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Transcontinental Swap Ch. 02

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My thanks to GermanDragon for his outstanding editing skills on this story and several others after they were posted. Any errors that remain are mine.


Transcontinental Swap — Ch. 02

A convenient extension of one couple’s marriage

Personals: Transcontinental Couple Seeking Similar

Couple for Unusual Relationship

Synopsis: Julie and Russ have superb jobs that have pulled them to opposite coasts. Being oversexed, they sought another couple with the ‘reverse’ problem where the woman was on the west coast where Russ was, and the man in the Cambridge area where Julie taught college. Through an ad they meet Jo and Dirk. After an initial meeting Russ and Jo plan to have dinner on the west coast, as Julie and Dirk dine on the east coast. After dinner, Julie and Dirk go skinny-dipping, and then start to engage in a lot of foreplay together. They’ve all promised each other they will wait to have intercourse.

Dirk said, “Sit on the edge of the pool.” He helped lift me to an edge near the house. As I sat on the edge, he spread my legs. He kissed up and down each thigh, and then ran his tongue up my dripping slit — a bare pussy dripping from both pool water and sexual excitement. His hands found my excited breasts again. I jerked alert as he hit every nerve ending of delight he found.

“Oh. If you do that, I know we won’t keep our promises.”

Dirk said nothing, but became more and more enthusiastic about his cunnilingus, and the path he took me on to my first orgasm of the evening. I say first, because after that he brought me to a few more, his fingers joining his lips and tongue to bring joy to me. He sawed his fingers into me as I arched and jerked my body into his efforts to bring me off. He was successful.

Dirk whispered, “You’re very gratifying to make love to because you cum so often. Let’s try this.” With those words, two of Dirk’s fingers wormed their way into my cunt and searched until they found the skin Russ tells me is a different texture and feel — my G-spot. With his tongue on my clitoris and fingers rubbing just the right way on my ‘G,’ I shot into the sky like a Fourth of July fireworks display. I’m sure the neighbors heard my groan of pleasure and knew exactly what was transpiring beside our pool. The orgasm was the best of the night, and I had to push Dirk’s head away from me so I could savor the afterglow and stop from becoming over-stimulated.

Dirk stood and pulled me into his arms, my splayed legs wrapping around his torso as he stood in the pool. We kissed with our tongues dancing wildly. I pushed myself off the edge back into the pool, still feeling the after shocks of the string of orgasms.

“You sit on the edge now. My turn.” I patted the spot where I’d been sitting.

Dirk jumped onto the side of the pool. I spread his legs, moved between them, and wrapped my right hand around his magnificent erection. I pumped his shaft as we kissed, and then I allowed my tongue to grace the glans just before sucking the entire shaft into my mouth.

I thought of the discussion Russ and I had about comparisons. I couldn’t help but compare the two men. Dirk was longer and thinner, but just as hard as Russ had ever been. I thought of an expression Russ had used when I’d ask if he were ready for sex: ‘Baby, I could pound nails with my cock right now.’ Dirk was more than ready.

I bobbed my head up and down as I sucked, licked, and even ran my teeth along the giant shaft. Eventually, I bobbed down lower and lower until I could press my nose against Dirk’s pubes. I knew I must have had at least three inches of raw cock in my throat.

We didn’t go too long with my blowjob until Dirk warned, “I’m near, my darling lover.”

I made a ‘Mmmmm’ sound to indicate I’d heard him, and continued with renewed vigor. I could feel an extra hardness not only to his cock, but also to the muscles surrounding his groin. I felt his body pulse slightly into my mouth, and then a few seconds later the cum exploded into my mouth in an eruption the world’s largest volcano might envy. I took load after load as each ejaculation spurted inside my mouth. He tasted good.

When he’d stopped, I pulled away and opened my mouth to show him all the cum in my mouth. He looked at me, obviously aroused beyond the limits of anyone on the planet.

I had a nasty thought — something Russ and I did when I gave him blowjobs. I moved with my open mouth to Dirk, obviously intending to kiss him with my mouth still full of his cum. He yanked my body to his, my full breasts initially rubbing against his still erect cock.

We kissed, and I felt his tongue dart into my mouth before I reversed the process. I jetted the cum back into Dirk’s body and heard him sigh. I pulled away when I’d gotten rid of half my load. He opened his mouth to me, showing me the white fluid. We both swallowed, and then moved to kiss some more.

