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Two’s Company; Five’s Orgy!

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Hi… This is a story that I have written on the request of a reader. The story is from his perspective. It is my first such story and I would like to know how badly I sucked at it!

I am a 24 year old guy, fair, about 5 foot 8 in tall, of average build with a 6 in cock. But, what makes me not so average is that three gorgeous women fuck me every once in a while.

Gorgeous does not even begin to describe these women. I do not know if they are hot enough to melt steel but they certainly get me as hard as steel! What’s more, they know exactly what to do with a nice hard piece of meat, and very few Indian women know that.

Kavita and Mili are both 25, 34-28-36, and have mouths that were made for one purpose and one purpose alone – to suck cocks! They are the best cock-suckers I have found. If anyone can do a better job, please let me know. Not just that, they love dominating and when they get together with me and Rajeshwari… Oh, Rajeshwari! She completes the trio. She is submissive like I am. She has bigger breasts at about 36 inches. And, she loves drinking pee. She is slightly darker than Kavita and Mili, something which makes her exciting in her own way.

Just a few days ago, when I got back from work I was greeted by a fascinating sight. Kavita and Mili were buck naked, and Mili was fucking Kavita’s purple velvety hairless anus with a 9 inch cucumber. I stood there transfixed, my pleasure betrayed by my rising manhood. They did not seem amused, though. In fact, Mili was pissed as hell, something I have no complaints against because when Mili is naked and pissed it means that she is going to give you one fuck of a time.

She stopped gamming her boots into Kavita and, before I knew what was happening, jammed her knee in my balls. The pain shot through my crotch and I collapsed on the floor.

She said, “You motherfucking arsehole! Don’t you have any fucking manners? You just walk into two women who are in need of pleasuring themselves!”

Then, she made me stand up holding me by the scruff of my neck and stripped me off my clothes.

“Aww,” she said, “Just look at you. So small and tiny and shrivelled!”

Hell, yeah, my cock had shrunk. It had just been assaulted for Pete’s sake! But, what she said next made me feel much better.

“Kavita, come over and give the poor soul some comfort.”

Kavita crawled on all fours and approached me with her mouth open and her tongue hanging out of it. Those supple breasts of hers were firm. They did not sag a bit, the nipples erect, standing up like little pricks. As soon as she put my limp dick in her mouth, it seemed to throb with a new life. In less than a minute I had gone from pain to pleasure, and Mili did not appreciate that very much.

She bent me over the table and got out her metallic ruler. Her spanking was gentle at first, a few soft hits on my naked butt. In spite of myself, I was getting turned on by this. Why wouldn’t I? Kavita had me in her throat. Every once in a while, Mili violated my anus with her fingers. bonus veren siteler She licked them clean, savouring the smell and taste of my shit hole. Suddenly a searing pain ran up my spine. Mili had given me one hard whack. I had not even fully recovered from the shock, and a few more blows landed on the very same spot the first one did. Tears welled up in my eyes and ran down my cheek. Then, Rajeshwari intruded upon us.

This time Mili did not even say a word. She grabbed Raji’s hair and threw her on the floor. In one stroke, she stripped her off her red dress. Raji was not in the habit of wearing underwear and her naked bottoms as she lay curled up on the floor made for a marvellous sight. If Mili was cruel to me, then what she did to Raji can only be described as being barbaric.

She slapped her across her chest, leaving a red trail on those ample boobs. Then, she planted a hard kiss on her mouth, the kind that can only give the one in control any pleasure and the one controlled only pain. Kavita took a cue from that and joined in the party. She kicked Raji hard between her legs. Raji squirmed, pain or pleasure I cannot say.

Kavita sat on her haunches, her quim pointing at Raji’s mouth, and let go of a warm yellow fluid. Raji’s eyes lit up as jets of her pee hit her face. She wasted no time in closing her mouth around Kavita’s pussy and lapping up every drop of the precious liquid.

From the corner of my eyes, I could see Mili applying lube on the cucumber. This was not good. I knew where she wanted to use it. She did not disappoint. Soon, her tongue was licking my arsehole. When she was satisfied, she put the tip of the vegetable at the entrance of my puckered hole and pushed it in with one solid thrust. My eyes gaped open. Her punishment earlier was bliss compared to the agony she was causing me now.

“Here, you bastard,” Mili said, “This is what you get for your insolence. You fucking bitch!”

By this time, Raji had her head buried in Kavita’s cunt and was eating her out as if her life depended on it. Kavita’s hands pushed her head deeper into the recess of her love nest, extracting every bit from Raji. Her moans were getting louder and sharper till she let out an ear-splitting cry and I knew that she had had a big orgasm.

Mili continued to fuck my ass. Though painful at first, she developed a good rhythm and I soon found myself on the brink of ejaculating. She knew I was close, but the bitch that she is, she pulled out before I could get there.

“Slut,” I swore at Mili, “You fucking cock-tease!”

As soon as those words were out of my mouth, I knew I was in deep shit. Mili broke out into a huge grin. Then, he entered the place.

This guy is Kavita’s fuck-buddy. Mili and Raji share him as well. Seeing him I came to realise that all the crap that women dish out to us regarding size having no role to play is just that – a big bowl of crap. This guy must have at least a 10 inch boner. Nice and thick, his cock stands up very proudly between bahis his legs. And, he gave Mili the opportunity to try something that she had been wanting to for a long time.

