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Pervert Ch. 01

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This is my first submission in a while. Although I do allow feedback and criticism, please keep it constructive. This is not my job; I do it for enjoyment. That said I do take pride in all I wrote so please let me know if you enjoyed it too!


“Pervert!” Jacey called out when she saw the young man staring at her as she sunbathed by the pool.

“Whatever!” Jackson smiled as he finished mowing the lawn, he had stopped, but just for a breather, but that was the game now. Though part of him did realise that sometimes he did seem to stare at Jacey more than he should. Even if she was his mother…

Jacey shad to smile as she went back to sunning, lying by their pool catching some sun. The game had only started a week or two ago, at the start of the summer. Jackson had just turned 18 and one of the presents from his friends had been a porno mag.

Jacey had seen it when tidying his room. Her first thought was why anyone still bought magazines with the Internet being around, but when she looked more closely at the cover she realised it had been a prank joke. It was called, “Hot Housewives!” and featured several women of Jacey’s age being fucked in their homes by delivery boys, pool cleaners and the like.

She had to stifle a laugh when she read some of the articles. Letters written in by “real house wives” about their adulterous experiences with younger men. She was so engrossed with the magazine that she didn’t even hear Jackson come in.

“Mom!” Jackson cried, when he saw what his mother was holding. “It’s not mine!” I mean I didn’t…”

Jacey tried her hardest not to laugh at her son as he stood there stuttering. “Don’t worry about it, Jackson. You’re a young man, and I remember being that young also. Having urges is quite natural.”

“MOM!” Jackson cried.

That was it, Jacey burst out into a fit of laughter. “Sorry, baby, I couldn’t help it. I promise to stop teasing you now. I just didn’t know my son was such a pervert!” She grinned and left her son to it.

Later that day, Jacey was relaxing on the sofa watching a cooking program on the TV. The male chef, although an older gent was still revered as a bit of a silver fox, and the show didn’t hold back at all on the innuendos.

Jacey was enjoying him knead some dough, the show having just likened it to a deep massage on a woman’s behind, when Jackson walked in. “I didn’t know my mother was such a pervert!” He grinned and walked away laughing. It was from that point forward that the game was on!

It was almost an unwritten rule that neither played while Jacey’s husband, Jackson’s father, was about. The next time it occurred was when Jackson was emptying the laundry. He happened to pull out one of his mother’s bras just as Jacey walked into the kitchen.

“Pervert!” she shouted. Grinning as she whipped her underwear from her son’s grasp.

Jackson once overheard the end of a phone conversation between his mother and father. Jacey had finished off by telling her husband how badly she missed him and that she had got that bottle of lube they needed.

“Pervert!” Jackson whispered, wide eyed. When Jacey saw her son had heard the end of her conversation she blushed and quickly ended it. That was the first time she felt a bit embarrassed during the game. But also, something else clicked inside her head. Instead of being shocked, or disgusted at the thought of his parents doing it, and requiring lube, Jackson had just continued the game…

It had been a very long week for Jacey. Her husband had been away on business and it was set to go on for another four days. The heat of the summer sun was affecting her also. She thrived on sex with her husband, and since he had been gone she had tried to replace him with toys, but to no avail.

Also, she had not caught Jackson out for a while… Whether it was the sun, lack of sex, or the fact Jackson was now at home a lot more due to summer break, Jacey didn’t know. But she found herself looking through her wardrobe for a small summer dress she knew she had somewhere.

Before she put it on, she checked herself out in the mirror. At 38 she was in very good shape. She had hit the gym hard after having Jackson and it paid off now. Her breasts were still large, and her nipples had remained sensitive after birth. So much so that sometimes her husband had made her cum just from sucking on them.

Her waist spilled out into her curvy hips, her favourite feature, and her legs were long considering her 5’4″ height. She wished she had kept her jet-black hair long, instead of the bob she had it in now, but other than that she was proud of her body.

Pulling on her underwear, Jacey then slipped into her dress. It was a snug fit, especially around the breasts, she blamed her new bra, but it was the length she was hoping for. Mid thigh, but loose after her hips, so it swayed.

