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I stepped out of my car into the cool night air and gently shut it behind me. A thrill of excitement ran down my spine, and I shivered slightly. Was it the cold, or was it anticipation of the night ahead? I bit my lip nervously and opened the door. I was always excited, arriving to be used like the fuckslave I am. A week’s denial made things worse – I was faced with the slave’s dilemma: desperately hoping to cum, yet secretly yearning for Mistress to laugh at my needs, and send me home still wanting.

Inside, I stood in Mistress’ entryway and stripped methodically, setting my clothes aside in a neat pile. I had put my collar on before leaving home. As my shirt came off, a leather band was revealed around my left bicep. My pants, removed, revealed a pretty blue lacy thong. Those three items were all the outfit I needed. Thus attired, I knelt on a pillow at the foot of her staircase and awaited her pleasure.

Tonight, Mistress was apparently as keen as I was. I had only been kneeling a minute or so when I heard the slow, sensual clack-clacking of her high heels on the wooden floor above. She wasn’t hurrying, knowing that the sound would be driving me crazy, sending my anticipation into overdrive.

She came into view, wearing a hot, hot outfit I had bought her for her birthday. The bustier had a snakeskin look, and showed off her fantastic tits to best advantage. The bottom fastened onto black fishnet stockings, over matching panties. On her feet, my favourite strappy black high heels, and dark, plum coloured toenails. She looked good enough to eat – and I hoped I would shortly be eating her.

Slowly, she descended the staircase until her feet were on the step in front of me. “Good evening, slaveboy,” she breathed softly. I licked my lips. “Good evening, Mistress. May I worship you, please?”

Mistress smiled. I wasn’t looking at her face, but I could tell she was smiling. “You may.” I leaned downwards, keeping my hands behind my back, and softly kissed the tops of her toes, through her stockings. I kissed each toe once, then tried to suck her big toe into my mouth, as best her shoe would let me. “Mmmm,” she purred softly. “Nothing quite beats the sight of a pussy licking slaveboy on his knees.”

When she had had enough, Mistress leaned down and clipped a leash to my collar. According to one of her newest rules, if I had a leash attached like this, I was not permitted to stand. Without a word she turned, giving me a fantastic view of her amazing ass, and walked up the stairs. I scrambled after her on my knees, ignoring for the moment the fact that they hurt on the hard wooden surface of the staircase and floor. If I didn’t keep up, Mistress would be able to hurt me far worse. A short walk later we arrived in her living room – the rug underfoot was welcome! – and she unclipped the leash. I was required to stand, with my hands on my head.

In that position, my arousal and excitement were obvious – my cock was sticking straight Ümraniye Öğrenci Escort out through the panties, which had acquired a large wet spot. Hard-ons without permission were not forbidden, exactly, but Mistress liked to humiliate me anyway. Walking towards me, she picked up a crop and used the end of it to push my cock to and fro, still inside the panties. “What is this, slaveboy?” she asked.

“It’s your cock, Mistress,” I responded softly.

“My cock?”

“Yes Mistress. It is your cock. You own it. I just carry it for you.” This was an old formula, one we had repeated many times. But it made my cheeks burn to acknowledge that she owned my cock … and she loved hearing me admit it.

“And why is it hard, slaveboy? Do you think it will be allowed to cum tonight?”

I smiled ruefully. “It is hard because you are beautiful and exciting, Mistress. And it hopes to cum tonight … if that is what you choose.”

She giggled softly. “Pathetic, aren’t you, slaveboy? You haven’t cum for a week, and yet if I send you home tonight without one, you won’t even wank off in the shower. A true man would have just thrown me down and fucked me by now. But you’re not really a man, are you, slaveboy?”

The red of my face just got worse. “No, Mistress.”

“What are you?”

“I am your slavewhore, Mistress.”

She was still laughing at me. “Correct, slavewhore. Now lay down on your back for me. You might not be much of a man, but your tongue sure does the job.” I lay down on my back, legs together. Mistress leaned down to pull my panties down to my knees, then stood over me, her feet either side of my head. From that position I had the most amazing view as she slipped her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and slipped them down her legs. The panties came to a rest on my face, the scent of her pussy overpowering, intoxicating. She left the panties on my face as she stepped out of them, first one leg, then the other. Finally she used the tip of her toe to flick the panties off my face, and I got a clear view upwards to her perfect shaved pussy. It glistened in the soft light. Yum.

