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My then live in girlfriend, Dawn and I had been together for about 4 years or so. She was 50 and I was about 45. We were not married. Her daughter was about nineteen at the time. We all had recently moved to a new home. So things were busy the first year with the hassles of moving.

My girlfriend, was a late sleeper on weekends. Always was. Not unusual for her to be in bed until noon. I was always up earlier. Literally sometimes. She enjoyed a nice morning fuck once in a while. My morning hard on was all too happy to oblige.

The new house had 3 bedrooms. Master on one end and the other 2 on the other side. One was an office. It also had a daybed which I would sleep in many nights. Not because it was comfortable. It wasn’t. But because I can’t sleep with someone who snores. So when that happened, I would get up and go sleep on the daybed in the office.

Karen, her daughter, was in the bedroom next to the office. It had a shared a bath with the office. I would hear the shower sometimes laying in the daybed. Once in a while, my mind would drift, imagining what her 19 year old breasts would feel like in my hands. She had nice ones. C cups easy. She was a bit chubby, but not obese. Probably weighed around 155 pounds.

One morning I woke up with a really nice hard on. I could hear the tv in the family room. Karen was up early. I laid in bed trying to decide if I was awake enough to go fuck her mom. After a few minutes I pulled off my shorts and put my pajama bottoms back on. My shaft was fully hard. I opened the office door, and sleepily walked out to the living room and over to the couch. I knew my hard on was very obvious.

I said a sleepy “good morning” to Karen as she fixed her eyes on my crotch. I looked at the tv for about ten seconds, giving her ample time to get a good look.

I asked if she was going somewhere early.

She said no. She just couldn’t sleep. She looked at my hard on and then looked at me. Unsure about how to react.

Yawning, I walked back an over to the master bedroom, went in, and proceeded to fuck her mom. A nice, loud body slamming, morning fuck. I know her daughter would have heard it even with the door closed.

Time passed and the house projects continued. Always something to do when you become a slave to home ownership. Yard work galore, painting, repairs, etc.

I think Karen may have walked by one morning, while I was laying in the daybed with my cock in my hand stroking it. I would leave the door to the room open once in a while. The daybed was along the wall and if you looked into the room, you would clearly see it. I could not see the door in the direction I slept. I was fairly sure I heard light steps as I stroked pendik escort my shaft the one morning. So Karen got a nice view of my throbbing bare cock.

Weeks had come and gone and things were finally feeling more settled after the move. So much to do always. The “to do” lists never seemed to end.

The weekend was here. I was in the daybed and horny again. I went out and over to the master bedroom to brush my teeth. Then back into the kitchen for some water. I decided to leave Dawn alone this morning. She was sound asleep still. It was probably going on 7am. A gloomy rainy morning. Thunder and lightning rumbling now and then.

I went back to the office and sat at the computer. You had to actually walk in the room a bit to see around the wall and be able to see the rest of the room where the desk was.

I went on line and decided to look at some porn. The blinds were just a bit open so it wasn’t super dark in the room. I landed on my favorite amateur free site. Pulled up a few favorites. I took my pajama bottoms and shorts off. Sat in the office chair with it facing the daybed and watched some of the videos.

My cock in hand, slowly stroking it. I leaned back and kind of sleepily stroked myself very slowly. Volume turned down a bit.

Then I hear a voice say “hey.” Kind of a quiet sheepish tone.

Karen was standing the entry.

At first I was like, oh crap. But I realized I tossed my clothes over on the daybed.

Karen asks, “what are you doing?”

I leaned back in the office chair and said, “hey, sorry didn’t think you were up. Well you caught me. I was horny and decided to watch some rainy day porn.” I laughed a bit.

Karen walked in and stood next to the desk looking at the scene playing. Woman on top of a guy on a couch riding his cock.

My cock now slowly going down. My arms on the chair. I asked, “What are you up to today?”

She said “nothing in particular.”

I said, “I could use some help,” as I ran my hand down her waist onto her jeans, resting my hand on her ass.

I told her to go “close the door,” which she did.

I stood up and closed the blinds fully and then sat on the edge of the daybed. The room was very dark, but not totally. Rain was hitting the window.

She walked over to me as more lightning and thunder rattled things a bit.

I took her hand and said, “kneel down in front of me.”

She was apprehensive, but did as I asked.

I pulled her to me and kissed her. A deep passionate beautiful kiss. She was stiff at first, but slowly relaxed. Letting her tongue dance with mine.

I took her hand, while we kissed, and put it on my semi-limp pendik escort cock. She paused for a moment, then carefully began to feel it grow.

My hands played with her tits through her shirt and bra as we kissed more.

