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Danny Darling Ch. 02

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I slammed the door of Danny’s apartment then stopped cold and just stood there. My body was shaking and my hands trembled as I wiped the moisture from my eyes.

Geez, I thought. Why do so many people assume that I’m gay? I don’t act gay!

Even the few times I went to bars to try and pick-up girls, men would hit on me while the women ignored me. I was never rude to them – I would politely say “I’m not that kind of guy,” and they’d leave me alone.

What is it about me that makes people think I’m gay? It’s very frustrating!

I heard the outside door open and the laughter of two girls as they entered the far-side of the building. My heart began racing: it was Jennifer with her roommate, Katy. I suddenly forgot all about my encounter with Danny.

Luckily, my erection had subsided, but I was all too aware of the semen stain on the front of my slacks. I walked toward them with one arm dangling in front of me hoping my hand would cover the problem.

When Jennifer saw me she waved and called out “Hi John” and flashed that big, beautiful smile of hers. Without thinking, I waved back using the hand that was hiding my problem. I quickly lowered my arm; I didn’t think she saw anything.

When we were face-to-face she asked “Why are your eyes red?”

“Oh, uh, something got in my eye-I guess I rubbed them too hard.”

“Want me to take a look?” she asked.

“No, uh, thank you – I think it’s gone now.”

We were standing beside their apartment door and Katy excused herself and went inside.

We made small talk for a few minutes then she said: “I really enjoyed our lunch the other day – and all of our conversations at the pool.”

HOLY CRAP! Was she hitting on me?

I blushed and stammered: “Yes, uh, I, uh…I’ve had fun, too!”

“You know, it’s not too late if you want to hang-out for awhile,” she said in her soft, sexy voice.

“I dunno, I have to get-up awfully early in the morning…” I said without thinking. I chastised myself the moment I said it.

“I’ve got a bottle of wine here if you want to go inside and ‘talk’…don’t make me drink it by myself, John, okay?” she winked as she motioned to my door, across the hallway from hers.

The way she emphasized the word ‘talk’ left little doubt in my mind of her true intentions. She smiled when she saw the look of surprise on my face.

I hadn’t noticed she was carrying a bag. I tried to stay calm. “Y-Yes-that would be great! I mean, yeah…it’d be fun.”

I fumbled for my key and opened the door.

“Welcome to my humble bachelor pad,” I said as we went inside.

I kept thinking of the stain on my slacks and did the best I could to keep my back to her.

“Uh, make yourself at home-I want to change clothes,” I announced.

“You look fine, John – you don’t have to do that for me,” she said.

“Well…I spilled something on my slacks at dinner-I’ll be right back,” I said and hurried to my bedroom.

I practically tore-off my pants and briefs. I used the backside of the briefs to wipe the sticky pre-cum from my crotch and penis.

She called out: “Do you have a wine key? I’ll open the bottle while you change.”

“It’s in the drawer by the spice rack,” I shouted.

I found clean briefs and a pair of beige shorts and quickly dressed. I looked in the mirror and combed my hair and almost ran to the living room to be with her.

I saw a glass of red wine on the coffee table; she was walking around the room examining the very few possessions I had. She held her glass in one of her dainty hands.

“You know,” she said. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy’s apartment this clean…I mean, it’s spotless!”

“Thank you,” I said. “Uh, I guess my mother taught me well.”

I sat on the sofa and drank some wine to try and settle my nerves. When she finished looking around, she sat beside me, very close.

“Where did you have dinner?” she asked.

“At, uh, Danny’s place,” I replied.

She scrunched her pretty face and shrieked, “Oooo – yuck! Why would you eat with him?”

“He, ah, he did me a favor,” I said, and I explained what happened to my car.

“He’s a very strange man…you know he’s queer, don’t you? Rumor has it he was butt-fucking the little fairy who used to live in 3-C.”

“No – no, I didn’t know that,” I stammered. “He’s treated me okay.”

She took my wine glass from me and placed hers and mine on the coffee table. My heart was pounding so hard I wondered if she could hear it.

Her hand began stroking my hair. I turned to face her; she leaned-in and our lips came together in one long, sweet kiss. My head began to spin and I closed my eyes.

Her lips were softer than either Tracey’s or Amy’s. When I felt her tongue dart in-and-out of my mouth I groaned and used my tongue the same way. We came together in a hotly-passionate embrace. Her breasts crushed against my chest.

