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Facing the Frat Boy Ch. 05

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Ch. 05: A case for answering unknown calls

“So how have the Pi Kapps been taking it?” Ryan asked, looking up from his computer.

Levi nodded, “Pretty well considering I dropped the bomb on them.” He chuckled, “Mac keeps insisting that he knew all along- saying that he pieced it together after seeing me here so often.”

Ryan laughed, “Well I’m glad they’re taking it okay. Though that’s bullshit cause Mac’s barely here.”

Levi shook his head as he got up from the desk and crawled into bed. He carefully placed Ryan’s macbook on the counter and pulled the boy close. “He said he came back late a couple nights and heard strange sounds coming from your room.”

He kissed at Ryan’s neck, grazing his teeth along that sensitive skin as the freshman let out some soft moans. “Just like these.”

Ryan went red in embarrassment, “Fuck! Now I can’t look at him again!” He covered his face with his hands as Levi pulled them away. “Now whenever I see him, I’ll be reminded that he’s heard me getting railed by you.”

“Pretty sure the entire fourth floor has heard that. You’re not very quiet, bro.”

The freshman glared as Levi chuckled, “It’s no big deal, Ry. You’re gonna be in dorms and apartments for the next four years so you have to get used to hearing other people have sex.” He chuckled, “And being heard.”

“Besides, he only told me cause we’re close.” He kissed again, “And he assured me that if anyone on your floor ever made a complaint about you, he’ll take care of it.”

Ryan nodded as he let him continue his assault. It had been three weeks since Levi came out to his frat- in a bout of annoyance at Ryan’s worries. He assured him later that it wasn’t some spontaneous thing and that he’d actually been planning to do so for a couple days. Still, the news came as a bit of a shock to the straight house.

Pi Kappa Phi was arguably one of the more tolerant organizations in the entire Greek community at their school. They didn’t have the reputation that other fraternities had for hazing or kicking out gay kids, though one couldn’t make the case that they were this safe haven for the LGBTQ community either. They were welcoming on paper, and never really had a reason to put their money where their mouth was- until Levi, of course, decided to shake things up. Since then, Ryan had periodically asked the older boy how things had been, waiting for that day Levi would admit that things had gone sour. Still, three weeks later, it hadn’t. Most of the Pi Kapps were supportive, while the rest simply didn’t care. Ryan learned that sometimes indifference is better than fake inclusion.

The boys were deep in a make out session- something they found themselves doing a lot these days. They had sex almost every time they were together- mind blowing, toe curling sex. But still, these little moments of kissing and fondling proved to be some of their favorite moments. There was intimacy in this that you just don’t get from regular hook ups. And they’d been together for almost two months now that they’d taken notice of what the other liked. Levi loved kissing at the younger boy’s neck, knowing just how sensitive he was, and how it elicited cute little moans. Ryan, on the other hand, was needy- constantly reaching for the boy’s hand or licking at an exposed piece of flesh whenever his mouth was free. They could do this for hours, ignoring their hardened dicks while their mouths got to play.

Ryan’s phone started to ring, causing the older boy to slow down.

“Aren’t you gonna get that?” He asked, with the younger boy still holding onto his face.

“Nope.” He said immediately, pulling their lips back together. His cock was already rock hard and no phone call could bring it down.

His phone rang twice after that, with each time making Ryan grunt in annoyance. He ignored it again, insisting that Levi not stop his actions.

A couple minutes passed, making the younger boy think that all the distractions were over. Levi was sucking on the boy’s nipples, ready to rip the shirt off and get his boyfriend properly naked. That was, until they heard a knock at the door. It was strange considering how Ryan wasn’t really close with anyone else on his floor. Most of the friends he made didn’t even live in the building. He and Levi exchanged a weird look before straightening themselves up. Ryan adjusted the bulge in his pants and he looked to see Levi doing the same. The older boy took a seat at the desk, pretending to get back to work as Ryan went to see who was at the door.

“Mac?” He asked, seeing the 6’4″ blonde jock standing at his door. He was covered in sweat and was shaking a tumbler that he guessed was full of some weird protein mix.

” Hey Ryan.” He looked past the tanned boy to see Levi inconspicuously sitting at the desk. “Sup Levi.” He said with a knowing smirk. Levi nodded back, knowing he’d get shit for this later.

