Strange Vibes Ch. 02



All characters are eighteen years of age or older.


Taryn shrieked at the sound of the doorbell; her senses returning. Panic set in, realizing just how easily she lost control of herself. Sam cleared her throat, and calmly sat up, still straddling her waist.

“Oh no! What do we do? What do we do?!”

Sam gave her an incredulous look. “We get dressed and answer the door, you dork,” she said, tossing her yellow shirt in Taryn’s face.

“Right, sorry.”

“Stop apologizing. Nobody knows we’re fooling around, and who cares if they do? It’s not like we got caught smoking in the girls’ bathroom by the principal,” Sam said coolly, pulling up her shorts.

Hands shaking from the adrenaline rush, Taryn fixed her bra, and pulled down her purple tank top. She eyed the large windows of the front of the house. No one was in sight from her angle. The doorbell rang again as they finished getting dressed, and hurried down the stairs. She was all too aware of how wet her panties were underneath her grey shorts.

A short and slender nineteen year old man stood at the door. Clean shaven, his fingers combed through his straight chestnut hair. Standing at a mere five feet tall, Taryn and Sam both towered over him by a good seven and six inches respectively.

“Daniil?” Taryn said breathlessly; her brow furrowed. “Did we forget something?”

“Heya,” he waved sheepishly. “Actually, mom and dad had some more stuff for you guys,” he said, pointing his thumb back at the storage trailer behind his old dented sedan.

Her eye twitched. She wanted to strangle her big brother. They were moments away from losing their virginity—or at least Taryn’s, as far as she knew, and Daniil had to come over now. The most euphoric moment of her life, ruined.


Thoroughly frustrated, she followed him towards the back of the trailer. She glimpsed over her shoulder, as Sam lifted her shirt, and then quickly zipped up her shorts before opening the garage door.

“Just how much stuff did mom and dad think we needed?” Taryn asked with a sigh, eyeing the mountain of boxes piled high. “The place came furnished with everything, and we don’t have a whole lot of space for junk.” She peeked inside one of the boxes to find extra clothes she had left behind, notably her old P.E. uniform on top, and her graduation gown and mortarboard beneath. An odd sense of déjà vu came over her. Something was strange, but like the feeling she had a few minutes ago, she couldn’t put her finger on it.

“Mom and dad figured now was a good time to clear out a bunch of clutter, and thought it might be better for you guys to have it,” he said, grabbing a box of kitchenware.

They had just finished moving in that morning. Judging by the amount of boxes, her parents had to have cleaned out the entire garage, and then some.

Moving her old gym outfit aside, she found a blank index card tucked inside of her mortarboard. Flipping it around, there was a two panel comic strip sketched on the back with a black marker. The first panel had two women dressed in 1930’s attire. One woman’s face was completely filled in with the marker, leaving no facial features visible. The other woman’s speech bubble read: “I wish I could fly.” The second panel was an illustration of the Hindenburg disaster. She scoured the card for any sign of a signature, but couldn’t find one.

Sam walked around to the back of the trailer and pointed to a box labeled ‘XMAS’. “These Christmas lights? I think I’ve got an idea for these,” she said, taking it inside the house.

Flipping the card back and forth, Taryn showed the drawing to Daniil. “Any idea what this is about?”

Daniil barely glanced at it, and shrugged. “I don’t know. Must be one of dad’s old doodles,” he said.

“Are you sure? I didn’t think dad was an artist,” she asked. “What do you think it means?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it was just something our parents were collecting, and thought you should have it,” he said.

Wrinkling her nose, she set the card back inside the box, and moved it over to the house.

Together, the three spent the afternoon filling up the garage with nearly everything that wasn’t nailed down from her parents’ home. Daniil had left the car radio playing, tuned to TYTZ. The DJs were continuing their earlier discussion.

“So, researchers have been trying to find ways to alter our brains and bodies—to ‘customize’ ourselves. Do you think they’ll ever find a way to reverse the aging process?” said DJ Harry. “I’m a forty-seven year-old man, and while I won’t say I have any problems in the bedroom, I’m not exactly as young as I used to be.”

Taryn listened absently, grabbing another box of miscellaneous junk. As annoyed as she was at Daniil’s interruption, she was also a little relieved. She needed quiet time to digest everything that happened. The wild surge of her sex drive had settled down.