“I thought I’d gross you out.” I chortled to him a moment later.

“When Jo and I started dating, she told me ümraniye escort if I expected her to take it in the mouth and swallow then I’d better be prepared to do the same thing. I quickly learned the pleasure from the act, and the grossness many men feel about this act faded. I often eat my cum from Jo’s pussy after a juicy fuck. She’s always good for at least one more orgasm that way.”

“I can hardly wait.”

“Me too.” As an after thought, Dirk said, “Wait, I have an idea.” He led us to the stairs and up and out of the pool. We dried off, and then went inside. Dirk found his pants on the hallway chair, and pulled his cellphone from his pocket. He led me into the living room and said, “Can I take a picture to send to Jo and Russ?”

I moved to the sofa and struck a coy pose. My nudity and damp hair obviously showed we’d been swimming in the nude. After taking the picture, Dirk asked me for Russ’ phone number so he could text the photo to the two of them. A moment later, I heard the small whoosh of his phone as the message got sent.

I asked, “What you say in the text?”

“I told them we both don’t want to wait, but we would if they wanted us to.”

Two minutes later both Russ and my cell phone buzzed with the reply. “So glad you suggested that. Go ahead at full speed. We want to make love too, and will now that we’re all thinking alike. We love you both dearly and will talk about you lovingly as we make love. Mind, body, and soul, Jo and Russ.”

We each tossed our cell phones on a nearby table as we flowed into each other’s arms. I said in a soft voice, “You have the best ideas.”

Minutes later, Dirk’s cock was deep inside me as we made love on the sofa. We surrendered to each other, feeling the connection not only on the physical and sexual level, but also on a higher plane where our minds melded together in common thought and act with an even higher power of love.

As we moved our bodies into each other repeatedly, I said, “This feels so right and so nice. I even feel a connection to Russ … and to Jo, as we do this. I think they’re making love too. I’m sending them waves of love and getting the same in return.” I looked at Dirk and our eyes locked together; “I’m sending you waves of love too. I know we only met a few days ago, but we have a resonance I’ve only ever felt with a few people — Russ being one of them. We have love as the basis of our friendship — of our relationship, and whatever it becomes for however long.”

Dirk leaned in and kissed me from his position above me. “Julie, I too feel the love of our spouses from the place where we all connect, and I hope I’m amplifying and reflecting that love back to them and to you.” More kisses brought us even closer together.

Dirk stayed the night, and we made love over and over between bouts of sleep in each other’s arms. Even in the morning, with the summer sunlight streaming in the windows, we made love. I worried that Dirk would see every blemish and fault on my skin, but instead he just loved me that much more.

Eventually, we got up, had breakfast, and drove to Dirk’s apartment to collect some of his clothing. I wanted him to stay with me another night or two … or for years. We made love on his bed before we left to return to Russ and my home.

* * * * *

I called Russ that afternoon after we swapped text messages about when the best time to call was. Predictably, Russ was still at Jo’s house, although they’d gone out on Saturday morning to an inn for brunch on the veranda.

We told each other about the previous night and morning. Russ had felt the same vibrations of love coming from us that I felt in return. There is something to a spiritual connection, particularly when it carries love. We agreed it might be too early to call it ‘true love,’ but the ingredients and chemistry were there for some kind of lasting relationship with Dirk and Jo. Russ told me he’d had this discussion with Jo, and she felt the same way; I assured him that Dirk did too.

To the extent we were still able, we got each other aroused with the descriptions of our sexual trysts. Russ felt glad that Dirk had moved some of his stuff to the house, in part because he hadn’t liked me staying there alone while he was away. I told him that he was now Jo’s protector too, and that as far as I was concerned he could start acting as though he were on a honeymoon with his second wife. I reminded him of one day on our honeymoon when he’d brought me to several dozen orgasms.

Russ told me that Jo had started to teach him about Tantric Sex, a practice of spiritual loving and sex, where one builds a deeper connection with their partner. Women can move to a place of near constant orgasm, at least in Jo’s version, and men can climax repeatedly without ejaculation thereby experiencing that orgasmic high yet being able to repeat the experience again in only a few minutes.

