So Here I Am Ch. 07



Continuing thanks to Mrsgnomie, the one keeping me on track, with my writing and my life. Without her, I’d be lost. Shout out to dnsontn; a friend and avid supporter.

I hope y’all stay with me for the duration of the story, it won’t always be random sex and sweaty orgasms. I wish it could be, but my life doesn’t always work out the way I want it to.


So here I am, driving from Scottsbluff, Nebraska to Cheyenne. I’m tired, I’m pissed, and I’m on the edge. My Scottsbluff store had an inventory today, and what should have been a 6-hour piece of cake was instead a 12-hour ordeal The inventory company didn’t have enough people, and half the ones there apparently got high before showing up.

Ah well, it is what it is. This seems to be my continuing mantra as one-day rolls into the next. It is what it is.

The drive is nice, nothing but a 100-mile straight shot. It’s dark, the weather is good and I have Journey “Open Arms” coming loud through the car speakers. Just a clue, I have a playlist of power ballads and tear-jerker oldies for drives like this. Yes, I’m a freak but I like to delve into the depths of the sorrow of my non-existent love life when I drive.

As I’m driving, I review my life choices up to this point; I’m a 58-year-old bisexual man who left his wife of 38 years because he tired of being the cause of everything wrong in her life, a man no longer satisfied living in a state of mere existence. I pulled up stakes, drove away, left everything to her, and started fresh. It was a dick move, most definitely. But I think it was a necessary move? To my mind, it prevented my early, self-induced, death.

This knowledge does little to bolster my confidence as I review my life since leaving the old one behind. Driving on a lonely highway, sad songs blasting on my speakers and systematically analyzing the clusterfuck of my new life, and honestly, I find I’m unimpressed with my choices thus far:

I get wrapped up in a cuckold threesome with a young couple against my better judgment, and got exactly what I had expected; great sex and a deep loathing for the two of them. Then, I drop to my knees and suck the cum out of my bartender like I’m some desperate slut. Granted, Paul did have one of the most attractive cocks I’ve seen in person, but still…

Finally, I start fucking my realtor, for no other reason than she’s cute, horny as fuck, and likes bathing in my cum. I have nothing to show for these dalliances other than a deepening realization that I am utterly unsatisfied and fairly disgusted with myself.

On the bright side, I did make a good friend in Shawna, though we have missed a few coffee dates over the past few weeks. I suspect that my encouragement for her and her son Jack to intensify their relationship has borne fruit. She hasn’t said anything to me about it, but she has seemed distracted when we do have time together and strangely silent on the subject of him though it used to be the bulk of her topics of conversation. I’m happy for her, for them, but it saddens me that she seems to need me less and less, as a companion and confidant.

The other brightness in my life is my online friend, Sarah (yes, my best relationship is a virtual one). She lives a thousand miles away and we’ve only chatted online. I’ve never seen more than an obscured picture of her face, but that’s irrelevant, it is her friendship that is valuable to me. She is the only person I’ve talked to with which I feel connected.

My life review makes it evident to me that I am pretty pathetic. I know it, and I can live with it because; I’m not ugly, I’m not stupid, I have a cute dick (that works just fine thank you very much), and my hairy body screams “Daddy Love!”, so fuck you, I’m all that and a bag of chips.

Anyway… I’m thinking about my fucked-up approach to my new life and why in the world I would fall into sexual relationships with people I have no connection to when all I’ve wanted in my new life is peace, quiet, and maybe someone I would feel happy to sit with for an extended period.

As I drive, I realize that I can’t see the road clearly, thinking it must be me being tired, I slip my fingers under my glasses to rub my eyes, only to find them wet.

Well, fuck me. Here I am, the pathetic old man I think myself to be, crying over his fucked-up life in the middle of fucking nowhere. I take a deep breath, tell myself to quit being such a fucktard, and spy an exit coming up. I ease over to the right lane and take the Burns Wyoming exit. Pulling over to the shoulder at the bottom of the exit ramp, I take a few deep breaths and think about what is going on in my head.

I realize that Sarah, my online BFF, was right. I need to stop chasing the easy orgasm and enjoy my life the way it is. She tells me that love will follow. I hope one day I’ll get to meet her in person and we’ll regale each other with the stories of our lives. Do I wish we could sext and send dirty pics? Of course, I’m a guy and a pig. But I don’t really want that, not now. She is precious to me as she is. Removed, wise, beautiful.

