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Black Knight’s Will Ch. 2

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I had just left the shower when I heard the intercom buzz; I had been readying myself for a Saturday morning trip to Harvey Nichols, not that I really required anything you understand, the trip was more a way to fill the void that the weekend caused in my life. I crossed the hallway, using a towel to dry my hair as I walked.



“This is she.”

“I have a delivery for you… from James”

The voice at the other end was deep, velvety and well modulated; I looked at the video image before me. Two well-built black men were on the doorstep, a large box between them.

I buzzed the door release.

“Come up”

Quickly I grabbed a towelling robe and managed to slip it on before the two men arrived, muscles bulging, at my door. The box was between them. It was obviously heavy.

The taller, more muscular one looked me up and down, a smirk on his lips.

“Where’s the bedroom?”

“Through there.” I nodded along the corridor of my mansion block flat. He nodded at the other man who turned and walked out of the door.

“He’s gone to get the rest of your present.” He replied to my questioning expression.

“I’m Carl.” said the first guy as he lifted the large box and manhandled it along the corridor. “James sent this for you, it will take a while to set up, Gary has gone to get the rest of it”

As he completed this sentence Gary appeared, wheeling in front of him a trolley with a number of boxes. He was slightly smaller than Carl, had very sharply defined features and was probably about 25 years old. He smiled at me, his gaze falling to the opening at the front of my gown. I quickly covered up and blushed.

“You can leave us to it, it’s gonna take a while.” Said Carl as they both disappeared into my bedroom shutting the door firmly behind them.

Dismissed, I went to the kitchen and filled the kettle, as I busied myself making tea I thought back to the evening just a few nights ago, when I found myself fucking like a bitch on heat in a market, surrounded by the days rubbish. I had met James on the Tube, not a word had passed between us as we’d sallied forth into our little adventure, but the adventure itself had shown us that, different as we were; we were kindred spirits.

I had been more than disappointed when he had not called me the following day, or the day after. I had resigned myself to it having been a one off, disappointment and the memories of that night had kept me horny and wet each night as I masturbated myself into a frenzy before falling into a deep sleep, tormented by the dreams about James. This was a new phenomenon to me as I had been celibate for a number of years. It was as if James had awoken not just the woman in me, but the fuckslut who had never been to the surface of my persona before.

I sat at the table, a fine bone china cup and saucer between my manicured fingers, the tea rapidly cooling, in the background, the sound of construction wafting intermittently from my bedroom. How long I sat there I have no idea, memories, thoughts, daydreams all washed in and out of my consciousness as I waited.

I was roused from my reverie by Gary who appeared at the door of the kitchen, a fine sheen of sweat on his bare arms.

“Carl says you can come in now.”

I followed Gary into my bedroom, I gasped as I scanned the room and took in the changes that had taken place. I glanced up at the clock on the wall, just a few hours had elapsed since they arrived; yet looking around my once prim Laura Ashley bedroom, I realised that much had happened there.

I stood silently, my eyes taking in the new computer table and chair, the fact that the furniture had been moved, and trying to understand what was going on. I was startled by the fact that Gary had moved behind me and grabbed my wrists. I struggled as he manhandled me, panic setting in. It was only as he and Carl tied me to the bed head that I realised that it was James’ voice that was telling me to calm down.

I abruptly stopped struggling. Carl and Gary stood alongside the bed as my gaze focussed on the pc screen at the end of the bed. James’ face smiled back at me.

“How do you like your present?”

“Errrr” was all I could say as I realised that I was held captive on my own bed, my gown open and my womanhood visible for all to see, Gary and Carl, standing looking down at me.

“Don’t Pendik Grup Escort worry my dear, this is Carl and Gary, my brothers. They will not harm you. In fact they will bring you a great deal of pleasure, say hello boys.”

“Hello Rachel.” Both men grinned.

“How can you know what’s going on?” I said, my eyes darting around the room and back to the screen in front of me.

“They have installed cameras and microphones so that I can see and hear everything that you do in your bedroom. Do you find that exciting? The only thing I can’t do is smell you. Carl, does she smell on heat to you?”

“Oh yes bruv, she’s damn hot this one.”

I heard a whirr and suddenly a picture of my sex appeared on the screen, the wetness clearly visible for all to see. I gasped and blushed as I heard James chuckle.

“Yes, all the cameras are controlled by me, as are the mikes. I want to have access to my fuckslut at any time of the day or night. Is that clear fuckslut?”

I nodded my acquiescence.

“Tie her legs up boys, lets all have a look at her.”

Carl and Gary both grasped one of my legs and using leather cuffs and restraints secured me to the bed. I tried to shy back as I saw Gary pull out a knife; only James’ calm voice stayed my panic. “Don’t worry, they won’t do anything I don’t tell them to do. You’re gonna be a good little fuckslut for me aren’t you?”

