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To Bask in Breastford Ch. 25

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Evening had fallen over Breastford. Coach Dick noticed that there weren’t any cars in the parking lot as he made his way into the school. He took the gym entrance, and made sure to leave the door unlocked. As he made his way across the gym to his office he contemplated how things would play out in the near future. There was still much he needed to ascertain, and time seemed to be all but against him.

He entered his office, and as he did so he thought he heard footsteps down the hall. Deciding that it was much too early for his late meeting he simply shut the door and began organizing his desk from the opposite end.

Surprisingly he saw a shadowy silhouette appear through the translucent window pane of his office door, and shortly after he heard a knock. Without saying a word he watched as the door swung open and Samantha walked in. Coach Dick hoped she had not noticed him trying to hold his vomit in due to the bombardment of Samantha’s unique figure…and not to mention facial features…on his line of sight.

“Samantha…” the coach said, a bit uncomfortably. “What can I do for you?”

Samantha strolled into his office as the coach turned to face her. A look of excitement filled her eyes as her gaze roamed down his body, ravaging him with her eyes like a starved animal. She paused and became even more excited when she noticed the huge bulge in his pants.

“I took care of that thing you wanted me to do…” she said, before gesturing to his pants. “I see that you’re ready for me, too…”

“Oh this isn’t for you.” Coach Dick blurted, before realizing he needed to backtrack. “Er, what I mean is…I can’t tonight. I have work to do.”

A look of anger flooded Samantha’s round face.

“I kept my end of the deal…and you said you would keep yours!”

“I know…” the coach said, trying to keep the peace. “I know, but like I already told you – I have work to do. I don’t have time for anything else tonight, baby. Please try and understand…”

As he spoke he stepped over to her and gently ran his hand up her arm. Samantha shivered at his touch and began breathing heavy. Coach Dick saw her press her knees together like a young child who needed to powder her nose.

“Oh…okay…” Samantha muttered, sounding as though she were in some sort of daze. “If you say so, Coach…Dick…”

“Good,” Coach Dick stated as he glided around her and opened the door in one motion. “I’ll see you this weekend. Okay?”

“Okay…” Samantha said in monotone.

Coach Dick was very creeped out as he watched her walk out of his office like a zombie. As he shut the door, however, he realized that he was simply creeped out by her grotesque looks.

The next twenty minutes seem to take a lifetime, but as the clock was about to mark the hour Coach Dick heard the gym door open…a sound which was soon accompanied by footsteps and voices.

There was no mistaking the voices. They had the angelic tone and air of femininity one would come to expect from women living in Breastford. It was no wonder Samantha did the work she was assigned; Breastford women simply held themselves to a higher standard and cultivated an air of authority wherever they went.

Fortunately for the good coach the women coming to his office now were all but acting under his authority. Or so he would have them believe. In his mind it made no difference; he would have gladly relinquished control of their relationships if the results were to stay the same.

Brooke Biguns and Brittany Bust, however, did not relinquish control so easily. This became all too apparent as the busty duo opened the door and stood in his doorway glaring at him with all their hate. That air of authority was with them now more than ever, and despite having downed a full bottle of StaminaX prior to his arrival Coach Dick feared that his mighty manhood might get crippled in the fight against their titan-sized triple-Ds.

He made note of what they were wearing – half cut shirts and athletic shorts. This told him that the two busty teens had shown up with the intention of actually working out as opposed to looking good while doing it. Although he could see their sports bras through the thin fabric of their gray practice shirts he knew that Brooke and Brittany had no intention of showing any more skin.

“Why did you want us to come here so late?” Brooke asked as she and Brittany stepped forward into his office. Their massive chests prevented them from entering at the same time, so Brooke took a step in front of her busty blonde friend before she even had time to think.

Coach Dick stared as her right breast brushed against the side of the doorway when she walked in. Her brash action had caused her entire chest to jiggle under her sports bra and shirt…which she put a stop to by crossing her arms as she stepped in front of him.

“Yeah…” Brittany said, stepping forward next to her friend and putting her hands on her hips to assert her presence. “I’m usually getting ready for bed right now, you know…”

“Ladies, relax!” their coach said, as mobil porno enthusiastically and comfortably as he could. “I just wanted to make sure that my two bust girls are on top of their game.”