When we broke for air, she smiled and asked: “What did you spill on your slacks?”

“Huh? Oh, uh, we had spaghetti-I spilled some sauce on ensest porno myself,” I quickly lied.

“Johnny,” she said sweetly, “…that wasn’t spaghetti sauce I saw on the front of your pants…”

My face turned beet-red; I didn’t know what to say.

She smiled and pulled me close and we kissed. Suddenly her hand found my leg. She lightly stroked my thigh beneath the pant-leg of the shorts.

The heat and passion from her kisses and her hand lightly stroking the bare flesh of my thigh should have been driving me crazy with lust but something was terribly wrong!

I was fully aware my prick was not cooperating; the darn thing should have been hard as a rock, but, no, it just lay limp and listless inside my briefs.

I wondered if she noticed.

She brought her lips to my ear; her hot breath caused the hairs on my neck to stand straight, but my dick didn’t even twitch.

She whispered in my ear: “Johnny, you’re not queer too, are you? That would be horribly tragic if such a cute and funny and nice boy like you was a fag…”

There it was again! My manhood being questioned yet again!

My blood boiled over. How dare she challenge my masculinity! I decided not to say a word. I was going to prove to this bitch that I was all-man-not some sort of pansy-ass sissy-boy!

I became the aggressor. I roughly pulled her to me and kissed her hard. My hand found the bodice of her dress and squeezed and kneaded her breasts. I nipped at her earlobe and kissed and licked the softly-delicate, flesh of her neck.

“Oooooo, Johnnyyyyyy…” she half giggled-half moaned.

I deftly unbuttoned her dress and when I saw her sexy black lace bra my hands cupped her breasts. My prick began rising. The feel of her breasts encased in the flimsy, lacey material drove me wild with desire.

I heard her sigh; it sounded like a sigh of exasperation, or disappointment, but I paid no notice; I kissed her harder.

“Ooooo, baby,” she said breathlessly. “You like my bra? I’m wearing matching panties, too.”

Suddenly my prick burst into full-erection. She laughed in my ear. Her hand brushed lightly over the straining bulge in my shorts. I wanted her to take my cock in her hand and squeeze it hard, but instead, she teased me with the open palm of her hand.

I massaged the soft flesh of her thighs. She wasn’t wearing pantyhose and that inflamed my passion all the more. My hand boldly searched higher-and-higher until it found her lace panties.

My prick began throbbing. She still wouldn’t stroke it or touch it directly with her hand. I wanted desperately for her to open my shorts and take it in her hand.

I positioned her so I could feel the round globes of her panty-encased buttocks squirming in my hands.

I was close to cumming-dangerously close. The last thing I wanted was to humiliate myself by cumming in my pants. I would just die of humiliation.

When I tried to slow down and pull away she’d have none of it. She shifted so my hands were trapped beneath her; I couldn’t help myself and continued massaging her buttocks, reveling in the delicious feel of her sexy panties.

Suddenly, she yanked the hem of her dress above her waist and whispered in my ear.

“Look at my panties, baby…I know you love my sexy panties…look at them, sweetie-look at my panties!”

I was powerless and scared out of my mind that she knew my private shame, but I was too far gone to control myself.

She bit my earlobe, hard, it hurt, I yelped in pain.

“Look at my panties and tell me you love them! I’ll let you cum when you say it, baby…rub my panties – look at my panties – tell me how much you love my panties…do it for me, Johnny-say it for me, baby…SAY IT!”

I’ve always felt a strange compulsion to do what people tell me to do so I opened my eyes and stared down at her black lace panties while my hands kneaded the cheeks of her ass.

Her hand suddenly took hold of my throbbing prick and squeezed it hard. I was completely at her mercy; there was no way out of this now.

“SAY IT!!”

My balls exploded with such ferocity I was afraid my bucking and violent shaking would throw her onto the coffee table.


I shook and spasmed and cried-out as my climax reached a thrilling crescendo then gradually subsided. I almost passed-out from the intense pleasure she gave me.

I lay with eyes closed, gulping air. The load of cum in my briefs quickly turned cold and I glanced down and saw the front of my shorts completely saturated in sperm and semen.

Jennifer presented her hand to my mouth-it was slick and shiny, covered with my cum.

“Lick my hand clean, pantyboy or I’ll tell the whole building what a perverted little freak you are!”

Tears filled my eyes. This was bad-very, very bad!

