Surreptitious Love Ch. 88



Chapter 88 — Full rehearsal with Yen and Hanh

Since Mrs. Yen’s husband didn’t like young Hanh giving massages to his wife at their house, she asked me to meet at Hanh’s aunt’s massage parlor, instead. I liked the idea, of course, since I wanted to meet my new, blind friend Hanh again as soon as possible. I could probably watch her massaging Yen’s pussy again, before the three of us would drift into some rousing adventure together.

Just as Nguyet, Mira had received her massage vouchers and could thus show up at Hanh’s massage room at any moment. Neither Nguyet nor Mira knew, however, that the voucher entailed a pussy massage, but I found it more exciting to keep that a secret. If Mira knew, she might not even go, but I thought it was entirely harmless. Hanh wasn’t at all pushy, and so every woman could easily decline the offered treatment.

Speaking of: Hanh and I had agreed that I write a code of conduct to avoid embarrassment, as she was blind. Vietnamese clients could, of course, converse with Hanh, but foreigners, such as Mira and her fuck buddy Carol, had to find a different way to communicate with their blind masseuse. I had sent Hanh a draft, which her speech recognition device — or whatever that contraption was called — would read to her. These were the points I thought we should include:

You should take a shower before lying down on the massage table. If you don’t wish the blind masseuse to wash you, please hold her gently by the upper arms for a second.

If you don’t want the blind masseuse to touch your sensitive parts, please put your own panties back on after the shower. Should you change your mind during the treatment, just remove your underwear again.

If you put on the white boxer shorts that the young woman will offer you, she knows that you are undecided. Should you opt to have your treasure massaged as well, just remove the shorts.

If you are sure that you definitely would like the girl to massage your treasure, please lie down naked right away.

If there is something you disagree with during the massage, please hold her wrist gently to stop her.

Hanh liked the text, and so she promised to have it printed and laminated. Clients would be given time to read it before they undressed. I had put quite some thought into the pussy massages and found it actually better to offer them as a surprise, but then the communication problems could effectively ruin the great relaxing experience. Hanh, in turn, had proposed to divide the snatch massages in inner and outer, but we couldn’t find a code for that. I also found that pulling the cleft slightly open and massaging the entrance should be an intricate part of a pussy massage anyway.

I saw my young colleagues Mira and Carol almost daily at our school; mostly together but sometimes also by themselves. We always greeted and smiled at each other cordially, but that was it. Carol often wore cute little bobby socks of various colors, and I increasingly lusted after her. Once, she had been cooking in tight shorts in the forth-floor kitchen, where I had a few things in the fridge, but even then we only greeted each other but didn’t talk. I still couldn’t imagine that she would have sex with me. If at all, I thought that would have to come through Mira, with whom I had had a brief affair last fall and winter. But then Carol had come back from the Philippines, and everything had ended for now.

I hoped that with the two massage vouchers, which I had giving Mira for her 25th birthday on April 9, Mira and Carol would become more open to sexual adventures, ideally involving me. Somehow. Primarily, I wanted to suck Mira’s curiously long clit and ride her again, but Carol was so cute and hot that I desperately wanted her to be part of that. But since Mira would certainly wait a few weeks before she would go and see the masseuse, I grew increasingly fond of the idea of spending an hour or two with my mature friend Yen and blind, cuddly Hanh.

The other story on the proverbial backburner was my role-play with Nguyet, who had told me a few weeks back that she was worried about her voracious sexual appetite. So, I had proposed to turn the clock back about five years, before our affair had started, for a little detox program. During our withdrawal treatment, Nguyet pretended to have very scant sexual experience and would resist my advances for the most part, until one day, she would grow properly curious. Then, she would coyly open up and give in to ever-escalating sensually rousing shenanigans.

Just yesterday, Nguyet had told me how she — even though she wasn’t married — had a son. Which was true. What wasn’t true was how she had purportedly conceived him: In the dark, wearing a dress but no panties. When I asked Nguyet if she hadn’t enjoyed the act that had led to her pregnancy, she rebuffed me rather brusquely. She forbade me to imagine her having sex, and when I told her that that was my favorite pastime, she found no humor escort tanıtımları in it. She reiterated that she found sex and penises ‘gross and repulsive’, but when I wanted her to elaborate on the latter, she admitted that she had never seen one, since she ‘had always left her dress on and the lights out.’

