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Dream Vacation

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I came awake with a start. I must have dozed. I stirred and the rock beneath me reminded me of its hardness beneath my back. I opened my eyes slowly. I squinted at the sun’s silver gold reflections off the sea below me and the shadowy image of rocks.

My eyes closed again and I was filled with a glorious sensation of indulgence at this chance to escape for a week in the Greek islands. I was confused. The prize, a dream vacation, was a week for two, why didn’t Stan come with me? I remembered madly ringing my friends to see who might be free. In the end I’d come on my own. So here I was, out of the high season, sunbathing in a secluded spot on the rocks that I’d found some minutes’ walk beyond the end of the popular beach.

I opened my eyes again without lifting my head. My breasts were outlined against the sunlit radiance of the sky, and in seeing them I was immediately and gratefully aware that I had not dozed long enough to get sunburn. A slight noise caught my attention and I rolled my head to my right and squinted into the fullness of the sun. A figure, totally black against the sunlight, was just emerging from the sea below me to my right. The silhouette of a man with broad shoulders and finely tapered waist, who in the moment of my looking, looked up at me.

He vanished behind the rocks. When he reappeared less than a minute later, he was heading towards me. I raised myself on my elbows and started to reach for my flimsy bikini top, He had moved out of the direct glare of the sun and with the higher rocks behind him I could see him more clearly as he strolled towards me. He was darkly bronzed and as he approached I could see that his face was almost too beautiful to be handsome, a face with strong classic features but the softness of youth. He stopped barely ten feet from me and smiled. Brilliant white teeth lit his face. Definitely too young and not my type. I was still Beylikdüzü Sarışın Escort holding my unfastened bikini top across my breasts. He moved forward. “This isn’t safe” I thought. We were completely isolated on this end of the beach. Even as my mind reasoned, the fullness in the brief trunks he wore stirred, and I felt an unreasoned excitement seize the depths of my stomach.

He knelt beside me and without speaking lifted the bikini top gently from my hands. As he laid it aside on the sand I put a hand on his forearm. It was so strong and covered with a curly black hair. “I don’t like hairy men” I thought, but here was a god, who reached out to me and gently cupped one of my breasts in his hand. I felt the roughness of hands that did manual work so unlike the soft hands of my office-working husband. He ran the palm over my nipple and I felt it rise in response. He leaned in and gently kissed my neck and I turned my mouth to meet his as though I had no will of my own. I felt his tongue explore my mouth and then my tongue was doing the same. He drew his mouth away and kissed my nipple as his right hand now moved to my left breast. As he licked and teased my nipple I felt a flush of warmth from the pit of my stomach to my inner thighs. Ignoring the ties on my bikini bottoms he reached across me and with a hand on each side started to pull them gently down my legs.

“No way!” I thought, but my hips raised themselves slightly to let the bottoms slip smoothly down my legs. He pushed my legs gently apart and laid his hand on my pubic mound. It lay there as he leaned in again for another kiss. Then I felt it brush across my clitoris. It moved back and forth, barely touching, like the brush of a butterfly’s wing, and my body rose to meet it. His hand slipped to the wetness between my thighs and I watched as his other gripped his penis slowly drawing Beylikdüzü Şişman Escort back his foreskin to reveal the crimson purple head. I felt his fingers lightly part me, as he let a glob of saliva fall accurately on the head of his penis and slowly moved his hand up and down twice rolling the foreskin lightly up and down at each stroke. His hand looked boyish and out of proportion to the shaft. He withdrew his other hand from me and touched one finger lightly on my upper lip, so that I was instantly aware of the sweet smell of my own musk.

He softly pushed me back against the rock, and raised my hips as his penis pushed against me. I could feel it brush against my pubic hair. It was then I noticed the fullness of his mouth and his beautiful long dark eyelashes. He leaned forward to kiss me again as I felt the tip of penis against my opening vagina. I found myself raising forward to meet his kiss. The kiss lingered and my mouth opened again to receive his probing tongue as his penis moved between my other lips.

“What am I doing?” My mind asked as I lay back and felt him starting to enter. He hesitated with the tip barely half in. It felt very large. My hips moved to welcome it. But as though part of the same movement, it retreated, paused then gently started to enter again. My hips again moved to embrace more of it. “I’m happily married, aren’t I? A homemaker with two almost grown-up children.” He smiled at me and this time I felt his hardness move to meet my thrust filling me. His eyes sparkled in his too pretty face, not a trustworthy or even a very honest face. I lifted my hand and touched his beautiful long eyelashes as he waited, his penis resting in me. He plunged again and I felt him larger and deeper than I believe I had ever felt penetrated before. I could feel every inch of his length and thickness as it started to retreat again. Beylikdüzü Sınırsız Escort It seemed to touch more sensitive places in me from the depths of my vagina to my G-spot and lips than I had ever known. Those rough hands covered my breasts and his palms started to rotate gently moving my nipples in little circles. Then he lifted himself onto his hands, straightening his arms, and I wrapped my legs around his buttocks. I was almost literally hanging from him, just my shoulders on the rock, and I was rhythmically moving in counter motion to him with strong pelvic thrusts. We were moving faster now, there was a slappy wetness in the sounds we were making, and I could feel my climax beginning. “Thank god I’m on the pill” I thought. “God, what about STDs!”

I felt the spurt of his semen deep in me, and I tilted my head back, my eyes rolling into the top of my head, as uncontrollable spasms swept through me. He moved in and out a few more times as he spent himself. My muscles sought to hold him as my orgasms went on and on. Then I felt him withdraw. I opened my eyes and looked into his smile again. There was a slight sweat on his forehead and lip. I felt as slippery as an eel. He raised his hand to his lips made a kissing motion, then wiped the last cum from the tip of his penis and reached over to hold it lightly to my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked it from his finger. I never liked the taste of cum but this was ambrosia.

He raised himself, still smiling, to a squat; then rose to his feet. He walked backwards to his fallen trunks and slipped them on, as I raised myself to my elbows again. “Efharisto” he said, gave a little wave, added an extra grin to his constant smile, turned, ran across the rocks, jumped down to the pebble beach and was gone.


I came awake with a start; the memory of the smell and taste of him still fresh. I was tingling and open. Stan slept on his side; his back turned towards me as he snored lightly. I lay back on the sand. I could feel the wetness in the crotch of my conservative one piece.

I cushioned my head on my arm while my other hand crept between my legs to that wet yearning place… willing my dream vacation to continue.

Copyright: © Dawn Ramble 2019

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