Super Heroes Ed. 02

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Super Heroes – Edition 2

There I was. Standing in the front of the full length mirror dressed as Zantanna Zatare – Justice League of America superhero. From the top hat with my long, flowing raven hair cascading down over my more than abundant breast forms barely contained under a tight fitting, frilly blouse and jacket, to the panties that formed my penis and testicles into a pussy camel toe to the fishnet and thigh high, stiletto black boots, I thought. I was no longer Tanner the crossdresser. “No! I am Zantanna!”

I had been sharing an apartment with my co-worker, Kara and the other roommate, Barbara. They shared one room while I had a small one to myself where I could “dress up” in private. The curious crossdresser in me need to investigate their room, where I first found a very alluring bra dangling from Barbara’s dresser drawer. I mindlessly jerked myself and came all over her lingerie.

At a time later, I found a sexy set including bra, waist corset with teeny thongs and stockings. Putting them on, I ended up on their bed and spluging my cum over myself. Both Kara and Barbara were standing at the doorway watching me. They set the lingerie as a trap and had set up nanny cams to catch me.

In the end, it all worked out. They weren’t upset and even made… let me dress up when I was in the apartment. As payment for my addiction, I did the cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. I actually loved doing it anyways.

Diana at work invited Kara and me to a costume party. We invited Barbara as our plus one. The fact Babs worked at a costume shop and was their make-up artists was a big bonus. She did an incredible job making me up that you couldn’t tell it was me.

“Not too bad, eh?” Barbara seemed very pleased at the results of her efforts. “He could go through a carwash during a hurricane and still look like Zantanna!”

“Wow! Yeah, you look fantastic!” Kara said dressed up as Supergirl, but not. It was a sexy Supergirl outfit. Her naturally long, loosely curled, blond hair reached the Supergirl crest over her firm, nice sized (not as big as mine) boobs. The rest of the outfit was a bit modified. Her long sleeved, blue top was cropped short and left her belly bare. The extremely short, red skirt barely covered her bum. She wore dark, opaque, red stockings. The garter straps extended well below her hem. Rather than boots, Kara wore black open-toed pump with four inch stiletto heels. “Uh… Our Zantanna seems to be forming a problem!”

While I was a cross-dresser, I was attracted to women not men. My cock with a mind of its own had become hard and formed a lump in my panties.

“Hee, Hee!” Laughed Barbara. “Okay, now get out so we can get finished dressing.”

“Don’t play with yourself either!” Warned Kara.

It was hard, mentally and physically waiting for my roommates. I thought I looked so hot. The boobs attached to my chest were huge. I couldn’t help but start to feel myself up. It wasn’t long before I was fingering my slit.

“Jesus!” My eyes popped open to see Kara and Barbara standing there; both were akimbo like the super heroes they were. “Unbelievable! You can’t help yourself can you!”

Barbara was dressed in her Batgirl outfit. It was very thin and skin tight over her body. Her rock hard nipples pointed straight out. Her utility belt slung low on her hips. “Oh my gawd! I can see her camel toe!” There was no way she could be wearing underwear let alone a bra; not that she needed one.

Her boots were skin tight latex, skinny heeled, platform boots that hugged her legs from her feet to mid-thigh. Rather than a cowl, Barbara put on a barrette with bat ear and a small mask over her eyes. Kara had a matching red one. No one would mecidiyeköy escort know who I was so I had none.

When our taxi arrive, Kara and Barbara sat in the back and made me sit up front. The driver was looked older and European or maybe from the eastern bloc (? I can never tell). On the way, I could see the driver keep eying me. Checking the rear view, the driver put a hand on my knee. I didn’t want to make a scene so I remained silent which he took as “Okay to proceed”.

My heart was beating hard and fast as slowly his hand climbed up my thigh. When his hand reached my stocking tops and garter clips, I gasped loudly. Too loudly, I guess. Batgirl asked. “Everything okay, Zantanna?”

The driver pulled his hand back like it touch fire. I was a little heartbroken and certainly disappointed. “Oh my gawd! Was I enjoying the touch of a man?”

Since I was the only one with pockets to carry a wallet, I paid for the taxi when we arrived at Diana’s place.

Her place was actually her parents with whom she lived. It was a huge mansion with marble steps and columns. Diana’s family was really rich and she really didn’t need to work, but did anyways.

“Hi Kara and Babs! You guys look fabulous!” Diana greeted us at the door. She was dressed as Wonder Woman. The top was barely able to keep her big boobs hidden. “Where’s Tanner?”