That wasn’t her in the bedroom. It baffled her. For eighteen years, she behaved herself, but the moment she was living on her own, she gaziantep suriyeli escort was tearing off clothes like some kind of… horn-dog. She wouldn’t even brush her teeth with the bathroom door open.

Where was her self-control? Had she denied her sexual urges for so long that it finally came to a head? It was as if she had become a different person in that moment. Possessed even.

She was as virgin as they came. There was no holding hands; kissing; hugging; or anything else beyond that point. Admittedly, she had touched herself a few times before, but she had been too embarrassed to finish. One time she had used the vibrations from her brother’s video game controller. It was exciting, but she was almost caught.

While the other girls in school had dated boys, and gossiped about what the popular kids were doing at parties, she was too shy for any of that. Most of her time had been spent studying, playing video games with Daniil, or writing her secret romance stories.

What about Sam? Why did she have so much pain she had been hiding? All this time, she thought Sam was a couple years younger than her, but she was actually a year ahead of Taryn. She cringed at all the times she had given her tips of senior wisdom and advice.

Sam couldn’t have been the school bully back then. She didn’t have any malice in her heart. Taryn couldn’t imagine it. How did she almost lose her life? So many questions! She wanted to forget about moving all this stuff, and data mine all the information she could get out of her, and analyze it. The unanswered questions drove her crazy, but she didn’t want to rush her… Okay, maybe she did, but she wouldn’t.

“As you know, men’s testosterone starts dropping as we get older. What do you think will happen if these researchers find a way to not only make you feel like a spring chicken again, but actually boost your sex drive through the roof?” Harry continued.

“I don’t know about you, but if my sex drive got any higher than it was back in college, the people of Pony Valley would have to build a new ark,” Busty Bob laughed.

“After many failed attempts, they’re trying to find that long-awaited sex pill for women. However, they could be decades away from finding a breakthrough. I know of some women who are willing to try anything, even if there was only a zero-point-one percent increase in monthly pleasurable sexual encounters,” Malva said.

“I dunno, guys. Customizing humans and miracle sex cures? Sounds a little too sci-fi to be plausible. I mean, what kind of side effects would these things have? Is everyone gonna run around like sex-fiends, or is it going to turn me into a skinny hot chick?” Busty Bob paused. “So where do you sign up for this research?”

The DJs all laughed. “I think it’s a closed study. They didn’t say anything about looking for volunteers,” Malva said.

The FM radio broadcast suddenly cut to static.

.- .- -.- . / ..- .-. .-.-.-

The static ended quickly, and returned to the regular radio show. Taryn stopped and stared at the open car window. Her eyes narrowed.

“What the heck was that?” she asked.

“What?” Sam asked, setting down another box.

Taryn ducked her head into the car window. She listened for a moment, but the radio continued as normal. “I don’t know. I thought I heard some weird beeping noise.”

Dismissing the incident, she hauled the box in her arms over into the garage with the rest of them. The strange sensation crept back to her attention. It was frustrating not having the words to describe it.

Daniil brushed up next to her. They locked eyes. Her body… tingled. He walked back to the trailer. She watched him. Stopping half way, he glanced over his shoulder. Sam didn’t take notice of the unusual stares. Turning away, Taryn took a breath.

What was wrong with her today?

Returning to the trailer, Sam helped her with a heavier box, and set it down in the garage with a deep thump. Leaning back, she stretched. She locked eyes with her brother again. He gave her a concerned look. She rubbed her face, and pretended to rest for a few seconds.

“Almost done. Just a few more,” Daniil said, setting down a partly crumpled cardboard box.

Taryn caught a hint of a musky odor. Sex. Her vaginal and rectal muscles twitched. She stared at his back as they walked towards the trailer. It had been a really bizarre day.

Once they finished, Sam said her goodbyes, and headed back inside. Daniil waved to her, and then stuffed his hands into his jeans’ pockets. He leaned back on his burgundy sedan, across from Taryn, and smiled. It was his usual happy smile, but something was off. Everything was off today.

“That’s it,” Daniil said after a long silence. “Little sister is all grown up and living on her own in the big scary real world.”

She nodded, clasping her hands behind her back. A mental image of a hard cock, thrusting into a wet pussy flashed in her mind. His cock. Her pussy. She blushed.

What the heck gaziantep türbanlı escort was that? Where did that come from? Why?

