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Happy Husband, Happy Life

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It’s Saturday night and we’re alone at a hotel. After an evening drinking and eating, we walk into our room at the hotel downtown. It’s a suite large enough to host a party…or maybe just a small gathering.

Your suit is stretching to fit your hard body and it’s been driving me crazy all night. My panties are soaked…or would be if I wore any under this dress. I’ve been telling you all night that I have a surprise for you and the knock at the door signals it’s arrival.

I strut over to the door as you slip off your suit coat and roll up your sleeves.

“I thought we’d have some company for a while tonight. I know we’ve been talking about adding another person to the mix, so I found the perfect one. “

Your face is suspicious, but you say “Ok baby. If that’s how you want to play tonight.”

“I think you’ll be surprised how I want to play tonight, love.” I open the door and our guest walks in. All 6 feet of him. Blonde hair, dark eyes, and a body hard as granite.

“Baby, this is someone I thought might fulfill all our wishes for one night. He’s an escort I found online.”

The guy smiles at both of us and begins unbuttoning his shirt. I walk up to him and run my hands down his chest, down his hard abs, and grab a handful of thick cock. “Yeah, he’ll do baby.” I wink at you and you turn around to sit on the chaise lounge in the corner.

“You’re in my seat, love.” I say to you.

“What?” The confusion is evident on your face as you look between the escort and me.

“He’s here for you. I thought you needed a little special loving and the idea of seeing you two together makes me so wet.”

“Holy shit. “

I push you out of my chair and walk over the minibar. I make myself a drink kartal escort and sit down in the corner. Your eyes dart around the room, trying to figure out what you should do next. You don’t have to worry baby.

“Take his shirt off.” I say to Scott. He walks up to you and slowly pulls each button on your shirt until it’s gaping open. His lips make a trail down your chest, leaving you trembling. Your hands are in tight fists at your sides. I can tell how much you’re fighting yourself. ‘Let go baby’. I think to myself.

Scott pulls your shirt off your body and lowers himself to the floor. His fingers unhook your belt and release your zipper. Your pants are wide open. Your long cock is sticking out, pointing where it wants to go.

“Lick it.” You command. He reaches inside your pants and brings out your cock. His lips descend and stretch around you. He wastes no time in sucking you into his throat. My body is on fire. I feel like every nerve is electrified and one touch will make me explode.

His cheeks hollow out, sucking you in hard, long pulls. Your hands are in his hair. After a few more minutes, you pull him off you. A light sheen of sweat covers your body. Your lips latch on to his nipples and give them a little bite. Scott moans loudly and begins pushing you down to the floor. He makes quick work of his pants and free his throbbing cock. You grab it with one hand, his balls with the other, and pull him deep to the back of your throat. Scott has no idea how far you can suck him in, and it shows, His body is shaking, and his hips buck against your face uncontrollably. My drink is long forgotten as I sit here mouth wide open, pussy dripping down my legs.

“Enough!” He says. “I want to cum deep in you.”

A cumhuriyet mahallesi escort whimper escapes my mouth and I clench my legs together begging for some relief. You stand up and face the bed. Scott trails behind you and pushes your body to bend over the bed. His tongue trails down your back as he begins pushing your pants the rest of the way off your tight, firm ass. You move to kneel on the bed. Ass up, face down. Scott bends and bites one cheek and spanks the other. Red marks remain on both. His lips move to kiss each mark and sooth each sting. Finally, he stands and strokes his cock a few times.

“Hold on. I need something from your wife.” He says and starts walking over to me. I begin freaking out because I have no idea what he’s talking about. This wasn’t anything we discussed. He stares straight into my eyes as he pushes my legs open. I begin to protest but he runs his hand down my pussy from my clit to my ass, gathering up my juices. His hand returns to his cock and begins stroking it. Well lubed now he walks over to you. I’m not sure if I should be pissed or not. My clit is throbbing at his teasing move but yet I don’t want his cock. I want your mouth.

Scott kneels behind you on the bed and begins circling your asshole with the head of his cock. Your body is shaking the whole bed and I can see your hard cock pulsating between your thighs. Slowly he pushes inside you, inch by inch, easing his way in. When he’s seated fully, he stills, grabs your neck and delivers one long, hard thrust. Your cries and moans echo off the room. You begin to lose control, loving his thick cock in your ass. Your hips begin to slam back against him, forcing him to take you hard. The bed slams against yunus escort the wall. The neighbors definitely know what we’re up to.

“Fuck. Yes. Oh, baby.” Scott’s words are shouted and hoarse. You continue slamming into him. I’ve never seen something so breathtaking. My breathing matches yours and I’m certain I’m going to cum just from watching.

“Yes! Fuck my ass. Harder!” You scream. Scott loses his rhythm and crashes into you over and over again.

“Goddamn. You feel fucking amazing. You’re going to make me cum!” He says. Just then your hands slide to your ass and pull your cheeks apart farther, opening yourself up to him more. “Oh fuck. I’m going to fill up this perfect ass.”

He thrusts hard, once twice, and then stops, shouting incoherently into the air. His cock pulses inside you over and over again as each rope of cum fills you up. Once his breathing has returned to normal, he slowly pulls out. Cum drips out of your used asshole and down your legs. It’s a massive load. Scott drops to the floor and buries his face between your cheeks. His tongue licks up every drop of cum out of your ass and his hands reach around you and wrap onto your cock. He strokes up and down your cock as his licks up his cum. You push his hands away and turn around. Your hands grab his head and thrust yourself deep into his throat. You fuck his face in a punishing rhythm and your eyes meet mine. The primal look in your eyes makes me even wetter. My legs are spread wide on the seat, pussy fully on display. My hands are rubbing my clit in fast circles. I feel myself falling just watching you fuck his face. You throw your head back a shout to the ceiling. “Fuck!” You cum deep inside Scott’s throat and he sucks you deeper. Slowly you pull your cock free and Scott gets up.

“Thanks for a good time.” Scott says as he heads for the door, still pulling his shirt back on.

“Goddamn baby. I love you.” You kiss me breathless and lean our foreheads together. “Thank you. I needed that.”

“Anything for you, my love.”

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