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My Goddess, My Daughter Ch. 01

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My business trip was cut short by a day, and I was eager to enjoy an unexpected day off. When I arrived home, I quickly stripped off my clothes, eager to hop in the shower and then crash. Jet lag seems to hit me harder these days. I was always thankful to have a bathroom attached to my bedroom; it allowed me at least some freedom to wander around naked. It also left Nikki with her own bathroom. I never had to worry about running into her when I hit the showers to clean off after indulging in my daily (ok, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day) porn habits. I could only imagine the look on her face to find me covered in cum multiple times a day. Nikki looked up to me; she needed me to be strong and protect her. She’d never look at me the same if she knew that I longed to make love to a woman her own age, especially if she ever found out some of my kinkier fetishes. I knew I would lose Nikki, the only woman I did love, if she ever discovered my collection of porn featuring women with features all-too-similar to her own.

I’d always been attracted to curvier, petite brunettes with light eyes. There’s just something magical about the combination of brown hair and blue eyes (not to mention an ample bosom) that just gets me every time. Always has. Over the years, Nikki grew to look just like one of my fantasy women; sometimes it was all too easy to forget that she was my daughter. The way she leaned in front of me to clear my dishes off the table, the way any dress would hug her curves… Too many times I caught myself sneaking glimpses I shouldn’t have.

I smiled to myself at the thought that if things were different, if she weren’t my daughter…

I was lost in the thought of exactly what I would do if she weren’t my daughter when suddenly the sound of the shower turning on interrupted me. “Nikki’s not home,” I thought to myself. She certainly wouldn’t be in my bathroom even if she was. I walked through the open door into the bathroom to investigate. My breath caught in my chest as I beheld the most beautifully forbidden sight I could ever have possibly imagined….


I turned the bathtub faucet on as I chatted on the phone. “I’m sick of these high school boys,” I complained to my best friend, Elisha. “I just can’t bring myself to listen to any more stories about how cool video games are, or the latest prank they’ve pulled on some unsuspecting teacher. I’d honestly rather spend time with those teachers!” I poured some bubble bath into the tub. Elisha was trying to talk me into hitting Beylikdüzü Esmer Escort up yet another party. I understood why she loved going; perky blondes always have fun no matter where they go. But what I said was true; I would much rather spend my Friday night with an older man. Someone who knew how to satisfy me intellectually and physically. Someone deep and thoughtful, who respected women and had traveled the world. “Someone like Daddy,” I smiled to myself. I had no idea where to find such a man. I’d met up with a few men from Craig’s List; they talked a good game but when it came time for carnal satisfaction, they just couldn’t deliver. I’d been reduced to spending more time fantasizing about the perfect man than actually finding one. I just couldn’t face another night of drunken teenagers who knew even less about satisfying a woman than the men from Craig’s List did. “Seriously, Elisha. Go have fun and call me later with all the details. I’m just going to hang at home. My dad’s still out of town; I actually enjoy the empty house.” Little did Elisha know, having an empty house meant I could fulfill my self-pleasure desires anywhere I wanted. I loved my queen-sized bed, but sometimes a girl just needs a little variety. I already knew exactly where in the house I wanted to spend my Friday evening. In fact, I had already set up everything I needed.

I got off the phone with Elisha and began my Friday night ritual. Even when Daddy was home, and whether I was going out or staying in, I liked to pamper myself. The fact that Daddy wasn’t home meant that I could use his bathroom; the detachable shower head came in particularly handy at times. I stood in front of my full-length mirror. I was wearing my favorite sundress; it hugged my body in all the right places. I was curvier than Elisha; I hit puberty early and by the time I turned 18, had already filled out my curves. The neck dipped down just enough to allow for a glimpse of my cleavage. Some dresses are just made for curvy hips and D-cups.

I reached over and turned the fan on. I enjoyed the way the fabric of the dress felt as it fluttered softly against my skin. The sudden blast of cool air also made my nipples hard, something you could see even through my dress and my bra. I slipped each sleeve of the dress off and slowly pulled the top down, revealing my black lace bra. I ran my hands over my breasts, gently pinching my hardened nipples. I trembled in anticipation of what I had planned for the evening. I quickly pushed the Beylikdüzü Eve Gelen Escort rest of the dress to the floor and admired myself in the mirror. The cut of my black lace boy shorts made the most of my ass. I remained there, half-naked, in front of the fan until I was sufficiently chilly. The hot water in the bathtub would feel even more luxurious now. I picked up my satin blindfold and wandered into my father’s bathroom and turned off the water.