“Uhh is there something you need?” Ryan asked.

Mac replied, “Yeah, actually. I Casibom just came back from a workout and noticed there were some people downstairs at the front desk. I think they’re your folks. They said they were here to surprise you but couldn’t get a hold of you.”

“My parents are here?!?”

The blonde boy nodded, “Now we can’t actually confirm or deny that you live here- it’s some FERPA issue that’s complicated and pretty much just keeps the school out of sticky situations.” He smiled, “But since I know you, I figured I’d give you a heads up.”

“Damn thanks. I’ll go down and see ’em.”

Mac smiled, “You’re welcome dude.” He looked between him and Levi, “You two have fun.” He said with a grin.

Ryan closed the door and checked his phone. Sure enough, he had three missed calls from the unknown number and one from his brother Scott on WhatsApp.

“I told you to answer it.” Levi playfully scolded and as he put on his shoes.

“Well I didn’t realize they’d be surprising me!” The younger boy said as he put away his books and changed his clothes. “They must have picked up a SIM card straight from the airport- that’s why I didn’t recognize the number.”

Levi replied, “Did you know they were coming?”

Ryan shrugged, “They told me they were flying into LA for my Auntie’s wedding and that Scott was tagging along to check out USC. I didn’t think they’d be able to make a stop here.”

“Looks like they made time.”

They gathered their stuff before heading down the stairs to the front desk. Ryan was in such a rush to meet them, that they hadn’t really discussed what to do once they got downstairs. Levi followed the boy, keeping a slight distance as they turned the corner to see three people standing behind the desk.

“Son!” The older woman said as she pulled Ryan into a hug. The couple were in their early fifties according to the boy, but they didn’t look like it. Then again, Levi himself had to constantly remind people that his own mom was well past forty. Ryan’s mom had waves of dark brown hair that didn’t seem to have ever been dyed. Even his dad, though balding a bit, kept himself in great shape. Levi wished he could keep his build when he got to that age.

“Hey guys! I didn’t know you’d be coming into town!” The tanned boy pulled away from his mom and gave his dad a similar hug.

The older man stood just a few inches above the boy as he hugged him. “Well Cheryl doesn’t get married until tomorrow so we figured we could skip all the rehearsal crap and come up to see you- even if it’s only for a day.”

“Peter!” Ryan’s mom chided as her husband shook his head.

“What? She’s my sister!” He chuckled, “We flew all this way for her wedding so dammit we’re allowed to skip some of the extra stuff to come see our son!”

Ryan laughed as he pulled the teenager into a half hug. “Hey bro.” He said, messing up the kid’s hair. From a distance, they could have been mistaken for twins, though Scott wore his hair a little longer than Ryan- imitating the curled look that most of the famous dudes on TikTok wore.

“Hey dude. Did you get shorter?” He teased, as Ryan playfully punched his shoulder. He was only a few inches shorter than the freshman, but he had that same baby face and wide smile that Levi found to be infectious.

“You wish!”

Their mom interjected, “Really Scott, we drive all the way up from Los Angeles and that’s the first thing you say to your brother?”

The younger boy made a face, “Fine.” He cleared his throat, “Hey Ryan, how’s school? Glad you haven’t flunked out yet.”

Ryan’s dad softly hit the boy on the back of his head as they all laughed it off. The whole time, Levi stood at a bit of a distance, just watching them interact. He didn’t know what to do- thinking that just walking away without saying anything would be rude. He also just didn’t want to go up and talk to them- having not discussed what he’d even say.

“Hey Mom, Dad, this is Levi.” Ryan said, calling the boy over.

Levi came up to them and extended his hand- having not had a formal introduction in quite some time. He put on his best smile as he said, “Nice to meet you. I’m Levi, Ryan’s-” he was ready to say friend because regardless of how things were with the Pi Kapps, Ryan’s family was a whole different story. But the younger boy had other ideas, he jumped in before Levi could continue.

“He’s my boyfriend.” He said casually, looking back at his parents like he was spewing some useless fact like “he’s a bio major” or “he lives on my floor.”

The older boy just stood there, speechless for the first time in his life. He looked over to Ryan’s parents who had raised their eyebrows but didn’t say anything bad.

“No shit?”Scott said, looking up from his phone. Levi laughed at the comment while Ryan glared at him.

