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Aunty’s Sex Slave Pt. 05

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\ A couple of days after the poolside party and my embarrassingly gauche protestation of love for the statuesque Ebony, the 40-year-old black university lecturer, Aunty Pat, Anita and I were sitting having breakfast when the phone rang.

Aunty spoke for several minutes, then hung up. “That was the general,” she told Anita. “He needs us for a session.”

Then she turned to me: “The general is a rather kinky old gentleman who sometimes calls on our expertise for a lengthy session of punishment games. I’d tell him I was busy with my lovely young nephew from London, but he pays far too well to ignore.”

I nodded. “I’m sure I can enjoy myself while you’re away, aunty,” I told her.

Aunty Pat smiled: “Yes, but I’m afraid those fucking gardeners of mine will enjoy themselves, too, and I don’t trust them with you. I’m concerned they’ll be too rough, my dear Rick. No, I have an alternative plan.”

And with that, she picked up the phone and dialled a number. “Hi, Ebony, it’s me, Pat. I wonder if you can do me a favour?”

I listened with great interest. My penis started to thump in my shorts as I listened to Aunty Pat’s side of the conversation.

“Anita and I are needed out at the general’s and since you live about a 10-minute drive away, I was wondering whether you’d mind baby sitting young Rick for the day.”

I crossed my fingers as my aunt listened to the response. Then I felt a wave of euphoria creeping over me as Aunty Pat replied: “Great, we’ll drop him off at your place in an hour. Probably pick him up around 6 this evening, byeee.”

Aunty Pat grinned at me, noting the anticipation on my face. “Your favourite domme would love to look after you for the day,” she smiled.

“She’s got one of her students over for a ‘tutorial’, as she calls them, later in the morning, but reckons it will be an educational experience for you. Now, off you go, shave that cock and balls smooth, then be ready to go in 20 minutes.”

I flashed into my bedroom shower cubicle, shaved – my face and down there – and presented myself in the lounge. Aunty and Anita were both dressed for a drive, Anita in a little chauffeur’s outfit, Aunty in a black leather miniskirt and severe white blouse, which presented her 40-inch straining breasts superbly.

Aunty smiled and stepped forward, holding a bright red rubber cape, with only an aperture for one’s head to go through. She slipped it over me, the rubber rustling as it made contact with my bare skin, cold but slippery. She adjusted the neck collar so it was secure but not tight, then stepped back.

“Perfect, darling,” she laughed, “just what the domme ordered! Have a look at yourself in the mirror.”

I walked to a full length mirror in one side of the large lounge and saw the cape came to just below knee height. And then I saw something that I’d missed when aunty had draped the garment over me. In black lettering across the upper chest of the cape was the word “Slave”.

“OK, Rick,” said aunty, when I had finished admiring the humiliating garb in the mirror, “pick up our two day bags and bring them out to the car, we’re off!”

I picked up two bags which obviously contained aunty and Anita’s domination gear for the session with the general, and took them out and stowed them in the capacious boot of the Lincoln Town car. Anita got behind the wheel, and aunty indicated I should join her in the back seat.

Laying back against the black leather seat, aunty hiked her mini up over her haunches and I could see that we was not wearing panties. She put a hand beneath the hem of my ridiculous rubber cape and felt my stiff cock.

“Right, Rick,” she smiled, as Anita steered the big Lincoln out of the driveway at the end of the mile-long approach to the property, “I estimate the trip to Ebony’s should altyazı porno be about a two orgasm ride.”

I nodded, aware that Aunty Pat’s statement was also a command, and sank down onto the vehicle’s lush carpeted floor and placed my mouth against my aunt’s smooth and saturated snatch.

Aunty Pat must have enjoyed cunnilingus on rides to Ebony’s on previous occasions, for after her first orgasm she allowed me up onto the seat while she stroked by eight-inch stiffy for a few minutes, then ordering me back into action. She was just coming down from the high plateau of her second climax, when I felt the Lincoln turn off the road onto a driveway.

Aunty smoothed her skirt down, stepped from the car and took me by the hand. I hesitated, looking around the street, fearful of being seen in my humiliating costume, but there was no one in sight.

Hand in hand we walked the few yards to the front door where Ebony was waiting, clad in a towelling robe.. She ushered us in, pecked Aunty Pat on the cheek, looked at me and laughed: “Ridiculous outfit, Rick – it suits you. I think I might make you wear it all day.”

Aunty Pat then bid her farewells, telling her friend: “He’s all yours till around 6 or 7 this evening, darling. And thanks so much for babysitting him for us.” And with a swift kiss on my cheek, she was gone.