What escort gaziantep bayan ilanları I do realize is; that I need to keep my shit in my pants. Maybe I’ll introduce Joanne to Paul, he and his girl have been on the outs lately, and he does produce a lot of cum… yeah, now I’m getting hard. LOL.

Fuck it. I put the car in drive, swipe my sleeve across my eyes, and make my way home.

I walk into the tavern and wave at Paul. As always, he puts a glass of Maker’s at my spot and starts the pull on a Newcastle. I sit down, he sets it down, and turns back to his work. Strange that he isn’t his usual self and I suspect it has something to do with the girlfriend issues Shawna mentioned a few times.

“What’s up?” I ask him. He looks at me and sighs.

“Nothing, just… well, Rachel left a week ago to spend some time with her mom. She called today and said she was ‘extending’ her stay.”

“Dude. I’m sorry to hear that. Did she say why?”

He fiddled about a little, sighed again… “You know we’ve had some issues. She isn’t happy that I’m here all the time, doesn’t think I give her enough attention. But I have to be here. This is my business, it’s what pays the bills, you’d think she’d be a little more understanding.”

“Be careful going down that road, Paul. She is entitled to her feelings. You may not agree, or understand, but it’s how she feels, you gotta respect that.”

He stepped over, leaned his elbows on the bar beside me, and leaned in a bit like he didn’t want others to hear him. “She’s seeing someone else.” I looked up at him and he frowned and nodded.

“We haven’t made love for a couple of weeks. She’s always ‘sleeping’ when I get home and she quit complaining that we don’t do it as often as we used to. She always bitched about that, now it’s like she doesn’t even care. I haven’t had sex with anyone since, well, since the bathroom.” I looked at him and he blushed.

“I saw a text message on her phone a few days ago, and it was pretty intimate. Now she went to her mom’s and says she doesn’t know when she’s coming back, and every time I call over there, she’s either ‘in the shower’ or ‘at the store’. I’m not even sure if she went to her mom’s, and if she didn’t, her mom is covering for her.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Whatch’ya think you’re going to do?”

“Honestly? I don’t know. Part of me wants her to come back, but part of me is relieved. It hasn’t been all that great the past few months and I’ve been thinking we should take a break. I’m not sure if it’s worth continuing. Part of me wants to see what’s out there, but part of me is clinging to what I know.”

“If it’s any consolation, you would have no problem meeting someone if that’s what you choose to do. You are young, have a successful business, you’re fit, and cute as fuck. If I were in the market for a straight man, I’d be all over you.”

He laughed and blushed, turned back to his work and I sipped my drink. I felt my phone vibrate and saw a text from Joanne; Paperwork is finally ready! We need to meet up to sign everything so I can send them off to the underwriters.

Smiling and suddenly feeling much better about things. I texted her back. Awesome! We can meet tomorrow evening if you’re able.

Sure thing. We can get everything signed and maybe celebrate a little, we’re almost there!

I thought about this whole process. It is more difficult to get a mortgage when you’re a newly divorced man with little to no financial documentation that isn’t intertwined with your ex-wife’s finances. It’s taken weeks to get things together sufficiently for the mortgage company to finalize everything to their satisfaction, and now we were just steps away from finishing. It’ll be nice to finally get the keys to my ‘ranch’ and settle into the life I longed for. I finished my drink, told Paul good night, and went to my apartment.

The next day I exchanged a few emails with Joanne, she told me she had the papers ready and would be able to meet after 7, I suggested we meet at the tavern so we could raise a glass after getting it all signed and she agreed. I smiled to myself as I was driving back from Laramie, thinking about my new place, and wondering if Paul would be interested in getting to know Joanne?

I was pretty sure she would want to celebrate with something more than a glass of wine, and I didn’t think I had it in my heart to give her what she wanted or deny her. My only option was to hopefully fix her up with a larger, more potent source for her preferred body lotion.

Joanne came in a few minutes after 7. I waved her over to the table and Paul came over with a glass of wine. I introduced the two of them and we made small talk for a few minutes before Paul got back behind his bar to tend to the few other patrons hanging out.

