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Aeriel: Oral Slave Ch. 01

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Aeriel awoke with the sun streaming through the curtains to alight her face. She blinked her eyes lazily toward the morning rays, enjoying the sensation of the soft bed sheets on her naked skin as she stretched her arms and legs. It was Saturday, and her husband Kevin wouldn’t have to work. She realized that he must have gotten up earlier, perhaps to make breakfast, if she was lucky.

As her arms retracted, delivering her a soothing sensation of her tired muscles releasing their tension, she felt her forearm brush against something under the blanket. Quickly and without hesitation she threw the cover back to see what had invaded her bed. Somewhat confused, she gazed down at a leather leash – not much different from what might be used to walk a dog – lying beside her. She reached down and picked it up, examining it with mystified curiosity.

It was pristine, clearly never used for an actual pet. Noticing that she had in fact been lying on the end of the leash, she rolled to one side and tugged at it, attempting to pull it out from under her shoulder. Aeriel felt a slight pull at her throat, and stopped instantly. She knew what was happening, but a part of her didn’t believe it. She pulled at the leash again, and once more there was a tugging sensation at the front of her neck.

Slowly, cautiously, she swung her legs out of the bed and rose to her feet. Two short steps placed her in front of the mirror in her bedroom, where she saw a reflection of her form. She stood there totally nude, except for a black leather dog collar, with a long leash hanging down from it. At the front, where the two met, was a tiny padlock.

Before the mirror, Aeriel was the image of female perfection. Long curly locks of light brown fell over her shoulders, framing her slim face and accenting her pouting lips. The tips of her hair just barely reached down to brush against her pert nipples, which rested on full, firm breasts. Below her chest to the front was her flat, smooth stomach, to the side her hips that sloped out at a gentle grade, and to the back an ass that could have been sculpted my Michelangelo. It all came together at her slender legs, which stood in a crossed position as she posed for her own perusal, between which she could even now see the slightly puffy lips of her vagina, where no hair impeded her view.

Aeriel smiled unashamedly at her reflection, flicking her finger across the little silver lock and causing it to sway for a moment. She turned away from her nude image, pulling a fluffy white robe from the corner of the bed and pulling it around herself. Kevin clearly had something interesting planned for her today. She didn’t want to keep him waiting too long.

She walked out into the hallway, stepping lightly and listening for her husband’s movement in the house. The faint scuff of him dragging his feet on the carpeted dining room floor betrayed him, and Aeriel turned to walk down the hall. She rounded the corner and watched Kevin’s naked ass walk into the kitchen. Though she had decided to put a robe on, he apparently felt that clothing wasn’t essential today.

Clearing her throat, Aeriel walked forward purposefully. Casually, Kevin turned. “So, what’s this about?” she asked, opening her robe enough to show that she had noticed the collar and leash that she had woken up with.

Aeriel inspected Kevin appraisingly. It looked as if he had been up for some Kartal Esmer Escort time, despite his lack of proper attire. His short brown hair was freshly washed and still damp, and his facial hair neatly removed. Aeriel’s eyes trailed down over his broad chest and shoulders – hosting a tangle of rugged, dark hair – and continued downward past his muscular abs. Kevin had shaved his groin since before he and Aeriel became sexually active as a couple, but she noted that today he seemed particularly smooth. She wondered to herself how long she should wait before reaching out and seeing just how soft he was.

Kevin stepped forward wordlessly, face devoid of emotion, and ended her chance to admire him from afar. Standing before Aeriel, he reached up and parted the front of her robe with his hands, displaying her breasts. He looked down on them with just a hint of approval in his gaze, and then continued to broaden the cleft of her robe. Her collarbone came into view, and then her shoulders. She closed her eyes and craned her neck as his fingers brushed against her skin.

He drew the robe down over her arms and let it fall to the floor, leaving them both standing there in the nude. Aeriel exhaled. Kevin’s hands traced down the sides of her breasts, and came toward her center. He took the leash in one hand, and stared at her for a long moment. Eventually she opened her eyes and looked back at him. Those piercing eyes shot at him, almost begging him to go further.

