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Evergreen Park Boy

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Sheryl Bass swung her silver Mazda Miata MX-5 into the driveway of a charming bungalow in suburban LA. She cut the motor, pulled up the handbrake, and then alighted from the little classy roadster. She was dressed in a schoolgirl plaid mini skirt with a body-hugging shirt and wedge sandals. Her lovely face carried simple make-up as she believes that a clean body is all it takes to be looking and feeling good. Her long dark brown hair was swept to the back in a casual updo style. After darting her eyes around her, she stooped to reach the basket of fruits in the car and her skirt rode up to the slope of her bottom for all and sundry to ogle. Shame as no one was in sight. Sheryl has fantastic legs and bottom. It was a pretty quiet and nice place.

She walked up the main door and pressed the doorbell. Dip Nelson with big long slightly curled mane opened the door clad only in his well-worn boxer shorts. Her eyes briefly ogled his crotch and noticed the outlined of his cock slumbering over the bulging contour. She had dated Dip and they hit if off very well. But on the third date, the night they were supposed to romance was called off. Dip had a commercial shoot that wound up in the wee hours of the morning.

Dip was the guy Sheryl discovered in the ‘Guy Without His Shirt’, a regular feature in Cosmopolitan Magazine. He worked as a copywriter in an advertising agency and a web designer at the same time. However those credentials didn’t get her swoony about him. It’s his physical structure. Rugged face with piercing eyes and sensuous lips makes him ideally handsome for her. He matches her heartthrob fantasy from a book she read about a 15th century pussyhound archduke who later on became king and whose infidelity drove his wife insane. And Dip’s perfect pecs and legs all the more makes her hot. His picture without his shirt on had become her desktop’s wallpaper the day she discovered him and since then fantasized him no end.

It was easy for her to meet Dip. He jogged in the park, which Sherilyn was familiar with. So she laid a trap on him and using her charm the rest was a total breeze just like a walk in the park.

Claire had oranges, grapes, kiwi, apples, and bananas in a basket.

“Hi sweetsome!” He said, eyes all eager.

“Hi to you too handsome!” she said and Dip swooped his hand around her waist and gave her a heart-stopping kiss while taking the basket from her.

“I Esenyurt escort missed you,” Sherilynn said as she huddled his hard body.

“Missed you too, sweetsome.”

“How’s it hanging?” she asked.

“Tight.” He chuckled a little bit.

“Really?” asked the smiling Sherilynn.

“You can bet on that. Thanks for the fruits,” he said bringing the basket into the kitchen, picking an apple and running it under the tap water and bit a crunchy bite.

“Hmm, sweet just like you are.”

“What are you doing? You’re sweating.”

“I jogged and was about do this thing right up here,” he said pointing to a mechanical contraption. “This thing will send me up and get suspended upside down with the boots hooking up on a bar. He stretched and flexed his muscles and Sheryl couldn’t pull off her eyes to his very sex inducing physique. “I do this everyday for 5 to 10 minutes and it’s good for the circulation.”

Claire watched him swung up and got suspended like a bat.

“I could do that without using the equipment,” Sheryl said.

“Show me,” Dip said dangling off from the bar and curly hair hanging upside down from his head.

Sheryl inhaled deeply with hands pressed together like in a prayer. Then she bent and pressed down her hands on the floor. In one graceful swift motion, her legs went up in the air, feet close together. Then she bent her arms slowly, eased down her head to settle onto her hands. Her skirt turned inside out exposing her white thong panties. Then her legs folded in that famous lotus position which caused Rip to swear in his head.

“Wow, that’s amazing!” “How’d you do that?”

“Ashtanga Yoga which I’ve been doing for the past three weeks now.”

“And what does it do to you?”

“Well, it relaxes me, fixes me up, tone my muscles and gives me a lot of energy.”

“Could you help me do that?”

“Sure, come on down and I’ll teach you how.”

Dip reverted to the floor and removed his inverter boots.

“Alright, take a deep breath first, exhale… again… concentrate…inhale again…exhale and put your hands flat on the floor. Now try to bring your legs up.” He did and, “Oops!”

“That’s okay, you’re just a beginner, so I’ll hold you first. “Ok that’s good. It’s just that simple move you have to master, and you’ll be ok.

“Now bend your arms like what I did so your head can rest on the Esenyurt escort Bayan back of your hands, good, you’re learning fast and stay that way for as long as you like.”

“Yeah, great it feels good,” Dip said.

“Try to balance yourself. Now breathe normally.”

