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My Sister in Paris Ch. 02

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**Author’s Note: My apologies for not continuing this one sooner. I admit, I got caught up in my other series. I really like writing about Amber. Anyway, I hope you can forgive me for not going straight into the incest. I began this story as a very, very guilty tease, so it’ll be a little while. My hope is to keep it as sultry and boiling-over erotic as I can until then. I hope you have as much fun reading as I did wri – oh, something gooey on the ‘t’ key. Also, thanks to those of you who studiously corrected my poor attention to geography. A lame lapse of judgement on my part, but I admit, my mind was definitely on other details.


I froze. My sister was sitting, naked as the day she was born, on the bed beside her lover, whom I was straddling. Claire, Natalie’s French girlfriend, was covered from nose to navel with globs of my semen, and as naked as my sister. I still had my boxers clinging around one foot. I might as well have been naked too. I was, in all ways that counted.

Moonlight shown through the open bay window in Claire’s bedroom, revealing our sins in all their glory. My semen was gray-white on Claire’s chest and face. Her lips, red from her lipstick, shown darker in the moonlight, almost black. The purplish head of my cock was the same, darker than it should have been. The scent of our sex was strong, heady, and mixed with Claire’s perfume. Natalie’s face hid within the shadows of her hair. What was she thinking in that long moment of looking over me and her lover?

Guilt pummeled me. I had just fucked Claire. There was no way my sister could not be jealous over that. She must have felt like a guy who caught his girl with another man. A brother. Bah. I knew I was a bastard, then, and I tried to think of some way to make this right. But what could I do? There was no way to take back the fact that I had just given her lover a big dose of something Natalie could never give her.

“Nat,” I whispered hoarsely. I expected crying. Or screaming. Or a fight.

Nat edged closer to us. She met my eyes with a blank expression until she was right beside us. Then she leaned over and kissed Claire on the lips. I blinked, then gasped, as she French kissed(no pun, damnit) Claire right through the smears of my cum. When she straightened, I could see wet globs of semen on her lips. She touched her mouth with her fingers, then licked her lips clean.

“I bet you’re thirsty,” she said to Claire. “Let me get you some water.” And with that she climbed past me out of the bed and walked to the kitchen without bothering to gather her clothes or even a robe.

Things changed after that. We, the three of us, lived together more closely. Claire and my sister made love more often, and more openly. They would kiss and caress each other right in front of me. Right beside me. Man, it was so erotic. I longed to join them, to be a part of that wildly sinful, lesbian beauty. I stayed away, through some miracle of self-restraint, for several days. I guess I harbored fears that Natalie was angry with me, or jealous, or something. She never acted hostile, or seemed upset over the matter. In fact, since Claire also continued to have sex with me, Natalie sometimes saw us.

One example of this happened two days later while we were in the subway. Natalie, Claire, and I had been out shopping for Claire some make-up or something. To be honest, I liked her face better without the makeup, but I’m weird like that. After she refused the best offers of the retailers and stormed out of the store, Claire led my sister and I back to the subway and into the very back car. We sat down in a slump, since Claire’s mood seemed to be contagious. Claire sat between Natalie and me, and as the train left the station and the lights dimmed some, she grinned at us. When I gave her a quizzical look, she glanced across the car to the only other passenger. I followed her gaze to the woman, younger than Claire, maybe as young as Nat, who watched me intently.

“American Boy,” Claire whispered in my ear. The woman had dark brown hair that was fairly straight and clung to her face and neck. She had on a sheep-skin coat, a soft, white scarf and toboggan, and a short, gray mini-skirt. The only other thing I saw was her ankle-high gray leather boots. She was pretty, smiling as she watched me. Claire leaned close, nuzzling my neck and cheek before whispering in that wondrous French accent. “I think she wants to fuck you, American Boy.”

I have a name. Ethan. Not that it matters. There was no way I was going to complain about the way she always teased me like that. No way.

I swallowed. Somewhere in that short span of time, Claire had gotten a hand down to my growing erection. She teased me through my jeans. My cock extended along my left leg, tight against my pants, and she traced one finger over that throbbing ridge. The stranger’s eyes dropped to Claire’s finger and its naughty stroking. Her lips parted, and her lower lip grazed deliciously against her perfect overbite. I swallowed again, and realized I was Alanya Fetiş Escort short of breath.

