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Mom’s in Town Ch. 10

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Although twice during the night Christine and her son, who just last night came out as a transgender, had had sex, she slept soundly. Now, lying in bed awake, she heard the light tap on the door and the soft voice of the room service waiter call out.

“Just a minute” she called out as she swung her shapely toned legs out of bed and into the 3″high mules with the soft pink bow on each shoe.

Opening the door she saw a slim handsome honey skinned man, obviously North African…Tunisia, Morocco perhaps. She saw the name Hamid on the white hotel badge. “Mmmm, someone new.” she thought.

Hamid could not believe his eyes. She was naked with heels. Although he had been hired by the owner’s executive assistant after a very personal interview, based on a response to a craigslist, he never really believed what the job would be. He had seen the sly smiles and winks between his fellow workers, heard the rumors but never believed them.

“Your breakfast madam.” he said nervously, while trying to keep direct eye contact and not let his eyes completely pop out of his head as he took in the beauty of her large hanging tits, huge nipples and exposed pussy.

Thank you, she said as she stepped aside and gestured toward the table in the sitting area. She watched as he pushed the cart into the room and then followed behind him. Nice ass, she thought as she noticed the uniform’s black pants stretched tightly below the white tunic.

As he set out the service, he looked surreptitiously around the suite and saw someone lying in bed covered with a sheet. With his head lowered to his work, he took a sneak peek at her reflection in the silverware. He sensed the guest’s eyes on him before he felt her presence coming closer. Standing up he found she was right beside him, almost pressing into him. Startled, he backed up a little.

“Sorry, I did not mean to scare you, but I usually tip the waiters.” she offered as she stepped closer to him, her prominent nipples only inches away from his name tag. Raising her right hand she touched the name tag and let her fingers trace out the letters.

“Hamid.” she said softly.. “what a lovely name. Are you new here Hamid?”

“Yes ma’am I started a few days ago.”

“Have you heard how I tip Hamid?”

“No ma’am…er…yes ma’am…I think that is why I was sent here this morning.”

“Really Hamid? Why is that?

“Je ne sais pas, ma’am but today I was selected specially by the manager.”

Letting her hand trace downward from the engraved name tag, Christine sensed a slim body under the loose fitting tunic, “Don’t be nervous” she cooed as her fingers reached the hem of the tunic. She began to lower herself to her knees in bonus veren siteler front of him and felt her fingers slip below the tunic onto the front of his thighs to help balance herself. She let her thumb trace slowly over the front of the pressed slacks and inhaled sharply as the extension down the thigh seemed to go on forever.

“Oh my, I think I know why you were selected.” she said lustily as she reached around with both arms to pull his crotch into her face. She let her lips press against the swollen slacks then a slight nibble before turning her face and letting her cheek rub against the impressive hardness.

“Oh yes, ” she mewed as she replaced her cheek with her palm to measure both length and width. “Very, very nice.”

“May I?” she asked

“Errrr…oui…yes please do” Hamid sputtered, found his voice and replied.

With that approval, she took to undoing his belt, unbuttoning the waist and slowly pulling down the zipper. Smooth silk panties rather than cotton briefs or boxers surprised her but didn’t stop her. She was a needy cock sucker with an urge to see the monster rooted in his loins. She leaned back on her heels as she opened his pants and using her hands slid her fingers to his hips and pushed his pants to a heap on the floor. In front of her was 8″ of fat soft cock that was starting to lengthen. The large red circumcised head was a knob like that she had only seen in BBC porno movies. The stalk on which it hung was increasing in diameter and firmness as it twitched and bobbed in the open air. Christine loved cock and her hands were shivering with excitement and anticipation.

A sudden ringing noise from the bed made them jerk their heads in surprise. Simultaneously, they saw the very young boy, or was a girl, on the bed, sit up and look at what was going on not more than ten feet away.

“What is…” he started to say but stopped mid-sentence as he realized exactly what was going on.

Hamid had quickly tried to cover himself but was stopped by Christine.

“Bri darling, that’s your dad on the phone. He said he would call and we would FaceTime. Would you be a dear and answer it.”

“It’s ok, don’t worry darling, I know what I am doing.” the kneeling woman said as she herself, blushing from the situation leaned forward to regain control of the situation.

Touching the accept button, Bri offered a meek hello and smiled at the camera.

“Hi dad, yes it’s me. I stayed over and was just getting up to go to class. Yes, mom is here.” he said with a quaver in his voice not sure if what to say or do.

“Bring the phone over here darling. Your dad is going to want to see this.”