As Sheryl held Dip’s ankles, his eyes could peer the insides of her legs under her skirt. Dip felt a discomfort, not in the yoga position but with his boner trying to bore a hole through his shorts.

“Now I will let go of your legs, good, just stand still. You don’t have to do that lotus thing, that is for the higher level.”

Sheryl noticed Dip’s boner thrust out through the fly of his shorts.

“Oh, I could see that your circulation is working good.”

“Damn right,” he said and brought his feet back on the floor.

She couldn’t help giggling.

He grabbed Sheryl by her narrow waist and kissed her torridly. She felt the heat of his hardness pressed against her. Dip fumbled at the back of her skirt to unzip it but couldn’t find the zipper. It was a snap button wrapped around skirt which Sheryl cared to wriggle it down her legs and quickly stepped out of it.

Both exhaled lusty breaths. He pulled her shirt over her head exposing perfectly sized breasts bulging nicely under the confines of her bra. He reached at her back to unclip her bra but dumbly didn’t know that it is undone in front as Claire cared to show him again. Once freed, her breasts tumbled free, pretty, pert and capped with rosy hardening nipples. His hands immediately covered them squeezed and touched the hardening nipples with his thumbs and forefingers.

She whispered in his ears. “They crave for you.”

Dip crushed her breasts together and lipped and sucked the nipples. Sheryl was melted by his raw sexual power. Dip wasted no time. He zoomed in to his greatest target. He buried his face on her soft womanhood through the sheer thong. He licked her groin and center and Sheryl loved it.

Not long after Dip peeled off her thong and out came a well-groomed pussy begging to be licked. His tongue commenced the exploration. Her thighs tensed as Dip sneaked the tip of his tongue into that neat furrow searching her magic button. He found it and she screamed with delight. Her legs bent slightly making her magic button more accessible to his nibbling licks and suckling.

“Ohh,” Sheryl Escort Esenyurt gasped and trembled. “Oh, my god, it’s so…fucking delicious! oooohhh, ow! Ah! With deft strokes, Sheryl climaxed with spasms rocking her body.

Dip sank on the checkered sofa without his shorts anymore. His legs were spread down and his cock was stiffly upright. Sheryl sank on her knees on the carpeted floor between his legs and grabbed his cock like she’s gonna sing the Greatest Love Of All. But she licked his balls first causing Dip’s to lift off. His lips murmured pleasure moans as her warm lips enclosed each of them. Then her tongue wetly coursed through the underside vein and rolled around the tip. She sucked him soft and hard, alternating it with her hand job. Dip panted. Sheryl knew how to please him.

“Sher, let’s fuck now!” Dip said in a throaty voice.

Sheryl reclined on the corner of the sofa, pillows behind her butts, one leg up on top of the sofa back and one on the floor. Dip knelt between her and rubbed the head of his rigid cock up and down her gaping wet pussy several times before plunging inside her. Sheryl sucked a lungful of air when the whole length plowed in. His fast rhythmic thrusts wiggled her tits in circular motion. Sheryl watched excitedly his boner come in and out.

“Oh god, this is so good!” Dip whispered to her ear as he nibbled her earring and kissed the side of her neck. Sheryl made starving gasps at every thrust.

Sheryl’s pussy got wetter. And there was bonus sensation as Dip held one of her well-pedicured feet to his mouth and sucked its toes. Sheryl’s face panned left and right. Then Dip held her ankles together pushed them toward her and drilled her deeply.

Beads of perspiration formed on Dip’s forehead as he neared orgasm. Sheryl stretched her arms over her head and Dip licked her armpit, sucked her tits while keeping a steady thrust inside her.

“Fuck me harder now Dip, I’m coming, Oh! … Oh! … Oh! … Ohhh!” Sheryl gasped like she was running from a grave danger. When Dip saw her face tightening, he fucked her like a jackhammer until her hips arched up and her pussy convulsed around his cock. By this time, Dip could no longer hold back his orgasm; he pulled out his cock and squirted his jisms, splattering on Claire’s sun-kissed pert round tits. “Ohhhh,” Dip moaned as he tapped the last drops of semen on her pussy. Sheryl’s fingertip rubbed the semen around her creamy rose nipple. She smiled and the sweating Dip kissed her and her arms entwined him.

“Sex is good in the morning. Don’t you think so?” Sherlyn said and winked.

“Good way to start up on anything if you’re not alone.” Dip smiled, his eyes still pooling with lust.

* * * *

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