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After a long lonely week you stumble into a local watering hole for a couple of cold brews then back to the hotel where you have been staying for this conference. You have a familiar “itch” in your groin but you haven’t met anyone you might be interested in yet so why would you think tonight would be any different. Of course you have been wrong before.

Sitting at the end of the bar you could see everything that was going on in the place. You saw her the minute she came in. Her long black hair flowed across her shoulders framing her beautiful face like a picture. She was wearing a tight fitting red dress that accentuated her gorgeous tits and left very little to the imagination. She had a matching red lipstick and her mouth was just screaming out to suck a hard cock. The very thought of those lips made your cock spring to attention.

She sat alone at the bar and ordered the same thing you were drinking. You called over the bartender and told him her next one was on you.

“Are you sure, buddy?” he asked.

“Why not?” you replied.

“Why not, indeed?” was his cryptic response.

When the drink you bought her arrived she saluted you and took a long slow swallow, watching you over the rim of the glass. Something about the way she handled the drink made your balls ache. When she took the glass from her lips, her tongue snuck out and licked any drops that might have been missed. You wanted to go sit with her and talk but you felt glued to the stool. Fortunately she took the initiative.

You watched as she walked towards you. Her hips swung seductively with each step. When she was within arm’s length she held out her hand saying, “Hi, my name is Celeste. Thank you for the drink.”

Her deep voice reverberated through your mind. You could feel the echoes running down your spine. “You’re welcome. I’m Gary. Would you care to join me?” you asked, indicating an empty stool next to you. As she sat you realized she hadn’t released your hand.

You watched, transfixed, as she took her place on the stool. The way she crossed her legs took you to new heights of sexual frustration. “Come here often?” you blurted out without thinking. You both laughed at the lame, old line.

“Actually, I am here from out of town for a business meeting,” she replied after your laughter died away.

“Convention for me,” you said answering her unasked question. The small talk continued for quite some time before you got up the nerve to ask, “I’m staying in the hotel just down the street. Would you like to come up to my room for a night cap?”

“I would love to,” she replied. “Just let me freshen up a bit.” You followed her out of the room with your eyes. Her ass was exquisite in the form-fitting dress. You could swear you could hear her cheeks rubbing together as she walked.

When she returned you headed towards the door. You didn’t understand the look on the bartender’s face when he bid you good night. “Have fun,” he winked.

You walked arm in arm to your hotel room. Nothing was said as you both enjoyed the night air. Inside the hotel you headed towards the elevator, hoping to be alone inside. No such luck as an elderly couple joined you for the ride up. The doors opened for your floor and the two of you stepped out and went down the hall. Her hand dropped from your arm and settled on your ass. The heat penetrating through the fabric of your slacks was enough to leave a print.

As you put the card into the slot to open the door she came and stood right behind you. “I am so thirsty,” she whispered in your ear. For some reason you got the impression she wasn’t looking for a glass of wine.

You stepped back as the door opened to allow her entrance first. Closing the door behind you, your intention was to offer her a seat and then a beverage. You didn’t get that chance. As soon as the door was closed she pulled you into her arms and covered your mouth with hers.

The sensuality of the kiss took your breath away. Never had you been kissed like this. You felt as though your whole being was melting into her. As the two of you were lost in the kisses she back-stepped you to the bed. When you felt the edge of the bed behind your legs you allowed yourself to be seated.

She pulled away from your embrace to remove your shirt. You reached for her dress to find it was actually a blouse and skirt. The blouse came over her head and out spilled two of the most perfect breasts you had ever seen. She took one in each hand and offered them to you. They were incredible as they rolled through your fingers. You were so absorbed in these fascinating orbs you barely realized she was undoing your fly until the cool of the air hit your erect cock.

With a quick intake of breath your eyes dropped to your crotch just in time to see your cock disappear between those brazen red lips. The lock she had on your cock made your fingers clasp tightly around her tits. You were kneading the flesh as she took your cock to what seemed like the depths of her stomach. bursa eskort bayan Her fingers manipulated your balls. With her expert technique you knew it wouldn’t be long before you were coating her throat with your cum.

