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Matt’s Birthday Present

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Author’s note: Matt requested this story and suggested a framework for it almost three years ago and I put him off because I was working on one of my own stories. Poor guy ended up waiting a long time. Please accept my apologies Matt and I hope this one was worth the wait. Not just for you, but for the rest of my patient fans as well. This will most likely be my last post here. In the future, if you want to read my works you will need to search my pen name or send me an email. Thank you to all who read and comment on my work.

Sometimes a guy can have it all and it still isn’t enough. Take for instance my good friend Matt. He ups and goes to college in South Africa, to Kearsney College in Hillcrest, a western suburb of the ocean side city of Durban. Attending college in such a beautiful spot with loads of sunshine, palm trees and miles of incredible beaches nearby should be enough on its own. Heaven knows it would be for me, but then I’m not Matt. Matt had to go and ratchet it up yet another notch. Not that it was his intent at the time, he was actually just being his usual nice guy self. Matt was refueling his car at a BP Station on M33 when he noticed a car sitting in the lot with the hood up and steam wafting from underneath. Being the nice guy that he is Matt approached the car to offer his assistance. Imagine his delighted surprise when the driver turned out to be an incredibly beautiful young woman.

Long blonde hair, green eyes and a curvaceous figure that was not hidden in the least by the white shorts and red tank top she wore. The young woman was on her way to a photo shoot on Tongaat Beach when her car’s radiator decided it had had enough of the heat. Matt couldn’t fix the radiator, but he could deliver her to the photo shoot. He made arraignments to have the car repaired at a local shop he used and then they were off for the coast. On the way out he learned her name, Tracy, her aspirations to become a model and that she liked any music that had a good dance beat. Matt spent the day with her at the photo shoot. He stood quietly by burning into his memory how her body moved with each new pose for the camera. When they got back to her car Matt paid the repair shop to help her out since funds were tight and they made plans for a date the following weekend. A month later they were dating.

The next year was pretty idyllic for Matt. Tracy’s modeling career exploded and in South Africa she was becoming quite popular. With the fame also came money, money she was willing to spend on her boyfriend. Matt was the envy of all of his friends and pretty much 90% of the male population in the region. I’d like to tell you that they lived happily ever after, but like all tales there are some bumps in the road.

Matt’s bump was a fixation with T-Girls. When Tracy was out of town on a shoot Matt would spend his down time surfing the Shemale/Tranny sites. Matt was nuts about Tracy, but there was just something about those girls with a little, or in some cases a lot, extra that turned him on. And when the girl was dominant…oh my…that was the icing on the cake. Now I don’t want you to read too much into all of this and think that Matt was secretly gay and pining away for some guy. Matt was very much a girl’s guy. He liked them and they liked him. He was about 5′ 9″ tall, well built and good looking with brown eyes and dark brown hair that was always stylish. Top all that off with a pair of full lips that made girls want to kiss him and these things assured that he never suffered from a lack of dating options. In fact, sex with Tracy was off the charts, because she was the kind of girl that liked sex and would pretty much do it anywhere. Including in public places. But that’s a different story and one Matt should tell.

Matt was pretty computer savvy and generally did a good job of covering his surfing tracks until that day Tracy came home early to surprise him. She didn’t catch him in the act, but it was darn close. The worst part was Matt didn’t get a chance to get back in to delete his browsing history. About a month passed and Tracy never mentioned finding evidence of his T-Girls and slowly he began to relax. This sounds like the place in the story where it should be coming to an end, but alas, that is not the case. Matt’s story is just beginning….

Tracy was looking in the mirror as she put on her favorite hoop earrings. Matt laid on the bed and watched her as she got dressed. He loved to watch how her body moved. He didn’t have class until later in the morning and tried to make sure his schedule always afforded him the opportunity to watch her morning routine.

“Tracy, you are the most beautiful woman in the world.” She smiled at him in the mirror. He told her this every morning. “I can’t believe that you were just in bed making love to me. I must be dreaming, but if I am don’t wake me up! I want to dream this forever!” Tracy looked amazing in a lacy black dress that came to the middle of her silky thighs. You could see through the dress in most places except where some panels were built in for the barest of modesty. Her makeup accentuated her green eyes and the strappy pumps made her already long legs look unbelievable. “I’m sure if you woke me up I’d be in bed with some 5 foot tall, 200 pound toothless woman.” Tracy laughed and the sound of it made his heart glow.