“I kind of wish I got to be one of the ones who get to live for free in one of these things,” he said, pointing to the house. “I guess I should get off my lazy butt, and start looking for my own place.”

“Good luck with that. It shouldn’t be too hard, with all the new homes they’ve been putting up lately,” she said. “You, mom and dad doing okay?”

“Yeah,” he said, nodding.

He could tell, couldn’t he? She had been weird all afternoon. They both nodded, and shared a mutually awkward moment. Finally Daniil held out his arms, and then she bent over and hugged him. He held on tight. Strange vibes continued to trouble her; she could feel it embracing her with every fiber of her being. She remembered the dampness of her underpants that still remained.

Was that his…? Did he have a boner? No, that was his wallet, silly. She tried not to press against it, but she secretly wanted to do so. However, he did it for her.

That was a penis digging into her. Ew. Ew. Ew—she leaned into it. His hips bumped against her slightly. Sucking in a lung full of air, she held her breath.

Daniil broke the hug, and smiled. A troubled smile. He gave her one last nod before climbing back into his car, and started the engine. Stepping back a couple paces, she waved goodbye as her brother went back down the long curved gravel driveway. Her hand lingered in the air for a minute after he was gone.

Her hand dropped to her side, as she stared out at the lush rural landscape. She waited until the sound of his engine, the lone car on the road, faded into the distance. The urges subsided. Putting one hand on her hip, she brushed back her black bangs, before letting them fall back down to her forehead.

“One mystery after another,” she mumbled under her breath. “I hate not knowing the unknown.”

Closing down the garage door from the inside, she went through the inner door to return to the living room. Sam was already coiling the string of Christmas lights around the railing of the loft.

“This is just what our room needed,” she said, dangling her feet over the edge. Sam strung the lights around the railing, and down the support beam, and then plugged it in. Taryn had to admit, it was indeed a nice touch.

“By the way, I found this in the box,” Sam said, handing her another index card, with a crudely sketched comic strip on it.

This one featured a man being gifted a birthday present by the same faceless woman from before. The next panel showed the man being lost in a funhouse full of mirrors, saying: “haven’t I been here before?” Again, there was no title or signature on the artwork.

She had never seen these, and never knew of her parents to collect such homemade comic strips. The card stock was new, and the ink was fresh. Humming curiously, she mused over what they meant.

“Your big brother is pretty cute. He looks like he’s the shy type like you are,” Sam said.

Taryn set the index card down on the computer desk. “We’re both introverts. Social situations are not our forte.” She folded her arms, and sat on the couch. “Has anything felt odd to you today?” she asked.

Sam came around to the other side, and plopped down next to her. “Can you be more specific?”

Taryn shook her head. “I don’t know. I just feel… weird; and I don’t know why.”

“We both had a big day today. It’s a new chapter of our lives. You got to move out of your parents’ house. I no longer have to crash on other peoples’ couches to avoid going home to my mom anymore. New roommate; new… relationship,” Sam paused and held onto Taryn’s hand. “And we nearly lost our virginity, before we were rudely interrupted,” she laughed.

So Sam was a virgin too. She almost missed that detail. “Maybe. I don’t know,” she trailed off. Her brain was still processing everything.

“Wanna pick up where we left off?” Sam asked.

Taryn thought for a moment. “I think I’ve been a little overstimulated for one day. It’s not that I don’t want to have sex with you; it’s just all happening so fast. I need some time, and ease my way into it.”

“Hey, don’t sweat it; it’s all cool. It was a heat-of-the-moment thing, right? We got plenty of time to break each other in. Let’s sit back and relax, and enjoy the rest of the day.”

Nodding, she got up, and went back to the garage. Taking a brief look inside all the new boxes, her parents had sent nearly everything but the kitchen sink. All the knickknacks the family kept around the house were there. There were family photos; baby photos; old toys and stuffed animals she had from she was a kid; even her old baby blanket she hadn’t seen in ages.

All of her dad’s tools from the garage were there, along with her mother’s sewing kit and knitting supplies. Arts and crafts; a finger painting she made in kindergarten; silverware; one and a half rolls of old masking tape; the gaziantep ücreti elden alan escort several decades old coffee tin full of pencils and half-dried up pens they kept next to the house phone; practically everything.