Mistress turned around. Her feet were still either side of my head, but she was now facing my feet, and my cock. In that position she knelt, poising her asshole just above my nose. “What do you want, pussyboy?”

“I want to eat you, Mistress! I want to eat your pussy and lick your ass!” With a low, throaty laugh she settled back onto my face, her asshole right over my tongue, her cheeks cutting off my air. “Grab my legs and hold them,” she commanded. Damn! No quick strokes on my cock while I ate her. Darting my tongue out, I began worshipping her asshole, driving my tongue in deep, loving the taste, loving the sheer nastiness of having my tongue buried in her ass.

When she had had enough, Mistress leaned forward, laying atop me, and worked her hips backwards until her pussy was lined up just so on my face. Ümraniye Çıtır Escort In this position, my tongue was licking her clit, and my nose was pressing up into her pussy. The scent was overwhelming, and I loved every bit of it.

Mistress is not as tall as I am. No, wait. Mistress is the perfect size – but I am too tall. Consequently, when her pussy was in the perfect position on my face, my cock was just – and only just – out of reach of her mouth. No sixty-nining for this slave. Every now and then, however, Mistress would raise herself up on her elbows and knees and lean forwards, pulling her pussy away from me, and putting my cock within range. The first time, she paused in that position and licked the head of my cock all over for a few moments, light feathery licks which she knew would drive me wild. The second time, she took my cock deep into her mouth and sucked hard. The third, she barely breathed on my cock. I never knew when my cock was going to receive attention, or what the attention was going to be. And in between, of course, my all five of my senses were completely occupied by Mistress’ pussy. The whole scene was one incredible tease … I could feel my cock bobbing uselessly as I ate Mistress, desperately hoping for contact with someone or something.

After a while, the teasing on my cock became less frequent, and Mistress began grinding her pussy onto my face with more abandon. Her soft, near-continuous moaning told me she was enjoying herself, and getting closer and closer to the moment of orgasm. Her hips began to buck … she was fucking my face now, not just riding it. I ignored the soreness in my jaws and attacked her with my tongue. Closer. So close. Right on the edge. Now!

Mistress stiffened, her legs almost crushing my head, and let out a low moan which rose in pitch almost to a squeal. “Fuck yes,” she moaned. “Fuck, fuck, fuck yes!”

She rode the orgasm then slumped down on my body, her sopping pussy still over my face as she recovered. I gave soft, long licks, staying away from her over-sensitive clit, just enjoying the knowledge that I had been able to give my owner such pleasure. It is one of the best feelings a slave can get. Eventually Mistress gave my cock one last kiss then began crawling off me, moving her body down mine … my cock twitched as it brushed her chin. As she moved, I slid between her breasts, along her stomach, touching the wetness of her pussy for one single moment, then she was gone. Much more of this and I was going to go insane.

Still breathing heavily, Mistress sat on the couch, her body naked, her legs splayed. She unclipped the straps on her shoes and dangled one seductively from her toes, letting the other fall to the ground. “Sit up, and spread your legs wide,” she commanded. I did so, and licked my lips at the sight before me … my Mistress, still in her lingerie, with that slightly disheveled just-cum look about her. She was so fucking hot. Her fingers Ümraniye Elit Escort played near her pussy, stroking the skin of her inner thighs. “Now, slaveboy,” she said softly, “you know what I want to see. Masturbate for me.”

This was a favourite game for Mistress. She loved to watch me masturbating, and she loved even more knowing that she could prolong the game for as long as she wanted … that I would stroke and play but not cum except on her command. I was not allowed to close my eyes, and had to keep my gaze on her while I stroked myself. My masturbation was for her benefit, not mine, and it had to be bound up in adoration of her. Fortunately, adoring her was easy.

I held the base of my cock with my left hand, and gripped my shaft with the fingertips of the right, slowly stroking up and down, enjoying the heightened arousal, but keeping it well and truly under control. I varied the speed, now faster, now slower, my glazed gaze wandering over the form of my Mistress. I spaced out somewhere along the line there, floating in an erotic haze just short of orgasm. Fuck I wanted to cum. Fuck I wanted to be denied. Fuck I was having fun.

Mistress leaned forward slightly, using her toes to push her shoe towards me. “Do you want to cum, slaveboy?”

What a ridiculous question. “Yes, Mistress!”

“How much?”

“So much Ma’am! Please! Please?”

Apparently my whimpering was amusing to her. “You may cum, slaveboy,” she said. “I want you to cum into my shoe. Coat the insole with your cum.”

