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An Offer He Can’t Refuse Ch. 08

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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. This story features incest and anal sex, so be warned in case that’s not your cup of tea. Don’t expect realism, and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


Exhaling deeply as her huge bulging mommy-boobs jiggled in sync with her labored breathing, Julia rolled to her side and smiled as the joy of the afterglow enveloped her curvy body. Panting and tingling with post-orgasmic bliss, the gorgeous mother languidly reached her hand back and let her fingers slide into the lush valley of her ass-cleavage before slowly extracting the buttplug lodged in her still twitching little anus.

“Oooh fuck, yeah…” Julia murmured to herself as the tapered toy slipped out of her horny asshole, sending a spark of delight running up her spine. “Mmhhh that was good, I needed it so bad!”

Laughing and purring, the glowing MILF reached one hand between her nectar-glinting thighs and grabbed the fat base of the big cock-shaped dildo still buried in her needy pussy, while her other hand went to her phone. The mere sight of the final pic Mike had sent her instantly reignited Julia’s desire, making her groan with need as she pulled the massive fake phallus from her drooling mommy-hole. That image of her beloved son’s impressive dickmeat lying heavily on his sculpted abdomen in a gigantic pool of his intoxicating cum was so impossibly arousing to Julia that she instinctively brought the robust dildo to her lips and started lapping away at it, tasting her own juices while wishing they were her boy’s creamy sperm instead, dreaming that the lifeless toy could be his perfect cock.

“Oh, baby… Mommy misses you so much! Your big cock, your sweet cum…” Julia whimpered longingly under her breath as she licked the girlcum-coated plastic dong while rewatching the pictures Mike had sent her during their sexting session.

Far from sated, Julia was soon working her juicy slit and her engorged clit with her fingers all over again, her lips glossy with her own girlcum. Panting as she tried to make do with her digits while all she really wanted was for Mike’s amazing cock to fill her pussy like only he could, Julia quickly decided to return to sexting with her adored boy. Mewling as she diddled her nectar-slick clit with experienced circular rubs, Julia had her phone in hand and was ready to restart taking pics and sending naughty texts to her son when an unwelcome sound burst her bubble of forbidden joy.

“Jules? You okay in there? Julia, come on, it’s me.”

Jennifer’s words coming from out in the hallway followed by her relentless knocking on the door brought Julia brusquely back to reality, making her groan with frustration. Hoping against hope that her big sister might just give up and leave her alone to sext with Mike, Julia kept silent and waited. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t work.

“Come on, Jules! You’re starting to worry me now,” Jennifer persisted, still banging her fist against Julia’s door. “I know you’re in there… Is everything alright?”

Letting out a long-drawn-out sigh, Julia finally replied: “Yeah, I’m fine. I just had too much to drink. I need to lie down a bit, Jenny, that’s all. Go back downstairs and have fun.”

“Really? You didn’t seem drunk at all to me…” Jennifer argued from the other side of the door, sounding very unconvinced. “Do you want me to stay? Just let me in a moment, okay?”

“I’m fine, Jenny, I promise,” Julia groaned, getting ever more irritated with her sister for interrupting her masturbatory session. “Just go back to the girls, Jenny. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Okay…” Jennifer replied, without adding anything more.

Listening intently through the silence that followed, Julia smiled and exhaled in relief as she heard her big sister’s steps moving away from her door. Glad that the coast was clear, she immediately returned to flicking through the pictures of Mike’s huge cock while diddling her needy pussy, determined to build her sexy mood again and then sext her boy with renewed naughtiness. Given how horny she was, it didn’t take long at all.

Within moments, Julia was once moaning wantonly and pumping the thick dildo in and out of her dripping mommy-hole, all the while feverishly circling her sensitive clit. She had just buried the fake phallus to the hilt inside her juicy slit so that she could snap a picture of it to send Mike, when all of a sudden another unwanted noise broke her lewd trance. This time though, it didn’t come from outside the door to her room. It came from inside, from the bathroom.

Earlier that day, Julia had barely taken notice of the fact that her room and Jennifer’s were adjacent and that their bathrooms were connected by a door. Now, with utter horror, Julia realized that her naturally stubborn and ever curious big sister must have come back to her own room to use precisely that door between their bathrooms! A sense of crushing defeat hit Julia’s naked, lust-inflamed body as she heard the clicking of a lock followed by Jennifer’s cheering laughter Casibom coming from inside the bathroom. It sounded so dreadfully, unavoidably close.