Joanne and I went over the paperwork, signing in all the right places. She explained that it would take them a week or two to get the final documents ready and that I would have to go to the title company to eskort gaziantep bayan sign and have everything notarized. Papers done and tucked away we sat and chatted and enjoyed our drinks. She was dropping hints about having nothing to do for the rest of the evening. I carefully avoided latching onto those not-so-subtle hints. I figured being obtuse was my best bet at this point. There was no reason to reject her, hurting her feelings, if she didn’t make an actual offer.

At one point I excused myself and went to the men’s room. On my way back I stopped by the bar to talk to Paul, asking him what he thought about Joanne. “She’s cute and she seems nice, but I’m not really thinking about getting involved yet.”

“I get it. I wouldn’t expect you to, but… if you thought that maybe you wanted to let your hair down for a night, I think you two might find you have some things in common. Tell you what, I’m getting ready to hit the road, but she tells me she has nowhere to be tonight so why don’t I buy her another glass and you can bring it over and say hello and keep her company for a little bit?”

I got back to the table and told Joanne that I was heading out since I had an early day tomorrow. She looked a little disheartened but I told her that I ordered her another glass of wine, “There’s no reason you have to leave. You should stay a bit and relax. Paul is a really nice guy and he’ll keep you entertained for a while.” I gave her a hug and a kiss and told her goodnight. Nodded to Paul on my way out and walked back to the dingy little apartment that soon would be but just a memory.

Time for me usually passes pretty quickly since my daily life is non-stop, go, go, go. However, these past two weeks were an excruciating exception. Never have I ever felt time drag so slowly. The anticipation of getting the keys to my kingdom put the last two weeks into some sort of temporal anomaly. Every glance at my watch caused me to think it was broken as time seemed at a standstill.

Finally, Monday afternoon, two weeks and three days after Joanne submitted my final application materials, the Title Company called and said the documents were ready for signature and notarization. The relief I felt was palpable, but with it came a feeling of loss. I know the distance to my new place wasn’t really that far, but I knew it would result in removing myself from the daily things I’ve come to enjoy.

It didn’t seem reasonable that I would visit the tavern 2-3 times a week like I have been doing, I could see making the trip once a month or so, but not more often than that. Paul and I had just begun acting like friends rather than acquaintances and I knew I would miss that. Joanne has already become a distant thought. I liked her, but other than getting my house we had nothing keeping us in touch with each other. Truthfully, a few nasty fucks didn’t seem like that compelling of a reason.

The painful relationship was between Shawna, Jack, and me. I liked them a lot and I would hate to see that relationship falter. However, they seem content within themselves and I understand that completely. I’m sure we will maintain a solid friendship but the weekly coffee dates didn’t seem as important to our mental/emotional health as they once did. Overall, I think I resigned myself to the idea that I would get what I came to Wyoming to find; peace, solitude, and little interaction with people which I didn’t seek out myself.

Wednesday came and I sidled up into the Title Company office (yeah, I like saying ‘I sidled up into’… makes me feel more ‘western’.) I signed the papers, took my keys, and walked out, feeling pretty fucking good. I sent Joanne a text and told her I had my keys and was heading out to see the place after I checked my work emails for an hour or so. She had already done the footwork for me regarding the various utility companies so I had nothing but to show up and then move my few possessions to the house. I felt a little like a Kardashian, just walking in and having all the details already handled for me.

As I drove up the couple hundred-yard driveway to my new home, I saw Joanne’s car in the front, alongside a Chevy Colorado pick up which I did not recognize. As I rolled up, I saw Joanna step off the front steps, and surprisingly, Paul stepped out behind her. Chuckling to myself I stepped out of my car and held up my keys. “Hey! I’m a ranch owner!”

Joanne rushed over to me and gave me a big hug, she smelled great like usual and her low-cut blouse barely contained her voluminous breasts. “What are you doing here?”

She grabbed my face and pulled me down into a very sloppy kiss. “I couldn’t just let you step into your new home by your lonesome! I’m your realtor, I’m obligated to make sure you are all set in your new digs.” She laughed and stepped back and Paul approached me, his hand out.

I took his hand and gave it a firm shake. “Hello, to you. What are you doing here?”

He had the decency to look a little abashed. “Joanne told me you were getting your keys and escort gaziantep bayan that she wanted to be here to welcome you home, so… I thought I’d come along and bring you your first housewarming gift.” He opened the door of his truck and pulled out a bottle of Maker’s Mark and a six-pack of Newcastle Nut Brown Ale. “Let’s go inside and christen your home.” He looked at Joanne who pulled another bag out of his truck and they looked to the porch. Getting the hint, I walked up the steps, put the key in the lock, and opened my front door for the first time.