Well, it was bahis clear now what his mother wanted. Bri got up from the bed, turned the phone to capture his mother on her knees in front of the wait staff.

The large dangling cock had softened from the interruption but was quickly being coaxed back into firmness by her small kisses on its shaft from root to cockhead. Hamid almost swooned due to the tidal wave of blood surging through the heavy cock. The magnificent specimen rose in a great arc, as the tiny kisses turned into outright worship of the stallion like cock. Christine’s wet lips slurped the amber phallus leaving a trail of saliva from the hairless ball sack to the tip.

“Can you see ok, Roger? We have a new room service waiter this morning and he has a magnificent cock.”

Standing with the phone in his hand, Brian absently mindedly touched himself and found himself getting excited. He began to slowly run his fingers along his expanding but much smaller cock.

“Why not” he thought “why the hell not” as he pushed his panties aside and scooped out his average sized man meat and balls. He slipped his briefs down, kicked them off, and with this legs splayed wide open and began to stroke himself. Neither of the other two paid any attention to him as his mother was completely focused on sucking cum out of the cock in her mouth and the employee fully enjoying the sensations from a talented tongue and mouth.

“That’s a beautiful cock Christine. You are very lucky woman this morning.” Roger’s voice came through the speakerphone.

Although focused on the magnificent cock in front of her, Brian’s mother heard the her son masturbating. She had seen his cock for the first time yesterday and was still impressed by its good size and the fact it was bigger than he husband’s penis. She took Hamid by the hips and turned him slightly so that she could showcase her skills to her son and to her husband on the phone. Hamid understood her intentions and pulled back from her face so the young man could see more clearly what was going in. He looked the young boy-girl in the eye, then down to his cock and flashed a smiled that indicated he like what he saw as well as liked being watched.

The young teenager licked his lips signaling that he too liked what he saw and was willing and able to help with the cock sucking. Hamid then grabbed his cock and began to jerk and stretch it in time with the boy’s hand. The boy’s mother took the large lemon sized head in mouth and felt, on her lips, the forceful rhythm of its owner’s stroking. She knew her son was matching stroke for stroke and sensed that Hamid was more turned on than before. His cock had grown ever longer and harder deneme bonusu now that he was being watched. She bent forward, tilted her neck and began to suckle one of the large testicles in front of her. With her attention and her mouth down there, she looked up to see the huge unrestrained cock rising upward well past the top of her head. Almost immediately, Bri stopped masturbating and moved her soft hand to grasp the huge member. She saw up close the large ridge on the underside begin to swell and knew her son’s hand and her ball sucking talents were having their effect. She pulled apart his ass cheeks as she returned her mouth closer to the top of the magnificent member in front of her. She noted the way the camera was being held, watched as her son squeezed Hamid’s glanz to control his release, then positioned herself to be full picture frame when she took the load. Her son held the glorious cock in place, releasing the tight fingers while he aimed at his mother’s mouth. The first explosive burst of semen flooded her mouth. She quickly impaled herself on the creaming rod and took him deep into throat.

Her husband saw it all in glorious color and detail. The high resolution camera in the phone always did a great job. He loved to watch his wife with other men. It made him excited giving his cock the stiffness he wished he always had.

Her son saw the first jet of thick cum erupt into his mother’s mouth just before she leaned in and took all of him in her mouth. He watched as her throat bulged -swallowing the release of seed and large head forcing itself into the kneeling woman. Hamid and the boy both watched as the talented woman nursed the twitching member. She was a talented cock sucker, her lips and cheeks moving to milk out more cum and her tongue slurping up the ropes of male power. She loved the taste and texture of cum and held it all in her mouth as the spasms reduced in frequency and intensity. He held himself in the cock suckers mouth until the sensations were too overwhelming at which point he withdrew, his legs shuddering, while the cum-slut let her lips slide over the smooth glazed crown.

She smiled, holding cum in her mouth, she stood up, gave him a smile along with a peck on the cheek indicating she was through.

“Wow. C’est fantastique madam?” he gasped as he straightened himself off, tucked his heavy sated cock back into his skimpy silky panties, then himself into his trousers and, with a very large smile, gave the young girlboy a light kiss on the lips then moved toward the door.

Before he left to report to Miss Rachael, Hamid watched for a second. He saw the woman stand naked before the young girlboy. The girlboy had just ejaculated all over her hands and stomach and the woman, the mother, knelt again, this time with the camera in her hand.

His last glimpse was of the cock sucker, who had just serviced him, beginning to lick up the cum, all the while filming herself. Hamid silently closed the door.

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