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Two big women, complete with thunder thighs, cottage cheese ass dimples, hanging bellies and huge jello- shaking asses. I am supine, as one of the ladies lowers her gigantic ass on my face, I am drunk with the miasma like smell of her pussy and ass, as she smashes her juices onto my face. She relaxes and rests her entire weight on me as I enthusiastically lick her labia, washing her pussy down with my tongue. I am sucking on her clitoris, when I feel my hard dick being engulfed by her mouth as she tries to bring me as much pleasure as I was bringing her.

The intoxicating nature of her pussy, had blinded me to her friends ministrations. Which is why it took a few minutes for me to realize that she has been licking and sucking my balls and has a finger in my ass. She probes my ass a while, then starts licking my asshole. She is trying to get her tongue in deeper, and my sphincter starts to relax and stretch open for her tongue. I feel my legs being raised as something smooth slides in to my asshole. It keeps going and Escort bayan going , as a feeling of fullness takes over. I can feel her tongue as it licks and sucks my balls, finally finding that sweet spot that I love.

Now I can feel her picking up speed as she plunges the smooth thing in and out of my asshole. The sucking of my dick, the licking of my balls’ spot, and the fucking of my asshole with the dildo causes me to spew rivers of come. They share my come, avidly savoring every drop. As I have come the one on top starts to shudder and shake as stream after stream of vaginal fluid races down my throat. I lick her for all I am worth trying to get all of her juice, scouring her pussy dry.

She raises up off me and slides down to plant her pussy on my dick, rocking back and forth. Her friend comes around and takes up her friends’ position. Her pussy smells a little different, yet just as wonderful, as I begin to lick her as I did her friend. As I lick, She overwhelms me with pussy juice, as she almost Bayan escort literally pours cunt nectar down my throat. I am in pussy heaven, as I can feel her friend increasing her hump speed on my dick. One woman is coming in my mouth, as she licks the base of my dick and her friends clitoris. As her friend also starts to come, I feel my dick about to erupt, again.

As the come fills up her pussy, she starts to slide off of me. Her friend grabs my dick and sticks it into her mouth sucking the last dribs and drabs out of me. After resting beside each other for a few minutes. I roll over and plant my lips between one of their ample ass cheeks. I am working my tongue into her asshole , swabbing around and around inside the ring of her sphincter. I grab her ass mounds with both hands ,pulling them apart as I lick harder and with more focus.

I need to get my tongue in as far as it will go, so I place my fingers as close to the hole as possible as I pull them even farther apart. I raised up and put the head Escort of my now hardened dick to the entrance of her asshole and push it inside. She shudders for a moment, and then begins to meet my thrust as I fuck her asshole. Her friend slides up under her and starts licking and sucking on her clitoris as I stroke her asshole.

Her friend starts sucking as if she is drinking, so I know she is draining her pussy of it’s delicious nectar. For some reason, I did not come, so I switched over to her friends big juicy ass. I want her to enjoy the feel of my soft tongue on her ass flesh so I take my time. Licking all around the hole, only dipping in as if by accident. This technique is starting to irritate her, so she grabs her ass cheeks in both hands and pulls her asshole open wider for my insistent tongue. I oblige her by licking and sucking her asshole with more gusto, causing her to gyrate her hips grinding her ass into my face. She is fingering her pussy and pulling on her clitoris, when her friend slides under her and replaced her hands. Almost at the same time as I am sticking my dick into her ass, she starts to quiver and begins to come. I know that this will be a good one for her, so I stroke her good, as the come runs down her friends throat.

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