We stepped inside and I immediately slipped off my shoes and walked into the front room. Paul and Joanne stopped inside the door and she slipped off her pumps and helped Paul pull off his boots. They turned the corner and Joanne pulled some rock glasses out of the little bag she had. Paul opened the bourbon and poured three good measures. Handing each of us a glass, he popped the top off three of the Newcastle’s.

Turning to me he raised his glass; “Home is a word that symbolizes love, trust, progress, memories, and relationships. I hope you are blessed with all of these and more.”

He smiled and took a big sip of his bourbon, Joanne followed suit and nearly died choking on the bourbon. Laughing I took the glass from her hand and simultaneously downed my glass in one hefty swallow. I set Joanne’s glass on the counter as she got herself under control, “Damn, I was hoping I was going to be choking on something today, I just didn’t think it would be bourbon.”

I was speechless, I stared at her, eyes wide, a blush creeping up my face. I quick glance at Paul revealed the same reaction. Joanne looked at us and grinned. “What? You didn’t think I was going to christen your home with a drink, did you?”

I looked down, eyes shifting to Paul. Joanne harumphed “Jesus criminey. Both of you have done me, what’s the big deal? You afraid of seeing each other naked?”

Paul shifted his weight and shrugged, I just stared at her.

“Fine. I want dick. I came here to get dick. One, or both, of you, can give it to me, or I’ll just head back to town and find someone else.” She stood there, hands on her ample hips, breasts heaving a bit, starting holes in both of us.

I turned to Paul, glancing down at his crotch, yep, he was filling out his pants already, “I wouldn’t mind if you felt like helping her out.” I blushed a little, “if you wanted some privacy, I could walk the property.” Joanne frowned at me, “or, I could relax here and have a drink while you two did whatever….”

Joanne grinned again, pulled on the front of her blouse, and worked her big tits free. Stepping in front of Paul she knelt in front of him and reached for his zipper. He put his hand out to stop her, looked at her face, and dropped his hands to his side. She smiled, looked at me, and said “Get yourself a drink and relax. I’m going to take care of some business.”

I took a drink of ale and poured two glasses of Maker’s. Handing one to Paul I grinned “Here’s to cuming home”, He chuckled and looked down to watch Joanne lower her mouth onto his throbbing, mocha-colored, cock. I’d like to say I was evolved enough to step away, but I’m not. I watched her lick and suck his beautiful cock. Her exposed tits bounced and swayed as she bobbed her head on him. The sounds she was making as she forced her face down his magnificent piece of meat were otherworldly.

After a few minutes, she was an absolute mess, her spit running down her chin and coating her flopping tits as she gagged herself on him repeatedly, which did nothing to assuage the erection in my pants. After a few minutes of her moaning, gagging, and groaning, I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled my hard cock out and started stroking it. Pointing it at her face. She glanced at me out of the corner of her eye, pushed down on him till her nose was buried in his dark pubic hair, and stayed there. Her hands gripping his tight ass in a death grip, and her body started shaking and a keening sound came muffled from her cock filled throat.

The realization that she was coming while gagging herself on Paul’s cock was too much. I shot my load straight at her, ropes of my hot cum hitting her on the side of her face and on her flushed tits. When Paul grunted “Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum!” Joanne pulled off him just in time for his copious white load to blast her right in the face. She leaned back on her feet, body shaking and directing the rest of his shooting load to land on her tits.

He and I stood there staring at the cummy mess that is my realtor. She reached over, took my cockhead in her mouth, and sucked the last bit of cum out of it. Then did the same to Paul’s beautiful cock. “That is what I call a housewarming present.” She looked up at me and smiled as she rubbed our cum into the tops of her tits. “Welcome home JP, welcome home.”

We helped her up and she looked at Paul, “Well, I intend on getting royally fucked as soon as possible. It can either happen here, or you can follow me home.” She turned to me, reached up, and gave me a soul kiss, I could taste Paul’s cock on her tongue. “If you want, you can call me anytime, and thank you for arranging for me to meet Paul.” She patted her pockets, pulled out her keys, and walked to the door. Turning to smile and me she gave me a little wave and walked out to her car. I just then realized that she still had her cum and spit-covered tits still hanging out of her blouse, but she ignored them and got in her car.

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