“I’m sure she’s much more beautiful Kartal Olgun Escort than I am.” Tracy turned and faced him. “After all, just look at me! I’m far too skinny!” she came over to the bed and without warning pinched him. He yelped and tried to squirm away as she pinched him a couple of more times. “Not waking up? Too bad, you must be stuck in this hell with me!” She laughed as he sullenly rubbed at the pinched spots.

“I guess it is a hell. Damn, those hurt!”

“Awww, let me give you a kiss and then you’ll forget all about them.” Tracy leaned in and pressed her soft lips to his and true to her word Matt forgot all about the pain.

“Sure I can’t talk you into staying a little longer?” He asked after the kiss.

“I’d love to do nothing more than make love to you all day for your birthday, but someone is willing to pay me quite a bit of money to wear their skimpy clothes and I don’t want to disappoint them.”

“I suppose that is for the best.”

“Take my word for it, it is.” Tracy went back to the mirror for one last look. She straighten some imaginary wrinkles then looked at Matt in the mirror and said, “I’ve made some special arrangements for your birthday. I thought I’d take you out to a club in Durham called The Lounge. It’s on Stamford Hill Rd. Do you know it?”

“No. What kind of club is it?”

“It’s a dance club of course! So wear some comfortable shoes. There’ll be lots of dancing…amongst other things.” Tracy winked at him in the mirror and Matt almost got a hard-on simply from the implied possibility of public sex. She knew how much that turned him on. “Will you meet me there?” He sat up in bed and nodded, tasseled hair bouncing as he answered,

“Of course!” She turned away from the mirror and gave him one last passionate kiss. The kind he loved, were her tongue filled his mouth. She broke the kiss and gave him a smile.

“See you at the club birthday boy!” She was out of the room before he realized he didn’t know what time.

“Tracy!” He called after her. “What time?!”

“After 9 baby!” He heard the door close and he was alone. He glanced at the clock and had a couple of hours before he had to be at class so he hopped out of bed and turned on his laptop as he headed to the bathroom. When he came out he jumped on his imaginary surf board and caught a wave to one of his favorite spots, Foxy Angel’s website. He had originally found out about her pictures through an erotic story he’d read on line and since then had become a fan. Angel is a tall blonde American T-Girl with an incredible figure and a megawatt smile. Matt could easily take care of business just looking at her standing there wearing nothing but some high heels and a hard-on. Lucky for him there were quite a few of those shots and also lots of pictures of her with her impressive girl cock buried balls deep in some fortunate guy. He wasn’t sure if he would actually want to be in that position, but it was fun to fantasize about! He clicked on a video where she is pumping some bald muscular guy’s ass while his head is stuffed in a sports locker. In no time Matt is blowing his approval into a wad of tissues.

At the Club

Matt entered The Lounge with a smile. He stopped at the first bar he came to and ordered a local beer from Black Horse Brewery. Matt is blessed with a youthful face and the bartender asked to see his identification to prove he was at least 18. He looks from the ID back to Matt.

“Happy Birthday Matt! Your first beer’s on the house and I was told to send you to the party room in the back. You’re girlfriend Tracy has something special planned for you.” He gave Matt a wink as he pointed him toward the party. Matt grin grew even bigger. He worked through the people dancing to the throbbing beat and headed toward a pair of double doors in the back wall. There was no one in front of them so he pulled one open and walked inside.

“SURPRISE!!!” The room exploded with sound. People were clapping and cheering and some patted him on the back as they all hustled him deeper into the room. He looked all around as he moved farther inside and realized that it was set up like a small amphitheater. At the back was a raised stage and the floor stepped down toward it where Tracy stood in a pool of bright light. Still in that incredible dress from this morning she looked dazzling. In one hand she held a glass of Champagne as she beckoned to him to join her on stage. Matt’s heart was beating hard as he mounted the two steps to reach his girlfriend. She took his hand and pulled him into a kiss causing the room to explode again in cheers and catcalls. This made Tracy laugh and brought an end to the kiss. She held up her hands for everyone to quiet down and slowly the volume dropped to just a rustle.

“For those of you who don’t know him, I would like to introduce you to my birthday boy, Matt!” Polite applause. “Today is his 21st birthday and I promised him something special!” This brings on much louder applause and it takes a while for Tracy to get the crowd back under control. “You see, Matt is a rather saucy young man with unusual appetites.” Behind her hand she confided in the crowd, “He likes it when we do it in public.” This brings out more cheers and catcalls from the audience. Tracy puts her empty hand on her hip and gives a little shimmy as she holds her Champagne glass above her Kartal Sarışın Escort head. All of the blood drains from Matt’s face.

“Tracy! What are you doing?”

“I’m giving you your birthday present!” She slurs her speech just a little and Matt knows right then that she has already had more than a few drinks.

