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My Sensuous Aunt Madge Ch. 02

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The next morning I awakened remembering the events of the night before and thought about how I should proceed. Looking at the cum sticking to me with still more of it crusting on my sheets and feeling the hardness of my cock, I decided to abandon my trout fishing plan which could take days to fully implement.

In my mind, I knew Aunt Madge had a submissive nature or perhaps I only wished she did. At any rate, it was obvious she was very horny and I was sure this was mostly due to her apparently not having been with a man for quite some time. However, I was not quite as confident about my ability to make her surrender to me as I had been last night. I was sure the wine had emboldened me and as much as it had lowered Aunt Madge’s inhibitions. My dilemma was how to proceed with her. Well, that could wait until after I had cleaned myself up and gotten ready for the day.

While I was in the shower, I kept thinking of how to move forward with Aunt Madge. After all, we would both have to see each other every day and right or wrong there was a very strong and undeniable attraction of each of us for the other. Suddenly, a thought swept over me like a wave in the ocean washing me to the shore. If I wanted her to yield herself to me and submit to my wishes and desires then I would have to assert myself as her dominant male. How would I do that?

I knew I would have to condition her to taking directions from me, following them immediately and performing each task to perfection. Was she submissive enough to be conditioned quickly or would I have to lead her slowly into it? In order to discover that, I would have to see how she reacted this morning when I went downstairs for breakfast. She might just pretend she was very drunk last night and didn’t remember anything that had happened. I finished in the bathroom and wrapped a towel around my waist. I had not bothered to put on my robe to simply walk across the hall from my bedroom to the bathroom and back.

As I stepped into the hall, my aunt had just reached the top of the stairs apparently on her way up to her bedroom and probably to avoid an early morning “awkward moment” with me. She was wearing a very short navy blue satin robe which clung to her shapely body.

“Good morning, Michael I was coming to wake you up. Breakfast is almost ready,” she said cheerfully.

“Good morning, Madge,” I greeted her with a smile noting I had been incorrect about her reason for coming upstairs, “Did you sleep well?”

“No,” she replied in a somewhat pouty voice, “someone locked their bedroom door last night.”

It was now or never I thought as I spread my arms inviting her to come and hug me.

“Come here, Madge,” I said softly.

Without the slightest hint of hesitation, she rushed into my arms and kissed me fully on the lips and pressed her body firmly against me which indicated to me this might, indeed, work out very well.

“Damn! I wanted so badly to sleep with you last night and wake up with you this morning. If I’m acting like a horny and wanton slut, it is because I am. Michael, you’re hot and sexy and I’m so horny I’m ready to explode so if it’s wrong for me to think and act this way, I really don’t care,” she said sounding completely sure of herself.

“Madge, keep on acting like a slut. At this moment you are my slut and I am going to ravage you hungry wanton pussy,” I said boldly as I scooped her petite body into my arms and carried her down the hall to her bedroom.

She was not struggling rather she was kicking her feet with joy, giggling like a school girl and almost screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Darling, carry your worthless, horny little slut to her own bed and make her your woman! I don’t care what either of us said last night about waiting, I want you to fuck me NOW!”

When I got to the bed, I tossed her unceremoniously onto it and commanded in a very stern tone of voice, “Strip bitch!”

She flashed me a beaming smile as she quickly shed her robe to completely reveal her exquisite body to my hungry and eager eyes and replied, “Yes, Sir!”

I was already naked since the towel I had wrapped around my waist had fallen off somewhere between the bathroom and Madge’s bed. My cock was fully erect and pointing directly at her as though it was a lance being carried by a medieval knight at a jousting contest.

I looked straight into her big, beautiful brown eyes which were now glazed with lust and said, “There will be no foreplay. I have no interest in your pleasure. If you cum, good. If you don’t, that’s just too bad. Right now you are my slut and my fuck toy. It is your duty to make me cum. Oh, by the way, I am not going to pull out when I come. You will take my seed inside your womb and thank me for putting it there. If you get pregnant, we will deal with that later,” I said with full authority.

“Please, Sir! I want… No, I need you to cum inside my womb. My body is for your pleasure. Use me as you wish,” she moaned passionately.