The woman across from us crossed and un-crossed her legs. I couldn’t tell from the angle and the shadows white kind of panties she wore, but she certainly didn’t seem to mind me checking her out. While I watched her fidget on her seat, Claire surprised me by un-zipping my fly and sliding her fingers between the parted opening. Her fingers were cool as she closed them around my erection, but instead of stroking me, as I had expected, she bent me back far enough to pull my cock out of my pants.

The stranger gasped, then let out a tiny squeal as Claire began openly stroking my hard-on. Nat leaned around Claire to see what was going on. She smiled at me, her eyes knowing, maybe even interested.

Claire looked over to the stranger. “You want some of this, Cherie?” God, but I loved that accent.

The woman in the mini looked at my cock and Claire’s loving hand. She grinned at us. Her accent was thicker than Claire’s, thick enough to drip French syrup. “Please, don’t stop. I shouldn’t, but please, you must continue.”

My head rolled back as Claire started using her thumb on me. She flicked it over the soft, curl of my glans. Precum touched her skin and trailed after her, smearing when she brought her thumb back. She squeezed me, then released. She followed this up with quick jerks up and down that brought another healthy bead of precum to rise. The girl across the car glanced both ways, then hiked up the bottom of her skirt. Her pearlescent panties showed a spot of moisture between her legs. I was captivated by that spot, drawn irresistibly. Even when Claire lowered her lips and kissed my little dollop of precum, I couldn’t look away as the stranger pulled the gusset of her panties aside and stroked a red, swollen slit with one manicured finger.

I breathed slow and deep; I couldn’t get enough air. Claire slid her fingers up and down my shaft while kissing and nuzzling at my ear. I looked down to where her finger caressed my length. Natalie had her face against Claire’s, though my sister was looking down at my cock instead of at my face. Nat’s hand slid from Claire’s shoulder, down her arm, onto her hand, where, without touching me, she helped Claire jack me off. Her face was only a few inches from mine. I groaned, and she turned to look at me, an eager gleam in her eye. Claire started to move, pulling her hand back, which left Nat’s hand hovering over my cock for a moment. She could have pulled away too, but for a second, she closed her hand over my meat and squeezed, smiling at me.

When Natalie pulled her hand away, a small trail of slimy precum followed, clinging to her thumb. She lifted it to her lips, and for the second time, that I know of, my sister tasted my fluid.

The woman across from us slid her fingers into her sex. Man, she was hot, and I wanted to do her, then Claire, then Natalie, all in a row. She toyed with one of her nipples through her shirt, but my eyes riveted to her cunt, where her fingers continued to massage her clit between stabs into her flesh.

“She likes watching,” Claire whispered in my ear as she climbed across my lap. She straddled my pelvis, and settled her glistening sex down over my cock. Panty-less beneath her skirt, she slipped me easily inside, and I was surprised at how wet she was. Without shame or embarassment, she went down on me, and fucked me in long, slow strokes that ended with her clit mashing into my jeans. I was so hard, so intent on the three women around me, I was ready to cum quickly.

I felt something change in Claire’s vagina. It took me a moment only to realize that Nat was slipping her finger into Claire’s ass. She was putting on a show for the other French girl, and started finger-fucking Claire as fast as Claire was humping me. Claire turned her head and looked over her shoulder.

“You like that, Cherie?” she asked, panting. “You like watching her finger in my ass while I fuck this boy?”

I had almost expected her to say something like, “You like watching me fuck this boy while his sister finger’s my ass?” I expected it. How would that have worked, I wonder. The other girl was really into us as a trio. Hell, I was really into us as a trio.

Claire getting it in both holes soon had her cumming. She grunted, and leaned down over me, while fucking herself up and down faster, driving me as much as slamming her clit into the bulge of denim in the front of my jeans. Natalie’s finger slipped in and out, and I could feel her. I knew she could feel me, and that combined with the rest of the whole erotic situation had me at the end too. Natalie’s pinky and ring fingers lightly touched my sticky cock while she fingered Claire. I couldn’t take it. I started shooting.

Claire kissed me, and I had the joy of being connected to her through my lips as well as through my cock. She continued to slam up and down on me. Nat finger-fucked her faster. I was ripping jet after jet of Alanya Gecelik Escort semen into Claire, where she loved it. I felt the thick, hot fluids ooze out of her and stream down over my balls. Claire made one extra-large bounce and I came out ofher, but just enough that instead of falling against myself, I stuck up, past her pussy, and right back into Natalie’s hand. I heard a gasp, then she grabbed me, stroked me with her fingers as Claire dry-humped me a time or two. Then she withdrew, and I was left with the same hunger from before, a hunger for my sister.