“I’m not sure this is….”

“Nonsense!” She caressed his cheek with her hand. “I want to do this for you baby!” She turns back to the crowd. “How many of you want to see Matt get fucked on this very stage!” The room goes crazy and Matt is mortified. She’s been ok with doing it in dangerous places, but never as an exhibition. And what about her career? Is she going to throw all of that away for one night of craziness? From somewhere in the crowd a guy hollered,

“Take it off Tracy!”

She turned in the direction of the voice and with a huge smile downed the Champagne and tossed the glass out into the crowd. She reaches behind her back for the zipper and starts to pull it down slowly, ever so slowly, the room dissolved into more of a ruckus than ever, but before she got too far Tracy broke out laughing. “Not by me you bunch of sillies, by her!” Tracy pointed over to a darker part of the stage and all eyes fell on the Amazonian beauty that stepped confidently into the light. Her long blonde hair shone in the lights and her brown eyes smoldered. She looked at Matt as if she wanted to devour him. Cheers slowly broke out as the audience began to recognize her. She was wore a skin tight red dress with red stilettos to match. In measured strides she approached Matt and stopped with her breasts only inches from his chest. She placed her hands on her hips and stood commandingly before him. Matt wanted to drop straight through the floor. Before him stood the woman who earlier on his laptop had buried her dick in the bald guy’s ass with his head in the locker. He was looking up into the stern eyes of Foxy Angel.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” Tracy continued, “I would like to introduce to you the Legendary Foxy Angel! Though I had to apologize to her when we first spoke because I didn’t know who she was until I read about her on the internet. And wouldn’t ever have known about her if it hadn’t been for good ole Matt here!” She gave Matt a slap on the back that pushed him into Angel’s boobs. “You see, Matt doesn’t seem to like all of this,” She made sweeping motions around her magnificent body. “He likes girls like Angel here. Girls with a little something extra, or in Angel’s case, a lot extra. Nine inches of thick hard girl meat!” Tracy grabbed her crotch. “Something I don’t have.” She pushed out her bottom lip in a pout. “So being the brilliant girlfriend that I am, I have arranged for Angel and Matt to meet and put on a little show for you all.” Sudden realization engulfed Matt and he whirled to confront Tracy. Ever the one to be quick on his mental feet he goes for denial.

“What are you talking about Tracy? I don’t have any idea who this person is and sure as hell….”

“Don’t lie to me! I read it all on the computer! She wasn’t the only one, but Angel sure as hell is your favorite! Show him Angel.”

From somewhere Angel produced a smart phone and after a couple of clicks she read out to the crowd.

“He was on the site at 8:36 this morning and watched one of the locker room videos.” She looked at Matt. “Nice choice.” She purred. “Those are some of my favorites.” Angel gave him a knowing wink. Matt realized things were veering out of control fast. He started to make for the stairs to get the hell out, but before he could get very far several burly guys barred his path. When he backed up Tracy grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back by Angel.

“Now, now Matt. This is the chance of a lifetime! You don’t want to pass this up, do you?” He turned to Tracy, soft and urgent he said,

“Please, please Tracy. Stop this! I’m sorry I looked at those sites. I won’t ever do it again. Please tell everyone this is just a big joke!” Tracy’s eyes and tone were ice cold as she replied,

“Oh it’s a big joke alright. And I’m the one laughing. You should have thought about how seeing that might make me feel. I really like Angel. I think we’ll still be friends after this is all over. Can’t say the same for us.” To the crowd she said, “I think it’s time to get this show on the road!” Cheers swell to fill the room. “Now Matt here thinks he’s quite the lover and to be honest I’ve had worse.” Another voice from the crowd says, “Let me try!” Tracy smiles and replies, “Maybe we’ll talk after the show….” The crowd goes wild. “….but don’t bet on it!” People around the person who yelled push and jeer at him. “Matt also thinks he’s pretty well hung, so I think we need to have a little contest to see how he measures up with a woman like Angel.” Again the crowd erupts. Matt turned and looked at Angel where a bulge was already evident in the front of her dress. The smile on her face showed absolute confidence that she would win. “Come on you two, let’s see that equipment!”

Without hesitation Angel pulled up the front of her dress and pushed her panties down to free her already growing member. All Matt could do was stand there and gawk. She was maybe half hard and he already knew that he was in trouble. Angel looked at Matt expectantly and when he made no move to join the competition she said,

Kartal Şişman Escort “What’s wrong Matt? Cat got your penis?” This got a chuckle from the crowd. “Let me guess, when you took a shower it shrunk in the wash.” More chuckles from the audience. “Maybe you need a little help.” Angel stepped up to Matt and squatted all the way down till her butt hit her heals, her cock hung between her feet. He tried to back up, but Tracy was behind him. She put her mouth by his ear.