Oh, how much I loved her for such titillating statements, and I couldn’t wait how she would report back to me after the rousing snatch massage that Hanh was going to give her soon. The sexually experienced Nguyet from real life would not hesitate a bit to indulge in such a debaucherous act — and perhaps even try to caress Hanh — but then she couldn’t talk about it freely in our role-play. Yet, I still thought that Hanh’s pussy massage would trigger in the coy damsel that Nguyet was pretending to be at the moment a heightened interest in all matters sensual.

When Nguyet had said that she had only had sex it in the dark, wearing a dress but no underwear, I almost lost it. Oh, was that hot! Sure, it sounded a little depressing too, but it was only a figment of Nguyet’s imagination. In real life, we had been enjoying a fairly active and rather tantalizing affair for four years already, and she had had other short flings. But, sure: I found the idea to encounter her in a dark room, her wearing a dress with no underwear, utterly mesmerizing. It reminded me of some psycho thriller, and I would totally have lied down on her in the dark and let my glans find its way through the dense forest of her underbrush.

When I told Nguyet how much I liked the idea, though, she screamed abuse:

“That’s how ugly you find me?!”

Well, I guessed that’s how what I had said could be interpreted. I had maneuvered myself into a cul-de-sac here. Jesus! But to remind her that that was how ugly the father of her child found her would only have made matters worse, so I refrained from it. To save what could be saved, I wrote back that I would much rather meet her at a café or restaurant in a dress or skirt to ogle her and admire her beautiful legs — and, eventually, lie down on her naked body. I assured her that I understood that she — as inexperienced as she was in our role-play — couldn’t present herself naked, to which she replied that she would only undress in front of her future husband, should she ever find one. To notch things up a bit further, I offered her to look at my dick at her leisure, as that was a quintessential part of any adult woman’s life, I argued. But when I got carried away and proposed to lick her delicious cunt, she called me a ‘disgusting pig’ and stopped talking to me. I loved it!

The exchange with Nguyet had been absolutely titillating and beguiling, but now I was looking forward to seeing Hanh and Mrs. Yen. In that order. I waited outside the massage salon for my mature friend and smoked a ciggie, but then she rolled up on the sidewalk before I was even done. She was probably has keen and horny as I was. We went inside, where Hanh’s aunt greeted us warmly but then sent us straight up to the massage room. Hanh came out of her bower, since she had heard us and gave Mrs. Yen the Code of Conduct to proofread. I saw that they had printed a Vietnamese version as well, just to make sure. When she was done, Yen handed me the list and then undressed unceremoniously.

I sat down on the massage chair with the kidney-shaped seat to read the list one more time, while Hanh took her polo and her shorts off but kept her bikini-like underwear on. Mrs. Yen stepped in the shower and switched on the water. I felt like remaining a disinterested observer for now, as Hanh was going to give our mature friend a massage, which, I believed, would include Yen’s precious treasure. While Hanh was soaping Yen, I admired her cuddly compact body, which was complimented wonderfully by her burgundy-red, polka-dotted underwear. Her panties were perhaps two inches long on the sides and her bra, which was made of the same material, fit perfectly. She looked a little like an athlete.

Well, standing next to petite, slim Hanh, Yen seemed to have aged. Sure, she still looked hot, considering that she was 51 or so, but her butt seemed bigger than I remembered it. She appeared to enjoy how our young, blind friend was washing her, though. To underscore that Yen was a regular customer today, I went over to the shelf and gave Yen a pair of those white boxer shorts that the salon provided for clients, as well as two towels, before I sat down again.

After Yen had dried herself, she really put those shorts on and lay down on the massage table. Hanh took some oil in her hands and began her work. I went to pee, but then I undressed as well, since it felt weird to remain fully dressed here in the warm, sultry room. Hanh was standing behind Yen’s head and was massaging her temples when I looked over. Then she moved on to the shoulders and arms, before she eventually took on the bigger task of the back. I gaziantep escort telefonları wondered if I could be of any help but decided against it; I would probably just have messed things up, and Hanh was the one who was trained in the field, anyway. Yen did look pretty hot in her white boxer shorts, but I still liked Hanh better. Not only was she younger but also shorter. I couldn’t help it: I simply adored cute, petite girls.

