Steps of Sexual Learning Book 01

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Callie Patterson woke up at 6:48 AM on the first day of June, officially eighteen years old. For the past few years, she somehow woke at the exact time she was born. Her parents had religious and personal reasons why they did not did not want her to date until she legally became an adult. Which had just happened. Despite that, she had previously hung out with two guys, both of which pressed her for sex. Besides, she felt reluctant to deal with the drama of being in a relationship.

She had begun masturbating a few months before, and very recently purchased a vibrator. Although the orgasms from the toy and her fingers were pleasant, Callie knew they could be better when shared with someone else. Something she hoped would happen soon. Despite her parent’s objections, she had convinced them to get her on birth control pills several months ago. She knew they wanted her to remain pure until marriage, but knew that would never happen.

She looked out her window at the tree lined street of her peaceful neighborhood, glad she lived in a relatively uneventful town. One that was not to large, yet had enough businesses to keep things from getting to boring. She enjoyed bowling and swimming on a regular basis, along with her job.

That morning after a shower, Callie went for her usual morning run. Her legs were well-toned from nearly daily jogging, and like the rest of her body, very fit. The sun was beginning to rise above, and she knew it would be a warm day. As she jogged behind the High School, two men blocked her path from going either direction. She was worried about their intentions. Being Saturday, no one else was around. They made rather rude comments about how tightly her sweaty t-shirt clung to her chest.

“Come on guys, just let me go on my run,” she pleaded.

“Well…maybe after you show us your tits,” one of them said.

“And a blow job would be nice,” said the other.

“Not happening,” Callie replied sternly.

“Show us more of that pretty black skin,” one said.

“Then we are going to take you with us and have some fun,” another said as he grabbed her arms.

One other man grasped her legs as the other grabbed er from behind. As they began to drag her to their car, Callie was sure they would take her someplace and rape her. There seemed to be no one around to hear her pleas. Then suddenly a large man appeared and grabbed both of them away from her. He sent them to the ground with crashing blows from his right hand. Both would be attackers rushed the large man, and were again sent to the ground. They then scattered, leaving Callie feeling relieved and safe.

“Thank you so much for saving me Lance!” Callie exclaimed.

“You know me?” the man said.

“Yea. You’re Lance Jacobs. You just live a few blocks from me on Maple street. I’ve admired….I mean seen you several times. You sure have a nice looking home. I’m Callie by the way. Today is my eighteenth birthday. Glad it did not end up badly, thanks to you.”

“It’s great to meet you Callie. I’ve seen you around also. May I say you are an attractive young lady?”

“Thanks Lance. You sure are big. How tall?”

“I am exactly seven feet.”

“That’s a lot of man!” Callie exclaimed, suddenly embarrassed. “I am only 5 foot 5.”

“Hey would you like to come over for a visit?” Lance asked, “I have a outdoor pool and indoor hot tub. Just offering. I don’t expect anything. I am divorced and would like some company.”

“Sure!” Callie replied. “How about tomorrow around 10AM?”

“Sounds good. Bring a suit if you want to use the pool.”

“Okay. May I ask your age?” Callie inquired.

“I am thirty. Is that a problem?”

“Nope, just curious. See you tomorrow.”


Callie took a long shower the next morning, and looked forward to going to Lance’s home. Then she examined her nude body in the full length bathroom mirror. Her damp medium length black hair hung over her shoulders, and she admired her toned legs and abdomen. Her creamy breasts looked appealing despite their smaller size. Below her waist was a soft patch of lightly trimmed dark pubic hair, just above her most guarded place. She knew some other girls trimmed more or shaved completely, but she thought the curls were kind of sexy.

She thought about Lance as she got her things ready. He was twelve years older, and she wondered if he had any romantic feelings for her, or just wanted a friend. Either way she was eager to get to his place. Callie slipped into a light purple bikini with tie strings for the back and hips. Then she put on shorts and a t-shirt, and headed out.

A few minutes later she rang the doorbell at Lance’s home. He opened the door and welcomed her in. Callie was immediately impressed with what she saw. The living room had several recliners and a long comfy looking black sofa. She noticed an electric guitar in the corner and assumed he played it. He took her on a quick tour, and when they entered his bedroom Callie wondered what it would be like to share the king sized bed with him. The bathroom had a walk in shower with a glass door, easily big enough for three people. There were two sinks on suadiye escort the granite counter and a mirror above that stretched across the entire length.

