulled her up by her hair and pointed her toward the stairs. As she walked in front of me I loved the look of her tight little ass and the motion of her hips. I reared back and hit her naked ass with a loud slap. Laura stopped immediately and bent over and looked back at me saying, “Hit me some more. I like it when you slap me and hurt me, Sir.” I hit her twice more and then pushed her toward the steps. Then hentai porno something occurred to me.

“Stop,” I told her, “and go back to the kitchen and get the large stainless steel spatula and then come up to your bedroom.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said and immediately walked back down the stairs as I continued on up to her bedroom.

I waited up in her room and then heard her footsteps back on the staircase. She walked into the room and I was sitting in the big chair beside her bed. I saw the large spatula in her hand and also a long metal ruler in the other hand.

“I thought you may want to use the ruler on me too, Sir,” she said as she came to me and held both instruments out in front of her.

“You’re a thoughtful whore, Laura,” I said taking both shiny pieces of metal. “Tell me where you need me to use the ruler.”

“Anywhere you want, Sir,” she said in a low subdued voice. “Maybe on my big tits if you like.”

“Bend forward over the bed,” I told her and she turned and assumed the position right away.

With her hands holding the bedding in a tight grip I immediately went to her side and began to use the spatula on her exposed ass. The sound of the cracks were very loud in the room and she cried out with each one. I alternated between each of her ass cheeks and saw the deepening red marks on them. After a total of ten hard smacks, I stopped.

“Now turn on your back on top of the bed,” I ordered.

Laura was breathing very heavily but turned over and stretched her arms wide on the bed exposing her body completely to me. I now had the ruler in my hand and slapped it on her left nipple. She moaned loudly and I then hit her right nipple with a firm rap too. Then alternating between them, I hit her for several more hard slaps with the cold steel.

I could see the incredible hardness of her nipples along with the bright red strips about an inch wide across them. Without warning, I then took the ruler and hit her between her legs directly on her exposed cunt lips and extended clit.

“Oh my God,” she screamed looking up at me and watching me wield the weapon again on her sensitive cunt.

“You want more, don’t you, slut,” I asked looking into her eyes.

“Please, Sir, hit your slave. Hurt me, Sir,” she pleaded.

I knew how sexually out of control she was getting from the hard slaps on her body and I hit her several more hard direct hits on her clit. Her heels dug into the mattress and she was moving her hips up to me as I spanked her wet cunt with the ruler. It was like I was fucking her with each slap. Her high heels were planted on the mattress top as she rocked her hips up to expose herself completely for each hard blow. Then I stopped and reached for her hair and pulled her up to a sitting position. I then turned and walked to the chair and sat down with my incredibly hard cock sticking straight up.

“Come over here and sit on my cock. Ride me with your cunt,” I said as she approached me. She put her stocking covered knees outside my legs on the seat cushion and slowly guided her excited and beaten cunt down onto me. Her weight pressed down as I slid all the way up into her. She took a deep breath and then began to move herself forward and back on my cock as it stayed fully engulfed inside her. She was moving herself very fast and then leaned forward with her hands to take hold of my shoulders to help her leverage her cunt against me.

“That’s it Laura, bang me with your cunt,” I told her as my hands took her big tits and pinched down on her swollen, beaten nipples.

“Oh, God, I’m cumming,” she screamed as I watched her body spasm over me and her hips grind down to feed her shattering orgasm.

“Your cum. Please, I need your cum in me,” she pleaded as the perspiration beaded up on her perfect skin. I knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer and took her hips in my hands and began to move her on my cock like a rag doll. Her head rolled back and her arms hung down beside her as I moved her in this tight grip until I was ready to cum.

“Oh, you slut,” I grunted as I felt my cum began to fire up into her and she stayed in her high state of arousal as she felt it flood into her. Pushing her back a bit I looked into her dazed eyes as she seemed drunk or stoned.

“On your knees now and put me in your mouth,” I said to her and she moved slowly in her foggy state. She raised herself off me and then off the chair’s edge. She took my hard, wet cock and engulfed it. Her mouth sucked the remainder of the warm cum down her throat with her hand holding it at the base. After a few minutes of her oral magic, I pushed her away and she just seemed to sit there in complete exhaustion on her heels in front of me. She looked in a state of complete sexual exhaustion as I got up and walked to the door.

“Be in my room tomorrow morning before you leave for work. I will need you to suck another load of cum. Make sure your makeup is on and your lipstick color is red,” I said as I left the room.

