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Erotic Fantasies

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A Travel Story for you 🙂

It had been a short flight and I was waiting for my connection to San Diego. I was reading my book to past the time when I noticed you looking at me. You had a magazine and were paging through it causally glancing over my way. Our eyes locked and we smiled at each other. We went back to reading and letting each other take turns gazing at each other. I thought you were very attractive and seem to have an independent spirit about you. It appeared you were traveling by yourself. My flight was called and I went to board. As I went past, you looked up; I said, “have a nice afternoon.” You say, “I will” with a smile “later”

I went back to my seat and told myself to get her out of my mind, I wasn’t in her league. So I sat down and got settled. I dozed during take off and then started reading my book. As I was reading a piece of paper fell on to my open book. I looked up and you had continued walking towards the back. I looked at the paper, it said ” Hi, it is later now and you can make my afternoon very nice if you like, come back to the restroom on the left.” I probably turn 3 different shades of red, feeling that everyone could read the note. Causally getting up I walked to the back and tried the door on the left. I step in quickly and close the door.

As I turn you said, “I didn’t think you were coming, glad you did” We are standing so close we can feel each others body heat. Our eyes locked, I took your hand and held it, squeezing and massaging your palm and fingers. I brought your fingers to my mouth and kiss them and open your palm and kiss the center. You pull my face towards yours. I could hear you breathing harder. Your lips gently touch mine, over and over. Your tongue slipped between my lips. I suck the sweet tasting organ into my mouth. Mmmmm I press your body against the sink in the small area. You could feel my cock grow between us as we kissed. I leaned back and unbuttoned your blouse and admired the beauty of your breasts in lacy cups. I bent forward and kissed and sucked each, I felt your hips pushing against me with a rhythm. I slipped your left breast out and sucked your nipple like you were feeding me. You hand went behind my head and pulled me hard against your chest. You say “I need it, I want you in me” I can see you pulling up your dress. You had already taken your panties off and I see a beautiful mound and you musk fills my nose much to my delight. I lift you up to sit on the edge of the sink. I said ” Someone had us in mind when they designed the height of the sink”.

You undo my pants and jerk them down. My cock stands before you hard and throbbing. You take hold of it and rub your clit and pussy lips with my cock. You are so wet and I am dripping pre cum. You have such a sultry look in your eyes you say ” fuck me honey”. I push my hips forward and sink into you. Your legs wrap around me. There is little room for much movement. We move in faster and faster short strokes. As we get closer to cumming we kiss deeply and you start to moan. My hands are on your ass and I am driving into you hard and fast. The roar of the jet engines covers the wet, sucking sound of us coming together. You bite my shoulder and spasm against me as I hold you tight. Then I ask you “can I cum now?” You say “Oh yes babe fill me”. I could hold out no longer and shoot my hot load into you. My orgasm sends waves through my body. We kiss and get dressed quickly. We trade hotel numbers knowing one reservation will be cancelled. I would pick you up at six.

First you exit the restroom and close the door and as the person waiting line opens the door, I step out causing them to do a double take. One stewardess looks at us knowingly and gives a sly smile. She had told the other passengers the restroom we were in was out of order and was being serviced. 🙂

Sales Call

We had been talking online for quite sometime, almost a year. You knew that I was married, what city and where I worked. There was little that we didn’ t know about each other. Our trust grew as time went on.

We chatted about many things from current events to family life to our fantasized sensual desires. Many times we wished to be able to come through the phone wire to the others location to make those desires come true.

Our phone conversations were few and far between. When we did talk we were laying in bed in the dark, our hands touching ourselves as we slipped into an erotic dream coming from the others voice on the line. The moans, the need in the others voice as we spoke and finally the release that we wanted…but wishing it was at the hand of the other. Then laying there listening to each other breathe. It was as if you were lying next to me instead of many miles away. It’s always so hard to hang up the phone.

Once in a while you would call me at work and see how my day is going. What a nice break in my day. One day you called and asked about my day and what I was doing at lunch. I said it was the same Beylikdüzü Escort old boring day and that I was going out for lunch. You said you had to go and that you would see me soon. I thought that was a figure of speech. Wrong!