When she had got him out of his clothes and exposed his beautiful phallus for all to see, she told me, “You will love this you son of a bitch! Come her and give this lovely cock some good old fashion sucking.”

I was appalled by the depravity of her request. He was big, and I feared choking over him, not to mention that the very thought seemed to put me off, as was evident by my penis which had shrunk to almost 2 inches. But, I knew I had no choice.

Hesitating, I licked the tip of his cock. It tasted salty, but surprisingly nice. I cupped his balls – mmmmm… nice and heavy they felt. Soon, I had let go of all my inhibitions and was stroking his magnificent manhood as I struggled to accommodate him in my mouth. I also ran my hands over his smooth ass. Hell, I never thought I would enjoy sucking a cock! This was great.

Kavita, after her big one, was now in the mood for some more. She held that cucumber in her mouth and fucked Mili’s smooth, hairless cunt. Raji felt a little left out. So she decided to take matters in her own hands and masturbated herself. Those pink lips of hers glistened with her juices as she fingered her clit.

He stopped me from blowing him and made me stand up. He stroked my cock with his – the sensation was wonderful, something that only a man who has felt can know about. He turned me over, and spread my ass cheeks. Gently, he pushed himself in my ass, which accepted him with ease thanks to Mili’s having widened it with the cucumber. It felt weird at first. But, then he held my cock in his hands and stroked me as he fucked me. This turned Mili on greatly and she had her first orgasm of the evening. Raji was not far behind.

A few strokes later, I released my load in his hands, and he came in my ass. What a feeling that was!

Raji crept towards me and took my limp cock in her mouth. She knew that I felt like peeing after cumming. I peed in her mouth. I have peed in a lot of mouths, but her mouth always feels special. May be it is her tongue, the way she licks my cock as she swallows my urine. This perked him up as well, and I found his cock in my mouth passing water. I gagged at first, not able to realise what was on. But, I recovered soon enough and drank whatever I could with pleasure.

“Alright, you motherfucking arseholes,” Mili said, “That is about enough. Now, I am your mistress and you must obey my command. I want both cocks in me now!”

I looked at him. We were pleased as hell. He entered her anus first and I followed in her pussy a little while later. Our cocks felt each other through the thin membrane in her body and that got us both to greater heights. It probably did something for her too for she went into throes of orgasmic spasms – something I have only seen when Raji and Kavita eat her out simultaneously. As we double-fucked her, Kavita had Raji face down deneme bonusu on her lap and was slapping her naked behind. Raji’s eyes were shut as waves after waves of pleasure hit her till a tsunami overcame her so much that her sphincter relaxed and she peed, the jet hitting Kavita’s clit, consequently sending her into an orgasmic rapture.

All five bodies were covered in the sweat of our love-making. I lost count how many times we made Mili cum but when she came one last time her pleasure was so intense that all her muscles relaxed and she collapsed on top of me. We pulled out, and this time we chose to give ourselves to Raji and Kavita.

I entered Raji from the behind, doggy style. I love this position with her. Her dusky ass is always in my view and I can cup her huge breasts as I ram into her. Kavita, wanting to be the one in charge, rode him in the woman on top position. As we fucked, Raji and he snogged. This was just too much for me to handle and I came. When the first jets of my semen hit Raji’s insides, it triggered off her mechanism and she came, too. Kavita was not far behind.

Now, Kavita dismounted and along with Raji gave him a double blowjob. The guy didn’t last one minute! Hell, with two sluts at you there has to be something wrong with you if you were to.

Spent, after a night of heavy fucking we slept naked in each other’s arms. This was just the beginning…

In my previous story about Bipasha and Preity, I had told you about the ‘availability’ of Bollywood women on the market. Today, I shall tell you the tale of one such available woman, Rani Mukerjee.

This woman is so available that she has been nicknamed Randi (whore) Mukherjee. It does not matter to her who the person is as long as she gets her fees of 60 lacs. That is one reason that we do not hear about her and anyone else ‘being an item’.

Rani might not be as hot as some of the other women, but the package is simply too good. She is young and, what’s important, successful. She is about 5ft 2 inches tall, dusky, with big boobs and ass. She has an amazing row of white even teeth. And, she is up for anything – humiliation, power play, golden and yellow showers, naked games… But she draws the line at video taping. That is not allowed, for reasons obvious.

Some may think that Rani is cashing in on her looks while they last. That is only part of the truth. The woman loves sex. And if people are willing to pay her for it why the hell should she not charge them? She makes exceptions, though, but for that you would either have to be a Shah Rukh Khan or a Casanova.

Her depravity has reached so low that you may think that it cannot go any lower, but then think again. Nothing is taboo for the bitch – she even charges her cousin Kajol for a fuck. But, she comes with money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with her she pays all your money back. That, of course, has never happened because she is too proud a woman to let anyone go dissatisfied.

During one of her fuck fiestas, her customer had asked her to drive to his home naked. You know what she did? She rode a bike to his place in the buck! Now that reeks of attitude. When she reached, she was so horny her juices were running down her legs, she was breathing heavily, and her breasts were hard as rocks.

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