Sunny Daze



Sleeping blissfully in bed is the best part about my mornings. Especially because Gavin is there. His strong arms wrapped around me tight, his hot body touching mine, his slow and steady breath against my neck. Gavin just…works. He makes the sunshine warmer, the people nicer, the days shorter, time flies when you’re having fun, I guess. Anyway, today is my and Gavin’s one-month anniversary. It’s sunny outside; there’s a warm breeze in the air, and the birds are chirping. This is just the most perfect morning. I snuggled up to him, pressing my body against his. I settled in and let out a low sigh.This is just paradise, I thought.Gavin wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in closer to him. Just then, I felt a sharp breath against my ear, followed by a kiss on my neck. His lips were soft, and his hands were warm against my stomach. I leaned into him as he grazed over my neck.”Mmm, morning, gorgeous.”Gavin’s voice was deep and hoarse as he whispered in my ear. I laughed from the soft tickle of his breath on my ear. I leaned my head back and smiled.”Why, good morning, there, handsome.”We shared a kiss that was longer than usual. He pulled away and looked me in the eyes.”How did you sleep? Did you have any dreams?”He smiled at me kindly, and his eyes sparkled with sunlight. Gavin gives me butterflies. This sikiş izle month has been the most perfect relationship I’ve had yet. I kissed him again, but more deeply this time.”Hmm, I slept amazing. Being wrapped up in you is the only way I want to be. You make me feel safe,” I told him softly.Suddenly, a child-like smile spread across his lips. He chuckled quietly.”Well, I’m glad I make you feel so good. Now…how about those dreams?”As Gavin was talking, I felt his hand lower on my hip. Instinctively, I pressed my ass into him slightly.”Well, let’s see. I dreamt of hiking to a waterfall. It was autumn and the water was crystal clear. Oh, and then…”I continued with a couple others I’d had last night, as Gavin’s hand slowly touched my hip and thigh. He would ask me little questions here and there, knowing how he was distracting me.”Why’d you stop talking about your dreams, baby girl? I want to hear more.”Gavin kissed my neck softly, lightly nibbling or licking my skin with his tongue. He moved up to my ear, sticking his tongue in it while kissing me. I felt my breath quicken slightly before I spoke.”Because…” I could barely take a breath “…you’re distracting me. I can’t talk with your tongue on my neck and ear.””Good. That means I’m winning,” he whispered.I turned slightly to face him. brazzers He had this smug look on his face, like he knew he’d get me. Well, I’m very competitive. I scoffed at his confidence, so I challenged him.”You think you’re so great? Ha. I am a strong woman. One who can easily resist your charms,” I teased.”Oh really? Well, sweetheart, I take that as a challenge.””Challenge? Pfft, bring it on. You won’t get to me. I’m as solid and cold as steel.”I wound up starting a sexual war. Gavin grabbed my hips and pulled me into him, pressing his boner into my ass. I’ll admit, it was hot as fuck. But I was determined to win. And I’m willing to ‘cheat” to get there. I pressed my ass into him and wiggled a bit, grinding on his dick. I felt his grip tighten on my thigh. I smiled.”Getting distracted, sir? We can stop now if you admit defeat.”I pressed myself further into him.”Stop? Oh, baby, I’m just getting started. You have no idea the things I’m gonna do to you.”With that, Gavin’s hang came between my thighs. He was feeling me up through my shorts, and he knew damn well what he was doing. My body tensed with pleasure as he massaged my clit through my shorts, and my breath quickened. His other hand found my neck. He wrapped his hand around my neck (HUGE turn-on) and pushed me up to kiss fake taxi porno him. Our lips crashed together and he lightly bit me, sending chills down my spine. While sucking my ear, he whispered deep.”Give up. You know you want me. Just admit it.””No way… I’m not even that hot… You’re gonna h-have to do a lot more than this to…”I paused to catch my breath. He continued kissing down my neck while his hands went under my clothes. I could hear him laugh.”What’s that now? Can’t stand the heat, babygirl?””No, just uh…swallowed some air. Yeah… I’m all good. I’m still perfectly fine.””Really? Because that’s not what your body is saying. Your legs are tight and tense. You’re breath is quick and you’re having trouble talking.”He bit my shoulder as he put his finger in my pussy. My head leaned back and my body tensed. Fuck, he’s good. But I wasn’t giving up yet. He slowly fingered in and out, stroking my clit as he did so. I had to bite my lip to hold in a moan.”God, you’re so perfect. From your head…”Gavin kissed me down my neck and bit my lip as he fingered me harder. His other hand was around my breast, cupping it and squeezing it lightly.”To your shoulders…your boobs… all the way down…”Gavin stuck 2 fingers in as he fondled my nipple.”To your pussy. You’re just perfect. Intoxicating. Your smell, your taste. Your moans…”Gavin curled his fingers up into my G-spot as he kissed me long and deep. It was so hot. It was too much, and I let out a moan into our kiss. He pulled away from me and looked me up and down, with a grin on his face.

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