Fully hard now, she was stroking my shaft. Too quickly. I told her, “slowww, there is no hurry.”

I reached down and pulled her shirt up over her head. She had a nice black bra on. I ran my hands over it. Her beautiful tits so nicely shaped.

Reaching behind her I undid her bra and she let me remove it. Her bare breasts now fully in my hands.

I kissed her neck slowly, each side. Then I lowered my head to take her on nipple in my mouth. So nice. I sucked on it gently, my hand underneath it. I used my other hand to massage her other breast and pull her nipple with my fingertips. Her breathing was getting heavier.

Taking her head in my hands, I kissed her soft lips again. I pushed her lower. Her mouth was a few inches from my throbbing cock.

“Suck it gently,” I said.

She hesitantly took the tip of my shaft into her mouth and began carefully sucking the first inch or so.

I sighed, and told her it “felt really good.”

I put my hand on her head to push her down lightly. She took more of my hot shaft in.

While she sucked me, I reached down and started to massage her tits gently. My fingers played with her now erect nipples. So nice.

I ran my on hand down to her jeans, undid the button and unzipped them. My hand went down the front of her jeans. My fingers found her pussy. I began to massage her gently as we kissed. She started to suck me harder, I slowed her down. Distant thunder continued to rumble.

I stood up and helped her up. Reaching down, I pushed her jeans down and slid her panties off.

As I kissed her neck from behind, and grabbed her ass in my hands, she let out a soft moan. My cock pressing against her. My hands moved around to her tits. I felt their nice size filling my hands.

I told her, “lay on the bed.”

I moved her legs so she was more toward the edge and I brought my tongue to her pussy. I knew she had not had any boyfriends as of yet. This was probably the first time ever she had her pussy licked. I was not going to disappoint her.

Gently my tongue moved across her lips. She had a neatly trimmed triangle bush. I slowly worked my tongue around her clit. She was shaking a bit. Her breathing had increased. I let my fingers just trace the folds of her pussy. Wetness covering my fingertips. My tongue moved to focus on her clit. I began putting more pressure on it with my tongue.

She was squirming and moaning. I slowly and gently pulled pendik escort her clit into my mouth and sucked on it. That sent her over the edge and she started to contract as waves of orgasmic pleasures flowed through her body, her pussy so wet now. It was beautiful.

I stood up and moved her more onto the middle of the daybed.

I laid on top of her and kissed her more. I asked, “how was that?” Her breathing was still heavy.

She said, “it was good.”

She knew I was sterile. Her mom and I had previous conversations about my vasectomy which Karen had heard.

My hands worked her beautiful tits and I took her nipples into my mouth, sucking them carefully. My cock head was just barely touching her pussy. It was oozing pre-cum.

When I paused to kiss her more, I let the head of my shaft press into her. Her wet pussy let the tip of my cock in easily. Her breathing increased.

I kissed her neck and face and then very slowly let the rest of my shaft bury itself deep inside her. She let out a lovely groan as I slowly fucked her and kissed her at the same time.

I moved her legs to my shoulders and let her feel the full depth of my stroke. Slow deep strokes. It was so nice. Her pussy was like a tight glove.

After about five minutes, I pulled out and said, “I’m going to make you cum again with my tongue.” And did I ever! This time my tongue did not stop and I rolled her into wave after wave of orgasms. Multi orgasmic just like her mom.

I was in heaven lapping her pussy with my tongue. After her last orgasm and while she was still twitching, I quickly slid my cock back into her. And I started pumping. Deep long strokes. I whispered in her ear, I’m going to shoot my hot cum inside you.”

All she could manage was, “yess.”

My balls were ready, tight up against her pussy. I felt the pressure rise. I wrapped my arms around her and buried my pulsing shaft deep into her as it shot my hot fluid into her, pumping joyfully. My entire cock was on fire. As my throbbing subsided, I continued slow fucking her while we kissed.

We laid there next to each other for about 10 minutes. I gently used my fingers and rand circles around her lovely tits. So nice.

She said, “that feels really good.”

After a bit, I sighed and said, “go shower and get dressed.”

I did the same. As I walked into the master bedroom, my girlfriend was still sound asleep and snoring. I got into the shower and washed up.

I knew I just had sex with her now 20 year old daughter. And it was beautiful and lovely. The way sex should be for your first time. At least she knew now, how it should be, when it’s good.

Would there be another time?

Who knows.

I just enjoyed the warm water and wonderful feeling that was right now.

But knowing that I slept in that daybed on a regular basis, next to her daughter’s bedroom, I had a feeling my tongue would be enjoying her nice young pussy again.

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