Yes! I grabbed the shoe and set it in front of my cock, then began stroking again. Slightly more contact. Slightly more pace. The strokes weren’t that different, but my slavemind knew I had permission to cum now. The cum was boiling in my balls as I kept my pace even, feeling it rise and enjoy my imminent orgasm.

“Hurry up, sissy, before I change my mind!”

That was enough. She knew it would be. With a long, low groan I stroked myself over the top and cum spurted from my long-denied cock. I kept stroking as the second wave of orgasm hit me. Every part of me from my toes to my cock to my temples was throbbing … and a week’s worth of cum coated the inside of Mistress’ shoe, running down the curve and pooling right where the ball of her foot would rest.

Mistress was smiling broadly. I knew she’d enjoyed the show. “Now, slave, you know what you need to do. Quickly, before my shoe gets all sticky.”

I lifted her shoe to my lips and tipped back my head. I still didn’t like the taste of my cum, but the nastiness of doing this at her command overcame my revulsion. The pooled cum flowed over my lips and I swallowed it down, then began licking at the sole of her shoe to clear up the remnants. It would still be sticky, of course, but I did my best. Mistress laughed, telling me how pathetic I was to be licking my own cum from her shoe. She was right, but at that point I was in too much post-orgasmic bliss even to feel humiliated. When I was done, she had me replace her shoes on her feet … so hot, knowing her perfect foot was resting where my tongue and my cum had just been … and she stood, ruffling my hair like I was no more than a pet. “Good boy,” she said. “Stay here and wait for me. The night is still young.”

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A Surprise for Her

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This is part fact and part fantasy. A Sub’s fantasies and written from the sub’s point of view, in third person. I hope you enjoy my story, it’s the first in a long time. Constructive criticism is welcome!


She exhaled the stress of the day as she opened the car door and stepped out, bending over to grab her bag before slamming the car door shut. She locked the car and started up the paved walkway to the front door, noting the lights on and blinds drawn, the croon of Sinatra fading into a smooth jazz dancing through the warm summer night air. The sound of the music drained any remaining stress or thoughts of the work day out of her mind, the music arousing her curiosity.

Her keys clinked in her hand as she fumbled to unlock the door, the intoxicating smell of sandalwood and lavender incense sneaking around the door as she opened it. Her eyes widened at the scene laid out in front of her. The entire living room had been cleared, all the furniture pushed to the edges of the room. Candles covered all the shelves and window sills, flickering gently to the soft jazz. In the middle of the room lay some lengths of rope, a light brown rabbit fur flogger, and a skimpy red and black fishnet body stocking.

She put her bag down and locked the door behind her processing the scene as her pussy grew warm with thoughts of what might be happening. As she turned back he came around the corner and she caught her breath. He was always beautiful and sexy to her, all 6 foot 5 inches of him. Tall and lean, hair in perpetual disarray and eyes that seared into your soul, their sea changing colors mesmerizing. But tonight…tonight he was dressed in a solid black kilt, crimson red flashing in the pleats as he moved smoothly to her on bare feet. His chest bare but for the tattoos that covered his chest and arms and a black and forest green tattered vest, often patched. In his hands he held something new, a thick bright purple, leather collar with a heart shaped padlock at the back and a sturdy single O-ring at the front.

He said nothing as he laid the collar on the table pushed up against the wall by the door. He came close to her; his sent enveloped her and made her moan and press herself to him. He pulled her close, running his hands up her back, up her neck, lifting her hair and grabbing a fist full of her long auburn hair. Suddenly he wrenched her head back, her eyes met his and her breath came hard and fast. He kissed her deep and slow, not releasing his hand in her hair. He broke the kiss off sharply, looking deeply into her eyes as she struggled for breath. Slowly releasing her hair he dug into the pocket of his kilt withdrawing the key to her discrete collar she wore everyday, marking her as his. He unlocked it and placed it reverently next to the new collar. Picking up the new collar and unlocking the pad lock he turned back to her, “Do you consent to my will tonight? Do you remember the safe word my sweet?” She hadn’t moved or spoken since he had released her from his kiss; she looked at the middle of the room and shivered in anticipation, “Yes Sir.”

He moved to her, bending to softly kiss up her neck, when he suddenly bit the side of her neck hard, suckling the skin between his lips as her legs buckled and she moaned deep and low, leaning into him. He chuckled as he straightened, placing the collar around her neck and spinning her around to lock the back.

