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Tera versus The Pendant Pt. 01

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The author of this bizarre story is returning from a decade long break from writing. She asks that the reader be patient, as she hasn’t done this in a while. This is a set up chapter. Limbs are lost, gained and the author runs out of synonyms for ding-dongs. I had Covid (March 24 2020) which this was written, but I’m OK now.

That aside, we should just jump right into this!

“Watch where you’re going, you dumb BITCH!”

Tera was vicious, especially to Helen. They worked together in a call center, where the walls and cubicles were bland, and the job even more so. Helen was a quiet person; always polite, on time and didn’t really stand out. Her arch nemesis was Tera, who sat across the aisle and had a knack for making people miserable.

Tera was good looking, red-headed, and had a string of guys who were forever in the friend zone and did whatever possible to get ahead with her. She merely teased them along, and in turn, they bent the rules and did a lot of her job for her. When she wasn’t busy with her harem of dopes, she sniped commissions where possible and Helen was the prime target.

Sadly, Helen was attracted to her.


“Watch where you’re going, you dumb BITCH,” Tera sneered as she bumped into Helen. On purpose? Hard to say, most of the time. Helen merely lowered her gaze and sat at her desk, hunched over in hopes that looking smaller might lessen the lashing.

“Tera, I-You bumped into me, and-“

Helen was cut off as Tera tore into her. Her basic clothes, her mousy hair, and anything else that seemed worthy of mockery. Surprisingly, Tera’s tone changed. “But you know what? I do like your shoes. In fact, I almost got a pair myself…” She waited for Helen’s reaction, and savored her coworker’s hopeful gaze. “…but I got the wrong Happy Meal!”

Hope crumbled to dust, and Tera was rewarded as Helen’s eyes became glassy with tears. “I wish you never knew I existed,” Helen said dejectedly.

“Fat chance, bitch.” Tera smiled cruelly and sauntered off for another coffee break.

It’s here that we see Helen’s previously clenched fists relax. She rests them on the desk and breathes. She reaches for a tissue and wipes the specks of blood off of her hand. Blood induced by the object which she begins to clean. We see a pendant in the shape of a star, wrought in iron. The points of which had pierced her skin.

The next day Helen arrived at work early. She was conservatively dressed, in a navy blazer and matching pencil skirt, with black leggings to keep off the autumn chill. Underneath her blouse, the pendant. She walked in through the side entrance as usual; it was a longer walk, but there were less people to engage with in meaningless small talk. She poured a cup of coffee and sat at her desk, getting ready for the day, and at the same time, emotionally preparing herself for another eight hours of torment.

Tera arrived a few minutes late as usual, with a guy closely following behind, as usual. He was shamelessly trying to keep a conversation up with Tera, who merely ended it with an “OK bye!” Helen winced as there was no other sound. No dropping of a purse, no computer waking up. “Hey.”

Helen flinched. Here it comes, she thought, as she turned.

“You’re new. I’m Tera.” A hand was thrust out. Helen gaped, a deer in the headlights. Tera’s head cocked, confused. “And you are?”

“Um… Helen?”

Tera didn’t wait for Helen’s hand and covered the distance, shaking it firmly. “Good to have another lady in the office. All these knuckleheads here are only good for one thing.”


“Nothing, beşiktaş escort ha!” Tera grinned and continued, “Let me know if you need something,” and abruptly turned back to her desk.

Helen sat there with wide eyes. Confused? Confounded? Cattywampus? Yeah, keep them coming – she was so mentally displaced by all this, that she forgot all about her morning routine. She needed to get some air.

She shakily got up and walked to the stairwell. She was reaching for the door as it flew open, slamming into her. Barnes from accounting was about to keep moving when he saw Helen sprawled on the floor.

“Omigod I’m so sorry! I’m super late and didn’t want Miller to see me! Here.” He took both of her hands and helped her upright. “Oh SHIT you’re bleeding! Are you OK?!”

Helen looked down, and indeed there were a few small blotches of blood on her blouse. “I-I’m OK, really. Get to your desk, I’ll be fine.” He looked apologetic as he raced away. She muttered to herself, “I wish I could just work from home or something.” She made her way to the restroom to tend to her wounds.