“This is sure a beautiful home,” Callie stated.

“Thanks. I do okay with my job as a Deputy U.S Marshal, and have money saved up. But a house is not a home when I feel lonely here.”

“I wondered what you did. That must be dangerous. No wonder you handled those two creeps so easily. Surprised you did not arrest them.”

“I could have, but decided not to. I do a lot of transporting prisoners, and work with the witness protection program quite often. But yea it gets dangerous at times. I have been involved in hostage situations and more shootouts than I’d like to remember. Overall it’s not a bad job. Been doing it for seven years. Prior to that I was a County Sheriff in another state.”

“I understand feeling lonely,” Callie said. “I have only a couple of friends and they are not that close. They act childish and I would like some more mature talk. Can I admit something?”

“Anything you want to tell me is fine,” Lance responded.

“Well you know I just turned eighteen. But I have never had a boyfriend or even been kissed, Yet alone anything…you know…sexual, beyond masturbation. I just never had a good person to talk to about this. My parents are great and very supportive, but refuse to talk about sex.”

“I may not be an expert, but you can talk to me.”

“Thanks Lance,” Callie said. “Can I take a swim?”

A few minutes later she stood poolside and removed her top and shorts. She saw Lance’s eyes look over her ebony body, and sensed he approved. He sat in a chair and watched her swim until she was done and climbed out. Callie reclined in the lounge chair next to him, and enjoyed the warm sun on on her damp body. Glancing down, she noticed that a few small strands of her bush peeked over her suit bottoms, and wondered if he saw that also. Callie was also aware that her nipples were visible under the thin fabric.

“You have a great body Callie, and I love that bikini.”

“Thanks, this is my favorite color. I was a former cheerleader and volleyball player in high school so staying active and fit is my thing. I also love to swim.”

“Purple was also my wife’s favorite color.”

“I’m sorry. I had no idea.”

“No problem. I like it too.”

“So do you want to hear an embarrassing story?” she asked, not knowing why.

“Actually yea, if you really want to share it.”

“OK. This happened to me last year. I was at the mall looking for a new bikini. I just wore a button-up blouse and a pair of jeans. I didn’t wear a bra because my breasts are really perky and I figured no one would notice. The mall had a revolving exit door which I stepped into behind some guy. Well, he suddenly turned and pushed the door in the opposite direction. I felt something pulling me backwards and realized my shirt had gotten caught in the door. I panicked and tried straining forward. But my sleeves were caught and the buttons of my shirt popped off almost all at once. I was topless with my shirt caught in the door which had stopped moving, leaving me trapped inside. My hands were caught in the cuffs so my arms were pinned behind me with no way to cover up. Groups of people gathered on the sidewalk and inside the entrance. It had to be a real treat for the guys with their cell-phone cameras. I even saw a couple of girls taking an admiring view. It took about ten minutes for a maintenance man to get there, but if felt like an eternity. I still can’t go to a mall without blushing, much less use a revolving door.”

“Shall we go to that mall together?” Lance asked her jokingly.

“Yea sure thing…not. You just want to see my tits.”

“True, I do. But not like that.”

“How then?” Callie inquired.

“It would be a romantic setting, just me and you. With kissing and touching. Maybe you’d let me take off your top and bra so I could kiss those sweet looking breasts.”

“That sounds nice,” Callie told him softly, wishing he would do what he had just mentioned.

“Don’t get me wrong but I am attracted to you, but don’t expect anything besides friendship. Would you like to go to a movie tonight?”

“Sure thing. What time should I be here?”

“How about 6? That gives us time to decide which movie and talk some.”

“Okay, I better go home and get ready. See you then.”


That evening they went to see the modern remake of the movie Carrie. Callie spent most of the time staring at Lance, trying to figure out how he felt about her. He occasionally looked her way and smiled. Callie wondered what his lips would taste like, and imagined how making out with him would be. His hand held hers as thoughts raced in her mind. Being such a tall man with a strong build, she figured he would be big in other areas. She knew that she would soon begin to explore her sexuality, despite what her religious upbringing approved of. After the movie they headed over to a Wendy’s for dinner, where Callie ordered a salad.

“Is that all you want?” Lance asked.