“Follow me, Rick,” said Ebony and the lushly-built 40-year-old led me into her kitchen area, then dropped the robe from her stunning body and stood nude before me, her breasts high and heavy, nipples starkly erect, trimmed bush dark and curlingly-inviting at her snatch.

She threw me a quarter-cup leather bra which was lying on the kitchen table. “I know young studs like you are masters at removing ladies’ bras, Rick, but let’s see how good you are at putting ’em on.”

I placed the bra beneath her heavy, natural breasts and ran the slender black leather straps over her shoulders before clipping the back of the garment.

She adjusted the sexy garment slightly and kissed me on the mouth, at the same time running one hand beneath my cape and fondling my erection. “Well done, stud, now the garter belt,” she whispered in my ear.

The belt was made of matching black leather and I adjusted it over her lovely hips. Ebony then stepped into a pair of red PVC stockings, which gleamed on her lovely legs in shocking contrast to the black leather of her two other garments. I was made to attach the garter belt straps to the stockings.

Finally, she pulled on a pair of ankle-length black booties which gave her almost the same height as me, then led me onto a couchette at the side of the kitchen.

“Now, let me tell you about my lovely student, the naughty Nikki,” she said, pouring me a cup of black coffee. “She’s 19-years-old, body to die for and my best pupil. She’s also a raving masochist. You’ll like her.”

I also liked the way Ebony was stroking my cock. “But I’m a slave, mistress, it says so here,” I protested, pointing to the lettering on my rubber cape.

“Cut out the ‘mistress’ crap, Rick,” she snapped. “This morning you’re going to do what I tell you to do with Nikki and in the afternoon I’m gonna fuck your brains out – among other things. Clear?”

I nodded: “Yes, mistress.”

Ebony glared: “I said cut out the ‘mistress’ crap, for fuck’s sake.”

Suddenly, the door bell rang once, twice, sounding urgent. “That’ll be our naughty Nikki,” said Ebony, pushing away her coffee mug. “Sit there, I’ll bring her in, do the introductions and then we’ll go down to the games room – nowhere near as luxurious as your aunty’s, but it serves the purpose.”

Soon Ebony was back with a shortish little brunette, with close-cropped hair, big brown eyes and what appeared to be a figure that amatör porno would put a horn on a corpse.

“Rick, this is Nikki,” said the university lecturer, “she comes for a tutorial – only it usually turns out to be a correctional!”

Nikki laughed and smiled a huge, come-fuck-me smile. “Hi Rick, pleasure to meet you – love that outfit!”

I blushed beetroot red. Then Nikki stepped forward and held out her hand to shake mine. She was wearing a little T-shirt which strained across her busty 34-inch breasts. The logo on it read “I’m not perfect, but parts of me aren’t bad!” The logo was a lie – she was perfect.

A little white tennis skirt came achingly high on her sun-tanned legs, little white sox and sparklingly-new Nike trainers completed her outfit.

“Have a feel, Nikki, he won’t mind,” said Ebony, and the young woman placed a delightfully small hand beneath my cape and stroked along my eight inches of rigid cock.

“Wow, Miss Ebony,” she cried, “he’s really rather nice. And uncut!”

Ebony smiled. “Yes, you can explore him more intimately in a short while. Now, let’s get you stripped and we can go down to the basement.”

I stood, mouth gaping, as Nikki placed her study books on the kitchen table, peeled off her T-shirt to reveal mouth-watering breasts, full, round globes, which even without the confines of a bra were bunched so as to be touching in the cleavage region.

She unzipped her tennis skirt, threw it on the couchette alongside her T-shirt and stepped out of a tiny pair of white knickers. Her mons was covered in a trimmed brown thatch, but the rest of her pubes were shaved, just leaving a light brown line around the outer sex lips. My cock strained at the rubber cape, producing a tent-like effect as Nikki turned to present a glorious arse to my view while she bent to remove her sox and shoes. From her tan it was obvious that she sunbathed naked!

“Right, let’s go,” said Ebony, leading the way in her quarter-cup bra, garter belt and PVC stockings, me in my humiliating red rubber cape and Nikki, totally nude.

Once inside the games room- nowhere near as large as Aunty Pat’s but containing most of the requisite equipment as far as I could see – Ebony walked to an easy chair, sat back in it and splayed her legs wide, thighs resting on its arms.

“Time for my first orgasm of the day, Nikki,” she announced. “Get to work.” The 19-year-old quickly knelt in front of the statuesque black woman’s pussy and began to lick at her exposed charms.

“Interesting, Rick,” said Ebony, “her first target of attention is my anus. What do you make of that?”

I pondered. “Er, that’s she’s a true submissive, Miss Ebony,” I responded, using Nikki’s form of address for the dominatrix.