In the quiet of the ladies room, she undid the top two buttons of her blouse and inspected the damage. Her pendant must have poked her when the door slammed into her. She cleaned herself up as best she could… but she’d probably get some comments about the crimson splotches on her white blouse. Helen sighed and headed back to her desk.

“Hey new girl!” Tera knocked on the wall of her cubicle, “Helen, right? Miller’s looking for you.” As Helen turned, Tera’s eyes went wide at the sight of blood. “Oh shit, girl! You all right?”

“Me? Oh, sorry yes. I’m fine. What did Miller want?”

“He didn’t say, he took off back to his office. Better hurry.”

Helen made her way to Gary Miller’s office. These commands always made her feel anxious, as if she was on the chopping block. That was far from the truth; her work was impeccable. She timidly knocked on the door.

Through the door she heard him say, “Unlocked!” She swallowed and quietly opened the door and peeked her head in. Miller was at his desk, along with her supervisor. This was bad. “Come on in, Helen. Have a seat. Shut the door.” This too, was bad.

She padded to the chair at his desk, making no eye contact. “Mr. Miller, you wanted to see me?”

“Gary, please! You know, Chuck was telling me that you’ve been one of the most consistent and reliable people on his team. Fantastic! Well, we need to open up some desks for new hires, so I’ve been having our team leaders elect some folks to work remotely. From home. Interested?”

She was shocked. “I… You mean… But what…” the words didn’t come.

“I mean… I need folks we trust to keep up their productivity at home. We’ll need you to sign a few things, but IT will help you get all your equipment moved out. You can start next week if you like.” He was… smiling. He was… telling her… GOOD things?

“Yes, I’d like that very much.” Helen shotgunned the words before the offer could be taken back. The rest of the meeting was about logistics, about making sure she had a webcam. Boring stuff. Let’s move on.

We see Helen leave for the day with a smile. We see her exit the front door this time. She gets in her modest sedan and sits for a moment. If we, reader, were in the car with her, we’d hear a shout of triumph. Things are turning around for our heroine. We fast forward through the week.

Tera is strangely neutral to Helen, and the big boss is going to let her home. Helen is thinking back on these events and begins piecing together that she literally istanbul escort wished that Tera would forget she existed. She wished she could work from home. They came true.

One day, she tries wishing for all the lights to be green on the way home. No luck. She wishes for cash on her doorstep. Not the case, but we can tell from her expression that the connection is being made. It’s Thursday.

Helen had a rough day. Whatever amnesia Tera was experiencing didn’t matter; she was reverting back to veiled insults, though she still acted as if Helen was new to the company.

Helen was almost done with the logistics of a massive order when the buyer backed out. The shipping department was pissed at her and she was ready to go home to a glass of Merlot. She trudged to her car and plopped in the driver’s seat. A sharp pain was elicited from her rump, and she yelped.

She felt under her rear and her hand felt the talisman. Helen had taken it off and forgot about leaving it on the seat, but she was too dejected to care anymore. She buried her face in her hands and muttered, “I wish I was home already.” She was quiet for a moment and eventually opened her eyes.

We see Helen in her living room, seated on the sofa. Her eyes and mouth are wide open and she is motionless. She puts her hands on the sofa cushions and seems surprised that they are real. She slowly stands and scans the room. She reaches back and feels the soreness of her rump; in her other hand is the pendant, which she slowly brings closer to her face. There’s a trace of blood on it.

Good, Helen has pieced it together.

We see a montage – Helen repeatedly trying to harm herself and chickening out. Finally, she does it.

She had finally had enough of her own cowardice and decided to go through with it. Helen gritted her teeth, closed her eyes and jabbed one of the points of the star shaped pendant into her inner arm. There it was. Blood. “I wish I had blonde hair!” She felt idiotic, but no one was watching her perform what could only be described as pathological behavior. Apprehensively, she pulled her brown hair out of its ponytail and realized with a fluttery heart that it was in fact blonde!

“No way.” Helen rushed to the bathroom and saw a miracle. Her bland and boring brown hair had become golden and vibrant. “I’m a blonde now.” She felt it for veracity – it was hers. She laughed and hooted at her reflection. For once, she actually felt… happy?

She began Friday’s shift at her desk, getting an order ready for approval. It was her last day in the office and she couldn’t wait for the IT guys to show up; it would be the end of her misery.