“There we go! Hey Jules, it’s me,” Jennifer chirped, her voice drawing nearer with every word. “Sorry about barging in like this, but I remembered about the door in the bathroom and you’ve been acting so weird all day, so I thought… Oh! Oh shit, Jules!”

Surprised but far from shocked by the sight of Julia lying naked on the bed with a dildo stuffed deep in her pussy and her cell in hand clearly posed to take a picture, Jennifer just cracked a knowing smile and crossed her arms under her huge tits, making them bulge out against the fluffy hotel robe she was wearing over her bikini. Slowly nodding and grinning ever more smugly she said: “Now I get why you were all antsy and absentminded before… You missed your young stud! Your pussy was itching for his cock and so you snuck up here to sext with him! I knew it! You’re such a horny little slut, Jules!”

Sighing in surrender, Julia just shrugged and grumbled: “Yeah. You got me, Jenny… Can you leave me to it now?”

“No way! Not until you let me see his dick pics, at least!” Jennifer scoffed, her eyes bright with mischief as she sat on the bed beside her naked sister. “He must be packing a real monstercock if you couldn’t even wait till we all went to bed before sexting him… And by the way, that’s an impressive dildo you got there in your pussy, little sis, congrats! Now, lemme see those pics already!”

Julia had to sigh at that. Having been in a lot of intense erotic situations with Jennifer ever since they were teenage girls, Julia wasn’t concerned at all about the fact that she had been caught sexting and masturbating. What did worry her was the possibility of her rowdy big sister finally discovering who exactly she was sexting with. As Jennifer’s hand reached for Julia’s cell, the naked mother tightened her fingers around the phone and rolled to her side in a last ditch attempt to physically shield her naughty secret affair with her son from being revealed.

“Go away, Jenny!” Julia yelped as Jennifer leaned heavily over her, squashing her mammoth robe-covered jugs into Julia’s naked back and extending her arms to grab the phone “This is none of your business, Jen, seriously! I never tried to find out who your boy toys were!”

“Of course not, because I always told you!” Jennifer rebutted with a throaty chuckle, mounting on top of her squirming sister in a messy, impromptu wrestling match. “What’s with all this secrecy anyways, Jules? Why do you keep hiding this young stud from me? I mean, we’ve shared guys before, so…”

Squealing and rolling, Julia tried to knock Jennifer off her back while extending her arm as much as possible to hold her phone out of her nosy sister’s reach. Unfortunately though, her dildo was still partially lodged in her juicy pussy, a detail which wasn’t lost on Jennifer. Draped over her little sister’s naked bucking frame, keeping her pinned down to the bed with her own voluptuous body, Jennifer snickered impishly as she stopped trying to grab Julia’s phone and sneaked a hand down between her spread thighs instead.

A husky gasp escaped Julia’s mouth as she felt her sister’s fingers sneak their way into her luscious butt-cleavage, brush teasingly over her rosy little asshole and plunge lower still, until Jennifer’s hand was wrapped firmly around the base of her pussy-plugging toy.

“Jenny, no! Oohh… Ohh shit nooohh!” Julia moaned as her big sister straddled her juicy bubble-butt and started pumping the huge fake cock in and out of her soft pink folds with deep, fast slit-cramming motions. “Uuh Jen, you bitch! Uuhh fuuuck…That’s not fair! Ooowwhh, shiiit…”

Smiling broadly as she masturbated her little sister’s slippery pussy the way she knew Julia liked it, Jennifer soon felt Julia’s body shiver with pleasure underneath her while raspy mewls of delight tumbled from her mouth. At that point, right when Julia’s unexpected climax began crashing over her, Jennifer lunged forward and finally snatched the phone from her sister’s pleasure-loosened fingers. As Jennifer laughed triumphantly while still working the dildo in and out of Julia’s nectar-flooded pussy, the orgasming mother screeched out both in frustration at having lost that sisterly battle and in undeniable albeit ill-timed ecstasy.

“Oowwwhh… Ooohh fuck, Jenny! Uuhh shiiiit! Fuuuuck!”

Dismounting and letting go of the dildo, thus allowing a half-fuming and half-glowing Julia to roll over and lie on her back with her arms crossed angrily under her wobbling mommy-boobs, Jennifer sat up on her knees as she flashed her sulking sister a victorious grin. Her fluffy robe had fallen off as she and Julia wrestled, and her dark blue bikini was in such a state of disarray that Jennifer simply undid the bows of both the top and bottom, letting the skimpy triangles of fabric fall off her curvaceous body. Gorgeously naked, Jennifer made a big ceremony of swiping her finger over the screen of Julia’s phone as she Casibom Giriş exhaled and grinned broadly.