“Oh, honey. That feels so damn good. If you don’t stop soon I am going to finish and I won’t have taken care of you.”

As if your words were inspiration she redoubled her efforts. You could feel the cum boiling from your balls, climbing to the top and shooting deep in her gullet. You held tightly to her melons as shot after shot went past her throat to settle in her stomach. Exhausted you fell back on the bed to catch your breath.

You wanted to please her as much as she had you so you reached for her hand and helped her on the bed next to you. You resumed kissing her and the heat in the room rose once again. Your hands were exploring her body, moving from her tits to her waist. She slid closer to you on the bed stopping your downward progress so you pulled your hand free and slid it around back, hoping to get a feel of what you were sure was going to be a dripping wet pussy. After a few more minutes of intense necking, and making sure your blood was boiling once again, she stood.

“I have a surprise for you dear,” she said as her fingers worked with her skirt. You were taken a back by what you saw as her skirt fell to the floor. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I was just so horny and you looked so delicious. Please don’t be mad,” she begged.

You sat on the bed staring at her/his throbbing erect cock. Anger was the last thing on your mind. For some reason you wanted it. You wanted to feel it. It was calling to you. You had never had such feelings before but now they seemed perfectly natural. You rose from the bed and walked over to her. Her sigh echoed off the walls as you took her in your arms and engulfed her lips in a soul-melting kiss. You could feel her hard cock rising between the two of you. The heat emanating from it was scorching your groin. You could hardly wait to feel it in your mouth.

Breaking from your embrace she suggested, “Lay down on the bed, lover.” Obediently you followed her suggestion and laid down. You couldn’t believe how hard your own cock was at the prospect of feeling hers in your mouth. She crawled on the bed next to you but positioned herself so her mouth was over your cock and hers was nears yours.

Once she had your cock between those talented lips of hers you could resist no longer. You took hold of her meat and led it to your mouth. The skin was so soft as it slid inside. Your tongue wrapped around it of its own volition as it slid deeper. Not paying attention to the depth, you gagged as it hit the back of your throat. You pulled back and grasped the base in one hand while the other went to explore her balls.

A little more cautious this time, you let the cock slide back inside. Your mind was reeling from the feeling of her mouth on your throbbing meat and the soft hardness between your own lips. The heat radiating almost burned your lips. You started to suck, trying to emulate what she was doing for you. Her moans filled you with confidence as well as rattling your organ.

You felt a beautiful new sensation as her fingers slowly crept down the crack of your ass. You opened your legs wide to allow her access. You wanted to see what this beautiful person had in store for you. You were eager to experience all the new things she had to show you.

Mimicking her movements, you let your fingers slide into the crack of her ass, too. When her finger slid inside your tight nether entrance you slid yours inside her. You were lost in a world of sensations when you felt something warm and wet sliding around your asshole. It took a moment to realize her mouth was gone from your cock. You realized she was licking around your brown eye. Never had you experienced anything like it. Her fingers were wrapped tightly around your cock, pumping away as she tickled your hole with her tongue.

Not wanting to be outdone you let the hard cock slide from between your lips and buried your face between her cheeks. The taste was earthy. You could feel her sphincter muscles grab at your tongue as it slid across the hole. Her moans rumbled between your south cheeks as she devoured your ass. The more you ate at her, the more she ate at you. Both of you were pumping away in a blur.

“OH Lover!!” she exclaimed as she pulled her face away from her prize. “I am going to cum so hard for you. Where do you want it?”

You reluctantly pulled your face away to reply, “In my mouth. I want to taste it.”

“MMMMMMMMM,” she moaned as she bent down and took your cock to the back of her throat once again. You felt her finger slide into your anus as her cock slide past your lips to rest in the back of your throat. Both of you thrust your hips towards the waiting, eager mouth encasing your cocks. It wasn’t long before cum was filling the back of your mouth. The thick salty stuff felt heavenly bursa otele gelen eskort bayan as you exploded deep within Celeste’s throat. She sucked hard to milk you dry and you returned the favor.

When you were both spent she released you and crawled up to lie next to you on the bed. You circled her with your arms and held her close as the two of you chatted and got to know each other.