“Yea, not real hungry,” she replied. yakacık escort

Callie was hungry, but not for food. She desired to be kissed and touched. She also hoped that Lance had the same thoughts about her, and wondered if any possibilities lay in store for them. They sat down at a table in the back corner. For a while they just stared at each other, then started to make small talk. After they ate, Lance drove them back to his home and shut off the engine. He looked at Cassie intently and reached out for her hand.

“I’d love to ask you inside, but better not,” Lance said.

“Why not?”

“I am very attracted to you and am having improper thoughts.”

“Nothing is improper if agreed upon by all concerned,” Callie replied.

“You are a smart girl Callie. Can I kiss you before you go home?”

Callie leaned over to him and pressed her lips to his, feeding him from the sweetness of her mouth. Her first kiss was tender, sensual, and just as intoxicating as she had hoped. She felt his tongue slide between her parted lips and allowed them to dance together for several moments. They eventually broke the kiss and exited his car.

“That was some kiss,” Lance told her. “In fact it had a certain…affect on me. But I shouldn’t say that. I had a nice time with you Callie. Hope we can stay friends.”

“Certainly we will remain friends,” Callie responded. “And I’m sorry for causing you any…well…hard problems. But I am sure you can handle that. See you later.”

As she walked the few blocks to her home, Callie imagined Lance in his bed naked and getting himself off. In a way she wanted to stay there and help him. But knew it may not be the best thing to offer just yet. As she went to sleep, she decided to find out just what type of thoughts he had about her, and try to act on them.

3. Callie called her best friend Grace and told her about what happened the day before. Grace was nineteen, blond and busty, and very popular with boys. Grace also wore clothes that showed off the pride in her body, where Callie was usually more conservative.

“Did you make out with him?” Grace immediately asked.

“We talked some, and we had fun.”

Grace giggled and said, “Oh you naughty girl. Did you show off that sweet chocolate body?”

“Nothing like that you pervert. We just saw a movie and went to Wendy’s. And kissed a few minutes before I went home.”

“You like him don’t you?” Grace asked.

“Well…yea. Yea I do.”

“Do you want to fuck him?” Grace inquired.

“Do you always have to be so…vulgar?” Callie asked.

“Just my nature. Sorry to offend.”

“No big deal. I want to try things. Just not sure what and when.”

“Maybe you should suck him off,” Grace suggested.

“Not sure I am ready for that yet.”

“Then jerk him off. Guys love that.”

“We’ll see,” Callie said. “He is older, but experienced. Who knows?”

Callie then heard a knock on the door, and hung up the phone. She was delighted to see Lance standing on the porch with a dozen red roses.

“Aren’t you gonna invite me in?” he asked pleasantly.

“I’m not supposed to have males over when I’m alone,” Callie lied. She knew her parents trusted her to make the right choices, so she could have screwed him in her bed if she wanted. But she felt they thought she wouldn’t do anything like that.

Callie grabbed his arm and said, “Come inside.”

“You sure? What about their rules?”

“Rules can be broken,” Callie responded.

Callie could not resist kissing him as they sat on the sofa. She enjoyed the intensity of his lips against hers. His hands slid down her back then onto the front of her bare legs. She liked how his white hands looked against her dark skin. Once they moved up to the hem of her shorts, Lance pulled away.

“Sorry. I am being too forward,” Lance apologized.

“No worries, this all feels so right.”

“What was your least favorite class in school?” he asked, trying to change the subject.

“I guess gym class,” Callie answered. “I like doing the physical stuff, but the shower bothered me.”

“Are you shy about your body?” Lance asked.

“A little. But I was the only black girl in my class, and it felt weird having them look at me.”

“Why is that?” Lance asked. “You look stunning.”

Well I am not shaved, you know…down there. Most of the others were trimmed shorter than me. Plus I sometimes got a little too interested with looking at the other girls naked.”

“It’s normal to be curious about things like that. Many women are bisexual. Far as having more pubic hair, that is your choice. Personally I think it’s sexier to have hair down there.”

“I was even given the nickname Jungle Girl because of my pubic hair.”

“That’s actually cute in a way,” Lance said.

“Why did you get divorced?” Callie asked.

“I got married at nineteen and thought it would be good. But within a few years she stopped doing anything sexually. She wouldn’t offer me oral or hand jobs. Nothing. Plus she got offended any time I masturbated. I cared for her, but not enough it seems. So we divorced şerifali escort a few years ago. She moved to another state so I don’t get to see my daughter Ariel often. She is fourteen and very smart. I fly through there when possible and spend some time with her. So yea I was sixteen when she was born. Too young to be a proper dad.”