Turning with a twisting, jerking motion, Kevin yanked at the leash and collar attached to Aeriel. She was hopeless in her attempt to retain her balance, and fell forward. Her arms shot out just in time to keep her from colliding with the floor, and she landed on her hands and knees in front of her husband.

Piercing eyes shooting a stare upwards, Aeriel angrily spat, “What the fuck?”

She had hardly finished her words when Kevin pulled, still forcefully but a little less quickly, for a second time. His second tug was directly upward, bringing Aeriel to rest in a kneeling position before him. This second yank caught her throat and caused her to gag and cough for a moment, taking her attention away from her anger.

After finally catching her breath, Aeriel again looked up to her husband, mouth open as she gasped for air, and began to formulate the words with which she would scold him. Her chance to speak was dashed however as one of Kevin’s hands clutched at the back of her head. His other grasped the base of his emergent erection, and he simultaneously thrust his hips forward as he pulled Aeriel’s face to his groin. She had hardly a moment to think before her mouth was stuffed full with pulsating, warm cock.

Kevin gyrated against Aeriel’s face as she attempted to retain a bit of focus. She was still reeling from the rough manner in which she’d come to be in this position, but was at the same time incredibly aroused by the aggressive display from her husband. The two had always entertained fantasies of bondage – a makeshift gag or whip, restraints on the bed with safety releases, dirty talk during sex – but it had never been anything like this. Aeriel was actually a little worried, and that turned her on even more.

His member was gaining girth by the moment. Aeriel had little recourse but to devour each inch hungrily as he presented it to her. She reached up with her hand Kartal Eve Gelen Escort and looped her thumb and forefinger around the base of his shaft, giving herself a fraction of control. Kevin’s hand remained on the back of her head, as if guiding her movements, even when he wasn’t exerting any force.

With enthusiasm, Aeriel now starting to enjoy the roles that they were playing, she lowered her unoccupied hand to her own crotch, pressing two fingers immediately into her moist pussy. If their past relations were to be any indication, Kevin would soon be too aroused to resist the inviting warmth of her tight cunt. As Aeriel dripped with anticipation of it, she could practically feel his cum seeping out of her. It was almost enough to distract her from the task at hand.

Almost as if he could sense that Aeriel was not entirely devoting herself to his fellatio, Kevin shifted his hand to press against the back of her head, and at the same time took hold of the leash and yanked it. His pulsing cock was suddenly and forcefully driven to the back of Aeriel’s throat, giving her cause to gag and gasp around the fleshy spear. She did her best to adjust, feeling saliva dripping from her lips and down her chin.

Kevin did not relent, continuing to drive himself toward her face while holding her head, preventing escape. Aeriel moaned against his dick, unable to form words. “Gnnnh… mmm… Mmmm!” She sucked and slurped as quickly as she could, trying desperately to accommodate her husbands whim, but was having a great deal of trouble juggling the difficult tasks of breathing, sucking cock, and trying to enjoy herself all at once.

Aeriel’s moaning shifted from sounds of lustful pleasure to more urgent pleas for attention. “Mmm… Mmm-mmm! Gnnnnhhmmm!” She brought her hands up to press against Kevin’s hips, pushing at him in another attempt for freedom, attempting to convey that the game was over.

“Shut the fuck up!” he cried, sounding legitimately angry. Aeriel’s hands ceased their efforts, and she turned her eyes upward, trying to see his face beyond the thrusting of his body. “You’re gonna drink my fucking cum, you little bitch.” His tone was single-minded and unmistakably driven. Aeriel knew then exactly what he wanted.

