Straight White Girls: An Inducing


Summary: Black seductress dominates pregnant white neighbour woman.

Each Straight White Girl story stands on its own, but here is a summary of the first two already released:

Straight White Girls: A Pet Teacher: First introduces our black seductress JANET as she seduces her daughter’s teacher Jasmine Walker (yes, me…)

Straight White Girls: A Welcoming: Janet moves into an exclusive white only gated community and begins her lengthy plan to domme the white woman of the racist community. Up first: A white woman in charge of greeting new members to the community comes over and before she leaves becomes the first victim of the seductive irresistible allure that is black pussy.

Note 2: Thanks to Robert, goamz86 and Wayne for editing.

Note 3: Thanks to Taff who suggested the idea.



The day after her first conquest in the gated white community, while she waited for her newest pet Tammi (formally Tamara) to recruit a new pet, she decided she would introduce, and likely seduce, her neighbours.

Dressed in a completely white business suit, with beige thigh highs, she walked over to her neighbour’s on the right and knocked on the door.

After a brief moment, the door was opened by an older black woman in a much more traditional maid outfit than she had her maids wear.

“May I speak with the lady of the house?” Janet asked, politely.

“Yes, ma’am,” she nodded and disappeared up the stairs.

The maid came back down the stairs a moment later and said, “She will be with you in a moment.”

The moment turned into fifteen minutes before a chubby blonde came down the stairs. As she got closer, Janet realized she wasn’t so much chubby, as pregnant. ‘This is going to be more interesting than anticipated,’ she thought to herself. The woman looked uncomfortable, clearly about to burst as she waddled down the stairs.

Reaching her new black neighbour, Candace Wilkes, a twenty-eight year old wife, didn’t even try to fake a smile, “What can I do for you?”

“I’m your new neighbour,” Janet answered, smiling widely.

“I know,” Candace replied, barely able to hide her obvious contempt at the reality a nigger was her next door neighbour, and now in her home.

“I was hoping to get to know you better,” Janet continued, smiling warmly.

“I’m not really in the mood for visitors,” the white woman replied, not so subtly trying to get rid of the black woman.

“When are you due?” Janet asked, keeping on her fake smile, all the while thinking ‘I’ve never dommed a white pregnant bitch’.

“Two days ago,” Candace answered, clearly not happy she was past due.

“Oh, you must be going crazy waiting,” Janet continued.

“I may cut myself open if she doesn’t come out soon,” she quipped, so annoyed the baby wasn’t out yet.

“It’s a girl?” Janet asked.

“Yep,” she nodded, rubbing her belly.

“I can help trigger labour, if you wish.”


Janet lied, “I’m a masseuse, and I can relax you to the point you go into labour.”

“Really?” Candace asked, not really believing her, but her interested piqued.

“My mother was a midwife back in the day,” Janet smiled, sensing the door opening, “trust me, I have seen so many labours I decided I never wanted to have kids.”

Finally letting her guard down, her desire to give birth overriding her racist judgement, Candace replied, “I’ve been thinking that lately too.”

“A little late for that,” Janet playfully smiled, “plus I still ended up having one child anyways, sometimes the Lord overrules your ideas.”

“We all decide to do it even though we know the costs,” Candace nodded.

“Oh, trust me, we can never calculate the costs,” Janet joked, before adding, “You need to lie down, it’s obvious your back is killing you.”

“Agreed,” Candace nodded, starting to move to the living room.

“If you want my help I need you to be able to lie down on your back,” Janet said, trying to control the situation.

“I’m not sure I can make it back up to my bedroom,” Candace said, looking at the twenty or so stairs, and thinking, ‘No way in hell.’

“Is there a guest room on this floor?” Janet asked.

“Yes,” Candace nodded, “just over here.” She began walking.

Janet smiled to herself. ‘Obviously her pain and desire to go into labour are overriding her distaste of my skin colour. Or maybe she just sees me as another black servant. Either way, I will soon be alone with her and ready to add her to my white pets.’

Once in the room, Janet suggested, “Lay on your back.”

“Gladly,” Candace agreed, literally collapsing on the bed, relieved to be off her feet.

Janet closed the door, and although she seldom did this, she made first contact, she took off the white bitches’ heels, three inches which escort bayan were rather unpractical for her condition, and began massaging her pantyhose-clad feet. She joked, “Apparently fashion over comfort.”