Jackson was sitting at the breakfast bar kartal escort bayan in just his boxers when Jacey walked in. She thought she saw him choke a little on his cereal, but that wasn’t enough for the game. She walked into the kitchen and stretched up to the back of the cupboard for a glass, looking back just enough to see whether Jackson was watching her dress ride up.

She didn’t even stop to think what she was doing. When she bent down to get the OJ from the fridge, knowing that her panties and her round ass would be on view she whipped around to see Jackson watching her. She grinned to him,

“Pervert!” and drank her juice in one before leaving the house.

In her car Jacey’s heart was racing. What was she doing? She had deliberately dressed to evoke a perverted response from her own son! She knew that the dress would cause any man to stare, but she had done it for Jackson! She put it down to the heat, another win in the ‘Pervert’ game. That was all she was going for… Just another win.

Back at the house, Jackson was in a slight state of shock. He had never seen his mother dress like that before. It was more that than the fact her ass was on show to him that had him staring. Though, now he looked back, her ass was pretty good…

Stop it! That’s your mother!! He shouted to himself. He went into his room to have a cold shower. He did notice that he had a semi on; he tried to convince himself it was just the remainder of his morning wood.

He wasn’t bad looking, 5’11” with tousled brown hair. His muscles were defined enough to see they were there without being overly butch. He was most fond of his cock though. He liked to keep it shaved bare as it made it look bigger. Not that he had had any complaints about his 7″ dick. He welcomed the fact that he had been cut, after seeing a lot of cocks in porn he disliked the look for a foreskin.

Jackson showered off, taking extra time on his cock and balls. He didn’t normally wank in the shower, but he needed to today. As he towelled off, he thought about the pervert game. He needed to get back at his mother. But how?

Later that evening after dinner, Jackson decided on his plan. He told his mother he was going to go for a run, and went to get changed. Normally he wore his jogging bottoms, but today was different. He found the pair of Lycra shorts he bought once on a whim. He had never worn them because they basically looked obscene!

He pulled them on and looked in the mirror. The bulge of his soft cock was clearly visible, he made sure his t-shirt didn’t cover his crotch. This will make her stare! He grinned to himself. It didn’t even cross his mind that he was purposefully trying to get his own mother to perv on him.

The thought of Jacey in her summer dress flashed into his mind again and Jackson quickly realised his cock was starting to swell. Shit! Can’t go out there with a hardon! He thought and quickly left his room.

Jacey was in the kitchen still in her summer dress, doing the washing up when her son walked in.

“I won’t be too long, mom.” Jackson called, making sure he had walked past the breakfast counter enough for his mom to see him.

“OK Jack…” Jacey’s words caught in her mouth when she turned around and saw her son standing there in shorts so tight she could almost make out the veins on his cock. “I… er… how long will you be?” she managed to get out, instantly berating herself when she realised Jackson had already answered that.

“Not long, Mom.” Jackson smiled. Then he looked down at his own crotch before meeting his mother’s eye. “Pervert!” He was grinning now as he left the house. As soon as he shut the door Jackson realised how fast his heart was beating. Had he just deliberately put himself on show for his mother?

The fact his cock was now swelling past just a semi meant he couldn’t really go for a run now so he decided to just wait long enough outside the house, hoping his cock would deflate before he went back in.

Jacey stood there stunned. Her hands still in the washing up. Had Jackson known those shorts hid nothing when he came out? And had he been getting an erection? Or was it always that big? I shouldn’t be thinking about it so much! She thought. But Jacey’s sex starved mind couldn’t stop imagining her son’s cock bulging in those shorts. She finished the washing up and quickly went to bed. Two can play at that game!

By the time Jackson went back in his mother was already in bed. Although they had a no locked door rule in the house, a shut door meant knocking. Jacey’s door was shut; so assuming his mother wanted an early night he left her to it.

Peeling himself out of his shorts, Jackson got into bed also. His cock started to swell. He tried not admitting it had been the thrill of showing off to his mother, but as he stroked himself to orgasm his thoughts were very confused.

The next day Jackson was working yakacık escort on his chores. One of which was mowing the lawn. As he dragged the mower out of the garage Jacey put her plan into action. You’re not the only one who can wear tight clothes!