The woman from across the train had cum when we did, so she got up, straightened herself a little, and walked over to us. She trailed her finger through the goo on my cock, a mixture of me and Claire both, then leaned over to kiss Claire right on the lips. They tongued for a minute, then the woman sighed.

“I have to go. I’ll see you at the club, Claire.” She smiled at me, felt our union again, then left the car. Natalie gave Claire a tissue, so she wouldn’t leak when we left the subway. Claire cleaned herself, then licked my cock clean and tucked me back inside. I was still hard.

Two days later, Nat had gone down to the market for some sliced ham she was craving, and while she was gone, Claire decided she wanted my cock. When Natalie returned, Claire was sitting atop me while I was sitting on the couch. I tried to get up but Claire pushed me back down and continued humping my prick. I almost lost my erection, but her fervor kept me hard, while my sister carried the sack from the market into the kitchen. When Nat returned, she stopped in the center of the room and stripped off her short dress. She was naked beneath it, of course, and seeing her nudity again made my prick throb inside Claire. My sister walked up to us, behind Claire, and reached around her to cup the French woman’s breasts with both hands.

Claire leaned back against Natalie, twisting her head around to kiss my sister. Their lips collided, their tongues lashing together whenever their lips parted. Nat caressed and squeezed Claire’s nipples. The scene made my prick as hard as I’ve ever been. I was amazed I didn’t cum right then. Then, to my surprise, Nat slid one hand down past Claire’s navel, creeping lower and lower, until she was caressing the top of Claire’s pubic bone, her fingers only an inch from my thrusting cock.

While I fought with every ounce of willpower to not ejaculate from the sight, Natalie started rubbing Claire’s clit. The French woman’s pussy was shaven, so I could see everything. My sister’s fingers rubbed tight circles over Claire’s neat, perfect clit, driving me wild with the vision and the proximity to my dick.

And then it happened. Natalie made a wider circle with her fingers and she touched the base of my cock. I gasped and started shuddering. This was even more intense than when she touched me on the subway.

“I’m gonna cum,” I blurted out. I tried to push Claire up off of me. She would have none of it.

“In my belly, babe,” she panted in that chic French accent of hers. It made me berserk. I thrashed like someone possessed. My balls tightened up, spreading tension across my loins, my gut, even my ass. Soon my entire body was as tense as my prick as I started spurting inside her. It was stupendous. I loved how her insides changed with my semen lining her vagina and womb. Up until then, she had been wet and slick, like water over smooth, slick rubber. Her insides were tight, don’t get me wrong, but she was so slippery inside that we had very little in the way of friction. That changed only slightly when I started cumming. I could feel the thick, grainy texture blossom around my cock as I thrust up into her. It increased with each throb of my prick, each spurt filling her more. Gods how I loved that feeling.

I came forever. The moment stretched out. I spasmed again and again. Claire was screaming my name with her accent teasing my ears. Natalie rubbed Claire faster, harder, her fingers touching my cock like sweet lightning. Suddenly she grabbed my prick and started jerking me into Claire’s pussy, her hand sliding up and down between us, forcing my ejaculate into her lover more and more, stretching my orgasm out more and more.

Claire came then. She doubled over my chest and stopped humping my cock, instead rutting her hips forwards and backwards over my pubic bone and Natalie’s hand. As I was coming down from my orgasmic high, Claire’s pussy tightened like a fist, squeezing what Natalie hadn’t until my cock was milked dry. We laid there and panted for several minutes, Claire and I covered in sweat while my sister’s hand was trapped on my cock by Claire’s weight.

Eventually, Claire, rose up off of me. She rolled over beside me on the couch, heedless of my cum streaming from her gash and dripping across the cushions. To my surprise, Nat left her hand on my cock. I stared at her, fearful of her reaction to what had just happened. She got to her feet, pulling her fingers up Alanya Genç Escort along the wet length of my only slightly flaccid erection. As her fingertips drummed once in passing across the head of my prick, I throbbed back to rigidity. She giggled, then moved over to sit beside Claire. Nat offered her fingers to Claire, who licked them clean while sending me sultry looks. I realized she wanted more.