“Your two ‘best’ girls, right?” Brooke said, glaring at him as she raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah. My two best girls.” Coach Dick reiterated. “Did I say something different?”

“You said ‘bust.'” Brittany answered him, arching her back and jutting her chest out momentarily to further assist him.

“Ah. How about that?” the coach said, putting his hands on the edge of his desk as he leaned back against it. “So…I thought we could start by celebrating the fact that you two made such a big step the other night.”

The two blonde teens threw each other confused glances before turning back to their coach.

“What do you mean?” Brooke asked.

The busty blondes watched as their coach reached behind his desk and pulled out a brand new bottle of wine. Their eyes grew wide in excitement, and Coach Dick could already see that he had them hooked.

“You wanna give us…WINE?” Brittany exclaimed excitedly. “Oh my God…our mothers won’t even let us have that!”

“What?” Coach Dick said with a surprised look. “Of course not. I’m just using the bottle to make a point.”

“Oh well…point made!” Brooke said as she took a step forward, her arms pulling away from her chest as she stretched her arm out to the bottle.

“Hold on.” Coach Dick said, stopping her in her tracks. “You can’t have this.”

“Why not? We drank wine at the pool party the other day. I remember that!” Brooke said. “Now let me have some!”

“Hey!” Brittany said. “Why do you get to go first??”

“Well that’s, not what I-” Coach Dick began before Brooke interrupted.

“Brit…” Brooke interrupted. “You drank more wine than me last time so I should get to-”

“I did not!” Brittany declared, she and Brooke turning to face each other. “You drank more and then you fell asleep! I stayed awake with Coach Dick. Right, Coach?”

The coach had been eyeing their massive funbags as they argued. As the two busty teens now turned to him he was able to view them unhindered by angles and movements. He basked in the view before answering the question.

“Well…you girls both stayed up.”

Brooke took a step forward. Her eyes grew wide with uncertainty.

“What?” she asked.

“You and Brittany both stayed up with me.” Coach Dick reiterated.

The two girls were silent for a moment, and then after several moments of silence Coach Dick began to understand what was happening – neither Brooke nor Brittany had any recollection of what happened after their last glasses of wine.

Coach Dick had to address their curious faces.

“You two…remember our practice session? Don’t you?”

The two blondes shook their heads. Coach Dick could tell they were sincere.

“The last thing I remember is drinking wine in your hot tub.” Brooke said.

“Yeah and I remember trying to get the jets to come on, but they never did.” Brittany added.

“You girls are serious?” Coach Dick asked, his tented pants not getting any looser as he watched both girls cross their arms over their massive chests.

“Yeah, of course.” Brittany said, matter-of-factly.

“Well,” Coach Dick said with as much authority as he could muster. “We made another deal last night. You both agreed to having two on one practice sessions from here on out.”

“What?” Brooke said, unbelievingly. “No way. Brit and I would never agree to that.”

“Well, you did. You both did.” Coach Dick responded. “And I think I know of a way to jog your memory…”

The teenage duo watched as Coach Dick approached them with the bottle.

“You’re going to let us drink wine?” Brooke asked, trying to hide the excitement in her tone.

“No.” Coach Dick said. “This bottle – I leave it here overnight all the time. The thing is…it gets cold at night. And the wine is at its best when it’s at room temperature. So I want you girls to try and warm it up for me.”

“How do you want us to do that?” Brittany asked. She and Brooke both had stabbing looks on their faces.

Coach Dick approached the two hotties with the bottle pointed at an angle. He held it so that its tilt was almost identical to the slope of their breasts.

“With your hands.” The coach said, a little too eager to watch their display. “Grab the bottle, both of you.”

Wide-eyed, he watched as the two blonde bombshells reached out with one hand each, Brooke with her right and Brittany with her left. Brooke took hold of the bottle’s neck just below the rim while Brittany placed her hand just underneath her best friend’s.

“You know…nothing we do inside this office ever seems to be basketball related.” Brooke mentioned as she and Brittany grasped the bottle of wine.

“First of all, these sessions aren’t about improving your skills on the court – that’s what practice is for. Secondly, these sessions were supposed to be about teamwork…but alman porno since you and Brittany only recently agreed to work as a team…well you get the idea.”

