Student Days

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I was a student and had not been in the big city that is Manchester for more than a few weeks. I was resident in a small cottage in nearby Glossop and had ended there because I reckoned it gave me easier and faster access onto the moors I love so much. I was extra lucky because my sister and her family owned it and I had it for a pittance. It was quite central and yet I could be on the moors in minutes and walk and dream and run and climb to my heart’s content providing I found time for some studying. I was a well organised sort of a guy though and managed everything well. The journey into Manchester was a pain in the arse but I had no need to travel daily, the buses were good and all was well.

I was a long way short of being a loner and was getting involved in university groups, like rock climbing and hill walking, hill running and, even table tennis and philosophy. Oddly I really did enjoy the latter and as I ran and walked in the hills I enjoyed great thoughts! Sometimes when climbing I found myself having great thoughts about my mates backside as he climbed above me and I could enjoy the white of his briefs up the legs of his shorts and his Jockey waistband as it rose higher as the weight of his climbing gear pulled on his belt. My own shorts tented and once I even had a fabulous orgasm without having to do anything except watch as he struggled with a couple of moves. If he noticed my wet shorts as I arrived after him at the top of the climb he was good enough not to comment and most probably assumed I’d had a little piss accident of a dodgy move.

At the time of this story I am quite well aware I am gay, queer in those days, and I’m keeping it to myself and controlling myself with regular wanking. I know there’s plenty of queer clubs in Manchester and times are slowly changing but honestly I’m not sure that type of thing is my scene. I like the climbing scene and the hills, swigging beer in smoky bars in the evening and talking our way through climbs again and anyway, a lot of the guys are wildly good looking, some of them I’m pretty certain are like me and, like me, living in hope of getting off with a guy one day.


The day that changed my fortunes was memorable for me. You see I never went for a piss before I left college and I know I should have. I’d been holding my piss since lunch and through the afternoon lecture. Quite why I don’t know except that in a strange way I was enjoying my need and it was making me excited. The bus bounced it’s way to Glossop. Fortunately it was close on empty because I was holding myself tight and crossing and uncrossing my legs. It was one thing to wet my pants going home from school but I’m a grown up now – well, I’m eighteen if that rates grown bursa otele gelen eskort up. I made it off the bus and onto the street before I began to wet myself. I had lost control. We were having an unusual heat wave and I was in an old pair of grey cords I’d cut off when they became seriously scruffy and my pee dripped off the legs as I walked along my street, fighting to regain control. I did. A couple of old ladies shouted hello as I walked by but I made it back home with my credibility intact. I was enjoying being wet. It only took me the two minutes of the remainder of my walk to discover how much. I completed my piss after I’d passed by the old ladies and standing on the doorstep my pee was dripping off the legs of my shorts again. I walked straight through to the kitchen and made a mug of tea whilst I stroked a hand over the front of my wet corduroy and naturally my bulging dick. It seemed to have grown since pissing my pants and was telling me it required I give it some pleasure.

I took my mug of tea into the back yard and sat on the old canvas chair. The yard was only overlooked by one other property, a property similar to the one I was in. I gathered it was lived in by a guy on his own because I’d never seen anyone else at the window which was clearly used as a living room. He seemed to wander around a lot in his shirt and underpants and I had taken to doing the same so I took off my shorts, pegged them on the line and sat back in my old white high waisted Jockeys and played with myself under the climbing magazine I was reading. I sat for a good half hour reading and bringing myself close to cumming when I looked up and saw I was not alone. The guy opposite was looking down on me from his window and, like me was masturbating in his underpants. As ever his white shirt was tucked into his white underpants. He must have been not long home from work because he still had a bright red tie on. I stood and dropped my magazine, faced him straight on and rubbed myself furiously until it was blatantly obvious I was cumming, like him after about a minute!

He left the window but returned after about a minute with a large sheet of paper with the number ‘6’ clear for me to see. I ran indoors and replied in similar manner only mine showed ’10 minutes’. We waved and I shot indoors and wiped myself clear of piss and cum, put on some clean blue shorts and almost ran around to number 6.

The door opened as I arrived and went straight in. He was still in his shirt and white trunks and red tie.

“Hi I’m Robin,” he said.

“And I’m Jeremy. Nice to meet you properly!”

He smiled and laughed. “Normally when I see you Jeremy you’re wandering around your flat bursa eve gelen escort bayan like me in shirt and undies or laid back in your chair giving your dick a good work out.”

I know my face was red, “Hell Robin. I never knew I could be seen that well.”

“Oh yes you could. Don’t worry though we are the only people who can see what we’re up to and you are better than TV.”