Candace let out a slight moan, “I know, silly, but you will soon learn this suburb is all about outer appearance.”

“I hope not,” Janet joked, as she continued to massage her foot. “since I’m pretty sure I’m the only woman of colour here.”

“That you are,” Candace agreed, before adding, reminding the black woman of her situation, “well at least the only non-working woman of colour.”

“Why is that?” Janet asked, as she continued to relax her.

“Honestly, it’s still the 1950s here,” Candace admitted, seeing this woman as just another black servant serving her at the moment. Clarifying she added, “Woman don’t work, men don’t know how to cook and truthfully we all choose this community to keep it that way.”

Janet moved to her other foot. “Yes, I noticed I got quite a few looks as we moved in. It was like being an alien coming to earth.”

Candace somehow trusting this woman of colour added, “My husband was furious, as he ranted about our property value crashing the second you walked through the door.”

“I thought we were bringing colour to this neighborhood,” Janet quipped.

“That you arrrre,” Candace smiled, and moaned, the woman’s hands relaxing her completely.

Janet moved up and massaged the woman’s calves as she continued, “Getting into this gated community was harder than breaking into Fort Knox.”

Candace laughed, “Both have about the same amount of money.”

Janet laughed back, “So it seems,” and then asked, “are you relaxed?”

“It’s the best I’ve felt in a long time,” Candace admitted, feeling good for the first time in a couple months.

“Great,” Janet said, as she finished working on her calves. “I can have you in labour in an hour if you wish.”

“I’d do anything for that,” Candace responded, getting more and more comfortable with the black woman and desperate to get this baby out of her.

“I’ll keep you to your word on that,” Janet purred, knowing this ended with the pregnant white woman munching her black cunt. Before she could respond, Janet warned, “What I do next will be a bit more controversial.”

“How so?” Candace asked, opening her eyes for the first time since the massage began.

“The massage needs to get erotic,” Janet revealed.

“What?” She gasped, suddenly no longer comfortable with what has happening.

Janet clarified, “It’s only through intimate touch and orgasm that it will work.”

“I read that, but my bastard of a husband won’t touch me. He’s scared he will hurt the baby and it’s obvious he finds me repulsive,” Candace said, bitter that her husband wouldn’t fuck her and trigger labour that way.

Janet smiled and confided knowingly, “Men are stupid. You are radiant right now.”

“Thank you,” Candace replied, not used to getting compliments of late feeling both fat and unattractive, something she wasn’t used to before she got pregnant, having been the runner-up to Miss America nine years ago.

“Open your legs a bit wider,” Janet ordered, sensing she needed to take control “like you will do when you give birth.”

“Okay,” she agreed skeptically, so desperate to go into labor she would obey a black woman’s instructions. She moved her knees up and opened her legs, feeling slightly vulnerable as she offered the stranger a clear look of her panty covered and pantyhose-clad crotch.

Janet moved her hands to the seam of the pantyhose and ripped.

“What are you doing?” Candace gasped, lifting her head up.

“I need access to your vagina,” Janet said rather matter-of-factly. “Now I need you to relax and just obey if you want this to work.”

“This isn’t very relaxing,” Candace pointed out, feeling very uncomfortable with the situation in which she suddenly found herself in.

“Just clear your mind,” Janet calmly said, her hands moving up and down her thigh.


“It’s the only way to guarantee a trigger into labour,” Janet countered, sensing this bitch was both gullible enough to believe it and desperate enough to risk it.

“I’ll try,” she finally agreed, desperate to get the baby out of her, closing her eyes again.

“Now, I need you to slowly rub your clit,” Janet instructed, as she continued slowly caressing her thigh.

“What?” Candace questioned, again surprised by the woman’s words.

“I told you this is going to get quite erotic,” Janet repeated, before explaining further, “if we can bring you to the ultimate moment of climactic bliss it will cause you to go into labour. I have seen it many times when I was younger.”

“Fine, I’ll do anything to get this fucking baby out of me,” the pregnant woman frustratingly agreed, closing her eyes and moving her hand underneath the torn pantyhose and her panties.

“Now start slow,” Janet instructed, moving to her other thigh, where her purse was görükle escort in reach.

“Kkkkk,” she moaned, having not touched herself in a long time either, her husband’s lack of interest, crushing her own sex drive.