The leather was soft but scratchy against her neck, especially where it was wet from his love bite. The sensation was both distracting and enhancing to her desire. He spun her back around and a matching purple with a black lattice pattern leash was suddenly in his hands. He clipped the leash on to the collar and turned with out speaking to walk towards the kitchen. She followed silently not daring to ask or question her Master. He stopped in the middle of the kitchen. “Make me a drink Sweetie,” he said in a low even voice, but desire blazed in his gaze.

With out a word she went to the cabinets to grab a glass, conscious of the taught pull of the leash on the collar locked around her neck. She found the glass he preferred and went to the freezer to get the ice rocks for his scotch. She pulled the freezer drawer out and bent over to grab the ice, as she was withdrawing them she heard a whistle of air and had no time to register where the sound came from before she was shocked with a stinging slap to her ass, making her rock forward and almost drop the ice tray in her hands. She shut her eyes and savored the sudden, unexpected sting to her ass and knew he was watching the reverberations of that smack ripple through her succulent ass cheeks. His hands came to rest on her hips, kneading and digging into the flesh of her haunches.

As he did this he pulled her back to him, grinding into her as she leaned back into him, slightly wiggling her ass and moaning quietly in the back of her throat. He pulled her close to him, hard, growling out, low and deep, “Good Girl!” He suadiye escort released her quickly and was standing in the middle of the kitchen again by the time she slowly stood up straight and turned around. This time though his large, erect cock was visibly making a tent in his kilt. She attempted to calmly walk to the counter and start making his drink. As she placed a few freezing cold blocks of stone into his glass she felt the tension from the leash on her collar grow stronger. She hesitated, a slow warm wave of desire spreading through her and there was a slight jerk on the leash. She resumed her work, concentrating on pouring the liquor the way he had shown her. As she was placing the bottle back on the shelf she felt the tension on her collar grow even more till she was starting to have to pull against him. She picked up his glass and turned to face him.

He did not let up; instead he started to reel in the leash. Pulling her to him. She stumbled a bit at the suddenness of it and fetched up close to him. Trying hard not to spill his drink. She barely succeeded and saw the look of amusement in his eyes at her pride in not spilling any. He gently cradled her head in his hand, his palm resting against her cheek. He leaned down and kissed her gently, possessively, till she melted under him. He had not let up on leash and he lightly pulled her closer as he kissed her. It was all she could do not to drop his drink, her fingers becoming numb and inanimate objects as her senses blurred beneath his kiss. His lips and tongue working against hers. He slowly pulled back; his lips inches from hers, his fingers stroked the back of her head as he whispered, “Are you my good little slut?” She looked up into his soft blue grey eyes and hoarsely murmured, “Yes, Sir.”

He took his drink from her then. His fingers lingering on hers and turned toward the living room the leash taught and short between them. She shuffled quickly and silent behind him, her pussy wet and warm. She could already feel her panties soaked through and knew her pants were well on their way to be soaking wet as well. She hoped he would strip her naked or allow her to remove her clothes and that he would touch her, take her. But she knew from the set up there was more than that planned for tonight.

When they made it to the living room he took another slow sip on his drink and placed it on the nearest table. Then turned and walked toward her, he leaned his face close to hers. His eyes speaking volumes that she knew his lips never could. She thought he was going to kiss her again but he leaned close and unhooked her leash, “Get undressed Slut,” he told her.

A surge of loss she did not expect rushed through her at the weight of the leash gone from her collar. Her fingers bluntly undid the button of her pants as she tried to process this new feeling of loss. She peeled off her pants and cute lacey black underwear, fingers moving up under her shirt, lifting it from her head. Her hands moved behind her back and her bra fell away; the sway of her nicely sized breasts pulling forward at the absence of the bra’s constraint.

He came to her then, she stood still as she knew he liked; he ran his hands up and down her naked body. Fingers and hands cupping her newly freed breasts and teasing her erect nipples till she was moaning and trying not to waver on her feet. His hands dropped low on her waist encircling her and pulling her to him, his lips claiming hers in a deep and passionate kiss, tongue delving into her mouth as she moaned into his. One hand came up hard to grab the back of her neck pulling her naked form to him as the other slowly burned a path down her wide hips to the junction of her thighs. Slowly, too slowly, he moved between them, fingers parting the folds of her labia to dart fast and teasingly around her clit. Fire shot through her as she leaned into him and his hand on her neck grew tighter pulling her head back as he continued to kiss and play with her.