I removed my lingerie and dipped a toe into the hot water. I covered my eyes with the satin blindfold. A cold shiver ran down my spine as I lowered myself into the hot water. I inhaled the sweet floral scent of the bubbles. I’ve always loved the feeling of contrast. I felt a tingling sensation in just the right place as the hot water warmed my cool skin. I leaned back to indulge in a few minutes of relaxation, blindfolded, ready to get lost in thought.

My thoughts eventually turned to my father. He was strong and smart; he protected me and taught me. It had been just the two of us for as long as I can remember, and we were incredibly close. We shared everything; at least, as much as anyone could expect a father and daughter to share. There were some things I kept secret, some things I didn’t think Daddy should ever know. Even though I was 18 now, an adult, legal age to drive with an unrestricted license, to gamble, and even drink (in Canada anyway)… Heck, I was even of legal age now to have sex with anyone I wanted to (even though I had started that a few years ago with my forays on Craig’s List). No matter how old I was, I knew that Daddy would always think of me as his innocent little girl. If he ever found out what I did when he was away on business… Our relationship would change forever.

My father was tall, about 6’1, and despite being 25 years older than me, often passed as my brother or even my boyfriend. We both have dark brown hair, although Daddy’s eyes are hazel. I giggled as I remembered a comment that Joe, the old man at the grocery store once made, something about how if he didn’t know any better, he’d be congratulating my dad for being able to bang such a hot young thing as me. We always laughed together when we ran into Joe. I guess men never get their minds out of the gutter no matter how old they get!

I mindlessly drew my hand through the bubble-covered water as I thought about Joe’s comment. It made me feel good to know I was considered to be a “hot young thing.” The more I dwelled on the Beylikdüzü Evi Olan Escort idea, the more I thought about my father. I always felt safe and loved in his arms. I wondered just how amazing he could make me feel if he were making love to me while holding me.

I thought about his strong hands massaging me. He had given me massages before, but always over my shirt. I wondered what his hands would feel like directly on my skin. I imagined I would melt under his touch; I would be putty in his hands. He could do anything he wanted with me. And I suddenly realized… I wanted him to do anything he wanted with me.

My hand neared my breast as I played with the bubbles. I let it graze against my nipple, harder than ever at the thought of Daddy’s hand doing the grazing. I closed my eyes and let my mind and my hands wander all over my body, imagining Daddy’s strong and skilled hands touching me exactly how I wanted to be touched. I had always dreamed of an older man satisfying my every wanton desire; surely someone who loved me as much as Daddy would be able to. So why not Daddy himself?

In the confines of my mind, societal judgment doesn’t have to exist. In my fantasy, Daddy isn’t my daddy. He is Eric. He’s just a man, and I’m just a woman. Two consenting adults of sound mind and body. We are free to do anything we can think of… and right now, in my mind, in my fantasy… we do.

I stand up and turn the shower head on. Bubbles cover most of my body, and I aim the water directly on my swollen clit. I adjust the flow to a more powerful setting and imagine Eric softly touching his tongue to my clit. I tease and pinch my nipples with my free hand. Eric’s tongue gently explores my shaven pussy, his nimble fingers spreading my lips. The water is only a tease compared to what I imagine the real pleasure to be. A soft moan escaped my lips, and I knew I needed to move on to the second part of my evening as quickly as possible.


In all my years upon this planet, in all my experiences, fantasies, and vast collection of porn, never have I laid eyes upon a vision such as this. She steals my breath away, this enchantress. My eyes run down her body, taking in the wonder of this gift before me.

Her eyes are covered with a satin blindfold. Her wavy brunette hair clings to her wet body, the ends brushing gently along her full silky breasts. One delicate hand is lightly teasing her hardened nipples, while the other hand… the other hand is holding my shower head, aiming a powerful jet of water directly onto her – I gasp inaudibly as I realize her pussy is shaved completely bare.

By this point, I’m completely hard. Nine inches standing at complete attention, saluting this wondrous vision. A soft moan escapes her lips. This temptress is pleasuring herself.

She is a goddess. She is my daughter.

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