“Whatever.” Brittany said, rolleing her eyes. “What next?”

“It’s very simple, ladies. Just rub the bottle up and down until it gets warmer.” Coach Dick said.

He had expected a response from them, but to his surprise both girls simply started to stroke the bottle’s neck without a word. Brittany seemed to be having a little more trouble than Brooke, considering she had more of the bottle to contend with. Coach Dick didn’t mind, however…the sight of their soft, delicate hands stroking the bottle was stirring up memories he had framed in his mind.

“That’s it, girls…just like that…” he said.

“How is this supposed to help us remember anything?” Brooke asked as her hand slid up and down the cool bottle smoothly. She could feel Brittany’s hand right beneath hers; it was almost as if their two hands were one, and she was the one setting the pace. She decided to go faster.

Coach Dick’s eyes turned to their huge melons. He wanted desperately to reach out and grab them as they jiggled ever so slightly from the girls’ movements, but holding the wine bottle so they could continue stroking it was preventing him from doing so. Instead he took one hand off the bottle and settled for placing it on Brooke’s thin waist.

“It’ll help.” Coach Dick retorted. “Just keep stroking it girls…just like that…”

Brooke rolled her eyes as she and Brittany continued sliding their hands up down the bottle vigorously. The tent in their coach’s pants didn’t seem to be getting any lesser, in fact, it appeared to be growing.

“You know…at the pace you girls are going at most people would be tired by now.”

“Please.” Brittany said, making eye contact with her coach. “I can do this all day…”

“So can I…” Brooke said, also meeting her coach’s glance. “And then some…”

Their exchange was only fueling his blood, which was running hot at this point, and he hadn’t the capacity nor the will to manage it. It all went straight to his throbbing erection…and he had to let out an outburst instinctively to let the girls know that he was interested in this situation escalating. He knew that it probably wasn’t the best idea, and despite having downed an entire bottle of StaminaX he was amazed at how quickly Brooke and Brittany had managed to disarm him – they hadn’t even taken any clothes off.

“Oh, God…yes! Stroke it faster, babes!”

He watched as their hands became a blur of skin…the bottle only making slight appearances through their double-fisted display. Watching the girls perform any sort of sexual act was always like watching a play – poetry in motion. Even now despite having been going at it for such a long time he knew that neither girl was bluffing when they stated that they could do this all day. It was almost as though the girls were born with the knowledge and physical capacity of how to drive men wild…and both Brooke Biguns and Brittany Bust were excelling in spite of their disadvantage in being clothed.

In his brainstorm of erotic thoughts Coach Dick had lost track of the time, as that often seemed to be the case when dealing with the busty duo. While gazing at Brooke and Brittany he realized that he had been gone for several minutes, and yet he was certain that he never left. He felt as though both girls were right on top of him kissing him, pressing against him, grinding on him…and the actual scene he was witnessing was a porno flick playing in the background.

When he finally realized how much time had actually passed he couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t sure if the girls had even spent that long indulging him in the hot tub. He shook his head as though just getting up out of a deep sleep and decided that he’d better make his presence known in case the busty duo had forgotten about him.

“How does that bottle feel, girls?” he asked of them.

“Big.” Brittany said.

“Hard.” Brooke said.

The two girls looked at each other with shocked looks on their faces. Coach Dick was left in disappointment as they each let go of the bottle hastily and took a step back; still gazing at each other as though the other had said something awful.

“Okay…” Brooke said. “That was weird.”

“Yeah, it was. Really weird…” Brittany added.

Coach Dick now watched as both girls turned to him.

“Do you remember now?” he asked, as he turned slightly and placed the bottle on the surface of his desk.

“Well…no.” Brooke said, her hand going to her forehead and massaging it as though she had a headache. “I mean…I remember…something…”

“What about you, Brit?” Coach Dick asked.

Brittany had her hands on her temples and was massaging her head similarly to Brooke.

“No, I…I still don’t remember. I mean it’s like Brooke said…I feel like…this all feels familiar. Somehow…”

“So if I were to ask you what you girls think about alexis texas porno my rod…you’d say what?” Coach Dick asked.

“What are you talking abou-” Brooke stopped short as a horrified look crossed her face. She turned to Coach Dick and glared at him with a look in her eyes that said he was about to murder her, then quickly placed her hands over her mouth as her beautiful eyes continued to stare in fear.