That was the second time she had called me “Sir” Halkalı escort which, once again, made me think something was very fishy about all of this. She was acting as if she was a trained submissive. She had told me I would be only her second lover. I was certain that had Uncle Bob been her Dom they would not have gotten a divorce. He would have merely brought in the other girl and Madge would have accepted it.

I really did not know a great deal about the D/s lifestyle but I had read about it quite extensively on the internet. As a result of that reading, I had developed some personal ideas about how I would live it given the opportunity. That thought, however, could wait until later. Right now, I had that opportunity and I intended to exploit it to its fullest by cumming inside Madge’s fertile womb and filling it with my young and potent sperm. I hoped she was either not ovulating or was or using some form of birth control. I had meant what I said about dealing with her what we would do if she was to get pregnant.

I had told her there would be no foreplay and there would be none. I really didn’t care whether she had an orgasm or not. I would savor the aroma and taste the nectar of her body some other time and give her numerous multiple and exquisite orgasms but this was not that time.

Fortunately, the juices of pussy were already flowing like a river. I took her immediately by driving my throbbing cock fully inside with the first powerful thrust of my hips and I did not waste any time or try to prolong my orgasm. I simply used her as the slut she claimed to be. When I was sated, I told her to fetch my breakfast serve it to me on a tray and if what she had cooked earlier was cold or I did not like it she was to throw it out and cook something fresh for me. Either she was going to be my sub or she was not and at that moment I really did not care which choice she made. I had just used her as nothing more than a cum bucket. If she wanted to be anything more than that, she would have to earn the priviledge.

Madge smiled at me and said, “Thank you, Sir. I will hurry.” She did not even pick up her robe as she departed for the kitchen.

Upon hearing those words, I instantly decided to raise the bar.

“Talana,” I called out just as she reached the door.

She stopped, turned around and looked at me inquisitively.

“Talana is your new name and if you are a very good girl today I may decide to give you pleasure and permit you to cum later,” I told her leaving no room for disagreement.

“Thank you, Sir. This girl appreciates that her master has chosen to give her a name and she shall do her very best to please you and not just so you will give her pleasure because your pleasure is her only concern,” she replied with what appeared to be a genuinely grateful smile and dashed through the open doorway.

‘Very interesting,’ I thought.

How far could I take her? Should I assume the role of a Tarnsman about which I read in the Chronicles of Gor authored by John Norman? What color silks would I ultimately choose for her to wear? White, yellow, red? She might make an excellent pleasure slave.

If I chose to go follow the Gorean path I might choose to have her physically branded as my property. Being a sub to a Dom is one thing…Being a slave to a Gorean master is entirely different. I knew if I chose that path I would ultimately be forced to break her spirit. Was she willing to go that far? Was I willing to take her that far? I would have to give that a great deal of thought.

I wondered what she would serve me for breakfast. I lay back on the pillow intent upon talking a short nap. However, the nap would have to wait as Talana (formerly Aunt Madge) returned in less than 10 minutes with a breakfast tray. As she brought the tray toward me, I saw she had presented the food perfectly. The eggs, bacon and even the hash browns were freshly cooked as way the toast. She had also prepared freshly sliced oranges and strawberries topped with whipped cream. There was a cup of steaming coffee, a glass of milk, and a glass of some kind of fruit juice.

“What kind of juice is that?” I asked her.

“It is passion fruit nectar, Sir. I made it myself especially for you earlier this morning. I used fresh passion fruit and turbinado sugar which I remember you told me you preferred. I hope it pleases you. Master, this girl truly desires only to please and serve you.” she said as she lowered her eyes and waited for my reply.

“I have never tasted passion fruit nectar but even if I do not like it I am well pleased that you prepared it for me fresh and did not pour it from a can,” I said giving her a bit of kindness and praise for her effort.

She placed the legged tray onto my lap and knelt by the side of the bed with her eyes lowered to the floor. I reached over and gently stroked her soft silky hair and said, “Talana, you have done well this morning. Sit on the bed beside me and feed me.”