I nodded meekly James nodded and Gary leant over me, his eyes registered the fear in mine as the knife neared my body. I only relaxed when I realised that he was cutting the gown from me. A few seconds later, I was naked, bound to my bed with 3 men watching me. I could feel the wetness seep from my pussy, my nipples peaked showing their alertness for all to see and the fire in my groin could be read clearly from my expression. “MMMMMMM she looks good enough to eat boys, don’t you think? Let me see, Carl, would you like to eat her for me?”

“Sure bruv.” He shucked off his top and kneeled at the end of the bed, his hands reached up and peeled open my sex, a finger snaked in and traced a pattern through the wetness. Carl lifted the finger to his mouth and licked greedily. I can hear James’ voice as I look down between my legs,

“Look up Rachel.” I do so and find myself face to face with a large plasma screen, the image on the screen is of Carls finger slipping in and out of my cunt, then a millisecond later Carl’s tongue sliding up my inner thigh to my snatch. The wetness now cascading from me, my arousal plain for all to see.

“Come on Gary, are you gonna stand there all day?” James’ voice cut through the pleasure. I was vaguely aware of Gary’s actions, his clothes falling to the floor as Carl continued to lick, tongue-fuck and nibble at my lips and clit. I was climbing steadily towards supreme arousal, barely aware of what was going on around me, my eyes focussed on the plasma screen which was sometimes showing my cunt, now and then James’ face, at times his cock, proud and erect in his hand.

Gary came alongside me, his cock, hard, at least 9 inches long, thick and deeply veined. He grabbed my hair and turned my face towards him, my mouth opening automatically to accommodate his thrusting movements.

“That’s it my little fuckslut, you have what you wanted now don’t you? I’m watching you sucking off Gary and being tongue fucked by Carl. You love me to watch you don’t you girl? You love people to see what a fucking whore you really are! All those fine clothes and the posh job in Whitehall are nothing. You’re a fucking little slut who just likes to rut with black men and can’t get enough of it.”

As James finished his tirade, my body arched, an orgasm of tsunami proportions swept over me, his words pushing me further and further into the release that the fuckslut in me craved.

James must have motioned the men away from me for I don’t recall him telling them to leave me alone. The stepped back and sat on the edges of the bed, watching me, my face clearly showing each aftershock as it rippled through my body.

“Did you enjoy that Rachel?” James’ gentle voice came across the speakers. I nodded the affirmative. His eyes motioned to Carl and Gary to continue, both now naked they slid alongside me in the bed, touching me, kissing me, fingers and tongues exploring both my body and my wetness. I greedily sucked Pendik Manken Escort on cocks, balls, fingers and tongues as they came into reach. My body was still restrained and I had no control over what was happening to me. My eyes were trained on the screen showing what was happening. It was a very strange but highly erotic situation, seeing what was happening to me, feeling it, enjoying it, but watching as if it were somebody else. All the time a small picture in picture of James was shown in the top right hand corner. His fine manhood, the same cock that brought me to so many screaming orgasms a few nights before, hard, paying tribute to the erotic effect that his brothers using my body had on him.

“Take her legs up above her head and fuck the little slut boys!” James voice had an immediate effect on Carl and Gary; they unfastened my legs from the foot of the bed, and bending them back over my head, fastened them securely to the bed head. My cunt and arsehole were open for all to see and I couldn’t move at all. An almost imperceptible nod from James brought Carl up between my legs, his erect cock in his hand, he settled on his knees and with one swift move slid his hard cock into my snatch almost immediately settling into a fast and hard rhythm. The sounds of my wetness and his balls slapping against my arse filled the room.

I kept my eyes fixed on James’ on the screen; I spoke to him, my whoreish persona having completely taken over some time before.

“You enjoy watching me fuck your brothers don’t you? You know that I’m yours and you can use me as you wish. You know you can stick what you like in my cunt, tell me to fuck who you want and I’ll do it.”

“Yes fuckslut you are mine… for my pleasure… and for the pleasure of those I choose to give you to.”

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Carl had cum, his cock spasmed inside me, his cum shooting out deep into my pussy making it wetter and silkier than ever before. Carl relaxed back on his heels, he wearily climbed off the bed, Gary took his place. His finger dips into my snatch, lifting a finger full of cum he places to my lips and I lick greedily. Once more he dips his fingers in my cunt, two this time, he trails them back towards my exposed anus, again and again he does this, wetting the rosebud with the mixture of his brothers cum and my juices. The picture of my puckered gateway fills the screen.

For several minutes this continues, each time his finger lingers longer and longer on the opening, finally, it dips slightly in, the virgin opening resisting the pressure. Again and again he penetrates me with his finger, going deeper and deeper each time, until finally he manages to get a whole finger in my arse. Slowly he eases the finger out and in again and again until I’m begging him to put it back in, to fuck me in my arse, to use me and abuse me. I appeal to James.

“Please James, he’s driving me mad, I can’t take much more of this.”

I see James signal something to Carl, who had been resting and watching from the chair beside the bed. He moves over and lands a slap on my arse, and anther and another. Gary is still fingering my anus, now with two fingers inside.

“ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” I am now incapable of speech. My senses are on overload, the feelings emanating from the penetration and the spanking are bringing me to heights that I’ve never experienced before. I groan again and again.

“You want more slut?” James’ voice cuts through my stupor

I nod meekly, once more James signals to Gary, who pulls his fingers from my arsehole and shoves them into my mouth. I suck greedily… then gasp. Gary has shoved his cock deep into my virgin arsehole and is fucking me hard, fast and strong.

My orgasm shoots through me as I feel Gary cum in my arse… I collapse, incapable of any form of movement of speech.

As I wake, I realise I’m no longer restrained, I feel a body holding me, caressing me. I open my eyes and see a beautiful black woman, about 5 ft 8, softly curved, her belly and arse beautifully feminine, her tits rounded and her nipples large and dark. She holds me tight as she speaks.

“I’m Jemima, James’s sister.” Instinctively I look up and see James nod.

“I’m here to help you with your training to be James’ fuckslut.”

“Kiss her Rachel, let her play with you and use you as she wants. I want to watch Pendik Masöz Escort you.”

Jemima looks deep into my eyes to ascertain my agreement. Seeing it there she kisses me deeper, her hands roaming over my body, already sodden in her brother’s cum. I respond hungrily, the novelty of a woman touching me so intimately not really registering in my eagerness to please James.

I allow myself to be licked, her tongue exploring my crevices, between my toes, under my arms, my belly button and finally, after long minutes of sweet torture my pussy, her fingers and tongue taking up the work so recently undertaken by her brothers. I threw back my head and opening my eyes see James watching me intently, his hand encircling his cock. Slowly, carefully stroking it, sharing with me the sensations engendered between Jemima and myself.

I start as I feel the coldness of something inserted into my bottom; Jemima kissing me deeper stills my disquiet. She nimbly moves around to face my bottom, her cunt just inches from my mouth, instinctively I make contact with her pussy with my tongue and reaching my hands around her bottom, pull her cunt down towards my hungry mouth. Greedily I lick and nibble and suck as I feel the vibe in my bottom buzz into action and a second one slide up into my snatch. Together they dance a salsa, driving me mad with lust and desire, my fingers now reach inside Jemima, massaging her g spot, her furry bush thrusting itself down on my fingers and tongue. Her orgasm washing over her, squirting juice into my mouth, I greedily swallow, tasting her sweetness.

Gently, she slides away from me, still keeping the vibes deep within me, by now I’m so sensitive that only a touch on my love button can trigger off yet another cum. She coaxes me onto my knees, doggy style, the vibes still driving me mad with desire, holding me just below the threshold of my orgasm. I start as I feel a clamp secured on my nipple, the pain quickly subsiding into pleasure, I feel Jemima tug gently on the chain that is attached to it. She murmurs gently into my ear.

“Are you ready to cum little fuckslut?” I nod, once again totally incapable of any other form of communication. I feel the chain and clamp moving and only as I cum realise that she has placed another clamp over my clit, they are joined together by a chain, every little touch to that chain sets off another wave of orgasms each one more exquisite than the last.

Again and again Jemima ran her fingers gently across the chain that joined the two clamps, each time another wave hits the shore of my orgasm, cranking up the intensity until finally I submit to the overwhelming sensation of release and slide blissfully into a full blown multiple orgasm, no further intervention was required. Unknown to me, Jemima slipped stealth fully from the bed, her job completed.

“Rachel, Rachel?” James voice cuts through the dreamlike state I find myself in. I open my eyes and find myself staring up at his face, magnified to fit the screen above me.

“Did you enjoy that honey?” I nod

“Did you?” I somehow manage to whisper.

“MMMMMMMMM you are a really hot little slut aren’t’ you?”

“For you I am.”

“Are you still feeling horny?”

I look down at my sweat and cum stained body; I still see the 2 clamps attached to my body. Exhausted as I am I nod.

“Well little slut, this is what you’re gonna do. I’ve videoed everything that has happened today. I want you to watch it and play with yourself. You mustn’t cum until I say you can ok?”

I lay back as the film starts, the look of shock on my face when I’m first shackled to the bed, the way my face looks when I’m getting turned on… all of this James’ has captured, the ecstatic expression changes on my face at orgasm. The close ups of Jemima and her vibes and clamps. Once more we relive the entire day. I beg James to let me cum, but he refuses. Finally, as I watch myself cum on the screen, I hear James’ groan, the screen changes to a shot of James’ his jism shooting out towards the camera, his face contorted in bliss. I lay there, awaiting his command, none comes, I still my hand to prevent my orgasm once again.

Finally James speaks.

“Go to the bathroom.” I open my mouth to protest, but he stills my arguments.

“Go to the bathroom and have a nice soak in the bath, its 9:30 now, we should be able to get something to eat still if we hurry. I’ll pick you up at 10:30. We’ll have the whole night then.” I smile as I realise his plans and start to prepare to leave the room.

“Oh and Rachel?” I turn back towards the screen.

“Gary put a camera in there while you were busy with Jemima…”

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