Jacey had convinced herself this was just to get back in the game as she tied up the small straps on her bikini. She had bought it for a holiday with her husband, but they had never got around to the holiday yet. As she looked at her curvy body in the mirror, barely covered by the small green triangles she smiled to herself. Shame to waste it!

She had to walk slowly out into the back garden as she realised her breasts were at risk of bouncing out of her top if she went too fast. The fact her ass wiggled freely, not restrained at all by the thong bottoms excited her a bit too.

She lay down on the lounger on her back. Her breasts falling slightly to the side meant the triangles that just about covered her nipples slipped a little. She bent one leg up and waited.

Jackson started mowing the lawn, not really noticing his mother at first. As he got closer and closer however, he saw just exactly what she had on. Or didn’t in this case. Holy shit! He gasped before he could stop himself. He was fully aware that he had now just checked out his own mother.

She looked amazing lying there in barely anything at all and his 18-year-old mind was racing away with itself. Jacey looked up and caught Jackson looking. He hadn’t noticed her watching him yet and she wondered how long he had been staring. She saw the look of hunger in her eyes and her body reacted.

She felt her heart rate quicken, her nipples hardened and her pussy felt ever so slightly wet. This is soo wrong! She kept telling herself, but she had done the same thing to Jackson in his shorts hadn’t he?

“Pervert!” she shouted, more to break the tension she was feeling at that moment. Jackson seemed to wake up from his brief daze, stuck out his tongue and carried on mowing the lawn. Damn I need to cool down! Both Jackson and Jacey thought in unison.

“I’m just going to grab a shower.” Jacey called to her son as she stood up slowly, hoping that her bikini didn’t choose now to fall off.

“OK, Mom, I’m gonna finish up here then grab one myself.”

Jacey walked as fast as she could to her bathroom and quickly got in the shower. The cold water seemed to calm her down a little. Why am I getting so worked up?? She asked herself. He’s your son! You just need to get off quick, and his father needs to be home. NOW!

Sliding her hands over her body, Jacey started to pinch her own nipples. They hardened instantly and she bit her bottom lip as the jolts of pleasure ran through her body. She was already so aroused that she had barely touched her clit before she felt her orgasm on the brink.

One hand buried between her legs, the other tweaking her nipples, Jacey tried to focus on thoughts of her husband. His strong hands, his thick cock. Her fingers stroked her clit faster as her nipples ached for attention. More images flashed through her mind, her husband’s heavy balls, strong thighs, Jackson’s bulge in those shorts…

Wait what? But it was too late; Jacey was cumming hard, panting heavily, her knees buckling in the shower. She slipped onto her rump and sat there, the cold water pouring onto her flushed skin. It’s not what you think. She told herself. It was just a blip. Oh God! Even now, her orgasm still subsiding, the cold water bouncing off her erect nipples, Jacey felt like she could go again. Instead she decided to put her orgasm behind her and carry on with her own chores.

She grabbed a vest and some shorts and slipped them on, gathering the laundry from the basket. She wondered whether Jackson had started his shower or not as she needed his basket too. When she got to his room his door was closed, but not shut so without thinking she walked right in.

The shower wasn’t running so Jacey decided it must be safe and entered Jackson’s bathroom.

“Shit, MOM!” Jackson shouted when he heard her enter. “My door was shut!”

Jacey just stared. There in front of her was her son, dripping wet from his shower, his thick cock in one hand, his razor in the other as he shaved himself bare.

“I… it wasn’t totally… What?” Jacey stammered. “Are you shaving?” Her eyes were glued to her son’s cock. Is it growing?

Jackson, his cock still in hand just looked at his mother. The vest she was in did nothing to hide the large swell of her breasts and her nipples looked hard. His gaze drifted down her body, he could see through her wet shorts that she was trimmed, but not shaven. Fucks sake! Stop checking out your Mom!

But he could feel his cock beginning to swell. “Pervert!” Jackson managed to say as his mother continued to stare at his naked body.

“Well, you’re the one standing with your hürriyet mahallesi escort cock out in front of your mother!” Jacey smiled, her heart was racing. Just shut up! Get out of there! Stop looking at it!

“You’re the one staring at it, Mom. Never seen a guy shave his cock and balls before?” Jackson replied, shocking himself at the language they were both using. Why are you still holding it?? Just cover up!