The front desk buzzed me and said I had a salesperson in the lobby. I said that was fine, send them back to my office. In walked this active woman beaming a very big smile. I stood and said Hi, I’m Anthony. As I looked up, the face seems very familiar to me. You said “I know” smiling. You could see the realization on my face that I was puzzled..that something was up. You were almost laughing and said I’m…I said yes I know and smiled. I reach for the door and closed it. Then we kissed.

Your hand pulls open your trench coat to reveal a white lace crop top, a garter and stockings with heels. You asked me if I thought this was appropriate business wear. I said, “Yes”. We kissed and fondled each other. Seems to me that this was a fantasy of ours. You said, “Really, I don’t remember” with a sly grin.

I closed my blinds and let you sit on my desk. You let your coat drop back revealing such a sensual sight. I put your feet on the arms of my chair and moved in closer. I let my face hover over your mound to inhale your musk. Then I had to taste you, my tongue dipped between your lips sampling your wetness.

MMM the taste and smell were incredible. The softness of your lips and your hard clit as my tongue move over them was exquisite. I feel you fingers in my hair pushing down on me. We both know we must be very quiet so as not to be heard. I can hear your breathing quicken and your body reacting to my efforts to please you. My face is covered with your juices.

I feel your legs go over my shoulders as you lean back. Sometimes you are watching me feast and others you are lost in pleasure. I feel you muscles start to contract and your body shakes. I could see that you were trying hard to be quiet as you came into my mouth. I sucked the your juices out of you. So wet and tasty. Finally you hugged your body around my head. Your breathing in my ear tells me all.

You slide off the desk and kneel before me as I sit in my chair. Unzipping my pants you look possessed, wanting what is in there. You free my cock ohhhh babe that feels so good. Smiling as you look at me you lick the precum that drips from the tip. You say you love my shaven cock and balls as you caress me. Your hand moves up and down my shaft as you suck the tip. I move my hips forward giving you more room. My head is back; I am trying not to moan.

I see you fingering yourself as you suck me. Then you take your well-lubed finger and slide it up my ass. I almost come out of my chair. I feel you mouth take me in deep as you go down on me. My body trusts forward and I shoot my cum into your mouth. I hear you sucking it down. I am almost panting as you clean me up. You stand up and slip your coat on. Leaning over me you kiss me deeply sharing my cum with me mmmm.

Nice doing business with you Mr. Brown, here is a key to my room in town. I will be there whenever you leave work today. You leave and I watch the clock to see that it doesn’t seem that I am following you out. Twenty minutes later I am drive across town to meet with my new sales rep again 🙂

The Beach

We walked out of the hotel and it was a warm, breezy summer day. You had on a very light sundress that took the shape of your desirable body. We walk through narrow streets, looking at the stores and crafts of the locals. We sampled food from a stand, and as I bit into mine I got some on my cheek. You asked me to lean over. As I did you very sensually lick and kissed my cheek. I was electrified all over. To be that close to you and touching in this normal but erotic way. We walked and talk now holding hands and touching each other like arms around the waist which leads to more kissing, longer and deeper. We lose track of where and who is around getting lost in kissing each other. We arrive at the beach, I say it would be a great day to swim. You say let’s! I said we don’t have any suits. You say you have very nice panties and bra sent, I smiled and said my blue bikini underwear look like trunks. We go over to the changing areas and ditch the unnecessary clothes and walk hand in hand to the water. Kids are playing at the water’s edge; the beach is full of sunbathers. There is a sand bar about 40 yards off the beach, I say lets swim out to it. The water is cool and refreshing. We get to the sand bar and I can just stand and keep my shoulders out of the water. You hang on me since you can’t touch the bottom. Our skin against each other very little clothes between us. We kiss mmmm. I get so hard that you can feel me grow in size against you. I look at the beach and people can’t really tell what we are doing. I pull down my underpants and I put your hands on my cock. You eyes go big with surprise and you smiled. You kiss me and start Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan pulling on me as I pull your panties off, my hand goes to between your legs, and I feel the heat. I put your legs around me and pull you down on to me. You’re so tight and hot, the waves provide a slow up and down motion, we look into each other’s eyes as the waves slowly make us fuck each other. We enjoy the pace kissing, holding each other as I go in and out of you. After a bit we get glassy eye and our breathing faster. Your body contracts and shudders and I hold you close as you cum. I pull you hard on me and shoot my load deep into you. We hold each other listening to each other breathe feeling the heart beat of the other slowly return to normal. You say we should return to the hotel for and nice shower and watch the sun set from your room. I agree…hmm now if I can find our clothes 🙂