Since Hanh had a training in podology, she really took her time for Mrs. Yen’s feet, which gave me an opportunity to envision sex with the pretend-coy, inexperienced Nguyet again. Could I take the damsel to a hotel? At her house would be another option, but then we would have to get rid of her mother for two hours. Or we met at her office in the model home in the newly emerging, American-style ‘burbs. Yeah, that would probably be best. I remembered that there were relatively thick curtains in the master bedroom on the second floor, so we could conduct our sensual play in the darkness there.

And then I envisioned Carol here on the massage table, who I had never touched or seen naked. Perhaps I could hide in Hanh’s room here when Mira and Carol showed up for their massage? But how could I find out when exactly they were going?! But just imagine: I could take a good look at her glorious young — presumably virgin — pussy from this side of the curtain that separated the client’s upper body from their midsection! If I were really quiet, I could probably sniff her slightly sour warm treasure. Oh, that would be the most tantalizing day ever! But perhaps Hanh and her aunt wouldn’t want me to do that. Not that they had sworn the Hippocratic oath, but they were good people, and I didn’t want them to partake in such unethical deeds. But it would be hot super-hot, actually. Wouldn’t it?!

I was pretty chipper here on my massage chair with the kidney-shaped seat. My balls were free to dangle nicely, and my shaft was lying calmly on top of my ball sack, portly pointing towards the floor at a 45-degree angle. Absentmindedly, I was looking at Hanh’s young, slightly muscular back, until she told Yen that she should turn on hers. During the process, Yen looked at me three-tenth of a second longer than necessary; perhaps, she anticipated my rod on her warm, muscular cavern. Well, she had told me once that mine had a third more volume than her beloved hubby’s.

Right around that moment, I began to ask myself what we would do later. Hanh was a few days before her ovulation, if I wasn’t completely mistaken. I wasn’t sure about Yen’s cycle, but she was old enough to take care of herself. As soon as Hanh would start the pussy massage proper, I would go over to the table and watch. Right now, Hanh’s hands were traveling Yen’s chest, and I noticed that her tits had both kinda fallen off to the sides. Man, she still looked hot, as well-developed and fully mature as she was. I had no idea what she did to her skin, which still looked incredibly smooth. I almost got up; damn it, this shit was hot. All of a sudden, it felt stupid to be sitting around.

But I didn’t want to interrupt the rhythm between the two ladies. Mrs. Yen would have taken my cock in her mouth right then, had I presented it to her near her face. Respecting the sensual play in front of me, however, I took my rod in my own hand and started to stroke it, happy about my dangling balls in my long, heavy ball sack here on the edge of the special massage chair. I saw the curtain that Yen might request to have closed in a few minutes, and Nguyet passed my mind again: Perhaps she would jerk me off if she didn’t have to look at me? Maybe we could arrange some sort of glory hole somewhere at her model home?! Perhaps she would even blow me in the dark?

After Hanh had massaged Yen’s thighs extensively, they talked for a bit and, sure enough, now Hanh closed the curtain above Yen’s belly. Blind as she was, she felt the fabric for a while to ensure that it was properly closed. I finally got up and stood next to Yen’s hips on the other side of the table from Hanh. Apparently, she had heard me come over and was now smiling in my general direction, while she was exploring Yen’s groins under the thin material of the boxer shorts. As our mature friend had apparently consented to follow through with the proposed pussy treatment, Hanh pulled said boxers down, and I had the opportunity to take a good, close look at Mrs. Yen’s glorious lap again.

Yen had a long, slim pubic mound that seemed coiffed, even though I was certain that it wasn’t. It had just naturally grown that way: trim and proper, elegant, and luxurious. There were very few hairs on the upper part of her outer labia, which didn’t obstruct the view of her fine snatch. Her pussy itself also appeared to be rather long, perhaps five inches. Her light-colored inner labia were nicely bibeveled and had already separated. The base of her pelvis was pulsating gaziantep escort bayan telefonları eagerly when she opened her legs wider. I liked how nonchalantly she was offering herself, knowing that I was on this side of the curtain, watching.