After some time of cuddling and small talk you had an idea. Still being new at this whole thing you weren’t sure how to proceed. Just in the short time you had known each other, Celeste could tell you had something on your mind.

“What is it, lover?’

“I’m new at this whole thing,” you started.

“I know and I love it,” she interrupted and kissed you.

Once the kiss was done you looked into her eyes. “Can we do something?”

“Anything you want, lover. Anything at all. What is it?”

“Will you, that is, I want to feel you inside me. Not in my mouth but inside.”

“I understand,” she said with soft kisses on your neck. “You want me to fuck you.”

“Yes,” you whispered. Already your cock was stirring again.

“Oh baby!! I will fuck you like no other ever has….or will.”

She rolled over on top of you and covered your face with kisses. Her magnificent tits were rubbing against your chest. Your cock was growing harder than ever. You could feel her hard cock brushing against yours. You had an unfamiliar tingling in your ass.

Without warning she got up and went to the bathroom. When she returned she had the hotel lotion sample bottle in her hand and was rubbing her hard cock. “Turn over lover. Put your ass high in the air for me.”

You did as you were told and was rewarded with soft kisses all over your ass. You felt something warm and wet splash across your open cheeks. She began to rub up and down and you realized she had squirted some of the lotion in your crack. She made sure your ass was well lubed, sliding a finger into your hole and working it around. Then you felt her weight behind you. Your ass cheeks tensed.

“Don’t worry, lover. Relax. I’ll make sure you enjoy this,” she whispered in your ear as she leaned over you. You could feel her hard cock resting in the crack of your ass. Her soft balls brushed against yours. You were excited and frightened at the same time. She was well endowed. How would you be able to fit that huge cock into your ass? You felt pressure at your anus and tensed again. Her fingers came up to your shoulders and started to massage. You could feel yourself relaxing. A sudden sharp pain and you knew she had slid the very tip inside.

“Oh, please. Stop. No it hurts,” you moan.

“I know it does, dear, but bear with me. Soon it will feel exquisite.” She continued to press forward, massaging your shoulders and whispering encouragement into your ear. Soon you could feel her balls against yours again and knew she was all the way in. She stopped and let you adjust. After a moment she pulled out. You felt as though your bowels were being turned inside out.

“Please, stop!! It really hurts,” you cried.

She leaned forward and placed soft kisses on your ear as she whispered, “Soon darling. Very soon it will be wonderful. I promise. Just hold on.”

With that she thrust forward once again. It still hurt but you could feel your muscles relaxing. A few more thrusts and the pain was gone, replaced by an incredible full feeling in your ass. She sensed your transformation and began stroking in and out in earnest.

“Oh yes!! That DOES feel good. OH, fuck my ass!”

Your moans of pleasure inspired her and she began to pound away at your virgin ass. Her balls bounced off yours with each stroke, doubling the ecstasy. She leaned down over your back and you could feel her tits rubbing against your back. You were sure you would explode all over the sheets when you felt her fingers wrap around your hard cock. She squeezed tightly at the base, trapping any cum you might be thinking of spewing forth.

“I want to feel you cum in my ass, lover, after I have sprayed the inside of yours,” she moaned low in your ear. Her grip was almost painful as she continued to fuck her hard cock deep in your ass. You felt her tense and her grip tighten just before you felt the explosion. You could feel every jet of cum coating the insides of your ass. You humped back towards her to get every drop of nectar she had to offer.

When she had shot her last once of cum into your bowels she pulled out with a loud popping sound. You felt disappointed and empty as her cum ran from your ass. She leaned forward kissing your check and licking up the drool of cum from your ass before she released your hard cock and lay beside you on the bed.

When she had caught her breath she reached over and fondled your still erect cock. “Your turn now lover. Fuck me good,” she moaned.

You crawled over on top of her and smothered her with kisses as your bursa eve gelen escort hard cock slid across hers on its way to enter her back door. She stopped you only long enough to squirt some lotion into her crack to ease your passage. You had had women anally before but this was a new experience. You tentatively rested your cock against her anus, not sure how to proceed.