“Well… Let’s finally find out who’s your mystery lover, then!”

Julia’s sighing groan and Jennifer’s stunned gasp came out almost at the same time, soon followed by a few seconds of absolute silence. During that brief interval, Jennifer’s fingers went crazy on Julia’s phone, her eyes avidly drinking in texts and chats and images, her suddenly hyper-aroused brain getting flooded by the weeks-long collection of pic after sexy pic portraying not only her sister’s curvaceous nakedness and her nephew’s impressively huge cock, but also Mike’s young boner plowing all of Julia’s holes in a variety of different positions and locations.

Barely managing to remove her gaze from an image of Mike’s massive dickmeat stretching Julia’s soaked pussy as they had sex in what looked like the backseat of Julia’s car, Jennifer eventually looked at her sulking sister, her mouth hanging slack and her voice trembling with surprise and arousal as she exclaimed: “Jules! Oh… My… God… Mike!? You’re fucking your son!? Wow!”

Shrugging and rolling her eyes, beyond caring at that point, Julia flatly said: “Yes. I’m fucking my son. Can you give me back my phone now?”

“Oh no, not yet, sis!” Jennifer chuckled, once again browsing through the contents of Julia’s cell. “I’m gonna look at every single pic of the two of you fucking you’ve got in here! Whoa, and videos too! Jeez, Jules, you’re taking his monstercock in the ass too?! Oh my god, that’s so fucking hot! He’s stretching your asshole real good there, sis! Mmh, that makes me so horny. I wouldn’t mind trying some of that cockmeat myself, you know…”

That last comment brought back all of Julia’s misgivings about letting her cougar sister know about her relationship with Mike. It wasn’t even about the taboo of having sex with her own son being revealed, that had never been the issue at all. Julia had always known that Jennifer wouldn’t have a problem with her fucking Mike, but she did fear that her idyllic forbidden romance could be ruined if it was unveiled, even to someone as close to her as Jennifer.

Deep down, Julia felt that she shouldn’t really have such concerns, because Mike loved her and she loved him, and their emotional connection was as deep and true as it was passionate. Also, despite her bluster and forwardness, Jennifer was still her big sis, and Julia knew that her heart was in the right place and she would never purposely sabotage a relationship that Julia cherished so much. Deceit had never been her way of relating to Jennifer at all, but for better or worse Julia had felt like she should be secretive about this one thing, even though it meant keeping her sister in the dark about something truly meaningful and life-changing.

Trying to navigate her way through those tangled up emotions once and for all, Julia took a deep breath and sat up against the headboard. Removing the dildo from her pussy, she steadied herself for the now unavoidable necessity to explain to Jennifer what she and Mike shared. Hoping that her sister would understand and act accordingly, Julia began speaking.

“Jenny, put the phone down a second…”

Called back to reality by the obvious seriousness in her little sister’s voice, Jennifer unglued her eyes from the images of Mike having torrid sex with his mom and met Julia’s worried gaze. Despite instantly catching on to the emotional weight of the situation, Jennifer couldn’t help but grin and quip: “Why the long face, mama bear? Afraid I’m gonna steal your cub?”

The fact that while speaking Jennifer had mock-seductively pushed her huge tits forward and made them shake while her pink puffy nipples traced circles in the air made it clear to Julia that her sister was just kidding, as usual. Still, despite smiling along at Jennifer’s characteristic naughty silliness, Julia was still pretty serious as she resumed.

“Yeah, kinda… Actually no, Jenny, I’m not really worried about that. Well, a bit maybe, but that’s not it…” Julia said, tucking her long blonde hair behind her ears and sighing as she steadied herself for the explanations to come. “I should probably start from the beginning, so you get a better idea…”

“Okay, sure,” Jennifer nodded, knee-walking closer to Julia and then lying down on her side right beside her naked sister. “Can I at least finger my pussy while you tell me how you ended up taking my hunky nephew’s donkey dick in all your holes?”

Laughing along with her incorrigible big sis, feeling Jennifer’s contagious teasing mischievousness starting to affect her too, Julia playfully punched Jennifer on the shoulder as she exhaled and smiled. “Fine, why not… It is a pretty hot story, if I say so myself!”

Grinning and snuggling closer to Julia’s curvy body, Jennifer just said: “I’m all ears, sis…”


By the time Julia was done recounting how her forbidden affair with her son had started and then gradually developed into the deep loving relationship they now shared, Casibom Güncel Giriş Jennifer had cum three times while caressing her dripping slit and was still rabidly horny.

