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Why Am I Doing This? Ch. 02

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…And changes him to Jeri.

It started with Cheryl showing me her new Topaz amulet. After that, I have started doing a number of tasks than normally Cheryl would/should have done herself. I couldn’t figure out why I was doing these things, but I did them happily and without protest only wishing to please Cheryl.

I also found myself extremely horny but I had been unable to relieve myself even though I had tried. As well, my genitals were encased in a cock cage which prohibited me from any masturbatory actions. There have been a number of time where, without any actions from me, I had some ill-timed orgasms and ejaculated in my pants while on the bus or in the office and sometime at a store.

Over the past number of weeks, I have had fully body electrolysis (and I mean fully body) but have started to grow my hair out on my head. I can now pull my hair into a small, short pony tail which I constantly wear all the time.

The pierced ears that I got a number of weeks ago now support a more feminine style piece.

Another thing that has been happening more and more was cleaning out (not up) after Cheryl. As usual, she would meet with some clients mostly male in the private board room common to all the executive rental offices. Most of the time after the client left but sometimes while the client was still there, Cheryl would call me to the board room asking me to bring a number of contracts (which got me hard and horny). I’d bring her the papers and usually found her sitting in one of the faux leather chairs with her skirt hiked up and her legs spread. Without any further instruction, I found myself cleaning out her freshly fucked and cum filled cunt.

Today, Cheryl did not meet with any clients but had me bring a number of different contracts for her to review. At day’s end, Cheryl called me into her office. She no longer dangled the pendant in front of me but constantly wore it at the office regardless of whether it matched her outfit or not. I found myself transfixed with the Topaz gem as Cheryl gave me instructions which I couldn’t consciously understand.

I left the office that evening as hard and as horny as had become the daily norm. On the way home, for some reason, I had an urge to go shopping. Clothes shopping. Not for men’s clothes but for women’s; to be more precise women’s underclothing.

At the nearby mall, I found myself inside the La Senza store. I was neither embarrassed nor reluctant to ask a pretty female clerk for assistance.

“Hi there.” I smiled. “I’m looking for some bras and panties.”

“Oh, hello. Yes! I’ll be please to help you out.” Said Tisha according to her name tag. Then she chuckled slightly. “For your wife or girlfriend or both? Do you know what size they would wear?”

In all seriousness, I answered. “Oh no! It’s for me! And I’m sorry I don’t know what size I wear.”

Tisha was slightly taken aback and took a couple of seconds to recover. “Oh! Uumm… Yes. No problem. What did you have in mind?”

“I’m not sure, but something sexy for sure.” I responded. “What istanbul travesti would you recommend?”

“Um… Well first let’s get your sizes. Can you follow me to the more private change area?” Tisha turned and guided me to the back. The store had a couple of other female customers who for some reason stared at me curiously. “Please use this room. It large enough so both of us can enter and I can take some measurements.”

The room was large enough to hold four or five people comfortably. There was a loveseat and a couple of high back chairs.

“This is actually our bridal change room. Many brides-to-be invite some of their friends along when they shop.” Explained Tisha. “So when they want to try on stuff to get each other’s opinions.”

Tisha asked me to remove my jacket. She placed the tape measure first over my nipples and then just beneath. Then my waist and hips. “Do you have any particular style or colour you like?”

“No, not really. I hadn’t really thought of it.” I told her. “Maybe black or red but something lacy.”

“Okay. Please wait here and I’ll bring some things for you to try.” Tisha instructed.

Automatically, I started to strip. I stood there in the middle of the room naked except for the locked cock cage which was filled with my excited cock. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get it to soften.

A number of minutes later, there was a knock on the door. “It’s Tisha with some things for you to try on. Is it okay for me to enter?”

“Yes, com’on in!” I answered without thinking.

The door opened; Trish walked in but she wasn’t alone. Both she and her associate stopped in mid-step. Tisha quickly recovered. “Uuh… This is Bonnie. She is a junior sales associate here to help. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Oh no. It’s fine.” I answered as if standing naked with a cock cage on in front of two young women in a lingerie store was normal.

“Normally we would ask guests to keep their underwear on when trying on things, but I doubt it would fit nicely with those men’s underwear.” Tisha spoke to me and Bonnie. She handed her colleague the bra. “Would you help our guest with this please? Mister?”

“Please call me Jeri.” I told them.

Bonnie took the bra and held it in front of me by the straps. I put my hands through the loops and Bonnie slid it up my arms and over my shoulders. She did the three hooks in the back and adjusted the shoulder straps.

Tisha handed her the matching panties. Bonnie knelt and held the waist band open for me to step in to. As she pulled it up, her cheek kind of brushed the outside of the cock cage. I wasn’t sure if it was inadvertent or not, but it reinforced the arousal I had already. I swear I could feel her hot breath on my dick through the thin slit openings of the cage.

Bonnie pulled the panties up around my hips and adjusted the back over my bum.

“It looks very nice, Jeri.” Tisha said. “What do you think?”

I looked at myself in the full length mirror. The bra was red satin with lace trim. The panties şişli travesti fit perfectly although it had a bulge where the cage stuck out.

