Sue’s BBC Confession


Left on the table for her husband to see when he got home from his meeting was Sue’s confession…

My darling David,

I had a phone call recently from someone who initially pretended to be conducting a relationships survey. He insisted that I should only proceed if I was intending to be perfectly honest. I was intrigued and anyway I liked his voice. The questions became gradually more personal. He did tell me that if I felt his questions breached my limits then I must say so. When he read my responses back to me I was amazed at how much of my sexuality I had divulged to him. He ended up knowing more about me than you do. Looking back to on it I’m not sure how genuine he was. His questions seemed in hindsight rather too tailored to my history. I also thought once or twice, when his voice trembled a bit, that his hand might have been stroking his manhood. To be honest I hope he was. Is that a bit naughty of me my dearest David? It occurred to me afterwards that the caller may have been somebody one of us knows.

One of his questions was about why I have told you about only the two you know about and not about any of the others. I feel the need to confess…

It was some years ago and the details regarding me getting away for a couple of days are a little vague. I do recall that Anna at work suggested a last-minute ferry cruise from Hull to Bruges. I thought it might be fun but told you a little white lie about what I was up to.

We dropped our bags off in our respective cabins and went for the complimentary glass of champagne you get with the club cabins, then a couple more drinks before heading to the restaurant for our evening meal.

Two twenty-something mixed-race lads flirted their way onto our table. Anna was lapping up the attention. We were both a bit giggly from the champers but I made it clear that I was a no-no if they were getting any ideas. My friend started to tease them both trying to play one off against the other. Meal over, all four of us went up to the piano lounge.

I have to admit my darling, that the man tickling the ivory was tickling my fancy too. He looked like he could be Errol Brown’s younger brother, decidedly Hot Chocolate.

Another wine and I was very relaxed. It felt like his velvet escort bayan voice seducing me. When he sang White Horses he looked me in the eye before tilting his head slightly downward on the line ‘…white horses, let me ride away’ with a slight emphasis on me and ride. I realised I had become a little too relaxed and he could see my white panties. I put my knees together. He grinned at me as he repeated the line with a bit more emphasis on let me ride. He was finding something in every song he could use to make love to me. I didn’t notice when my friend disappeared until I needed the little girl’s room. I swear that the only reason I put my knickers in my handbag was they were getting uncomfortably damp and were looking a teeny bit stained because of it.

There was a large glass of wine waiting for me when I got back to my seat, as was Mr Hot Chocolate. It was like I was watching myself being seduced, I knew it was happening but seemed powerless to resist it. He sang his last tune of the night without losing eye contact with me; ‘you need a man with a slow hand, you need a lover with the easy touch, you need somebody who will spend some time, not come and go in a heated rush…’

There was enough ‘lurve’ emphasis on ‘come’ as to leave no one in the lounge in any doubt as to what he expected to be doing with me.

I let him into my cabin still kidding myself nothing was going to happen. As soon as the door closed he cupped my chin and gave me a most tender and lingering kiss. He turned me around and nibbled at my neck, simultaneously reaching round and unbuttoning my blouse. Before I knew it he had released my breasts and unzipped my skirt. I felt very naughty stood there alone with the black man who was playing me like an instrument. Only my blush remained as he sat me on the edge of the bed.

He stood before me running his fingers through my hair putting the gentlest of pressure to encourage my head forward. I unbuckled, unbuttoned and unzipped him and the biggest, most definitely the darkest, cock I have ever sucked was poised to pass my lips as he stepped out from his pants. He had complete control of me. He used my mouth as a pussy. He was far too big around for me to do anything but let him pull my head altıparmak escort bayan back an forth on his shaft. He was taking his pleasure, using your Sue, but also thrilling me with his hands, playing with my ears and neck.

Every so often he would hold my head still and send a throb through his cock which seemed to ripple over my tongue. On one of these his body stiffened and a single spurt of his cum went to the back of my mouth. He pulled out of my mouth and laid me down. Before I knew it he had his mouth and tongue eating my pussy. He was using his hands on my thighs and on my groin. Now and then his thumbs or his fingers would explore my pussy. All the time he was using words that had I not been so aroused I might have been turned off by. He would ask if his white trash whore was enjoying his three fingers in her cunt or if his white cumslut wanted to swallow his black baby batter. His verbal abuse of me just put me more under his control David.

As smooth as you like, one moment he was eating my pussy and the next he had turned me over, put me on all fours and was up to the hilt, deep in my pussy. With one hand on my hip controlling my movement and the other pulling my hair he pumped ever faster into your Sue my darling. My orgasm triggered his David. He seemed to come forever once he started darling and I felt every drop. He used me till about five in the morning darling, then again just before I had to disembark for the coach to Bruges.

I was a bit apprehensive re-boarding the ferry. I was hoping to have a long shower and pamper myself a bit. I arranged with Anna that I would meet her in the restaurant. My lover however was waiting at my cabin door with a bottle and glasses. I gave in to the thought that I may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. I started giggling as the notion, or ram in this case, popped into my head. I protested that I needed a shower. He ignored me, pushed me onto the bed, pulled my panties off, told me he wanted to savour the fragrance and flavour of my cunt. He had put so much meaning into saying cunt my legs parted even further for him. He spent nearly twenty minutes taking me to the edge darling without letting me come. My nerves were on fire. I begged nilüfer eskort and pleaded with him to put his big black cock in me. I used his words to tell him I needed my white slut cunt using. He smiled and started humming Dreadlock Holiday. I avoided thinking about how much of a wanton wife I was being as he dumped yet another load in me.

A knock rapped the door. I pulled the duvet over me. He let two black guys in, told me not to worry and that all they were doing was dropping a present off her had got me. He introduced them as his American cousins who lived just outside Rotterdam. He was passed a small box from which he took put a bracelet. An ace of spades dangled from it. I went to put it on. He grinned and said it was for my ankle, took it from me and lifting my leg slightly tried to put it on. Failing, he then sat between my feet facing away from me. His cousins did the gentlemanly thing by moving nearer the top of the bed. Most men would have stayed where they were for a glimpse of leg and more. One of the cousins told me to hold my hands out because they had a present for me also. Before I had time to register the significance of the ace of spades charms they dropped in my palms one of the cousins was kissing me passionately and the other was between my legs wiping away Mr Hot Chocolate’s cum.

The cabin door shut quietly and I was alone with two men with big black cocks aching to fill me. They removed what remaining garments I still had. I felt like I was on a train I couldn’t get off and it was me that was the train. They didn’t have the finesse of Mr. HC but they did have plenty of lust and thrust in them. For most of the next hour they took turns at filling my pussy and mouth, mostly at the same time. Like their cousin they didn’t give me time to shower. I had a few wet wipes I tried to use but I went to the restaurant with them with their cum oozing out of me, soaking my panties and pantyhose, trickling down my legs and drying on my thighs. I felt deliciously naughty sat in the piano lounge between two black men who had used me within the previous ninety minutes, watching their cousin play the piano who had passed me on to them. I avoided thinking about how much a wanton wife I had been. Over the following three hours they each took me back to my cabin for a quickie. I didn’t all evening until Mr. HC took me to bed after midnight.

From what you have hinted at in the past I expect you to be more excited by my confession than you are angry. I am waiting for you to come up to bed so I can tell you more…

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