She found more index cards too. The illustrations had devolved into mad nigh-illegible scribbling; one of them repeated the phrase: “can’t stop” over and over again in a chaotic mess. Another read: “it’s starting over again!” A third: “I’ve already done this!” The last was just the marker aggressively zigzagging across the card until it ran dry. Someone had stabbed it repeatedly, and then crumpled it.

Tapping her foot, she went through the cards again, trying to find some order or meaning behind them. Why did her parents hide them in boxes for her? She fished her smartphone from her pocket and dialed home. It rang until the answering machine picked up.

“Hey mom and dad, it’s me. Daniil just dropped off all the stuff. Did you guys clean out the whole house for me? I wanted to thank you, but we really didn’t need that much,” she pretended to let out a casual laugh.

“I found these little comic strip things, you guys left for me. They’re pretty out there. I don’t know what they mean, or why you gave them to me, but thanks,” she said.

Flipping through the cards, she stopped on one of the ones with the frantic handwriting. She hesitated.

“Well, we’re going to settle in for the evening, and I will talk with you later. Bye,” her voice went up an octave before hanging up her phone.

She checked her social media. There were no new updates from her family since yesterday. Taryn typed in a cheerful status update, promising new photos in the coming days. Out of the twenty people following her, only her mom, Daniil, and Sam ever commented on her posts. The rest were acquaintances from school, but they didn’t really know each other, and they never talked, even before connecting online.

Fidgeting, she became restless. Maybe she should go upstairs and have sex, and get it out of her system. But her first time was supposed to be special. Besides, she didn’t want to be thinking of Daniil’s penis the whole time.

Setting her phone and the index cards down onto the workbench, she paced back and forth. Dang it. She was horny again. Her body was hungry. Flailing her arms in frustration, she groaned.

“Crap…” Biting her lip, she rubbed herself. Taryn tried closing her eyes, but she kept glancing at the door, expecting Sam to walk in on her at any second. At this rate, she wouldn’t be getting anywhere fast. If she was going to touch herself, she would have to go all out, and make it fast.

Sliding her hand in between her panties and her tight jean shorts, her fingers found her clit through the cotton fabric. Bracing herself against the workbench, she rocked her hips, but it wasn’t good enough. Unbuttoning her shorts, the fly slowly went down on its own, as her hand moved up and down. Closing her eyes, she wiggled her hips. Her white classic brief panties were thoroughly soaked. Moaning softly, her shorts shimmied down her thighs.

This was highly irregular of her. No precautions? Openly masturbating? Playing with herself at all? She was a good girl. Good girls didn’t do this.

The shorts fell to her knees, and then to her ankles. She was really doing this, right here, right now. The arousal was intoxicating. Liberating. Exhilarating.

Lifting her purple tank top up over her shoulders, she didn’t take it off entirely. Instead, she unhooked her bra, and left it on the workbench. With her free hand, she pinched her hard eraser nub sized nipples.

More! More!

Rubbing herself through her panties, she fantasized about Sam… and Daniil. Annoyed, she growled, but didn’t stop. She pictured herself and Sam, in the sixty-nine position, eating each other’s pussies, while Daniil mounted her from behind; pressing his brotherly cock inside her tight asshole. It turned her on way more than it should have.

Juices trickled down her thighs. Biting the inside of her cheek, she whimpered. Her body writhed with pleasure from her touch, as she stared at the door, wishing for Samantha to walk in on her, and see her in such an embarrassing state.

Pulling her underwear aside, her fingers parted her labia. Inside she was really warm and so very wet. Her fingers squelched as they pumped away, curling upwards against the roof of her tight pussy.

Her eyes rolled back. Her hips bucked. She came.

Already close again. Another orgasm.

Spinning around, she leaned over onto the workbench, and pulled down her underpants to her knees, freeing her long unshaved black pubes. Grunting, she forcefully finger-fucked her pussy with her index and middle fingers.

Third orgasm. She drooled. Fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, all in rapid succession.

Lost count. Didn’t care.

Come. Come. Come. Come.

Knees weak. Brain fuzzy. Glowing.

Sharp inhale. Panting.


Bracing herself on the table, she rested. She brought her fingers to her face, slick with her wetness. The scent of a woman. Her fingers found their way into her mouth. She licked them clean—EW! What did she just do?!

The fog slowly clearing, her eyes focused. Pushing herself up from the table, her legs nearly gave out from under her. Pulling up her shorts and underwear, she shivered. It was so damp it felt like she had wet herself.

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