I’d moved a-thousand-miles from home to begin a new life, to become a different person, but it had escort porno all been for nothing! I was still the same weak-willed, worthless piece of excrement I’d been my whole life!

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I obediently licked my juices from her hand. It wasn’t the first time I’d tasted my own semen.

Jennifer abruptly stood, raised the hem of her dress and hooked her thumbs into the lace waistband of her panties and pushed them to the floor.

The very first thought to enter my mind was: Oh wow, that’s wonderful-she’s going to give me her panties!

“Sit on the floor with your back against the sofa,” she suddenly ordered.

When I didn’t respond she shouted: “DO IT NOW, PANTYBOY!”

I did as I was told. She stood over me, one leg on each side of my trembling body.

“Lean further back…lay your shoulders on the cushion,” she instructed as her hands positioned me the way she wanted. She tilted my head until it, too, rested on the cushion.

I closed my eyes when I saw the wet and tangled forest of hair between her spread thighs lower itself onto my face. Her crotch was soaked with her arousal. There was a faint aroma of sardines.

She slowly moved her pussy over my face until my flesh was glistening with her excitement. I instinctively took a deep breath just before she pressed the open lips of her sex to my mouth.

I knew from experience what she wanted and what I needed to do. I licked at the slick lips pressing against my mouth. I caressed her pussy with my lips and tongue.

Her deep, throaty-laugh surprised me. She sounded like a different person; like some sort of she-devil.

“I should have known you’d be good at eating cunt-I’m sure that tiny dick of yours has never satisfied a woman…”

One more insult from a pretty woman-one more dagger to my heart.

I gulped for air whenever I could. Amy had used my face the same way many times. The first few times I almost suffocated. I had to teach myself when, and how to breathe out of self-preservation.

Jennifer groaned above me and ground her pussy harder to my mouth. The only good thing about this was she was aroused from the beginning. At least I didn’t have to start from scratch and get her wet first.

I searched-out her clit with my lips and tongue and used all my acquired skill to make her cum as quickly as possible.

“OHHH-GODDDDDD…” she cried-out, and pressed her cunt ever tighter to my face.

I could tell from her gyrations that she was close. I trapped her engorged clit between my lips, gave it the slightest nip with my teeth then lapped at it furiously with my tongue.


I had to be careful not to drown in her cunt-juice. I swallowed what was necessary, almost choking on the taste and acidity.

When her hips came to rest, and she eased her thighs and pussy from my face, I clearly heard her gasping for air.

I congratulated myself. I enjoy giving people pleasure…other than that-it didn’t do a thing for me.

“Oooooo, pantyboy,” she said still breathing hard as she stood beside me.

Her dress had fallen into place and I was grateful I no longer had to look at the jungle between her thighs.

“Johnny, you be a good boy and your secret will be safe with me…”

What did she mean by that? I wondered.

She stooped to retrieve her panties off the floor, and held them before me in her open hand. For a brief moment I thought she was going to give them to me; my prick twitched inside my briefs.

She noticed and laughed. She pressed the soft, delicate, flimsy material on my wet face and slowly teased me with her panties.

To my dismay, before her very eyes, my prick expanded to its full-length and puffed-out the front of my pants.

She snickered and said: “What a goddamn-fucking shame…I really thought you were boyfriend material…what a waste of such a beautiful boy…”

My heart sank when she clutched the panties in her hand and walked towards the door.

With her hand on the doorknob, she turned and said derisively, “WOW – it just dawned on me you have the perfect job-stockboy in the women’s lingerie department?!”

She burst out in laughter then said: “I hope you control yourself better at work than you did with me tonight!”

Then she added with an evil grin: “Hey pantyboy-I’m going to use your mouth whenever I want until I can find a real man…when I say ‘lick’-you’re going to drop to your knees-or else!”

My mind was numb. I moved about thinking and feeling nothing. I was good at instantly forgetting unpleasant situations.

I washed and dried the wine glasses before going to bed. I couldn’t leave a messy apartment and sleep comfortably.

My prick was still semi-hard and from time-to-time I gave it a squeeze. My mind was whirling and I knew sleep would elude me until I did what needed to be done.

In the bedroom, I stripped naked, wiped myself clean of my earlier gizli çekim porno orgasm, and went to the chest of drawers. I opened the bottom drawer and fished underneath sweatpants and tee shirts until I found them.

I held and examined them in the dim light. My penis stood straight out from my body. I selected the black one and replaced the others in my hiding place.