“Sorry about that,” Callie said. “I can’t imagine not wanting sex, and I’m still a virgin. And I feel if any man needs to masturbate they should do it. Heck I’d even watch or help.”

She blushed at her last remark, and wondered what he thought hearing it. But she knew if he asked her to help give him a orgasm, she would.

Lance asked, “Do you know where you’re going to college?”

“I’m not yet. I am a lifeguard at the fitness center, and also the assistant activity director. Just want to work there longer and see what happens. There is talk about a promotion, so will see.”

“Would you go out with me again?” Lance asked.

“Anytime you want.”

Callie wanted to take him to her room and let him see her fully nude. And she wanted to make him feel good somehow, but was too shy to act.

“Don’t be so nervous,” Lance said. “I won’t ask anything you’re not ready for.”

Lance took her hand and Callie resisted the urge to pull away. They danced slowly to no music as his hands gently grasped her waist. The look in his eyes gave away his thoughts about her. And she had similar feelings. She loved the feeling of his body pressing against hers. And she knew he was getting aroused by the firm bulge of his crotch as it pressed against her.

Lance looked at her and said, “I’d like you to be more than a friend.”

“Like what?” Callie inquired, already knowing the answer.

“I know I am older, but I think you are very pretty and desirable. Age is not an issue for me. I would really like to see your room. I won’t attack you, unless you ask me to.”

Callie led him to her room and he seemed to approve pf the surroundings. The walls were light purple, and the double size bed was neatly made and covered with a purple comforter. A laptop sat on her desk, and several books were scattered across the floor.

Lance cupped her face in his hands and gently kissed her. She parted her lips, and allowed his tongue to touch hers with explicit come-and-get-me motions. All doubts were suddenly gone as she felt a warmth spread inside her, and knew how strong her temptations were. They stretched out on the bed and she ran her hands through his hair as his fingers roamed her body. Suddenly she felt uncomfortable and pulled away.

“I’m sorry,” Callie apologized for some reason.

“No, you’re fine,” Lance said, trying to catch his breath.

Once his lips were apart from hers, she wanted them back. She was amazed at how quickly she had became addicted to them. She knew he wanted more, and wondered what to do. Lance left a few minutes later, feeling he had pressed her too far. Callie felt sad once he was gone, and hoped he would not give up on her. She wanted to become his girlfriend, and hoped he would become her sex coach.


“What did you do wrong?” Grace asked Callie on the phone once Lance had left.

“I just had a small panic attack, and well…”

Grace said, “What the fuck Callie?”

“Things were really intense and I just stopped it.”

“Maybe someday you will give up the V card,” Grace said and hung up.

Callie could not understand why Grace kept making comments about her virginity. She knew many girls were having sex, but not all of them. One girl she knew was popular because she would get naked and give most any boy oral sex. Yet she was also a virgin. Callie had another date with Lance that night and was eager to see how it went.


That night Lance took her out to a nice dinner in a cozy restaurant. She enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere and the soft music playing overhead. They got back to his car, and within seconds were kissing with passion. He placed one hand over her breast and she felt her nipples getting erect under the blouse and bra. His other hand went to her bare leg and moved up to the bottom of her shorts. Suddenly he pulled away.

“Don’t worry, it felt nice,” she told him truthfully.

“So are we officially a couple now?” he asked.

“I guess we are,” Callie replied happily.

Callie was glad Lance did not pressure her to do anything more than kiss. Her lips felt empty when they were not attached to his. Callie crashed her lips to his needfully and allowed him to roam her body with his hands. As she leaned into him he slipped his hand into the back of her shorts, and Callie felt his fingers outside of her panties. She moaned and tried to tell him to stop, even though part of her did not want him to.

“Just relax,” he replied.

Callie knew he wanted to explore her body and sat upright in the car seat. One hand slipped under her shirt and bra, and played with her nicely developed tits. He started to touch the front of her shorts, then looked at her for approval. Callie moaned as his hand slipped under her panties, and over her pubic hairs. One finger pushed inside, and she gasped at the feeling just as he inserted another. The feeling of his fingers between her legs, along with the attention being given to her breast caused the arousal level to become too much. She ceased kissing him and he pulled his hands away from her.

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