“I’m just saying! He actually looks pretty cool- what’s he doing with you?”

Ryan reached over and knocked the back of his head just like his Casibom Giriş dad did, though a lot harder.

“In your brother’s defense, he’s pretty cool too.” The frat boy said as he and Scott knocked their fists together.

“Well Levi, it’s even nicer to meet you now.” Ryan’s dad said as he took the older boy’s hand and gave it a shake. The boy’s mom came next, opting for a hug as she rubbed his back.

“Well now that we’re all introduced- what do you say we go get some food? I’m sure you boys are sick of whatever that cafeteria serves.”

Ryan’s ears perked up at the idea of food that wasn’t reheated by some distracted student cafeteria worker. His parents walked off to the nearby courtyard to get a picture of Scott, sitting out by the large campus sign. The boy rolled his eyes, but went along leaving the two older boys alone. They walked together along the cobblestone pathway, hearing some of the sepia toned leaves crumble at their footsteps.

“Hey if you want, I can make up some excuse so you don’t have to go.” Ryan said with his hand in his pockets.

Levi teased, “Why- you don’t want me to come?”

“No.” The boy said quickly, “It’s just- you already came out to your friends.” He shrugged, “I just don’t want to make you move too fast.”

The older boy tried his best not to blush, but really it was hard when Ryan was being so fucking cute. In the beginning, he liked when the boy showed his horns- especially after teasing him to no end. That scrunched up face and exacerbated growl he gave only fueled him to keep going. But now, it’s like he had his guard down more often. Ryan was still just as big a smart ass as he was, but he showed him the other side too.

:Are you guys gonna get in the car or are you just gonna stare at each other all day?” Scott yelled out, breaking whatever moment they had.

The two chuckled and hustled over to Ryan’s parents who had been so focused on taking in the campus sites that they didn’t hear their youngest son. Ryan slung an arm around his brother and messed up his hair, “I missed you little bro.” He said before they hopped into the rental.

Oddly enough, the drive felt almost like deja vu for Levi. He remembered those road trips up to Tahoe with his family. His dad took the wheel, telling some long winded story and getting interrupted by his mom every so often to say when he had to take a turn. In the back, he and Tanner would be playing some game they’d just made up, which of course ended up annoying Meghan to no end. Even in a car with strangers, apart from Ryan of course, it felt familiar.

They got a few blocks out before Ryan’s dad looked up at the rearview mirror, asking where they should eat. The younger boy froze a bit, still not quite sure of which of the hundreds of restaurants in town were even good. He looked to Levi who immediately named a little brunch spot not too far away. The idea went over well with the group and he started directing Ryan’s dad towards the cafe. He sighed in relief, having only known about the place because he’d picked it out for the two of them to go to today.

Ten minutes later, the five of them were seated in a little patio space at the restaurant. They were surrounded by buildings, but the owners had managed to make it feel cozy- with vines growing on the concrete walls and wooden pergolas accenting every corner of the space. Levi took a seat between Ryan and his brother as they filled out the large round table. He exhaled, feeling that familiar hand on his wrist, giving it a reassuring squeeze as the waiter came over with glasses and a decorative container filled with water.

Ryan’s dad took all but ten seconds, quickly browsing through the menu until he saw a plate full of hash browns, eggs and bacon. He set the menu down like he’d won a round of poker. Scott chose a smaller version of the same plate before casting the menu aside and reaching for his phone. His mom, on the other hand, took her time, meticulously inspecting every item and asking the boys what they thought. Levi chuckled at Ryan’s annoyed expression after the third time he’d told her that she should just get what she wants. Eventually, she settled on a dish, only to end up changing it after all the boys had ordered.

Levi managed to breeze through the little Q&A with Ryan’s parents. It wasn’t quite as intrusive as the ones he’d gotten from his old high school girlfriends. Most of it was pretty standard stuff- what’s his major and how he keeps himself busy- apart from the sex of course. The two even shared a little moment of confusion when asked where they’d met. Ryan cleared his throat and muttered some vague explanation at how they’d been introduced by his RA. His parents were none the wiser, but Scott looked up from his phone and gave a knowing smirk to Levi. He chuckled to himself, realizing the kid was indeed a little shit, and definitely a lot like him.