He released her then, but not before she lightly brushed a hand up under his kilt, fingers trailing up his thigh, almost to her desired destination, his throbbing, hard cock. But he pulled away from her before she could feel the warm length of him in her hand. “Not yet Sweet” he growled out and completely released her, bending down to retrieve the red and black fishnet body stocking from the floor. “Put this on,” he said as he threw the outfit at her. She caught it and started to turn the mass of fishnet in her hands till she found where to start putting it on. She balanced on one foot as the other passed through the leg hole of the outfit. When she stood up straight pulling the body stocking up with her and putting her arms through the holes, pulling it up around her shoulders, she was encased in a deep red and black v-neck body stocking that left nothing to the imagination. The fishnet leg holes cut into her thick thighs, fabric clinging to her hips, her breasts, pulling and pushing her skin yakacık escort and curves through the taught fabric.

“Very nice” he said to her, running his hands over her body making her shiver. “Now kneel…that sweet ass resting on your ankles and arms clasped behind your back.” She did as he asked, the tight fishnet between her legs already soaking wet. As she kneeled and moved the fishnet pulled between her legs, teasing her slick wet slit and brushing tantalizingly back and forth over the hood of her clit.

Kneeling hands clasped behind her back, her breasts pressed through the taught fishnet fabric, teasing and squeezing her breasts and nipples as she stirred, finding the best position to distribute her weight while still keeping her ass to her ankles.

“MMMMmmmmm” he moaned looking at her, “you look good enough to eat.” But then he picked up the length of rope and set to work, his hands making magic knots. Anchoring her calves to her thick thighs. Tying her legs together while still leaving her spread wide, her juices starting to trail down her inner thigh since the fishnet was soaked through. When he was done her wrists were bound with knots that bloomed from her wrist up to a few inches below her elbows, holding her tight, her shoulders pulled back exposing her breasts and pushing them forward to thrust through the little fishnet still covering them. She knelt there, arms bound behind her, breasts extending forward, legs open but tied tight and a growing warmth and wetness leaked from her tight pussy.

He knelt in front of her and watched her eyes as he slowly moved his hand down her waist, to her hips, to play lightly with the ropes binding her thighs till he dipped his hand between her legs, rubbing back and forth between them. Her eyes closed and she bit down on a moan trying not to rock forward into him. She opened her eyes as he withdrew and he raised his fingers, moist with her juices to her lips. She hungrily sucked them between her lips, tongue swirling around his fingertips as she tasted her own desire. “Good Girl” he half moaned as he withdrew his fingers from her mouth. He stood then, moving behind her to pick up the last toy, the soft rabbit fur flogger. They had only used this once before and very shortly because the soft furry of it drover her mad. Last time she was unbound and could not control herself, throwing her body at him before he could tell her otherwise. This time she was subjected to his will and he made sure she knew it.

He started by lightly running the soft fur over her body, trailing it over her shoulders, down her breasts making sure her nipples were exposed as the soft fur passed over them. Until it was all she could do to not moan and hold still, shivering at the tantalizing teasing of the soft fur running over her body, already strung tight with desire. Then when she least expected it, reveling in the tingling desire suffusing her body, he struck. The flogger was so quiet she was unable to track its progress through the air. One second the soft fur was trailing over her shoulder and the next the soft fur became a light stinging blow on her back. She moaned and rocked forward on her knees, “Sit still” he commanded her in a flat voice. She struggled to obey and was rewarded with more soft blows to her back. Making her so wet she swore she could feel her juices flowing down her legs onto the carpet. He continued like this for a time, softly pushing her to the edge of ultimate desire with a fury of blows, only to stop and walk around her and start again on the front of her body, teasing her nipples with the soft fur until she moaned and leaned forward. Receiving another bout of blows to her chest and stomach in reprimand for the movement. He continued to move around her till he stopped suddenly, walking around her, observing his handy work; her skin flushed from desire and his blows, tied up and helpless to his lusty need.

