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First Time with Her

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I love my wife, I really do, but her daughter has been turning me on since before she was legal. So when she came to visit this summer, finally 18 and perfect in every way I knew what I was going to have to do. I was thinking with only one head, the only one that matters in these situations. I did not care that she was my step-daughter, just that she was young and tight and had tits that give men a hard on when she is just walking by. The fact that she usually stayed with her dad made it easier on me, or I would have lived with a boner for the past two years. Her mom had been amazing in bed, in the beginning, but she was way too busy now with her business, too busy for me or her daughter this summer. Which worked in my favor.

It was on one of those lazy days the very first time. Too hot to be outside if you could help it. The wife left early and would not be home until long after dinner time, as usual. I was just sitting in my chair drinking a can of beer and watching a movie when the girl came in. She must have been out all night as she looked a little disheveled. Her ass hanging out of her skirt and her tits barely in her top. I asked her what her mom would say. She looked at me and asked what it would take for me to keep my mouth shut. My cock tuzla escort jumped to attention, this was the moment I had been waiting for. I walked over to her and looked her up and down, I told her I don’t think she could handle what I wanted. The little minx looked me in the eye and said she could handle anything I could throw at her. With that I picked her up and tossed her over my shoulder. She squirmed against me but I only tightened my grip and slipped one hand up to her pussy, the thong she wore good for little but turning a man on even more. I could feel she was already wet, despite her protests.

I quickly made my way to my bedroom and tossed her on the bed. She tried to get up but I pushed her down and covered her body with mine pinning her down. She kept saying this is not what she meant but I could feel her excitement. She wouldn’t let me kiss her so instead I ripped off her top and started ravaging her tits. I sucked one nipple in deeply, rolling it in my tongue while my other hand roughly handled the other one. She squirmed even more then started to moan more than protest as I keep attacking her heavy massive breasts. Soon she stopped trying to get away. My one hand still played with a nipple as I kissed my way down and slid göztepe escort off her tiny skirt and panties. She was shaven bald and already glistening wet. I stuck my tongue out and ran it along her outer lips, feeling her shudder. I took a finger and ran it between those lips, she moaned and bucked her hips. Finally my head bobbed down and I started lashing her sweet tasting pussy. I slipped in first one, then two, then three fingers and fucked her with them. She was smashing herself into my face and hand, begging me to keep going. I felt her buck up off the bed and then her inner walls clamped down on my fingers and she came with a scream drenching my face.

She lay there as her pussy kept pulsing. I was beside her petting her lightly. She asked if we were done and I told her that we were far from. I grabbed her hand, guided it to my rock hard shaft and told her to start stroking it. She was no virgin, we both knew that, and her skills started to show. She played with my cock with one hand and then grabbed my balls with the other. Without even having to say anything she lowered her head and started playing with the tip of my penis, licking it lightly. It felt so good, I was trying hard not to cum right then and there. She kept teasing üsküdar escort with her tongue then pulling away until I finally just grabbed her head and slammed it down on my dick, she gagged but took it all in. She got the hint and sucked me faster and faster, taking my hot throbbing cock into her throat until I spurted my load into her. She tried to pull away but I made her slurp back every last drop and then clean my dick with her tongue until it was hard again.

I pushed her back on the bed and tossed her legs up in the air and in one stroke dove into her tight vagina. It felt so good. It fit like a glove, I could feel her walls sucking me in. My one hand found her clit and started playing with it as I plunged into her over and over again. By now she was screaming for me to go faster, harder, deeper. Her hips met mine stroke for stroke and we both lost all inhibitions and just fucked each other wildly. Both of us sweating, my balls slapping against her ass. Her pussy started to pulse and pulled me in even deeper with each thrust. I was fucking her harder and faster then I ever fucked anyone. I felt my cum start to rise once again, I slammed into her over and over again. Just as I felt her orgasm spurt around my cock I threw my head back and let out a roar as I shot load after load into her pussy, mingling her cum and my cum deep inside her.

Both spent we lay there breathing heavily. Promising to keep it a secret. And promising that this was truly going to be a very long, very hot summer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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