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Breaking in the Sub Pt. 10

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The next night after my naughty sub and me tested her new toy and gave her a special additive in her coffee, she text me and asked what I was up to, I had, had a big day and was quite buggered really, but got the feeling she was up for no good!

I said I was just jumping through the shower and was going to head to bed, she asked if I wanted to pop down for a quick cuppa. It was only 7.30, so I thought why not, I jumped in the car and headed down, not expecting a lot at all, but was quietly hopeful in the back of my mind…i most definitely was not expecting what I arrived to!

I pulled up, got out, went around the back to the dining room door, as it’s the door she always kept unlocked. I went in and couldn’t see her for starters, I thought she would’ve been on the couch watching tv, but nup, I almost had a heart attack! Here she was back in her school uniform once again, blindfolded, hands cuffed in front of her holding her coffee cup AND blindfolded! All my Christmas’ had come at once, this was awesome! As she heard me come in, she let a slight grin come across her face.

‘Before I make us our coffees sir, I’d like some more of your Casibom special ingredient please’ well I didn’t need to be asked twice! I walked over to her and grabbed a handful of hair and asked her if she was sure she wanted what was about to happen, she didn’t even think about it, instantly she agreed she wanted what ever I could dish out…so I left her hanging for a bit. I started up a mild conversation, I could tell it was throwing her off what she was wanting, and getting slightly aggrevated about it. I started sifting through her kitchen draws, to which she asked what on earth I was doing, I said I was looking for a spoon…complete lie, and she knew it!

I found her spatula and removed it from the drawer, I asked her if she enjoyed last night, to which she eagerly started telling me she hadn’t stopped thinking about it all day, before she got to far through the story I struck her arse once as hard as I could. She knelt up straight and let a small groan pipe out. I said ‘Yes or No answers thank you, unless otherwise asked.’ I asked her if she liked my new fetish of special additives to which she said yes. I asked her if she thought Casibom Giriş it was strange or weird to which she said no. I then asked her what she found a turn on about it, to which she told me it made her feel violated in a certain way, she couldn’t really explain it though. I asked her if she wanted me special ingredient again, to which she said ‘Yes I do…’ instantly I struck her other arse cheek, she knew what she had done, this was like a sick game of Simon Says.

I asked her to put the coffee cup down in front of her and to take my cock out of my pants and to ensure it was hard and ready for milking. She did exactly what she was told plus more, she put the cup down, undid my pants, pulled my pants down, took my cellphone out of my pocket handed it to me and said ‘I think you may want this,’ then put a hand on each leg and took me straight down her throat. She moved her hands up to my thighs and pulled me in even further, and went to town just like the old days, the Hoover was back and it was great!

I got lost in the moment, It was brilliant, but she kept going and going and going, I couldn’t believe it, I she started Casibom Yeni Giriş licking up underneath while using her cuffed hands to jerk me off, to have a laugh I stepped back to see what she would do, she couldn’t really move. She just leant forward with me, and impaled her mouth on my cock, I felt amazing! Sometime while she was impaled she must’ve grabbed the cup, I stepped forward again, causing her to gag as she got back to a comfortable position. As she got back to keeling nicely, she kicked it up a gear and was basically fucking me with her mouth, she hadn’t done this, like this before, this was something completely new, and I LOVED it.

She obviously felt my cock pulse, because she flicked her tongue under the head of my cock, which sent me over the edge, I didn’t even need to tell her I was cumming, she pulled back, the cup came up, she opened her mouth and had her tongue positioned for me to cum in her mouth and then my cum would run down and into the cup, it was incredible! Hands down, best video to date! She sucked me clean, handed me her cup and then removed her blindfold, the grin on her face was from ear to ear. She asked nicely if I could undo her hands so she could make us our coffees, I obliged and we sat down and enjoyed each others company for another hour or so. We finished up, she commented how nice her coffee tasted and that she couldn’t wait for our next coffee date…

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