After a couple of minutes, when Janet was confident the white woman was focused on herself, she slyly reached into her purse to grab both her phone and a vibrating egg she often found to be very, very useful. She began filming the pregnant woman masturbating, and said, “By the way, I never actually introduced myself, I’m Janet Jones.”

Candace didn’t open her eyes, focused on her own self-pleasure, as she offered her name, “I’m Candace Wilkes.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Janet quipped, smiling at her own sly play on words.

“You toooo,” Candace moaned, as she began instinctively rubbing herself faster.

“Slow down, my dear,” Janet instructed, “if you come too quick, it won’t work.”

“Okay,” Candace nodded, although getting slightly frustrated, “but it’s been so loooooong.”

“Since what?” Janet asked, filming the secrets of her newest pet-to-be while she pleasured herself.

“Since I’ve got off,” Candace admitted, surprised at how open she was being with this black woman.

“You haven’t even touched yourself?” Janet questioned.

“Nooo,” Candace moaned, and explained, “I felt so unattractive…until today.”

“Don’t you white women help each other out when your men are gone all day?” Janet asked, planting the first seed of lesbianism.

“God, no,” Candace gasped, surprised by the question.

“Christ,” Janet quipped, “no wonder all you white women are so high strung. You’re probably going through satisfaction denial.”

Candace laughed, knowing most women in this community were indeed uptight and high strung, herself included, “No truer words have been spoken lately.”

“Stay relaxed and keep your eyes closed,” Janet instructed, “I’m going to shift towards the next step of your orgasmic journey.”

“Okayyyy,” she agreed, continuing to slowly pleasure herself, trusting this stranger…this black stranger.

Janet put her phone in-between her armpit, moved her hand to the pregnant woman’s crotch, tugged her panties aside and quickly slipped in the vibrating egg that was buzzing on low.

Candace was shocked and opened her eyes as a buzzing began inside her, creating a new, more intense pleasure. Before she could talk, she was reprimanded.

Janet, taking full control quickly, scolded her. “I told you to keep your eyes closed.”

“S-s-sorry,” Candace stammered, closing them again, strangely feeling the need to obey this slightly blunt black woman and feeling guilty for not obeying.

Janet smiled at how adorable most white women, especially white woman who were used to being in charge, were when they quickly succumbed to their natural position of submissiveness when given the chance. They are so used to being in charge, of being a trophy wife, that they convince themselves the charade of power is actually who they are. Of course, it is women like her who help dispel such silly assumptions and turn them into the submissive pussy pleasers they are meant to be.

“Good girl,” Janet purred, beginning the conditioning as she asked, “Now do you feel those small pulsations of pleasure inside your cunt.” She knew the word cunt would surprise her as she reached in the purse and used the remote control to turn up the vibrations of the plastic toy.

“Yessss,” Candace moaned, the vibrations inside her making her feel amazing.

“Do they feel good?” Janet questioned, her phone again filming the words, moans and movements of her newest white prey.

“Yes,” Candace admitted.

“What do you want, my dear?” Janet asked.

“To come,” she moaned, lifting her ass up slightly, beginning to rub herself faster again.

“Stop!” Janet ordered firmly.

Frustrated, her need to come driving her wild, the desperately horny white woman whined, “Whyyyy?”

“Because you need to allow the orgasm to come to you,” Janet said, making this shit up as she went along.

“Kkkk,” Candace whimpered, “but it’s really driving me crazy.”

“And it will drive your whole body crazy until your orgasm erupts through you, creating enough euphoria to trigger labour,” Janet continued, trying not to laugh at her ludicrous theory.

“Okay,” Candace nodded, obeying even though she would have done anything to come.

“But I’m going to get you to the brink by bringing out a naughtier you,” Janet continued.

“Okay,” Candace repeated, so enthralled with her current situation she wasn’t really processing the words.

Janet was amused by the thought that seemingly ‘okay’ was the only word in the not too bright blonde’s vocabulary.

“Where is the vibrating egg?” Janet asked.

“In my vagina,” Candace answered, thinking the question was strange.

“Don’t you mean your pussy,” Janet questioned, as she turned the vibrations up a notch. bursa elit escort

“Yes, my pussy,” she mindlessly repeated, as the pulsations increased.

“Your cunt,” Janet added.

“Yes, my cunt,” she repeated, the buzzing inside her controlling her mind, even though she always hated the ‘c’ word.

“Your fuck box,” Janet continued, getting close to taking her completely.