I knew I would not Halkalı Escort Bayan use her merely as a cum bucket again. She might act like a slut, but she was destined to become much more to me than that.

She looked up at me her face glowing with happiness knowing she had pleased me. I smiled at her as she rose to her feet and sat on the edge of the bed next to me to feed me my breakfast. She was still naked.

“Talana, you are very special to me,” I said to her softly.

“Thank you, Sir. My only wish is to always serve and please you,” She replied.

“Your demeanor is that of a well trained pleasure slave. Who trained you?” I asked.

“I have never been trained, Sir,” Talana said.

“Where did learn to behave as you do?” I continued to question her.

“May I speak freely, Sir?” She asked shyly.

“Yes, Talana, you may,” I replied with genuine interest.

“I read quite a lot and I have known for a very long time that I am naturally submissive. I thought Bob could be my Dom, but he did not really understand my true needs. He was a good lover but he did not fully understand that I need more than just sexual gratification. I do not fully understand it myself but somehow last night I knew you were my true master although I do not know how I knew it,” she said.

Was she still playing some kind of game or was this really what she wanted and needed? Did she have so much as a clue as to how far I might choose to take this? I was sure she thought she was in control as she was not only 14 years my senior but also she was my aunt and my mother’s baby sister. I decided to be patient, keep pushing her buttons and see how this played out.

“Is there more you wish to say, Talana?” I asked her.

“Mmmm! Sir, I love my new name. Thank you for being so kind as to give it to me and while I do not know why you chose to give it to me I do know it makes me feel that I really do belong to you. I shall wear my name proudly and honorably for you,” she told me as tiny tears trickled down her lovely cheeks.

Now was the time for me to test myself and see if I could actually follow through with this. I had to take a calculated risk and trust my instincts rather than over analyze the situation.

“Talana, I do not subscribe to the protocol of a conventional D/s lifestyle. You will not be required to call me Sir or Master as I have no need for ego gratification. I will not degrade or humiliate you either publicly or privately. You are my now property because you, yourself, have chosen to be so and not because of some misguided interpretation or belief of others. Do you understand me? You are my property. I own you,” I said to her, “answer me quickly, girl.”

“Yes, S… Michael, I do understand. You are going much farther than a typical D/s relationship. I am your slave girl. Perhaps that is why I both recognized and accepted our positions in this relationship. I know I will make mistakes and displease you from time to time but it will never be because I am being a ‘brat.’ It will more likely be because I am also somewhat of a pain slut and I yearn for you to give me physical discipline. Please allow me to address you as Sir and Master at least when we are alone,” she said giving me yet another radiant but shy smile.

I laughed and said, “Well, since you will obviously welcome physical punishment I must find some other more meaningful means of discipline for you but we shall wait and see what I decide concerning how I shall allow you to address me. Do not ask me that again. You will know, instinctively, when I have reached my decision.”

Then I added solemnly, “I know of a far more difficult punishment for you to bear when I have to discipline you for displeasing or disrespecting me. I shall simply ignore you as if you do not even exist.”

“Oh my God! That would be cruel,” Talana groaned.

“Shut up, girl. I did not give you permission to speak,” I snapped at her.

“We both have “normal” things to do today. I have to mow the lawn and clean the pool and you have two sets of sheets to wash both these and mine, which are both stained and crusted with my cum. You also have a kitchen to clean. Oh, I’ll be moving in here today and sleeping with you from now on even if my mother and father should come to visit us. However, should we go to their house we shall abide by their rules. For other guests we might have here we will just ply things by ear,” I told her.

“Michael, please allow me to speak,” she pleaded.

“Very well speak,” I replied.

“I know I should not say this but I feel that I must. I love you and I know that very soon I will be deeply, madly and passionately in love with you.” Talana told me before asking, “May I please kiss you?”

I answered, “Yes, you may.”

After a very long and passionate kiss, I told her to get her ass busy with her chores as I had my own to which to attend and we would have plenty of time for other things later. She acted a little pouty but I knew Escort Halkalı she was just being playful so I dismissed it and we both got dressed. Well, I got dressed and since she would be doing her work inside I told her to remain naked and she readily agreed to do so, as if she really had a choice at this point.