The both giggled and pointed at me. Diana’s mouth dropped and her eyes popped!

“Holy fuck! That’s amazing! Wow!” Diana’s eyes scanned me up and down. “Come in and get a drink.”

The place was packed. Everyone’s costumes were to the max. I disguised my voice and no one could guess who I was.

“Blah! Blah! Blah!” Familiar sounding voices boomed over the din of the room. Then they seemed to laugh at their own jokes. “Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!”

I looked around and saw. “Oh fuck! Its Brad and Chad!”

Two of the office bullies. Both boisterous and brash. Brad was the more alpha of the two. Neither were dressed in real costumes; they just looked like red neck hicks. They were narcissistic, sadistic, xenophobic, and homophobic and yet somehow they always got the girls to swoon around them. I heard rumours of one time they beat the crap out of some gay guy at a bar. Seeing the two of them got me nervous. I downed my drink to help calm me. “Hm… Maybe another?”

After my third double vodka and cran, I was feeling much more at easy. I was able to converse (voice disguised) with other and usually figured out who they were. The opposite was not the case and my secret identity still a mystery. I saw Supergirl and Batgirl flirting around with some other guys: Zorro, Robin Hood (in tights), Green Arrow and some others. As I moved closer to observe, I noticed that some guy dressed up as Sherlock Holms had his hand under Kara’s cape and investigating her ass. From her squirming and smile I think he was digging for clues up her poop shoot.

I socialized around and then somehow found myself trapped amongst a group of guys including Brad on my right and Chad on my left. Brad placed his hand on my boobs and was squeezing them; the guys laughed. My forms felt like he was actually feeling me up for real. I felt my erection start to grow.

Chad held me in place with his arm around my waist and pulled me in tight. There seemed to be a sudden surge of people and the guys were crushing against me. Chad had slipped his hand down my shorts and panties so he could stick his finger between my crack and up my hole. Meanwhile Brad dropped his hand to my crotch and was sliding his finger along my “gash”. He smiled and told me. “Nice camel toe!”

“Oh, there you are Zantanna!” Supergirl called out.

“Come on!” Batgirl vip escort istanbul beckoned me. “We need you to come with us!”

With that I was able to escape the clutches of Brad and Chad.

“Oh! Wow! Thanks!” Although maybe I was disappointed more than with the cabbie.

“We saw you there and figured things out.” Kara told me. “How far did you let them get?”

“Brad felt up my boobs and was fingering my slit.” I answered abashed. “Chad had his finger up my butt hole!”

“Oooo… You slut!” Barbara laughed. “Don’t they know you belong to us?”

Booze flowed and after a couple more drinks, I needed to go to pee. The main floor one was busy and Diana told me I could use the one upstairs to the right. Peeing wasn’t as easy as pulling out my dick. Pushing down my shorts and panties and disentangling my semi-firm cock from its pocket was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. Plus the garters I had on made it impossible to drop my shorts to my ankles. I had to sit to pee. And it was a long pee.

As the hot, stream splashed in the bowl, I started to caress my own boobs. They felt so real! So firm! I almost had an orgasm when I pinched the protruding nipples.

Back to reality, I flushed my golden liquid down the loo; managed to fix myself as Barbara instructed me before and washed my hands. I looked in the mirror and couldn’t help but admire how great a job Barbara did. With all the goings on, I had lost my top hat somewhere but my make-up still looked perfect. I did need to fix my hair a bit.

Exiting the bathroom, I found the upstairs hallway a bit noisy. I heard some loud voices coming from a room down the hall so I went to investigate. Chad was sitting on a long leather couch with some blond bimbo (literally. It was Shannon. She was dressed as a blond bimbo) straddling his legs and giving him a lap dance. The surrounding guys were cheering and goading them on.

“Hey, Babe! Been looking for you!” Brad had snuck up from behind.

He pulled me into the room towards the sofa. He yanked off a guy that sat there and sat down with me on his lap. Both his hands were immediately cupping and squeezing my tits. When he pulled my nipples, I felt it in my groin. My pre-cum started to flow.

We watched Chad and the bimbo. Her arms were around Chad’s neck and held a pair of bright, candy apple red panties. Chad’s pants were pushed down around his thighs. I’m pretty sure they were fucking but couldn’t really tell since the bimbo’s short skirt covered them.

“Okay, you pervs! Get out!” Brad ordered the spectators and directed them out. “We want some privacy.”