I told Russ a constant state of orgasm sounded pretty good to me, particularly üsküdar escort after Dirk had been so attentive to my passions and needs over the past day. Russ suggested I get Dirk to show me the Tantric experience. Russ and I spent a long time confirming our love for each other and making sure that we were both all right with the burgeoning relationship the other was building. We stopped the call, but only after planning another ‘sex call’ for later that night.

Dirk and I initiated the ‘sex call’ about eleven o’clock that evening. We’d already fucked three times since an early dinner, although the evening had been one continuous session of making love from the time we started. Dirk had started to show me the Tantric techniques, and how a man could invoke those to indefinitely extend his lovemaking potential and his ability to climax repeatedly. Dirk had cum as many times as I had, and I’d lost count after ten because they all started to blend together. I couldn’t believe the huge high he put me on.

I set up my laptop at the foot of the bed, making sure the lights were on so we showed up well on the Skype screen. Dirk and I were nude, and he still had an impressive erection.

Russ answered the Skype call on his laptop, apparently set up on a coffee table facing the sofa. Russ and Jo were also nude. I saw Jo’s naked body for the first time and wanted to touch her all over. Maybe I did have a bisexual streak inside me.

“Hi everyone,” Dirk and I chanted.

They both said hi back to us. Russ said in a teasing tone, “Dirk, that is one impressive erection; hasn’t Julie been taking care of that for you?”

I reached over and wrapped my hand around it, starting to masturbate the cock. Dirk said, “We’ve been doing Tantric sex since dinner. I haven’t ejaculated yet. I presume Jo explained to you what that means and maybe how a man can do that.”

Russ said, “I’m not there yet, but we tried part of it this afternoon, and will start in again after this call.” He paused and said, “Dirk, I hope you’re all right with what we’re doing. I have a huge crush on your wife, and she tells me she feels the same.” Jo nodded enthusiastically next to Russ. “I think we should all be very open about what’s happening and especially about what we’re feeling. Right now, I feel on Cloud Nine. You two, Jo, our making love, our connections with each other; they all feel so good. I think it’s synchronicity at work.”

Dirk and I spoke together, “We do too.” I continued, “And I feel that Cloud Nine feeling too. I don’t want this bubble to burst. I do want all four of us to get together. Russ when you come home next Friday, can you bring Jo with you? Jo, can you come?”

She smiled, “I’ll find out tomorrow whether I can get a reprieve. The company has a new product launch in another month so it might be a problem. I want to hold my husband. I want to hold Russ, and I want to make love to you, Julie. I’m not sure what that means, but I’m feeling … good about that idea.”

I made to hug myself. “Me too. I can’t wait. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you’ll be able to come. A moment ago, when you first appeared on the screen I wanted to make love to you in the most physical of ways. I already feel other connections with you — mind, body, and spirit.”

Jo laughed, “I had the same reaction as soon as I saw you. I wanted to just merge with you in everyway possible … and I’m not bisexual, or at least I wasn’t until I had that urge with you.”

“Me too,” I chortled. “Someone once told me that being bisexual doubled your chances for a date. With you, I’m all for it.” We laughed.

Jo had started to stroke Russ’ cock, and his erection had become as evident on screen as Dirk’s. I said, “Maybe you guys should go off and fuck. When we’re all together we can watch each other.”

Jo laughed and said, “We don’t fuck, we make love, but I don’t mind that word if it means ‘Friendly Universal Connections and Kindness.’ Those connections can certainly be sexual … matter of fact; I think they’re the best kind. So, yes, I am going to ring off and fuck your husband. Take good care of mine. Have fun, you two.”

We closed the Skype call, and Dirk and I did make mad passionate love. I reflected on the fact that Dirk was the second man in my life with whom I had sex. Russ and I had started in early high school and once started we never quit, quickly ramping up to a frenetic pace and seldom backing down from at least once a day. We found that special connection and honored it. The intensity of the spiritual connection and love feeling I had growing for Dirk made me wonder who the others were ‘out there’ that I might have a similar connection with. I would have to be open to such possibilities now.

* * * * *

Russ caught a Friday morning flight out of San Francisco and got into Boston about five o’clock that afternoon. He’d already told me he had early evening flight on Monday, so I had him for almost three days. Unfortunately, Jo couldn’t kadıköy escort be away from her important job. Dirk disappeared to his job on Friday morning, and said he’d await my call to arrange a time to meet Russ.