“Yes, yes, my fuck box, my cunt, my pussy, my slut hole,” Candace listed, her hand returning to her pussy, desperate to come.

“Do you want to come?” Janet asked, as she quickly pulled off her own skirt with one hand while still filming her.

“So badly,” the desperate white woman admitted.

“And you’ll do anything to come, right?” Janet questioned, as she began moving to the side of the bed.

“Yes, anythiiiing,” the oblivious white woman moaned, her hand now rapidly rubbing her clit.

Janet quickly got on the bed, straddled her pet-to-be’s face, while simultaneously slapping the hand from her cunt.

“What the?” the surprised white woman began, shocked by the sudden turn of events.

“Lick my cunt, and I’ll allow you to get off,” Janet explain, again turning the egg down in power.

“What? I’m not a lesbian,” Candace countered, while trying to move, even as the strange, intriguing scent lingered just above her.

Janet demanded, her tone firm, “Stop, slut.”

Candace obeyed, although protesting, “I’m not a slut.”

Janet countered, as she lowered her pussy lips onto the white woman’s stunned face, “You’re my slut.”

Candace was in crisis. She desperately wanted to come, she needed to come; yet, the thought of licking a pussy, especially a nigger’s pussy, was completely unthinkable.

When she didn’t immediately lick, Janet shut the egg off.

Candace whimpered, again frustrated by the manipulative mind game she just now realized she was a part of. She was paralyzed with indecision.

Janet had seen this hesitation many times. The moral dilemma of doing what is right versus doing what feels right. Yet, almost without fail the decision was simple. Janet lifted her pussy off her face for a moment and offered, “Lick my cunt like a good white slut and I’ll turn the egg back on.”

Candace was still conflicted, but her desire to come, and to potentially go into labour, overrode her moral integrity as she sighed, attempting to imply her reluctance, “Fine.”

“Fine what?” The black seductress asked, knowing final completion was seconds away.

“Fine, I’ll lick your cunt,” the desperate woman responded, being drawn perfectly into the web of submission.

Janet turned the egg on high for a few seconds and then turned it back off.

“Noooo,” Candace whined frustrated, a quick jolt of pleasure just a tease. She was so desperate to come, she leaned up and began licking the black pussy as if conditioned like Pavlov’s dog. The obedience equals reward concept happening live.

“You’re my white slut?” Janet questioned.

“Yes, dammit,” the pregnant woman responded, understanding the racial power play at hand, but helpless to fight it. Clearly frustrated, she declared, “I’m your white slut.”

“And you’ll obey like a good white slut?” Janet continued, turning the egg back on.

“Yessss, I’ll obeyyyyy, please just let me come,” Candace moaned, the lingering taste of pussy juice surprisingly enticing.

“And be my unconditional white pet?” Janet continued to add to the humiliation.

“Yes,” Candace agreed, mindlessly reaching up to lick the black pussy again, suddenly wanting to taste more.

Janet lowered her cunt on her new pet’s face.

This time Candace licked as expected, without hesitation. Rewarding her obedience, Janet increased the pulsations.

Candace moaned into the black pussy as she kept licking with eagerness. She lapped hungrily, in awe of how exquisite the taste was, like the finest caviar, a delicacy of the rich class.

Janet always came fastest when straddling a woman, and in only a couple of minutes of eager licking could feel her orgasm building. Wanting to completely use and dominate the pregnant submissive, she began grinding on her face until she flooded her face with squirting pussy cum.

Candace licked with insatiable hunger, desperately wanting to make this bitch come hard and taste the full explosion of flavour. And when it came, like a sudden thunder storm, she gasped as her own orgasm hit her simultaneously, the vibrating egg and ultimate act of humiliation and submission getting her off.

Like most white first time cunt lickers, she kept licking, seeming to try and retrieve as much of the exotic pussy cum as possible while Janet smiled at another successful turn. She also smiled as she saw the stiffening legs and realized the white slut had come from eating pussy.

Eventually, the black seductress got off the dazed and still coming white slut, and asked, “Ready for the real orgasm?”

Candace looked at her weakly, her body still trembling with intense aftershocks of euphoria. “I think that already happened.”

Looking at the shiny face of her new pet, Janet smiled, “Oh you silly slut, we are just getting started.”

As the black woman moved between her legs, Candace pointed out, “I can’t have multiple orgasms.”

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