“Well as a matter of fact no. Even I don…” Jacey trailed off before she said anything further. He is your son! You shouldn’t be talking to him about this!

“Even you don’t what, Mom? Shave?” Just let her say no and get out of there! He shouted to himself. You can see she doesn’t, Hell, you shouldn’t even have looked in the first place! His heart rate was rising and the surge of blood around his body was heading in the wrong direction for the situation.

“No… not fully like you!” Jacey replied. Her heart too was about to beat out of her chest. Why were her nipples so hard and so sensitive?? For god sake, just LEAVE!! She shouted to herself. But her legs wouldn’t move.

“You should give it a try.” Jackson said. Part of him hoping that his mother would leave now and either do that or the laundry. Hopefully before his cock became fully erect.

“Now who’s the pervert?” Jacey smiled, “Telling your own mother to shave her pussy?” What are you doing? He gave you a way out! This is crazy. He’ll back down, just stop. No more!

“I… I wasn’t telling you…” Jackson stammered, but he was looking at his mother’s shorts again. Jacey’s eyes went down too and it was then she realised that because she hadn’t dried off after her shower her shorts had gone transparent enough to show off her jet-black hair over her pussy.

It was her turn to stutter, “Oh… I didn’t realise you could… You’ve been looking at me all this time?” she looked up at her son. “Why didn’t you tell me I was showing?”

“Well I’m hardly in a position to say anything about showing now am I, Mom?” Jackson replied, loosening up a little. Jacey smiled back,

“So you think I should?” What are you asking your son that for?

“Sorry?” Jackson replied. She can’t be asking about shaving surely? This is getting out of hand…

“Shave. Totally. Like you?” Biting her bottom lip Jacey hooked her fingers into the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down, letting them drop to the floor. Jackson’s eyes almost bulged from their sockets. This is too far! Leave. Now! You shouldn’t be doing this!

Jackson just gulped. Jacey’s heart was running a mile a minute. “Pervert.” she said, almost in a sultry tone.

What are you doing?? She shouted to herself as she almost ran back into her bathroom. He is your son! Though not so much your ‘little’ boy anymore… She shook her head, trying not to look at her son’s cock again.

“Me? You’re the one that is taking her clothes off!” Jackson replied.

“You’re the one that still hasn’t covered himself up!”

It was true, Jackson was still there stark naked, though he had now stopped holding his cock. It hung there, threatening to swell to its full size. He went to grab a towel, but Jacey stopped him.

“Don’t bother covering up now on my account.” She smiled. “Besides, I’ve seen you naked before.”

“I wasn’t as big back then!” Said Jackson, meaning old, but he didn’t catch himself in time.

“You certainly weren’t.” Wait… did you just say that? Oh God, maybe he didn’t notice? Quick say something else, or LEAVE?? “Besides, we’re both nude now, no harm is there?”

“Well you’re not totally…” Oh my God! What are you saying? First you perv on your own mother, then you basically tell her off for not taking her vest off?? What’s wrong with you?

Jacey’s eyebrows rose. Is he daring me to take my top off as well? Does it matter? He’s your son, of course the answer is no! But Jacey’s competitive streak had kicked in again. No, he’s daring you, call his bluff, he’ll charge out of here before you even get it above your breasts!

“Not totally hey?” Jacey said to her nude son. “OK then.”

Now it was Jackson’s eyebrows rising as he watched his mother pull the bottom of her vest up and over her head. Her large breasts bounced as they were freed, her nipples already hard. She’s fucking doing it! Oh shit, stop looking at her. Get out of there! I can’t believe she’s actually doing it! Jackson was about to make an excuse and leave when he caught his mother’s eye.

She’s baiting me! She’s seeing if I’ll panic and run away! Damn why does she have to look so good? I know she’s my mom, but… She’s my MOM! Snap out of it! Jackson was struggling with not staring at his mom’s breasts as they sat there right in front of him. Both mother and son now totally nude. Neither moving.

Damn, I thought that would have done it! Jacey thought. Now she was totally exposing herself to her son and he wasn’t backing down. Maybe the game is getting out of hand… No, I can make him chicken out, just why am I getting so turned on?

Ignoring the fluttering feeling that was growing inside her, Jacey pushed her son that little bit more. “I think we should just do it now.”

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