Her arousal had done nothing but grow and grow and grow as she listened to her little sister finally spilling the beans about Mike. As Julia went into all the juicy details about how amazing the sex was and how insatiable she got around her big-cocked boy, Jennifer had forcibly restrained herself from commenting, remaining silent and thus allowing Julia’s insanely erotic tale to unfold uninterrupted. As Julia talked, Jennifer never looked away from her, feeding off of her lustful yet heartfelt words, awestruck by how incredibly hot Julia and Mike’s antics were. Silently, biting her lips not to disturb her sister’s amazing confession, Jennifer had masturbated incessantly and enjoyed her climaxes in as quiet a manner as she could, her fingers rubbing her clit non-stop while she pawed at her own massive tits with her free hand, pulling and pinching her big nipples, eliciting little muffled squeals of pleasure from her own dutifully sealed lips.

As soon as Julia finished telling her tale of forbidden sex and love, Jennifer blinked her bugged-out eyes and blurted out: “Wow, Jules! That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard in my life!”

“Well, thanks, I guess…” Julia chuckled in response, locking gazes with her flustered big sister.

Beside a healthy dose of arousal, Jennifer’s eyes conveyed genuine affection and understanding for her, which Julia was very glad to see. Talking to her sister always made Julia feel good, it had always been that way. Despite her wildness and impulsiveness, Jennifer had always been there for Julia and she was glad not to have to keep secrets from her any more. In hindsight, she sort of regretted having hidden her relationship with Mike from Jennifer for so long, and she scolded herself for letting her judgment get so clouded that she would doubt her own big sis’s ability to empathize with her in that or in any other situation. Jennifer’s next words, uttered as she still lazily fingered her sopping wet pussy, confirmed to Julia that she had been indeed understood.

“Your relationship with Mike sounds so sexy, Jules, but sweet too. And clearly it did you good, a lot of good! I mean, look at you,” Jennifer went on with a soft laugh, letting go of her tits to bring her hand up and gently caress Julia’s beautiful face. “You’re all lovey-dovey and you’ve been so happy all the time lately… Like you always were with Ron…”

“Yeah,” Julia whispered with a smile. “Mike reminds me of his father so much… But he’s also my baby boy, you know. I love him so much, Jenny. I really do.”

After nodding slowly and leaning in to plant a soft smooch on Julia’s lips, Jennifer couldn’t help but grin impishly and add: “Well, Mike is definitely his father’s son when it comes to his dick! Just look at that monstercock, the family resemblance is obvious and uncanny!” Jennifer snickered while picking up Julia’s phone again and flicking through the naughtiest pics in there, making Julia giggle along too.

“Seriously, Jules, Mike’s dick seems even longer than your Ron’s and thicker than my Randy’s! No wonder you got so greedy about it…” Jennifer went on, making her sister smile even while evoking the names of their beloved and prematurely departed husbands. “But of course Mike is your boy, so I get why your were protective and stuff. Just don’t keep this kind of secrets from me in the future, okay Jules?” Jennifer concluded, assuming her rarely used serious big-sisterly attitude, which Julia knew very well and actually had always appreciated a lot whenever it came up since they were little girls. “We’ve gotta stick together, the two of us. Like always.”

“Like always,” Julia echoed her, smiling and nodding as Jennifer opened her arms, inviting her into a warm hug.

As her little sister snuggled into her embracing arms and pressed her big voluptuous tit against her own mammoth jugs, Jennifer couldn’t help but add: “I’ve got to say though, Mike’s cock looks so fucking yummy… You know, Jules, I wouldn’t try to steal him away from you or anything, but if you decided to share him, I mean… There’s clearly enough for both us to go around, that’s all I’m saying!”

“Jeez, Jenny! You’re just terrible!” Julia laughed, jokingly punching her sister in the ribs and thus initiating a short playful bout of old-school tickling and teasing that made them both roll and tumble around on the bed like they were teenagers again, causing their bouncy matronly asses and huge mommy-boobs to jiggle all over the place.

Finally, as they lay back against the headboard, giggling and panting and smiling, Julia looked Jennifer in the eye and said: “You know, I feel much better now that I told you about me and Mike. I don’t know why I got so crazy about keeping it a secret from you… I know you wouldn’t steal him away, I mean, you fucked my Ron plenty of times and I fucked Randy as well, and the four of us did all kinds of stuff together and you and I did too, so…” Julia shrugged, trailing off before hugging Jennifer again and nuzzling her face tenderly. “I love you, Jenny, and I trust you,” Julia finally said, breaking into an irrepressible fit of laughter as she added: “Even if you’re a cock-crazy bitch!”

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