“Don’t you want your dick sucked? You couldn’t get enough of it this morning.” Some people in the front heard her and snickered. “Matt, there is no use resisting. This is something you’ve dreamed of and I’m here to help make it happen.” Tracy said mockingly.

Angel undid Matt’s shorts and pulled them down to reveal his penis. It was shriveled with fear and the few people that could see it and compare it to Angel’s could easily see whose was larger. Angel said,

“Oh look at the poor little thing. It must have stage fright. Here let me coax it some.” Her warm mouth engulfed him and even though he was dying of embarrassment his penis began to respond. It grew quickly in her mouth. She was very good, much better than Tracy, but then she had a familiarity with the equipment that Tracy didn’t possess. The crowd only murmured while Angel worked and when she pulled away Matt was at full attention. Angel stood up and turned Matt so the crowed could see them together. She faced him and moved in close enough to get their cocks side by side. Then grabbed them both in one hand as her other hand grabbed a hunk of butt cheek to help keep them close. She pumped back and forth, her hand sliding along the pair of dicks and it was obvious that she was already longer and thicker. But Angel wanted more than just to win. She wanted to drive her superiority home so she pulled her hand away and said,

“What do you think everyone? How does our birthday boy measure up?” They all started hollering and talking at once. Matt’s insides were like water, he was humiliated…and yet…excited. His penis was achingly hard as he watched Angel stroke her cock. She reached out and took his hand. She wrapped it around her growing member and said, “C’mon Matt. Give a girl a hand. You want me to be at my biggest don’t you? We should both be at our best for a competition like this.” She felt hot and it was strange to hold another person’s penis in his hand, let alone one so much larger than his own. So why was he so excited? He knew what it was. This curvy woman’s body was exciting to look at, but add in the fact that he was holding her cock and it was intoxicating. And make no mistake about it, it was a cock. Where his penis was thin and light, Angel’s cock was fat and heavy. Hers had a certain power behind it that made Matt weak in the knees. Angel watched his eyes as he stroked her. She said softly, just for him to hear, “You can feel it can’t you. The power. The confidence that radiates from me. It’s fully hard now and you want to keep stroking it don’t you.” And Matt did. He was mesmerized like a mouse caught in the eyes of a snake. There was a petite dark skinned beauty in the front of the crowd and Angel motioned for her to come up on the stage. “You will be our official judge. Take them in your hands and tell the crowd which is the biggest. Which of us has a real cock and which only has a little penis!” The girl licked her lips as she looked at them both. The crowd called and hooted as she took them each in hand. Without hesitation she lifted Angel’s cock like she was lifting a prize fighters arm and declared,

“We have a winner!” The crowd went wild as Angel took a bow.

Angel turned to Matt and said, “It’s time. You need to get on your knees and show the room and the world, I’m the winner.” She stood in front of him, hands on her hips, her straining girl cock standing straight out from her body, just like it did in all those pictures on her website. How many times had he fantasized about her forcing him to pleasure her and now here she was, but something held him back. He wasn’t sure he wanted to be that submissive guy. Panic began to overcome him and he wanted to get out of the room, run out into the night and away from all of this. He started to back away, trying to find an escape. The look on Angel’s face darkened as she realized that she was going to have to take command of the situation. “Matt!” He stopped cold and the whole place when quiet. She began to tap her foot, one hand still on her hip as she pointed to the floor at her feet with the other. “On…your…knees.” It didn’t seem possible, but Matt thought her cock looked a little bigger and harder at that moment. She was comfortable with her power and her confidence flowed out around him like an ocean wave, the undertow pulling him back to her. When he was in front of her, she looked down at him and put a hand on each shoulder. With little actual effort she pushed him down into position. Her cock looked massive just inches from his face. “It’s going to be hard to swallow, but don’t worry, I’ll help.” Tears streamed down his face, this was his last chance to stop, but he didn’t. He opened his mouth and took the tip inside. He struggled with the size, but she took no pity on him. She leaned forward at the hips and placed both hands on the back of his head and pulled him forward until he gagged. The group cheered and Angel said loudly, “That’s it Matt. This is the way to show your respect when you lose a cock fight with a T-Girl.” Matt looked up at her across the wrinkled red expanse of her dress. Angel’s face was serious and he could tell from her eyes she expected him to obey her. “Now, suck me.” She commanded and Matt complied.

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