I tried to leave with the crowd, but was prevented by Brad at the entry. Everyone scurried out the room; after the last guy exited, Brad shut the door. There was a big smile on his face. He beckoned me… ordered me over to him with a crooked finger. Even with my high heels on, he was still a bit taller than I was.

Brad grabbed a handful of hair and crushed his lips to mine. His tongue pierced through into my mouth. I couldn’t believe how long it was. It almost reached the back of my throat. He pawed my tits and jerked my head back and forth, giving him a blow job on his tongue.

At first I chuckled as I thought to myself. “Boy, if you knew I was actually a guy in drag… Oh shit! If he finds out, I’m dead meat! He’ll go berserk and beat the shit out of me!”

I had to keep pretending. My knees started to shake and I collapsed to my knees. Brad looked down on me. “Good idea! Take me out!”

I was taken aback when I realized what he wanted. When I hesitated a bit, he yanked my hair back. Thanks to Barbara, the wig stayed in place but it still sarıyer escort hurt when he pulled it. I reached up and undid his redneck belt buckle. I popped the button on his jeans and pulled down his zipper so I could pull his pants and underwear down enough to expose his cock.

I barely suppressed a giggle but I guess it sounded cute enough for Brad to smile. For a big bully, his erection was rather unimpressive. At about five inches, it was the same size as mine; maybe even a bit smaller. “At least it seems clean!”

Brad bumped his tip against my lips. I gently pulled back his foreskin and tepidly used my tongue to lick off the pre-cum oozing out. I sealed my lips around his pink knob and allowed him in deeper. Slowly at first, I moved my head back and forth. It was easier than the larger dildo I practiced on at home. I did everything I would like if I got a blow job.

Brad started thrusting his hips slowly at first then quickly increased his pace and drove it harder as he face-fucked me. I felt everything on him tighten, then suddenly my mouth filled with hot, salty-sweet goo. There was a lot and filled my cheeks, but I didn’t spill a drip. A few more thrusts and one hard big one told me he was done.

It was my first real cock I ever had in my mouth. I was really proud that I could make a guy come. I swallowed everything Brad gave me.

He stood there wavering for a bit then collapsed with a huge, satisfied smile on his face. Meanwhile, Shannon the blond bimbo that was fucking Chad, laid sprawled on the couch unconscious. Her shirt was ripped open and her legs spread wide. Her cunt was red and gaped.

“Well, now that Brad seems done with you for now!” Chad stood up and walked over to me. His dick looked slightly bigger than Brad’s. “That useless bitch couldn’t make me cum. The slut’s pussy been used so much it too loose. But I bet you’re nice and tight!”

“Oh fuck! He’s looking to fuck me!” I panicked and swore to myself. He lifted me to my feet and fingered my slit. “Got to think of something!”

“Nice! Feels like it’s tight!” Chad sneered. He was about to push down my shorts. “Let’s see if it is!”

“Uh! No! Wait!” I pleaded. I searched for an excuse. Then I thought. “No, please! I’m on my period!”

Chad eyed me suspiciously. I could see his mind working. “Fine!”

I thought I was safe until he spun me around. He flipped my coat tails over my back and grabbed the material of my shorts. “Rrr…iii…ppp…!” He tore the back seam open.

Chad pushed me over a desk and kicked my legs apart. His hand on my back held me still as I felt his assault begin. His cock pushed its way into my crack and penetrate my rear end. He pulled back slightly then popped it through about halfway. He pulled back again and shoved the rest of him all the way inside me. I moaned with pleasure. “Oooh fuck that’s feels so nice!”

“I knew you were tight!” Chad said. He was driving his cock into me with hard, deliberate thrusts. His breathing became ragged and rapid. “I’M…C…U…M…M…I…N…G…!! Uuh! Uuh! Uuh!”

I felt the hotness of his cream shoot into my bowels and shot my own load into my panties.

Like Brad, he had one final, hard thrust before he was done. He was panting hard. He extracted himself from me and then doubled over before collapsing on the floor beside Brad. “Holy shit! I sucked Brad and fuck Chad and they’re both out!”

I started to feel Chad’s cum leak from my asshole and was about to wipe it up. I laughed. “No! I shouldn’t! I couldn’t!”

I squatted over Brad’s face and let Chad’s cream drip out. I tried to do the same to Chad, but there wasn’t enough to leak out. Instead I had to fart Chad’s cum out and splattered his face.

Satisfied with my creation, I took some souvenir snaps for later. I left them in the room, locking the door behind.

“Oh! There you are!” Barbara said. “Wow! You look like shit!”

I smiled broadly knowing what happened and what I did.

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