Hotel Room

We meet at the conference and share a quiet dinner at a very nice place. Throughout dinner there is a feeling of electricity between us. We were both attracted to each other from the start.

We go to my room kissing in the elevator as we go up. The room is drenched in the golden city lights, we can look down and see the nighttime activities, but that was just a quick glance what we wanted to see was before us.

I slowly undressed you taking my time remove each article of clothing touching, kissing and tasting as I go. Finally you stand before me in your beauty. You take your time and do the same with me. I stand there letting you do what you like as you undress me.

I lead you over to a big chair and have you sit down; I place your legs over the padded arms and kneel before you. I deeply inhale your scent; mmmm I want to taste you. I kiss and suck on your mound as I work my way to you clit.

You were so wet as I tasted your juices. I ran my tongue up and down your lips over your clit. mmm you tasted so good. I put my hands under your ass, raise you to my mouth, and plunged my tongue deep into you.

I sat there licking and sucking your pussy. I felt your fingers in my hair, hearing your breathing as I enjoyed drinking you in, my face is wet with you, I would not stop until I know that you had enjoyed my actions as much as I had in doing them. I feel your muscles tighten and contract, I sense a frenzied need to continue, stop, and go faster all at once your moaning and breathing reach a peak and your body relaxes in my hands.

I stand up and you can see pre cum dripping from me. You take me in your hands and let it drip on to your tongue. Then you suck as much out as you can, stand and kiss me deeply. You take my hand and lead me to the bed where we continue our passion.

As I stood up my pre-cum was streaming for the tip of my cock. You caught it and let some pool in the palm of your hand. One hand on my cock you lick the pre-cum off of your hand “mmmm so thick and salty” You sucked as much as you could from my cock, trying to get all the clear sticky goodness you could for me.

We went over to the bed and I asked if you trusted me. You said yes, I took four silk ties and tie your wrists and ankles to the bed coroners. Soft candlelight and music set the room now. As you lay there I start massaging your body with warm oil. Rubbing it in deeply to your legs, arms and all areas away from your hot zones. Finally, I dripped oil on your right breast and worked the oil in, pulling and rubbing your breast and nipple. Your breast swelled and the nipple begged for attention. I paid the same respects to your other until it was full and beautiful. Gently biting they undersides of your breasts and sucking on those beautiful nipples.

Moving between your legs I brought out a razor and shaving cream and proceeded to shave you mound and pussy clean. Slowly taking my time to do a good job fingering you as I went to keep you on the edge teasing you. Taking you to the edge but not allowing you to cum. You were so wet between your legs after my shaving you. I licked and sucked your slick clean pussy. I said now “we match both of us are smooth and hairless”.

I put a big pillow under your ass and knelt between your legs and held my cock in my hand. I used it like a tool on you rubbing it up and down your pussy. Slipping myself in just a bit and back out. You raised your hips and wanted me to drive my cock deep into you. I looked into your eyes as I slowly sank my cock into your sopping wet pussy The feeling was so magnificent. Our bodies flowed together as I pushed in and your hips thrust forward to take me as deep as I could go into you. We both stayed very still, I could feel you gripping me and then I slowly started moving just a little in and out. Very slowly, very small movements, until I was all the way out and slowly back in again.