Somewhere along the way, the conversation was saved when the waiter came back with Casibom Yeni Giriş plates of food. Ryan’s dad ate up his plate in under ten minutes, even going so far as to wipe up all the runny egg yolk with pieces of toast until it was clean. His mom took her time, raving over the lemon ricotta pancakes and saying how none of the places back in Guam serve food like this. Scott seemed unphased by the whole thing- really, they could have taken him to a Denny’s and he would have eaten up his food all the same. That left the two boys, who were trading food back and forth from their plates like little kids dissatisfied with their packed school lunches. Ryan picked off the cherry tomatoes from Levi’s omelete while the frat boy willingly took up the extra slices of bacon he’d been offered. They were in their own little world- much like every meal they shared together, until they looked up to see weird looks on Ryan’s dad and Scott’s faces. His mom, on the other hand, gave them an endearing smile which actually caused Levi to blush.

Ryan’s mom had gotten cold in the mid-morning overcast, sending Scott back out to the car to grab her sweater. Levi followed him out as he walked to the bathroom, with the high schooler asking what fraternity life was really like- without his parents around. He kept it tame, only revealing as much as he thought Ryan would say. Still, he seemed to be winning points with the kid, who was as engaged in their conversation as he was on his phone all morning.

Back at the table, Ryan’s mom had finished up the rest of her pancakes as she looked up at her oldest son.

“Levi seems like a great guy, honey.”

The boy looked up, thinking he’d have more time for this conversation.

“He is, mom. If it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t have made it through those first few months.”

Ryan’s parents looked at each other. They’d always known him to be full of energy, with more friends that they could keep track of. Their house felt like a weekend getaway with a steady stream of teenagers lined up to hang out with their son. It was nice- settling in the comfort that Ryan was well-liked, and had a support system of people he could turn to- even if it annoyed Scott to no end.

The admission from their son was a sobering reality that perhaps some of their fears about him moving here had been true.

Peter had looked back at his son, abandoning what he was going to say. His wife, Rose, seemed to be just as lost for words- like the both of them had planned out this strict, interwoven talk that was losing threads by the second.

“We just don’t want you to move too fast, Ryan.” His mom finally said before reaching across the table to touch him. It felt nice- like something he wished he could feel on those early nights when he was alone in his room and in his thoughts.

Not seeing a need to protest, Ryan simply nodded, He didn’t need to tell them that he’d been overly cautious from the get-go, to the point of nearly making it seem like he didn’t care at all.

He wouldn’t make that mistake again.

“It’s good to see you happy.” His dad added, forcing an even wider smile than what he had on.

“Your brother won’t admit it, but he misses you too.” His mom said with a wink.

They shared a laugh before Scott came back to the table, looking at the three of them laughing at his expense. He rolled his eyes and went back to scrolling through his feed. Levi came back a minute later, feeling Ryan’s fingers interlock with his as he sat down. He looked over and they shared a smile as the server cleared away the plates.

Just before they left the cafe, Ryan’s mom had started to list out each of the sites she wanted to hit before their drive back down to LA later tonight. His dad was in sync with her, already mapping out a route on his phone and assuring they’d be able to see all of them before dark. They made a plan to start back at St. Martin’s- the on-campus church that boasted baroque style architecture and the largest hanging crucifix his parents had seen. They squeezed back into the car and started to make their way there.

Back on campus, Levi pulled the boy aside as his folks got a few pictures of the older buildings. Scott was dragged along too- forced to be their photographer as Ryan’s mom insisted that she needed to change her Facebook profile picture.

“Hey I think I’m gonna head back home.” He had his hands in his pockets, “I wanna give you some time with your family that doesn’t involve having to explain me.” He wore a smile that told the boy there wasn’t anything wrong.

Ryan nodded, “I’m sorry we didn’t get to discuss it before. I know it’s pretty early to be meeting my parents-“

Levi shut the boy up with a kiss, feeling those nervous lips calm as they made contact. He pulled away, seeing that infectious smile return to the tanned face.

Scott cleared his throat, standing there with a blank face as the boys each took a step back. “I know you’ve liked dudes since I was born but I don’t need to see you kiss another guy.” He gagged dramatically, making the frat boy chuckle.

“What is it?” He asked, annoyed.

“Mom wants to make sure we get a picture together.” He replied, holding up his phone.

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