He placed the flogger down on the table next to his glass, slow drops of moisture running down the side of the glass as he picked it up to throw his head back, quickly drinking the rest and putting it back down empty. When he turned back to her their eyes meeting and the fire in his spread through out her body, making her tremble with desire. In one fluid movement he gently rolled her onto her back, her chest straining upward from her arms bound behind her, feet planted flat on the ground with her legs tied and straining open hips lightly thrusting upward involuntarily with her desire. His hand that had cradled her head as he rolled her over ran down the front of her body, tugging gently on her left nipple as it passed. Causing her to squirm and her hips to thrust upward harder. He half chuckled, half growled deep in his throat as he took hold of the dripping wet fishnet between her thighs and in one swift yank, ripped it in half, exposing her completely. Her breathing grew ragged as he dropped his head and his tongue started darting and delving between her şerifali escort moist folds. She was unable to stay still and he did not reprimand her for it, only placed both hands on her straining hips, fingers digging into her as she writhed under his lips and tongue. Her mouth making sounds she could not control, guttural moaning growing higher in pitch as her orgasm began to build. His hands pinned her down and her chest strained upward, shoulders forced behind her, arms bound beneath them.

If he would only release her she could move her hips, could cum fully, go over the edge of the orgasm building from the hard work of his tongue. But he pressed her hips to the floor, restraining her fully. Then he sucked her clit and took her over the edge her hips banging involuntarily into the floor as he lost his grip on her, concentrating on continuing her orgasm and making her cum again as he thrust two fingers roughly into her. She clamped down on his fingers riding them as he alternated sucking and licking her clit in slow, lazy circles. When she finally stopped undulating he slowed and pulled his fingers out of her, dripping wet with her cum. She opened her eyes, she hadn’t realized she’d shut them, and looked down her arched chest to meet his as he put both fingers in his mouth licking them. He sat up and reached, placing them in her mouth and she sucked them with ardor, reveling in the taste of herself on his fingers.

He smiled at her, “What a good little slut you are sweetie. I think you deserve a treat…” and he rolled her over on her stomach. His deft fingers started undoing the knots that bound her and her breath caught in her throat as the blood rushed back to her hands and legs. Stinging warmth suffused her body and she stretched her long limbs to his approval. When she was done and feeling was starting to return to her fingers, his eyes met hers from above, ” Kneel for me Slut.”

She did coming up on her knees, wavering a bit at their soreness and the still numb feeling in her ankles and feet. She did not need to be told what her reward was, his kilt was being drawn away from him by his erect cock. She ran her hands up his thighs, lifting his kilt over her head as her hands came to rest on the warm, velvet length of his hard cock. She slowly stroked him, listening to his breathing start to increase and then she took the head of his shaft into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head like a lollipop in her mouth. He groaned and pushed the back of her head from under kilt, making her take him fully into her mouth. She began to suck him in earnest then, not caring about the moaning coming from her that reverberated through his cock and rippled through him. She felt the fabric surrounding her start to fall away as he set about unbuckling his kilt and the cool air teased the back of her neck and shoulders as the fabric dragged away from around her to settle on the floor with a soft thud. His hands where in her hair then, not pushing or pulling but just resting, guiding her head back and forth as she moved on him. She almost had him cumming when he pulled away from her leaving her rocking back and staring at him her mouth wide open from the absence of him. “Not yet,” he growled at her. He took hold of her wrist and pulled her to her feet.

He released her hand then taking the table with the empty glass and abandoned flogger on it, smoothly placing it in the center of the room. Picking up the glass and flogger as he moved from it, placing them on the windowsill next to the burned down nubs of the candles that still flickered.

He maneuvered her to stand with her thighs pressed hard against the table edge. Then he took hold of the padlock at the back of her collar and pushed her forward so her ass wiggled up at him, “Stay,” he said as he left her that way, her neck turned to the right saw him move to pick up the last 2 lengths of rope. Her stomach flipped.

He came to where her out stretched fingers brushed the edge of the table. He took one wrist and started methodically tying and knotting her wrist making a cuff that when done pulled her arm taught, her wrist tied down, out stretched, the other end anchored around the table leg. He did the same to the other wrist and she was tied down, legs spread apart, thighs pushed into the table edge, and ass in the air. Her pussy shone with moisture and she wiggled her ass, not really trying to get loose, but testing his restraints.

He brushed his fingertips from the nape of her neck, along her spine and up to her ass, resting the palm of his hand against her quivering ass. She had been waiting for this, for him, so patiently and he knew it. He slipped his hand down her ass to slowly finger her soaking wet pussy. She moaned and leaned back, or as far back as her restraints would let her. Which was not much.

He came behind her, “Stay Still,” he commanded as he placed the head of his cock to the wet opening of her pussy. She wiggled, ever so slightly and he swatted at her ass. Making her moan and struggle to be still. He placed both hands on her hips and slowly pulled her to him, her folds enveloping him as he sank into her. She moaned and tried not to lean back into him. But he held her to him, completely sheathed inside her.

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