Our breathing became quicker and the thrusting of our bodies’ beck came faster and faster. My hips were moving quickly going deep until Escort Beylikdüzü we grind together. Harder and faster, the smells, sounds lustful need and passion. Your moaning and the tensing of your body with orgasm was so rewarding to see that I thrust forward and filled your pussy with my cum. I kept cumming deep into you You slip your wrists & feet from you silky restraints as we fall into a restful sleep. My last thoughts were of a morning shower together 🙂 mmmmm


We agreed to meet at the park for lunch. It was supposed to be a nice day, however when lunch rolled around thunderstorms had moved into the area. We were the only ones in the park. We sat in the back seat of your car. We talked and laughed as we sat there.

Finally, I took your hand in mine. I ran my fingers over yours, I kissed your hand as we locked eyes. I kissed your wrist and the back of your hand. Then I put your thumb into my mouth and sucked very senusally as we looked into each others eyes. I pulled you close and we kissed gentlely, softly and long.

My hand was in your hair, feeling how soft it was, I pulled your head back and kissed and sucked your neck. I heard you moan, your breathing deep…my lips moved to your ear and sucked on your ear lobe breathing into your ear. My fingers unbuttoned your blouse and I see a beautiful white lace bra. I cupped your breast and gentley bit and kissed your breast. I felt your hand hold my head against you. Your other hand found my hard cock through my pants. I raised my head, we kissed….hungerly and passionately.

I suggested we go to someplace more comfortable and you agreed. We drove to my house and the storm seemed to worsen. Inside I brought a big soft comforter and laid it in front of the fireplace. The fire provided the only light, rich golden light flickers over us. There was a flash and boom from the storm. We both undressed and admired each others bodies. Your hands caressed my hardness and balls…you tell me you love the smooth shaven feel of my cock. Leaning over you kiss and suck the head of my cock, mmmm you say as you taste the precum that is dripped from me. I brought your head up and you shared the taste with me.

I pulled you down on the comforter and positioned myself between your legs, my hands rubbed the inside of your thighs. You looked so beautiful laying there in front of me. I licked and kissed the inside of your thighs, I could smell your delicous musk and wanted to taste you so much. I rubbed my cheek over your smooth mound and inhaled mmmmm babe. I slipped my tongue into your wetness. The warm juices entered my mouth.

Your hips raised to meet my mouth. Looking up I saw your body reacting to my touch. I felt your fingers in my hair pulling me closer. Licking and sucking your clit into my mouth, the softness of your skin excited me as I moved my tongue. Your muscles flexed and relaxed with waves of pleasure. Using the end of my tongue I lapped at your hard clit and then the full length of your lips sucked your juices as I went. Your moans and the sudden tensing of your body told me I had done well. You laid there breathing hard as I sucked the sweetness from your body.

You told me to lay on my back , you took my cock and sucked the dripping precum from me,,,,the feel of your mouth taking my shaft into you was so electrifying to my senses Then you straddled me and held my cock in your hands, slowly lowering your wetness down on to me. We looked into each others eyes as you teased me by letting just a little of me into you. You could see it was driving me crazy.

I placed my hands on your hips and pulled you down on to me as I thrusted my hips upward to go deep into you as I could. We held each others hands and looked into each others soul as you gripped me. You were so tight as I tried to go deeper into you. Our faces lost composure as we did our mating moves. Our bodies together moved with raw lusty jerks and groans. My hands held your breasts as my hips lifted you off the floor. My whole body wanted the release that would pour into yours mixing our cum together. Both of us were dripping with sweat by the fire as we created our own. My breaths were coming faster. Our gaze almost never broke that connected the body and spirit making us one. You leaned forward and said fill me now Anthony…. And I did.

We laid together relaxing, talking and kissing. It was as if the storm mirrored our sexual feeling for it now had become a gentle rain. We heard a car door close and the door openned. My wife looked upon us and said someone had been enjoying the storm with a smile, We made some drinks and felt that there may be another storm brewing.

Play Rape

She wanted me to do it, we had talked a little about it so a month or two after

I took the day off work…I knew she had a dentist appointment right after work

I stopped by her work and took the seats out of the van and followed her to the dentist office.

It was gray and overcast, getting dark early. She left her door unlocked and didn’t notice the seats missing. I saw her walk across the street…I hid down behind her seat. She got in and I put my hand around her neck and grabbed her pulled her into the back and forced her down. Scared the s— out of her. Big gasp of air.

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