“What?” Coach Dick asked, as Brittany looked from her friend to her coach; completely left out of the loop.

Brooke had a look of desperation on her face, but her next sentence came out clear and concise.

“The Big-Boob Threesome…!”

Brittany turned to her friend in confusion for a moment before she, too, was overtaken by shock. Like her friend before her, she turned to Coach Dick with a horrified and disgusted look on her face.

“Oh…my…GAWD!” she exclaimed.

Despite the looks of horror on the busty teens’ faces Coach Dick was feeling somewhat relieved. He no longer had to force the girls to remember, and it was his desire to get passed that and get the practice session back on track – boobs and all.

“So…I think it’s safe to assume that you both remember everything now?”

Brooke and Brittany each took a step back, still glaring at their coach in fear. Neither girl said a word.

“Brooke, you remember, right?” the coach asked.

Brooke simply nodded her head. Brittany, however, chose to speak up.

“How? How did we not remember all of that? I mean…you put…you put your thingy…”

“That’s right. I did. Let’s just call that a side effect of the wine.” Coach Dick responded, cutting her off. “But the question is – are you two willing to hold up your end of our bargain?”

Brooke now took a step forward in an attempt to be assertive.

“What bargain?” she asked, placing her hands on her hips. “I don’t remember any of that.”

“Yeah,” Brittany added, stepping next to her friend with her arms crossed over her ginormous chest. “Neither do I.”

“Another side effect of the wine.” Coach Dick said, trying to wade his way through uncomfortable territory. “And it’s not like I came up with this deal. You two came to me and asked me to keep you on the first team. I can’t do that without training you.”

“Training? Ha! You haven’t taught us a single thing!” Brooke said in a disagreeing tone.

“Not for lack of trying, though.” Coach Dick responded. “I think you and Brittany are a force to be reckoned with…when you’re together. It’s my belief that by training you two together instead of one on one you will become the driving force behind this team.”

The girls were silent for a moment, but before long Brooke spoke up.

“I think Brit and I will take our chances on our own, thank you very much.” She said, with a hint of sass.

Coach Dick watched as the two girls turned to leave, and before he knew what he was doing he felt himself beginning to speak.

“Coach Blue’s going to take you off the team!” he blurted.

Both Brooke and Brittany paused in their tracks and turned their heads to look at him. Their bodies were still facing the door.

“What do you mean?” Brooke asked.

Coach Dick did his best to remain sincere.

“Gretchen. When she was out visiting family or whatever it is that they told you…she was actually trying to recruit players.”

At this both girls turned to face him.

“She WHAT?” Brittany said, infuriated.

“I always knew she was that type of person!” Brooke added. “From the moment I laid eyes on her…”

“Look, I’m trying to help you both. At the very least I can jot these sessions down in our training log and buy you girls some more time.”

“How much time?” Brooke asked, aggression brewing in her tone.

“I’m not sure…” Coach Dick said.

The two teens turned to each other and began discussing. Coach Dick wasn’t sure of what he’d just done, but at the moment he didn’t really care. Getting into Brooke and Brittany’s bras was all that mattered to him.

After a few moments the girls turned back to him.

“Okay…we’ve decided.” Brooke said.

“Oh?” Coach Dick responded, genuinely unsure of what they were about to say.

“We’ll give you this one practice session to buy us time.” Brittany said.

“Oh, great!” Coach Dick responded.

“But…” Brooke said. “That’s it. If we get what we want during the time you’ve given us then you can kiss these sessions goodbye.”

“Oh, well I don’t know about that.” Coach Dick said. “I still need a little more time to figure out-”

“You have ten seconds to decide…” Brittany said. She and Brooke had stone cold looks on their faces.

“Okay, fine! I’ll take it.” Coach Dick said, feeling he was out of options as the prospect of their huge boobs bounced and jiggled right in front of him.

“We knew you would.” Brooke said as she and Brittany placed their hands on their hips. Both girls had hints of omnipotence strewn across their faces. “Now, what do you want us to do?”

Coach Dick couldn’t stop himself from smiling as he held his arms out, conveying what he wanted to them without muttering a single word. Both girls smiled momentarily as if they already knew what he wanted and were already prepared for his answer.

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