Once Natalie’s fingers were clean, Claire slid over to me. Her hand went straight to my throbbing erection. It almost hurt to be so hard again so soon after cumming, but I refused to feel the pain. I groaned in sweet agony as her fingers squeezed my slick cock. I unconsciously thrust my hips forward when she started jacking me, the excessive moisture making her hand like a tight pussy.

“American Boy,” she whispered in my ear.

“Yes, French Girl?”

“I think your sister may not be as wholesomely gay as we thought.” Her thumb caressed the top of my dick, her fingers running over the tender area right under the head, where I twitch so when she touched me…

The thought of my sister jerking my prick into Claire made my cock swell more.

“And,” Claire continued, “I think you rather enjoy that fact.”

I glanced over at my sister. “Very kinky,” I whispered between groans. Claire giggled.

“Yes. Kinky. I’d like to see more of it.”

Nat smiled slowly, like she wasn’t sure if she wanted more or not. At least she didn’t look disgusted.

“You and Natalie are the two most beautiful women in the world. I think you can both have whatever you want.”

“Safe answer,” Nat said slowly. One side of her mouth quirked upwards in a half smile.

“But still a good answer,” Claire added. She leaned over me and licked the end of my dick. “Almost as good as the taste of pussy on his cock.”

Man. Hearing those words rolling off of her French tongue almost made me cum again. She kissed the tip of my prick, then sucked the purple head between her gorgeous lips.

Claire straightened, then turned to my sister. They kissed, tonguing noisily. I imagined the flavors of my cum and Claire’s pussy passing to my sister, who did not seem to mind at all. Nat squeezed one of Claire’s breasts, then kissed her way down to that nipple. Claire threw her head back when Nat’s tongue touched her aureole. While she pursed her lips and suckled like a babe, my sister slid that same hand down across the other woman’s chest, past her navel, and down to lightly cup her groin. I watched as Nat teased Claire’s clit back and forth with her middle finger. Gradually, that finger eased lower and dipped between the French girl’s folds. Nat fucked the finger in and out of her lover’s pussy, getting deeper and deeper with each insertion. My cum bathed her finger, frothy on the edges, smooth and creamy elsewhere.

With a sultry smile, Claire straddled Natalie’s hips. The two girls continued to kiss, but now Nat was grabbing both of Claire’s breasts. She played with them the same way I did, licking and sucking while she squeezed, pinched, and tugged teasingly.

Looking at me over her shoulder, Claire reached back behind herself and squeezed one ass cheek for me. “American Boy,” she murmured in a throaty voice, “I want you to fuck me again.”

I was a little hesitant to straddle my sister’s legs, but Claire would tolerate no delays. I told myself that it couldn’t be that bad for Nat; she had just jacked me into Claire’s pussy, then stroked me after. It was odd, settling my naked legs around hers as Claire caught my dick in one hand and tugged me towards her pussy. Instead of making things easy for me, she kept her groin thrust down upon Natalie’s abdomen, so that when she pulled my dick towards her pussy, she was so low my wet prick slid across Natalie’s stomach, probably reaching her navel as I thrust between her smooth, naked skin and Claire’s clit. Natalie gasped and twitched, though Claire smothered her with a wet, sloppy kiss, and I had to wonder if Claire had planned that intimate contact or not.

I pulled back to try again, and Claire pushed my cock downward, so that my dick rubbed all the way to the top of my sister’s clit. Looking down at the tip of my prick, jutting from Claire’s fist and mashing into Natalie’s pubic bone, I realized how close we were to perfect incest, and the thought caught me even more than Natalie’s hand on my meat. My breath froze in my throat. My cock surged, as if I could ejaculate right then and there. Every instinct I had pushed for me to lower my hips and drive my dick into my sister’s waiting twat. Natalie stiffened, sucking in a breath, while Claire moaned slowly, sensually. I just groaned like the dog I was.

Claire pushed me back, and thrust my cock downwards even farther as she did, which dragged the underside of the head of my cock across Natalie’s clit and into the wet folds of her pussy. It was my turn to suck in a heavy breath, and Natalie squealed, her hips bucking in a combination of lust and denial.

By then, Claire was pulling me back up and into the waiting wetness of her own pussy. She was hot, and it was hotter to slide Natalie’s pussy juice into her on the tip of my dick. I pushed into her as far as I could go, which wasn’t as far as I might have thought, with the couch, my long legs, Claire’s ass-bones, and so forth.

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