“Uh oh!” I thought to myself. I could feel some pre-cum start to flow in my urethra. The more I tried to control it, the more I could feel it until a darker wet spot appeared in the crotch of my panties.

Tisha and Bonnie noted it as well. “I’m sorry to say that since you have stained it, you will have to purchase it.”

“Don’t be sorry. It is so pretty, I was going to buy it anyways.” I told them.

Tisha moved behind me and readjusted the bra around my chest. I could feel her press her body against mine as she cupped my breasts. “This is triple A, the smallest cup we carry. And padded so it will give you some shape. It is still slightly big and if you want, we can custom order a smaller one with more padding.”

“I think it will be okay for now!” I answered.

Her hands dropped to my panties. She pretended to readjust the hips and bum but then rubbed her hands over my front and encaged cock. Bonnie eyed us with lust as Tisha’s hand grabbed me. “This is probably the best we can do if you are going to always wear this. But I think it will be fine whenever you remove it.”

Tisha and Bonnie had me strip and try on a number of different things until Bonnie mentioned “hosiery.”

They both consulted with each other, then Bonnie left to get some things. She returned with a couple of suspender belts and a number of stocking to match my new under outfits. They showed me how to put it on, how to slip my pointed foot into the delicate seamed stockings and how to clip them to the belt. Being hairless due to electrolysis, the sexy ensemble looked amazing.

By this time both Bonnie and Tisha were as horny as I was. I could tell from the wild look in their eyes and the saliva drooling from the corners of their mouths.

I guess they saved the last for best.

“This is the wedding ensemble.” Tisha told me as Bonnie helped me put it one.

It was a white satin bra with a white rose between the cups. The cups themselves were padded and bigger than the other bras I tried on and resembled deflating balloons. The matching satin panties also had a small rose in the front. They were small bikinis that barely covered my cock and balls and left half my ass exposed. Bonnie helped me with the garter belt which hung high on my hips. The belt was also satin and had four straps hanging from each side. The front straps had that same white satin rose at the ends nearer the clips. The stocking were opaque white with four inch lace trim welts. When I slid them on, the tops reached midway up my thighs. Bonnie attached the straps that stretched tautly over my exposed legs.

“Oh my god!” My pre-cum was leaking freely from my pee hole. I looked at me in the mirror. “This bra seems to have bigger cups than the others.”

“Yes.” Bonnie smiled. “We have a surprise for you.”

Tisha moved behind me and pulled open the front of bakırköy travesti my bra. She inserted what appeared to be some skin-coloured gel packs that fully filled the emptiness of the cups. She adjusted my new tits and gave me some nice cleavage to show off.

I looked over at Bonnie. With her sweater pulled up, she palmed her breasts and pinched her nipples. Her other hand had pulled up her skirt over her spread legs and freely fingered her sopping cunt. Tisha had moved to kneel in front of me by that time. She pressed her lips to my groin and tried to suck me through the soft satin material staining it with dark red lipstick marks. The cage prevented me from actually feeling any of her efforts.

My knees were trembling as more blood gushed towards my constricted erection. Tisha had twisted her head so she could envelop both my balls into her mouth. Her hand went under and between my legs. Her finger found my asshole and pushed its way inside. It pressed against my prostate urging me to climax but without Cheryl’s “love craft” command, all I was able to do was spasm.

I managed to look over at Bonnie. She had already come a number of times and her powerful squirting cunt had showered the Tisha and the floor carpet.

Tisha extracted her finger from my rear and rose to her feet. She silently instructed Bonnie to take her place in front of me. I thought Tisha was talented, but Bonnie’s oral talents were extraordinary. I still was unable to cum.

“WE have another surprise for you.” Smiled Tisha.

“Mmm…” Vibrated Bonnie’s mouth in agreement.

Tisha pinched the hem of her short skirt and raised it upwards. About half way up, I could make out something pink. She continued to pull it up and expose the rest of it. The pink wasn’t her panties since she wasn’t wearing any. The pink was an eight inch long, realistically shaped, proportionally thick, silicon strap-on cock!

My eyes popped. I started to protest, but Tisha held her index finger to her red, smeared lips. “Shhh!”

With Bonnie working feverously on my cock, Tisha move behind me. I felt the back of my panties being pulled down below my ass cheeks. Tisha wrapped an arm around me and used her free hand to point the tip of her cock into my crack and up my very receptive ass.

Being single and lonely, I had often masturbated at home with a dildo up my bum. This one hurt. But it hurt good. The size was bigger than anything I had up my ass before. Fortunately, since we were standing and at the angle Tisha was attacking me with, it was impossible to get the entire length inside me.

I could tell Tisha was getting herself off pumping my ass with her cock. Her moans were getting louder and louder. She didn’t seem to care if anyone could hear her.

Finally there was a gush of wet on my ass and the backs of my legs. Bonnie’s face was sprayed and soaked with Tisha’s girl cum.

I was so frustrated at the fact I could not cum but neither girl seemed to care about me.

After they both recovered somewhat. They collected all the outfits I had tried on. I ended up spending a week’s salary on all the stuff before they let me out the locked store. I guessed they closed shop while I was first waiting in the dressing room.

I took all my new things home. I had a shower and went to bed thinking of which outfit I should wear to the office tomorrow.

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