I was already at home when Russ arrived about six. We didn’t make it out of bed until two hours later. The telling result was that I had eight orgasms and Russ three, and we’d forgotten all about Tantric sex.

We got each hyper aroused talking about our lovemaking with Jo and Dirk. I teased Russ only giving him broad generalities that could have applied to anyone, but then we got really specific. I talked about our first night together, and how we’d worked ourselves into a sexual frenzy before we texted Russ and Jo and asked permission to forge ahead and have sex. I talked about how deeply we’d connected, and why we wanted to consummate sooner rather than wait.

Russ talked his New Relationship Energy or NRE with Jo. They too had an immediate mind-body-spirit connection. Russ had brought flower and wine to Jo’s dinner. They’d kissed hello, experimenting to see how well they liked to kiss before dinner.

Russ said, “Dinner was a time of anticipation. Just from kissing, we both knew we wanted to do something more with each other, the only question was how far would we go. We discussed how we’d promised not to have intercourse until everyone agreed, but Jo explained that Dirk was the horniest guy on the planet, besides also being very loving and caring, and she couldn’t imagine him wanting to stop at just kissing or petting a little.”

I said, “So, what happened after dinner?”

Russ chuckled, “We couldn’t wait to start, so we just left the dishes on the table and went into the living room. We started to make out and tell each other how we felt about the other — all very positive and romantic stuff. I talked about my connection to her … and to you, and how I’d felt a deep resonance with her right after our lunch. She agreed.”

Russ went on as he pumped his cock into me with renewed vigor. “We started to make out on the sofa. We were topless in minutes and nude ten minutes after that. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I’d eaten her pussy for ten or fifteen minutes, and she’d started a blowjob on me when your text message arrived. I had a feeling what it might say when I heard you ringtone.”


“And, I showed the text to Jo and she laughed. She said, ‘I don’t want to wait either. Let’s all make love. I need you inside me.’ We texted back, and less than thirty seconds later, I had my cock deep in Jo’s juicy pussy.”

In a teasing tone, I said, “Oh, you beat us. It took us a couple of minutes to get back into our lovemaking.”

Russ shared with me the story about the rest of his first night with Jo, and by then we were working on a second round of orgasms. By the time, I told him about some of my other nights with Dirk we were on our third round, and I was peaking frequently.

I asked in a voice laced with panting, “So, how far did you get with the Tantric sex?”

“Not very. Jo wants me to talk to Dirk about it because it involves the man doing things in his head and using his body in novel ways; guy stuff she called it. Maybe tomorrow I can ask Dirk. You do want us to be together with you don’t you — I mean in a threesome with you? You’d fantasized about that a couple of weeks ago.”

“Oh, I can’t wait. I don’t have a clear idea of what the results will be, but the man I love the most in the whole wide world and a new lover both attending to me at the same time, hell, I’ll be in seventh heaven and never stop orgasming until Monday evening. By the way, I arranged for someone to cover my Monday classes so I can be here all day with you or the two of you, whichever you prefer.”

Russ said, “I’ll probably prefer to have the three of us the rest of the time, if he can stay Monday. You know a guy’s big fantasy is to watch another man make love to his wife. They call it the ‘hot wife’ syndrome.

“I think I like being a hot wife, and I bet Jo does too. My God, she’s hot. I really do think I’ll enjoy making love with her too. I wonder how many people do this, have consensual affairs or swapping or swinging?”

“Funny you should ask. I did a little research last week at the office, and I was surprised at how large the number is. The Kinsey Institute estimates that about four percent of American couples engage in this kind of stuff. That’s in excess of four million people, so we’re not very unique if we think of ourselves as swingers. Some other study looked at the impact on the marriages, the real reason I was looking this up, and sixty percent of respondents said swinging made their relationships better; only two percent said their relationships were less happy because of swinging, and the rest said ‘no change.’ The other statistics certainly augur for doing this versus not doing it, and where more permanent relationships are involved the numbers get even better.”

“I also studied polyamory — loving multiple partners, and the numbers there are even larger. As many at fifteen million people live in that life style, and it’s a way of living that people use superlative adjectives to describe. The most common arrangement is a threesome, but a significant number involve four or more people — kids not included.”

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