She happily checked her work when her concentration was jolted by a voice whispering in her ear, “Did you bleach the carpet to match the drapes, bitch?” Helen turned to see the cruel smirk of Tera, peering down at her. “Someone’s trying too hard,” she added and before Helen could react, she was already walking down the aisle of cubicles.

Hot tears ran down Helen’s cheeks. This week couldn’t be over quicker, but the day dragged on. Tera must have known it was her last chance to inflict a little more pain, as it seemed to be doubled today. She even ‘accidentally’ deleted the order for Helen’s big account. It was becoming too much to bear, and she wondered if she’d be safe, even at home from Tera’s acts of corporate sabotage.

The moment of salvation eventually arrived: The IT Guys! They helped unplug and label her desk equipment, then put everything on a couple of trolleys and followed her out to her car.

Once bakırköy escort everything was loaded in her trunk she thanked them and spent a quiet moment looking at the building she had been spending most of her waking life at these past few years. She smiled, and looked at the city skyline. “My last commute,” she said to no one. This felt good.

Helen turned back to her car and was startled by the sudden appearance of Tera.

“How long have you been sucking Miller’s cock?”


“You heard me, bitch. You must have been gagging on his dick for ages to get hooked up like this, you ho.” Tera was stepping closer. There’s a moment when people don’t know how to escape. The ability to use car keys, to run, to… anything. Panic had seized Helen.

“You even bleached your hair cuz he loves blondes. Here, let’s see those roots, you basic bitch!” Tera shot her hand out and yanked Helen’s hair as hard as she could. The pain shot lightning through her system, and she knew there was no way to fight through this.

One moment of clarity came. She grabbed the pendant and held fast as it felt like her beautiful new hair was being ripped from her scalp. The pain of the pentagram finally superseded Tera’s aggression and Helen felt hot blood in her hand. “I WISH YOU COULDN’T HURT ME ANYMORE,” she screamed.

We see a close up of Helen’s face, red with pain and rage. She finishes screaming and shining locks of hair, no longer being yanked, fall gracefully in front of her face. Almost out of frame, we can see Tera back away. The angle rotates to the back of Helen’s head. It slowly raises until Tera is now in full view. It looks like she’s screaming, and we’re sure there’s a good reason.

There is one, of course; Tera has no arms.

The frame cuts to Helen’s hand, clutching the pendant. She jabs it into her arm It cuts to a close up of her mouth muttering something. It cuts again to Tera, who suddenly stops screaming. She blinks.

Back to Helen. Jab! More blood. We pan up to see Helen mouth another wish.

Tera smiles.

“Helen, are you OK? Oh sweetie, is that blood?!” Tera rushed up and Helen backed away. “Oh hun, it’s all right, I just want to see if you’re hurt. Here, let me look.”

Helen reflexively grabbed her pendant with the other hand and hid it behind her back. Her injured hand, still in view. “Come on hun, hold it out, let me see.” Helen cautiously opened her fist to reveal her bloody fingers and palm. She pensively stared at the empty sleeves of Tera’s blouse, which were now fluttering in the breeze.

Helen carefully asked, “Do you see anything… weird?”

Tera nodded. “I studied to be a nurse, you know, before everything.” She shrugged; the only gesture she could manage. “Anyway, it’ll get infected easily, just based on the number of punctures. Hel, do you have any antiseptic at home?” Helen nodded. “Well it’s no use the cost of an ER visit. Is it OK if I just ride home with you? We can treat it there.”

Helen was still a little flabbergasted. She had made a wish, but she needed to test it. Again, with care, she said, “Thank you Tera, you’re a good friend.”

Tera flashed a warm smile. “There’s nothing not to like about you, hun!”

We see Helen quickly reach back to hold the door open for Tera, who smiles back. It was an afterthought; this woman has no arms. Tera asks for a few items and Helen scurries off to retrieve them. Tera waits on the sofa, sitting, legs crossed. When Helen returns, she nods at the sofa and Helen sits, holding out her raised palm.

Tera begins delivering instructions on how to apply antiseptic and bandages. Helen is making cautious sidelong glances at Tera. The hand is bound and Tera pops up on her knees and says something with a smile, then leans in to Helen. There’s a moment, and Helen’s arms wrap around Tera’s armless body.

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