Southern Afternoons



It was a horrendously hot day…the thermometer registered the ambient temperature was over 105 degrees and the heat index was sitting at 119 degrees. No sane person was outdoors, and even the air conditioned indoors seemed oppressively warm. The old Southern custom of the afternoon rest made sense now. What must it have been like back in the days before air conditioning and when women wore layers of crinolines and hoop skirts! No wonder the gentile Southern belle retired in the afternoon to her shaded bedroom and stripped off those heavy layers until she was clad in only a chemise and pantaloons. Well, the modern Southern woman was little different, she reflected as she lay upon her bed under the ceiling fan, clad only in a skimpy thong and wisp of a demi-bra. Even that little bit seemed to chaff her skin, so she removed them both and once again lay back, nude.

Her arms were up above her head, her hands clasped behind her neck. The breeze stirred by the fan soon dried her perspiration and made the fine hairs on her arms and pubis dance in the breeze. She found the sensation of the breeze tantalizing, and she watched as her nipples seemed to grow before her eyes. She slowly and unconsciously parted her legs, letting the breeze move about her most intimate regions. The susurration of the fan blocked all outside noises and she closed her eyes to seks hikayeleri better focus on the sensations awakened in her flesh.

Without conscious thought, her hands moved down to cup her breasts and pinch her nipples. Small electric jolts traveled through her from her nipples to the core, stoking her internal fires even higher. She wet her fingers with her mouth and then stroked her nipples even harder, making then stand taller, firmer, and more sensitive than before. Her caress became rougher, her pinches bordering on painful as she tweaked and pulled those engorged nipples. Waves of pleasure moved through her as she pinched and squeezed and stroked her upper torso.

Now her hands moved slowly down her sides and out over her flat stomach. As they neared the juncture of her thighs, her legs opened even wider, her heels drawing up to her buttocks and her knees falling to the sides, opening her wide. Her fingers moved through the tuft of hair at the apex of her cleft and then along the outside of the labia. Shivers of anticipation danced through her as her fingers moved along the exterior of her most sensitive zone. Reaching the bottom of her labia, her fingers moved inwards and back upwards, slowly parting those nether lips and exposing her inner flesh. She caught sight of her actions in the gaziantep şişman escort mirror on the door, and this aroused her even more. She could see her normally soft pink flesh was hot flushed to a rich pink…and she could see her clit standing tall and proud, begging for a touch. She moved her fingers around that most sensitive spot, prolonging the moment. Her breathing was starting to come faster now as she finally touched that rigid little knob.

Lightning raced through her at that touch. She was instantly moved to a higher level of excitement as she continued to rub and stroke herself. She studied herself in the mirror and moved her other hand downward to insert first one, and then a second finger inside her tight channel. Not enough and she slowly slid a third finger inside as well. Oh God, it felt so wonderful. She pumped her fingers in and out as she rubbed her clit, building the waves of pleasure ever higher.

Stopping momentarily she opened her bedside drawer and withdrew two vibrators. The first was long, slim, and silver; the second was much broader and covered with a sleeve shaped like a realistic penis. After coating the second with her juices, she slid it inside herself, pushing it in as deeply as she could, filling herself completely. She held it in place with gaziantep sınırsız escort her left hand as her right took the slim silver vibrator and began to massage her clit with it. The quiet hum of the toys was lost to her as she surrendered to the sensations. She moved the larger one in and out of her as she rocked the slim one back and forth over her clit. Her climax was sudden and sharp, a rapid climb to the heights followed by a plummet over the edge.

The release only made her want even more. She continued to move the large vibrator within her as she slid the vibrator around her slit. Slowly, inexorably, she moved the slim vibrator downwards, her excitement level increasing. Her breath caught in her throat as the tip of the vibrator came into contact with her anal ring. She paused to plunge that vibrator into the open jar of K-Y jelly in the bedside drawer and then placed the tip in the center of that ring. The ring slowly yielded to the constant pressure, and the vibrator slid inside, inch by inch, until she had over seven inches inside.

She held both vibrators at this depth with one hand as she clamped her legs closed to hold them in place. With her other hand she began to furiously rub her clit, sending shock wave after shack wave through her. Her hips began to bounce as her climax ripped through her, inarticulate cries escaping her lips as she lost rational thought in the frenzied moment. As she relaxed after cumming, the vibrators slowly slide out of her body as it all relaxed, their hum no longer muffled by her flesh. She turned them off and returned them to the bedside drawer, lying back once more to let the fan’s breeze cool her heated body, making the silky hairs dance in the breeze…

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