She relaxed her mouth and throat, and attempted to push her tongue forward, sliding it across the underside of Kevin’s cock with ease. Her eyelids relaxed, giving her face the appearance of a sex-starved cum-slut, awaiting her next infusion. Aeriel did her best to keep her eyes locked on Kevin’s as he fucked her face. She was playing the role for him as best she could, just waiting for him to announce that he was going to cum in her mouth. Her tongue slid in and out, adding as much stimulation as she could.

Kevin bit his lower lip, a display usually meaning his approaching orgasm. He released the back of her head, but kept his grip on the leash tight, holding Aeriel close for his thrusts. She began to moan again, this time pleadingly. “Hnnnhh… Nnnghh… Hhhhnnn…”

As he watched his thick member disappear between her lips time and again, listened to her wordless sounds beg for his cum, and looked into her imploring eyes, Kevin began to jerk more erratically. Aeriel knew that her mouth would be full of hot, sticky semen in moments, and changed her posture accordingly. She tightened her lips around his cock and Kartal Evi Olan Escort began to suck hard at it, and lifted one hand up to stroke the shaft during his orgasm.

With great force, Kevin’s hand slapped Aeriel’s away, and he gripped his own cock. His other hand dropped the leash, and flew to Aeriel’s curly brown hair, fingers entwining in it and pulling at her scalp. Reflexively her jaw tightened, and she attempted to suppress the impulse as she felt her teeth dig into Kevin’s dick.

He simply grunted, and pulled his hips backward, exiting her sopping wet mouth. Aeriel looked up at his face, fearing that she had hurt him and ruined the moment. As her face turned upward, she felt a hot splash of thick fluid collide with her right cheekbone, continuing up over her eye – which she managed to close just in time – and getting ultimately caught in her hair.

Aeriel was just beginning to realize what had happened when Kevin’s second spurt of semen landed on her face. This one started on her chin and traced over her lips, curling around and ending with a thick glob on the bridge of her nose, which dripped down the opposite side. Confusion turned to surprise, which turned to anger. Aeriel had never before let Kevin cum on her face, and had been fairly clear that she had no interest in doing so at any point. She glared up at him with her one open eye.

“God damn it Kevi…” she began, but was stopped abruptly as he pressed the tip of his cock to her mouth, sending his third jet of sperm to skip across her tongue and hit the back of her throat. She closed her mouth in shock, but was clearly too late as the musky taste of cum filled her senses. Kevin’s fourth spurt landed on her tightly closed lips and a little upward, putting a smear of semen under her nose. It appeared that he would be keeping his aim exactly there until he was finished.

Kevin had always had a good deal of cum to deliver, as Aeriel had noticed the very first time they fucked. Making a split second decision, she realized that she preferred to have it in her mouth than on her face, so she again opened wide. Just on cue, Kevin’s fourth stream made its way inside, and was followed by his prick as he pushed his hips forward.

One more shot of semen erupted forth into Aeriel’s mouth after she accepted her fate before Kevin’s dick simply began to issue the sperm forth at a trickling pace. Now free to act as she originally intended, Aeriel sucked at it fervently, drawing out all that she could and swallowing it down without a second thought. Kevin gave sighing moans as she continued her work, looking down on her cum-streaked face as she drained his cock.

Forward and back, Aeriel sucked at Kevin’s wilting erection, her pace slowing as his penis softened. When at last she believed she had emptied him, she let his now flaccid prick fall free from her mouth, and looked up at him. Kevin could even now feel a surge of excitement in his loins as he looked upon her face, smeared with his spunk.

“Well,” Aeriel began, placing her hands on Kevin’s hips and starting to lift herself off the ground. “That was…” Her words were cut off for a third time this morning as she felt Kevin’s hand on top of her head, and saw the other grab the leash and pull it downward. There was little distance for her to fall, but she crashed down to her knees, finding herself in exactly the position she had been in moments before. Kevin used the hand on her head to guide her swiftly and dutifully back to his cock, still soft and limp.

She looked up, as if to ask for direction. Kevin growled deeply, “I didn’t say you could stop sucking, slut,” and ground her face against his groin.

To be continued…

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