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She wakes up slowly, stirring lightly as you stroke her face gently. She looks up at you and gives you a small smile and lifts her hand to brush a hair from her face, and is shocked to find her hands tied together. She looks at you quizzically, then understanding dawns and you slide out of bed slowly. You crawl back into bed, the leash and collar in your hand. You put the collar on backwards, so the leash will run down her back, but she can’t tell the difference. You hook up the leash, then reach down and undo the cuffs on her hands – she says nothing but raises an eyebrow in confusion…until you pull the hand behind her back and hook the leash through it. She moves her other hand behind her and you smile at her eagerness to please. When you shift on the bed she loses her balance and falls, so she’s lying on her stomach, you leave her there and get a blindfold, which you gently slide over her face.

“I don’t want you to make a sound, unless I tell you to, understand? Not one peep” you whisper. She nods in agreement. You reach back and wrap the leash around your hand and pull upward, she emits a small gasp as the collar digs into her throat.

You pull her up into a sitting position, she moves clumsily, trying to move quickly but keep her balance on the soft surface. She is kneeling on the bed, knees together but otherwise completely exposed. You move closer, your hand reaches around, your fingers interlocking her soft hair and you pull her head back slightly.

You kiss her ears, her neck- reassuring her of your gentleness. You take one of her nipples into your warm, wet, mouth; her body jerks in response but she does not make a sound. You run your tongue over her hard nipple, tracing delicate patterns over it – all the while watching her bite her lip and squirm. You run your hand down her body, and slap her thighs and tell her to spread them. She cautiously moves herself, still bent at an awkward angle, you pulling her hair. She parts her legs a few inches and you run your hand over her pussy, pushing her lips aside, pushing her clit into the palm of your hand- the tips of your fingers at her entrance, which is dripping wet. You wet the tips of your fingers, then bring them up to her face, whispering at her to open her mouth. She obliges and you tell her to clean your fingers. She eagerly sucks her own wetness from your fingers, while you enjoy the sensations her warm wet tongue is giving you, all the while you whisper what a good little slut she is.

Unable to take it anymore you release her hair and stand on the bed, your cock inches from her blind folded face. You tell her to open her mouth again, and as she does you put the head of your cock against her lips. Her tongue flicks out eagerly, licking the head. She licks the underside of your cock, wetting it with her agile tongue, then slides the head of your cock into her hot, wet mouth. Her tongue swirls around the head of your cock, you grip her hair in your hand, controlling her head. Slowly you begin pushing into her mouth, pushing it deeper every time. She takes it, her tongue flicking at every inch you push into her. Periodically she turns her head, so she can catch her breath and swallow – which you allow since you don’t want her to gag too hard. But as soon as she’s ready you push into her mouth again, watching her soft lips stretch around your cock. You get more excited and begin fucking her mouth slowly, keeping her head steady by gripping her hair tightly, all the while using your hips to drive yourself into her mouth. You feel yourself getting close and tell her to keep her mouth open as you pull out – ropes of cum shooting into her outstretched mouth and across her cheek.

You sink onto the bed and stare at her exposed body, her cum stained face – you can see her wetness glistening on the lips of her pussy. You instruct her to lay on her side, maneuvering carefully she follows your orders, lying awkwardly on her arm. You roughly roll her so she is facing away from you, and spoon up next to her, taking her in your arms. Your hand moves down and you whisper at her to keep her legs closed, and you force a small vibrator between her clenched thighs, so it is nestled right up against her swollen clit. You remind her that she is still not allowed to make noise, and that she is only allowed to speak is to ask your permission to cum, then you turn on the vibrator. She gasps and takes a sharp intake of breath, squirming in your arms. You watch her writhe, her ass pushing against your cock as she wriggles – gasping for air. Aside from the sound of her ragged breathing, she is pursing her lips to keep from moaning. You feel your cock start to harden again as you watch her body buck with pleasure. You roll her into her back and spread her legs, you stare at her swollen, aching clit, her soaked pussy lips that are glistening with wetness. You run your thumb across her clit and watch her squirm, still silent. You take the vibrator and run it over her wet clit, again she writhes – her breath coming in ragged gasps. You tease her, running the vibrator over her pussy, watch her lips open in silent moans – your cum still glistening on her face.

“May I please cum?” she gasps.

“You want to cum now?”, you reply while laughing.

“Yes please” she pleads as you press the vibrator against her.

“No, not yet” you say as you slide a finger into her wet pussy.

You run the vibrator over her clit again and feel her muscles contract around your finger. You rub the vibrator over her clit again and again, in short rapid strokes. You feel her pussy contracting but you keep commanding “not yet. not yet”. She is spasming as your finger twists inside her, breath coming in hard gasps when you finally tell her she may cum and you feel her wet pussy cum all over your fingers instantaneously. You draw them out of her and run them over the head of your now hard cock. Her body lays limp before you, exhausted from your torment, but you are not finished. You command her roll onto her stomach, which she does. You draw her ass up, her blindfolded face laying on the bed. You put the head of your cock against her wet pussy and tell her to be a good little slut and beg you for your cock. Immediately she begs you for it, begs you to put it in her, to fuck her little wet pussy. You listen to her for a moment then slide the head in, she whimpers and begs for more and you push yourself into her – hearing her groan with pleasure. You start thrusting into her wet pussy, her juices dripping down your balls and you listen to her moan as you fuck her faster and faster – all the while telling her what a good little slut she is. You feel her start to tighten and she begs you to let her cum, but again you tell her no. Her requests get more urgent, but still you tell her no and begin fucking her pussy harder, faster, until you feel her wet pussy orgasm around you.

“I told you not to do that!” you say as you spank her ass.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it” she replies, burying her face in the pillow.

“I’m going to have to punish you now” you say.

You grab lube off the nightstand and let some drip down the crack of her ass. You use the head of your cock to rub it in – wetting the head of your cock and pressing against her tight ass. You rub lube on the rest of your cock, then set it down.

“Please no, I’ll be good” she whispers, and whimpers when she hears your continued rustling.

“No, bad sluts get punished” you respond as you push the head of your cock into her. She moans and gasps as you slowly push your cock into her unyielding ass. You groan as you press in deeper, slowly you slide in and out, listening to her moans. You stop to put more lube on your cock, gently pushing back into her. You fuck her slowly for a few minutes, allowing her to adjust.

“What am I doing? I forgot I’m supposed to be punishing you” you say outloud; surprised you could have forgotten and you begin thrusting into her, harder and faster. You grab her leash in your hand, pulling it tight;restricting her breathing as you push yourself into her. She moans into the pillow as you fuck her, thrusting deeper and harder – you moan loudly as you erupt inside her. She moans as she feels you shoot ropes of hot, wet, cum inside her – savoring the sensation. You pull out slowly, spreading her ass cheeks so you can watch your cum drip out of her.

You both collapse on the bed. You gently unlock her and the two of you kiss and snuggle as you head off to shower together.

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