Ebony laughed. “A typical slave’s response, dear Rick,” she said, “always trying to rationalise submissiveness. Haven’t you considered it could just be that she likes the tangy taste of my arsehole?”

But a reply from me became unnecessary as Ebony reacted to Nikki’s change of direction. “Ooooh, yes, lick my cunt, push your tongue up it, Nikki, higher!” cried Ebony.

Moments later, Ebony was urging her slave on again: “Time to caress that clit, Nikki, piss flaps first, lovely, lovely, now the clit, yes, yes!” And very soon, the lovely black domina was moaning and grunting as her climax rocked her.

After she had calmed down, Ebony pushed the lovely 19-year-old’s face from her pussy and smiled down at her: “Time for the pillory, my pet. Be so kind as to bring it center stage!” Nikki brought the pillory, which had four sets of castor wheels set in the base for portability, into the middle of the room. Ebony, in the meantime, had placed a metal bowl on the carpeted floor and was squatting over it. I watched animasyon porno with fascination as the 40-year-old let loose a strong stream of piss which must have flowed for at least 45 seconds.

She then stood and Nikki picked up the bowl and set it in a holder on the main support plank of the pillory, immediately below the opening for a prisoner’s head. The girl then knelt in front of her domina and, after Ebony had spread her stance with feet wide, she licked lovingly at the woman’s pussy.

“OK, into place, my darling,” said Ebony, and Nikki bent her upper body and placed her wrists and neck in the cut outs on the pillory’s upper beam, while Ebony lowered the upper half and bolted her into place. Nikki’s upper body was now horizontal to the floor, her superb breasts hanging gloriously.

“Now, while I breast feed this lovely little slave, you go down on your knees Rick and taste her pussy – tell me if she’s aroused,” Ebony commanded.

I quickly knelt behind the stunning arse and ran my tongue over her puckered little anus before going down to her cunt lips. The student’s pussy was awash with sex juice! “She’s very, very aroused, Miss Ebony,” I reported.

“Good, then feed her those eight inches you’re so proud of,” said the black woman. I stood, then heard the domina add: “And take off that fuckin’ stupid cape!”

I did and then, stiffy swaying and dripping pre-cum, I stepped behind the lovely slave’s backside and held her hips before guiding my cock into her smooth little cunt.

As I thrust back and forth, I saw that Ebony was seated on a stool in front of the pillory and was dipping her breasts into the bowl of urine, then presenting her globes to Nikki for oral adoration.

Soon I started to pant as I felt the excitement of an orgasm begin to course through my thrusting body and Ebony ordered: “Pull out, Rick, not time to come yet.”

I pulled my cock, its helmet now pink and naked as the tightness of Nikki’s cunt had pulled the foreskin back to the ring, away from her sweet snatch. “Bring that thing round here,” ordered Ebony.

I stood beside the black woman. “There, Nikki, how’d you like to taste that?” Ebony asked her pilloried prisoner.

Nikki grinned at us: “I’d like it just fine, Miss Ebony!”

Ebony placed a hand on my arse and pushed me towards the girl’s face. Her mouth closed over my cock head, sucking sweetly on its rigidity. Then Ebony spoke again: “Dip it in the bowl, Rick, give her a fresh taste treat!”

I dipped about half the length of my cock into the warm yellow liquid and presented it back to the slave. Nikki opened her mouth and again swallowed me, thirstily sucking on my stiffness.

“And again,” ordered Ebony, and once more I immersed my cock head in the urine. Nikki lapped on it.

“Right, time to warm that cheeky little arse of hers,” said Ebony. “You’ll find her favourite paddle on the equipment bench – it’s got the letters NN stamped on the end.”

I picked it up and hefted it. It was quite heavy. “Give her 25 strokes while she laps up the rest of this piss,” said Ebony, dipping one of her large breasts into the bowl.

I stepped behind Nikki’s glorious arse and began to flog her buttocks, not going too swiftly and not too hard. I’d given her about 10, when Ebony stood up from the stool in front of Nikki and took the paddle from me.

“I’ll finish her off, you give her that piece of meat again – and Rick?”

I paused, as I adjusted my cock, pulling the foreskin back up to cover my helmet. “Yes, Miss Ebony?”

Ebony smiled broadly: “This time you can come!”

I stood in front of Nikki’s mouth and when I heard the first “Thwack” as the woman whipped the paddle onto the slave’s arse, I placed my cock in her mouth.

Nikki sucked on it eagerly, and by the time Ebony had burned the 25th stroke onto the girl’s arse, I was grunting with pleasure as my ejaculate spurted through my shaft to explode down her throat.

Ebony looked across at me and grinned. “See, Rick, there’s something to this domination thing, isn’t there?”

To be continued…

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