I stepped into them and slowly pulled them up my legs. I wriggled my hips as I pulled them up until they clung to my waist.

I gasped as the incredible sensations began to overwhelm me. My hand instinctively reached down and caressed my prick thru the smooth and sleek nylon fabric.

I hurriedly went to bed, threw back the covers, and lay down on my belly. Before I started, I reached inside the frilly waistband and made sure my foreskin was covering the glans.

I lay my head sideways on the pillow, and with arms at my side, began to slowly press my erection against the mattress.

“Oooo, yes,” I sighed as the sheer material slid sensuously over my cock-flesh.

My mind ran thru old fantasies of women that had worked so well for me in the past.

I clearly pictured breasts and pussies and perfectly-shaped buttocks of pretty, desirable girls and women but felt no charge of excitement.

I envisioned them on their backs with legs spread wide; and on top of me, furiously sliding up-and-down my mighty cock; and on all fours, shrieking and screaming in ecstacy as I pumped my long, thick cock in-and-out of their tightly clinging pussies.

Nothing was working; I was in danger of losing my hard-on. Suddenly, Jennifer popped into my imagination.

I pictured Amy and Jennifer on their knees, taking turns licking and sucking my cock; I had my cock in Amy’s mouth while I made Jennifer suck my massive balls.

When I demanded, Amy moved under me and pushed her tongue inside my asshole, she tongue-fucked my asshole while Jennifer gagged and choked as she valiantly tried to suck my huge cock.

My erection was fading-even the panties weren’t helping to keep me hard.

Frantic, I dreamed of the nameless, faceless man who took me home from the park that night over a year ago.

How he gently stripped me, lubed my hole and placed me on my hands and knees on the edge of the bed.

My penis roared back to life. I ground it into the mattress and groaned “Yessss.”

His cock was short and fat and he had difficulty pushing the glans past my anus. When he succeeded in getting a half-inch inside me I begged him to stop; I told him I couldn’t take it all inside me.

Lucky for me he was kind enough to accede to my wishes although he whined and complained I was a cock-tease.

I said “No – no, I’m not!”

We moved to his sofa where he draped a towel over his hard-on and asked me to use my hands.

I readily, and eagerly, complied. My small hand barely fit around his girth. I began stroking his cock.

“Ooooo, yesss…” I moaned into the pillow and moved my hips faster and harder against the mattress.

Amazingly, his short, fat cock suddenly changed to long and slender. My hand easily gripped his shaft.

Suddenly, the towel was gone, and I was holding his long, hard cock in my bare hand. The heat from his cock rushed from my hand, up my arm and spread thru-out my body.

My prick began to throb and pulsate. I was delirious with pleasure – the feel of the panties were driving me insane with lust. I knew this would be one of my best orgasms ever.

I stared at his beautiful cock. I saw his large scrotum and couldn’t resist taking it in my other hand. His balls were egg-shaped; large and heavy. I couldn’t believe how heavy they felt in my hand.

I saw the pre-cum leaking from his slit. I fought the urge to lower my head and lick his cockhead clean.

I suddenly felt his hand gently lift my chin and I found myself staring at his face.

Oh my God-it was Danny!

He pulled my head to his and I tasted the kisses of another man for the first time. His lips were soft and yielding. Our tongues met and my nipples became so hard they ached.

“Sweetie, tell me you love my cock in your hand,” he said softly.

I didn’t want to say it; my up-bringing and inhibitions forbade me to say it. I resisted and tried to kiss him again but he held my head with both hands and stared into my eyes. I felt his deep, brown eyes burrowing past my defenses and touch my very soul.

I humped harder and faster; the springs of my mattress loudly squeaked and complained; my panties were saturated in pre-cum.

“Do you love my cock, Sweetie?”

I was powerless over my desire for him. I said something I could only think, but never say in real life.

“Yes, oh yes, Darling, I love your cock…it’s magnificent – I love it in my hand…yes, Darling, I love your cock!”

He gently touched a fingertip to my lips and said, “Well then…”

The manly aroma emanating from his crotch overwhelmed me. I knew what he wanted from me. An all-consuming hunger and desire completely took hold of my mind and senses.

I stared at his cockhead as I stroked his shaft faster and harder. I gently rolled and massaged his balls. His cock was beckoning me; taunting me to make a commitment.

I stared at the viscous fluid oozing from his slit as I lowered my head…

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