It was about 6:30AM kızıl porno when I started to awaken and then realized that the covers were pulled back and Laura was bobbing her head up and down on my fully erect cock. I laid there enjoying her talents for some time before I looked down to see her. She was dressed in a summer print dress and was kneeling on the bed so I could see her sexy heels and black stockings sticking out below the hem of the dress.

“Look up at me so I can see your face Laura,” I told her.

She turned with my cock still in her mouth and I could see her pretty face all make up and her bright red lipstick staring up at me.

“Pull your dress up over your ass so I can see it while you suck my cock,” I told her.

Laura reached back and pulled the hem up and slowly lifted it up over her ass. All the time she was doing this she was also looking up at me with her red lips working hard on my cock. I reached out and touched her smooth sexy butt and heard her whimper as I slowly rubbed it as she went down deeper on me. My hand slowly moved from her ass down to her thigh and to her stocking tops and back up again. She was pushing herself against my hand as I did this.

“How long before you have to leave for work,” I asked her. Her mouth came off my cock briefly so she could respond.

“I need to leave in 30 minutes.”

I pushed her away from me as I got up and walked around behind her. My hands took her black silk panties and glided them down over her nice tight ass as she kneeled there without moving.

“Put your head down so your ass is up higher for me to fuck,” I ordered her.

She had her head resting on her forearms on the mattress and her ass was at the edge of the bed and high enough for me to reach it easily with my cock as I stood behind her.

“Tell me what you need, slut.” I demanded as my hand delivered a hard slap to her upturned ass.

“Your slut needs your cock, Sir” she said in a strained, ragged voice that was filled with sexual need. I loved the look of her like this with her ass framed by the black garter belt that held her stockings up and the obvious moisture on her exposed pussy lips.

“Then put me inside your cunt,” I told her as I watched her hand reach from between her legs to grasp my cock and position it at the wet opening. She then pushed herself back onto me and I was moving deeper and deeper into her. Her hips then pushed down and I was fully captured inside her warm cunt.

“Oh, God, yes,” she cried out as her hips moved on me and demanded my cock use her needy body.

“That’s it, Bitch, fuck your nephew,” I moaned as I stood there watching her do an erotic lap dance on my rock hard cock. Her hips were pounding my cock as she drove me in and out of her.

“Uh huh, uh huh, make me cum” she moaned as she moved with an urgency that was driven by her need for an orgasm.

“Oh, that’s it, you slut, fuck me like that,” I said as I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. But Laura was way ahead of me and she screamed as the moment hit and her hands clawed the sheets and her body shook from the spasms of her ongoing climax. I couldn’t wait any longer and took her hips in a strong grip and buried myself as deep as possible inside her. My cock convulsed and started to spray cum deep inside her milking pussy. It was an incredible feeling and I thought to myself as I began to come down from this amazing orgasm that this was only the beginning of a week with just the two of us alone in the house.

When I finally pulled out, I watched my cum and her juices dripping out of her. She just stayed there in that same position until I realized that she was waiting for me to tell her she could get up.

“I am going to take a shower before school. You can put your panties back on but do not wipe away any cum. I want it to drip out of you all day long so you can remember whose slut you are. I’ll call you at work later on,” I said leaving the room without turning around and heading into the bathroom down the hall. As I walked into the bathroom I heard a faint, “Yes, Sir,” as I closed the door.

The phone rang in the pharmacy where Laura was alone and the other pharmacists were out at lunch. She walked over to the phone and answered it as she would at any other time during the day.

“Hospital Pharmacy, this is Laura, can I help you,” was her standard speech when answering.

“Tell me, Laura, are you a slut,” were the words that caused a tremor to go through her body. All morning she waited for the call but it didn’t come and she had forgotten about it during her busy work day. Her mouth went dry and she had trouble responding.

“Yes, Sir,” she breathed out, “I am a slut.”

“I’m going to hurt your tits again tonight before I fuck you. Do you want me to hurt them? You seemed to like it last night, didn’t you,” I said teasing her and making her feel both stimulated and humiliated.

“Oh, yes, I want that. Oh please, Sir, I need you to hurt my tits” she said into the phone as her breathing became difficult and she felt her chest tighten from the arousal. Her nipples were hardening and she had to control herself from taking her nipples and pinching them hard. She wondered how she could go from a normal workday mode to an aroused submissive bitch in just a few seconds.

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