Hanh took a good measure of oil, which she then applied to Yen’s groins, bevor she caressed Yen’s pussy lips with both thumbs. Just a minute later, she went on to plucking said labia, which made a nice smacking noise. The whole area was glistening, and even though the wall fan was working hard, I could still hear Yen’s quiet moaning behind the curtain. Otherwise, it was pretty quiet. I found myself looking at Hanh’s cuddly, compact body more that Yen’s almost perfect pussy, though, but when the flower completely opened, I was drawn into the mesmerizing sight. Hanh’s deft hands had caused Yen’s lips to swell and thrive. She rubbed the soft, succulent flesh some more, and I was sure that even Hanh herself was letting out the occasional moan now.

I parked my upper body on my stretched forearms on the massage table and leaned in more. Yen’s mature lap was exuding the most delicious warm aroma one could think of. With every pulse, a new wave of fragrance came wafting towards us. Her pussy seemed like a pair of slugs or some random sea creature that wanted to assert itself. It was pulsating and breathing and looking at us. Yen’s inner labia had become so long now that Hanh parked them left and right above her sheath opening proper, and I was amazed how perfect the rhombus was. That deltoid reminded me of a kite and, also, of Nguyet’s face, which was also curiously shaped like a diamond. If I wasn’t completely mistaken, Yen’s labia must have been close to the golden ratio: maybe an-inch-and-a-half or two from her clit to the widest point, and then two-and-a half inches from that point all the way down. Oh, what a mesmerizing, harmonious, beguiling sight! Simply divine!

Hanh took some more oil on her fingers now and caressed the inside of Yen’s exposed lips, which were partially covering the outer ones. I was wondering again if I shouldn’t assist in any way or abstain; perhaps, I could taste the viscous, translucent juices, at least? But then I probably should just be the disinterested observer that I had promised myself to remain earlier. So, I just looked deep into Mrs. Yen’s pumping flower, sighed longingly when I detected the opening of her urethra, and simply enjoyed the avaricious energy of life. When I put a few strands of hair behind Hanh’s ears, however, she ‘looked’ at me and whispered that I should come over to her side.

Oh, yes, Yen was ripe for a good fuck. After seeing, smelling, and even hearing the blossoming flower in Yen’s lap, my cock had pumped itself up, but when I positioned myself behind Hanh to watch some more what she was doing, my glans touched her back, which prompted her, in turn, to ask me to snap her bra open and pull down her panties. Of course, I couldn’t refrain from sniffing her underwear for a second, before I put it on the shelf next to the bottles and vials.

Perhaps she was just hot and didn’t want to interrupt the flow of things, but maybe it was her way of saying that she couldn’t stand the tension any longer. When Hanh was naked, I wrapped my arms around her and put my chin on her narrow shoulder. Yen’s soft, succulent cleft was swollen to the utmost and, Holy Shit, Hanh was now pushing her whole hand inside. I didn’t know if they had agreed to that, but, anyway, Hanh’s hands were small and she was doing it very carefully. I, on the other hand, smelled Hanh’s hair and skin next to my face and felt her little belly, before I let my hand travel further down towards her fluffy bush. I remembered watching Hanh pulling the curtain closed and looked for the small footstool that she had used, which still must have been in the vicinity under the massage table. When I had found it, I pulled it closer with my foot and asked Hanh to step on it.

As greasy as Yen’s cunt was, Hanh’s hand slid in the muscular sheath rather effortlessly, perhaps since Yen had given birth to one child naturally. For her other daughter, a C-section had been performed, the scar of which one could still see above her lovely pubic mound. Now, Yen was screaming, wheezing, and writhing behind and under the curtain, and from time to time she sounded like she was praying when Hanh moved her hand slightly. I had always thought that Yen had just been coquettish when she told me that she was afraid that my cock was too large for her. Nothing seemed to be.

Looking at the fascinating sight of Hanh’s hand in our mature friend’s sheath, I positioned my cuddly blind friend on the stool and pushed my rod between her thighs, fairly high up, close to her pussy. I reminisced about the incredible intercrural intercourse we had had a few weeks back in Yen’s kitchen, and Nguyet, Carol, and Mira were completely forgotten when I pried Hanh’s tiny ass cheeks open and pushed my glans between her wet, greasy lips. Hanh had gotten so wet during the last thirty minutes that the juices were running down her thighs. At some point, I needed to ask her if every pussy massage excited her that much, which would be exhausting. But today it was perfect, and so I began to thrust gently and, with my arms wrapped around her upper body tightly, pushed my rod a little further up her tight snatch.

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