“Oh baby, fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast!” she encouraged.

You leaned forward and your cock was sucked deep within her anal passage. It was like the tightest pussy you had ever fucked. Your cock was wrapped in velvety soft, tight muscle. You could feel her contracting against your swollen member. Her tits were rubbing against your chest as she pulled you close to devour you with kisses. Your head swirled with all the new experiences.

You lean forward and grab her tits as you humped away at her ass. You break from her kisses to suck a nipple into your mouth. You are in heaven as your cock slides easily in and out of her tight passage and you suckle at her gorgeous breasts.

You are so lost that your impending climax sneaks up on you. You feel your balls begin to boil up and towards the tip of your cock. You try to delay but it is too close. You explode deep in her ass with your mouth full of tit. Stars circle your head as you cum harder then you ever remember cumming before. Her fingers are wrapped in your hair, holding you close to her chest as she heaves against your exploding cock. You hope the walls of the hotel are thick as her moans are echoing everywhere.

The last thing you remember before passing out is her saying, “Thank you, lover. That was incredible.” You seem to remember mumbling something in response but then you were out.

A knock and the turning of the doorknob awoke you sometime later. You were in the same position except that your now deflated cock had fallen from its sheath. You were just coming into focus when you realized who could be at the door.

“Honey, I’m home,” I called out giggling as I stepped across the threshold of the hotel room. “I know you weren’t expecting me until tomorrow but I finished up early and decided to surp….Hello, who is this?”

Jumping from the bed and disturbing the also sleeping Celeste you stammer, “H-H-Honey, its so good to see you.” You lean in and kiss my cheek as I try to look past you to assimilate what I am seeing.

“It’s nice to see you too, dear,” I reply. “Now who is this interesting creature,” I ask as I step past you to get a closer look. Celeste has gotten up from the bed and grabbed a sheet to cover herself. “Don’t be shy darling. Any friend of my husband’s is a friend of mine,” I assure her as I step closer and hold out my hand. “Jayde, and you are??”

“Celeste,” she manages after clearing her throat.

“What a beautiful name!?” I reply. “And where did you meet Gary?”

“In a bar down the street actually,” she explained inching towards the bathroom. “He didn’t tell me he was married.”

“Gary, you toad,” I snap in your direction as I playfully slap your bare ass. “Why didn’t you tell your new friend you were married?”

“It didn’t come up,” you defend yourself, thankful that I am reacting so positively to a situation that could have been very ugly.

I step out of the way so Celeste can get into the bathroom to freshen up. While she is gone I take you in my arms and smother you with kisses demanding an explanation for how the two of you came to be here together. By the time she emerges wrapped in a towel I have the whole story and am quite ready for some playing of my own.

“Celeste, my dear. Gary was just telling me all about how you two came to be. I can’t help but wonder what your sexual preferences are. Do you only play with men or do you enjoy the company of women too?”

Celeste approaches and wraps her arms around both of us. “I enjoy playing all sorts of fun things,” she purrs. Having said that she places one of her heart-warming kisses on my lips as you look on.

When the kiss is broken I draw a deep breath and whisper, “I am not upset at finding my husband in the arms of another ‘woman’ but I AM feeling neglected. Celeste, why don’t we lie on the bed and you can eat my pussy while I watch my husband suck your cock?”

“MMMMMMMM, that sounds wonderful,” she agreed. Both of you were spouting growing cocks as you undressed me and we took our places on the bed. Celeste and I were arranged in something of a traditional 69 but with her cock in your face instead of mine.

Celeste was equally good at eating pussy as she was at sucking cock and soon had me writhing on the bed. I occasionally reached over to kiss you and get a couple of licks of her cock but had trouble concentrating on anything other than the delicious feeling growing between my legs. The view of her hard cock sliding in and out of your face was sending me closer and closer to the edge as well.

When the orgasm hit me I raised clear off the bed, driving my pussy into her face. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me as I turned to see you swallowing as fast as you could. I knew Celeste had exploded down your throat as well. When we both were back to earth, the three of us collapsed on the bed in a heap.

You were the first to break the reverie. “Now I am the one feeling neglected.” We all laughed.

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