I looked at his cum stained trunks and he laughed. “I’ve never done it for anyone else before.”

His hand was wandering over the wetness. I don’t know what came over me but I put out both my hands and felt his dick through his trunks. It felt good and was hardening as I held him.

“Jeremy, had you wet your pants sitting out there?”

“No I did it walking home from the bus. I was desperate and just lost it. Funny though because I enjoyed it.”

“Were you afraid of being caught out?”

“Too right I was but it turned out OK. I really lost it getting my door unlocked – I was helpless. I couldn’t believe how hot it would feel running down my legs.”

“Do you do it on purpose Jeremy?”

“On purpose? This is the first time since I’ve been living here. I used to do it sometimes when I lived at home though!”

“We could do it together. Why don’t I go and get some beer and we can have a few cans and then piss our pants together.”

“That sounds good Robin. I’d like to do it with you.”

“Do you ever wet the bed Jeremy?”

“I’ve wet the bed a fair few times Robin but never done it on purpose yet

Just before I came to college up here, Mum and Dad went on a winter holiday for two weeks and I studied at home. I was warm and comfy in my bed and It was about the third night they were away and I just went in my pyjama’s in my bed. I was on my back and it really soaked me.”

“Do you have a mattress protector Robin?”

“Yes – I always have had – fully covered. Why don’t we go to my room and test the bed. The sheet is a bit yellow and smelly but at least it’s dry.”

“Sounds nice. Let’s go do it!”

The room smelled of dried piss and the sheet was yellow with a few substantial skid marks especially on the edge of the bed where he clearly sat and probably pulled on his socks. A pair of still damp trunks hung from the radiator control and there was another pair that had clearly been soiled by an old wash basket. My blue shorts were tented and I could feel my old white Jockeys becoming wet with excitement.

Robin stood in front of me and undid the clasp on the belt on my shorts. It was an old serpent buckle and I’d worn it on my trousers at school. Then the top button and he slid my zip so my trousers slid down over my bottom and my legs to drop on the floor by my feet. With one deft kick I sent them across the bedroom. JeremyRobin was fondling my cock through my Jockeys. I was of course fondling him and enjoying what I felt inside his trunks.

I gasped as he began to push me onto his bed pulling my polo out of my briefs as he did and pushing it towards my armpits. He was still in his shirt and tie and it made me giggle. It seemed out of place somehow and I didn’t want to take either item off him! He was hovering over me, his erection tenting his trunks. He dropped to the bed and straddled me. Pre-cum was pushing through his trunks and I raised up to lick it from them and felt his solid cock. It was not something to be feared, but something I hoped might be manageable. My mouth closed around his white trunks encased dick and I chewed and sucked and Robin groaned and groaned some more. Neither of us was in a rush. He smelled of dried piss. My hands were gripping his lovely bum. It was superbly proportioned and I held it through his trunks and began to finger it, my fingers pressing his trunks into the crack. The deeper I pressed his pants in the stickier his pants and my fingers became and he began to fart. He was jerking as my fingers went deeper, his cock was thrusting his pants into my mouth whilst his mouth sucked on my neck. Then it happened. His entire body went rigid. He bit my neck and my mouth began to fill with his cum bursting through his underwear. The air was full of obscenities as he gasped and pulled out of my mouth. He kneeled upright and grinned at me as he sank beside me on his belly. I looked at the back of his pants at how dirty they were. I examined my fingers and they were dirty too and I let him sniff them. We fell asleep and I awoke in the dark with Robin shaking me and I realised I’d wet his bed as we slept. He went down on me and sucked the white cotton of my Jockeys, then he gave me a good blow job and I woke later in the morning at seven to realise he was in the shower. I grabbed his trunks and sniffed and licked at them and went to the shower and joined him.

We were both still knackered and could barely raise erections so we didn’t bother and he cooked up a damn good breakfast. He’d chucked me a blue gingham shirt and some trunks and we were dressed identically. He suggested we get the bus out ten miles onto the moors and we walk back.

“Let’s see how we feel tonight,” I said and he laughed and we kissed.

We talked as the bus chugged over the moor and he suddenly asked if I ever messed in my pants. I confess I coloured slightly and agreed I had a couple of times and to further questions I agreed I had enjoyed my ‘little accidents’. It seemed he did as well and from the way he talked it sounded regular. I told him both my ‘little accidents’ had been just that, ‘accidents’ but I had enjoyed them. This put a smile on his face and he suggested we should perhaps have one together the next morning.

“Robin,” I said. “That would be like going to Heaven.”

To be continued.

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