While I was mowing the lawn and tending to my other chores in the yard, I had a lot of time to think about all that had transpired. Aunt Madge, who was now Talana, would require a very firm hand if I was to actually enslave her. She seemed willing, even eager, but would she fully adjust to this sudden change in her life and embrace it? That remained somewhat of a mystery to me.

After I had finished with my work outside, cleaned the lawn mower and put everything away, I went inside. Talana was in the kitchen still naked and preparing lunch for us.

“Talana, put on an apron. I do not wish to have you, my property, injured by a kitchen accident. Oh, you will address me as Sir from now on in front of everyone and that does include my parents. The only exceptions are your colleagues from your school,” I told her.

“Yes, Sir may I please speak?” She asked as she took an apron from a drawer near the stove and put it on. “Yes, Talana you may speak and you may speak freely,” I replied.

“Thank you, Sir, for permitting me to wear an apron. I do not wish to displease you by clumsily damaging your property,” she said sounding as if she was serious.

“Girl, you are doing well now go upstairs and draw a bath for me. I wish for you to bathe me but first bring me a beer. I am hot and sweaty. I will be out by the pool.” I commanded.

“Yes, Sir, I should already know this but do you wish for me to keep glasses or mugs in the freezer for you,” she asked as she moved toward the refrigerator?

“No, that is not necessary at this time, but you please me by asking,” I replied and went out to the patio.

Talana brought the beer to me and I told her to sit down so we could talk. I explained to her that, at this time, she was free to speak and to tell me not only how she really felt but also how far she was willing to go to accept this sudden twist in our relationship.

“Michael, Sir, I love everything you are doing in taking control and being unyielding but at the same time permitting me to adapt to the changes. I know you want me to be your slave and I am grateful to you for that, however, I think you also want me to be your companion if not more. I will do my very best to be whatever you wish for me to be. I know that you are the master I want and need and I am willing to do whatever it takes to prove that to you. This may be a cliché but ‘Your wish is my command,'” she stated clearly and without hesitation.

She continued, “I am not desperate for love or sex but I am desperate for your love and sex with you. I hope that makes sense.”

“It does make sense to me, Talana, and I appreciate your candor. I want you to call my mother and invite her and my dad to visit us. We need to get them on board with us about this so we can move forward at our own pace. I do not want them surprising us by showing up unexpectedly. Let’s go on the offense and take this battle, if there is to be one, to them and let’s do it here where we have the home field advantage. I am reasonably sure my dad will, at the very least, try to remain neutral. That will leave Mom to face us alone. Give me your thoughts about this,” I told her.

“Oh my God, Michael, no wonder I love you so much. Not only do you have nerves of steel but you also have huge brass balls. I never even imagined you would act so quickly and decisively. Are you sure you are ready for this,” she asked in amazement?

“Yes, Talana, I am and I will follow through with it even if you cave in at the last minute and leave me to deal with it alone. You are mine and that is all there is to it,” I replied.

“Master, I will stand with you even if they disown you and ostracize me. I am yours and I will not forsake you,” she stated emphatically.

“Very well, go call your sister and then draw my bath,” I commanded her.

“Yes, SIR,” she replied as she dashed into the house.

She had pleased me well today and she deserved a special reward for her actions. After she bathed me, I would have her bathe herself and then I would give her a very special reward. I lay back on the chaise lounge and drifted off to sleep basking in the warmth of the late summer sun.

I was awakened by the sweet gentle breath of Talana as she blew softly and gently across my eyelids. I opened my eyes and was greeted by her dazzling and radiant smile.

“How long was I asleep, Talana,” I asked her.

“For about 20 minutes. It took a little longer on the telephone with your mom than I had expected. I hope you are not displeased with me for waking you,” she replied.

“No, I am not. Kiss me,” I said to her.

“Thank you, Sir,” she said as she gave me a tender but lingering kiss.

I got up and we went into the house for her to bathe me. When we reached our en suite bathroom, I noticed the garden tub was filled with water and the Jacuzzi type jets were bubbling merrily. There was a slight mist of steam rising from surface of the water but there was no layer of bubbles for which I was grateful.

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