Snake in a Cave



Most people have a hidden, vindictive or sinister side, a portion of their personality that, not only derives pleasure from someone else’s displeasure, but, even more so when it’s a member of the opposite sex. Or an older sibling. I had the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone while out with my slender, hot sister Deb one afternoon. While we typically got along extremely well, we seemed to be nitpicking a little on this particular day. Nothing big, but, put together, annoyed the last nerve of patience. Knowing we’d had more running around to take care of together, I decided this could not last. Soon as I figured it out, I’d mete out some payback. A wrong turn made the decision for me, as Deb was rarely and admittedly, lost.

“Where the hell are we? Weren’t you supposed to keep watch?” Deb stated in a frustrated, somewhat accusational tone. “Now I don’t know where we turned..Dammit. Get the map out and have a look..” she added, to my retrieval of a ratty-looking road map.

“Oh, this is nice, Debs..Can you not get a new map one of these days? Thank god you’re hot and have a great ass, because sometimes, you are dumb as freaking toast” I replied, throwing in a compliment for fun, since I knew she liked when I said those things to her.

“Just look at it and find out where we are..Me and my great ass..Thanks for that, by the way, want to get home at some point” she directed, accepting my compliment with a sly grin.

“It looks like the highway is back to the right..But, no roads lead there directly..” I stated, reviewing the map and looking at the nearby wooded area. “Instead of driving around in circles, why don’t I or we cut through this little patch of woods and see what’s on the other side? I’d rather do that and have the car stay put than driving around aimlessly” I offered, to Deb’s surprise agreement.

“We’ll go..You might not come back on spite, and leave me here..Some country bumpkin guy with two teeth will have at me, and you’d be to blame” she opined, only half-jokingly.

“Fine, fine” I said. “Let’s go”. We locked the car and made our way through the woods, maybe 50 yards or so, and noticed an embankment with a little cave in it. “Check it out..Bet the kids party here all the time, in that cave” I stated, making conversation but also getting some ideas for payback.

“I’m not going in there” Deb said. “Let’s see what’s over the hill” she suggested. Just then, the drizzle and rain started. “Oh, shit! Dammit!” Deb stated, shaking her head. “I had seks hikayeleri to come out here with you, didn’t I? All I’ve gotten is lost and comments about my body..Hell, I can get that at a bar” she sniped.

“Come on, let’s duck in for a few minutes until it passess” I told her, taking her hand and essentially tugging her along. Once inside, I gave Deb my response.

“Yes, YOU got lost, and I did make comments about your body..Like every guy does..And don’t tell me you don’t love it, because I know you do” I strongly stated, smacking her on the ass.

“You flaunt and shake this thing all the time, wear clothes that show off your tits, and flirt like hell with everybody..Been doing it to me for years..” I added. Deb reluctantly agreed.

On our way out, Deb stopped short and halted her pace. “Ohmygod..Get over here now..And get that thing away from me” she said, looking at a fair-sized snake. Deb hated, and had a fear of snakes.

Approaching the common woods snake, I took a broken tree branch from the ground and lifted the snake into the air. Deb’s heart was pounding so fast, she needed to sit down. Another drizzle shower, and we were back in the cave. Deb, I, and the snake. Now, it was time to have fun with them both.

As she leaned against the wall, I placed the snake to her leg. “Ahh! Holyshitnoo” the sexy sister nearly leaped from the dirt and leaf-scattered cave floor. “Don’t do that to me again..I’m sorry for all the shit I just said..Just keep that thing away” Deb replied, noticibly shaken and wanting nothing to do with Mr. Snake.

“How sorry?” I asked, entering the fun stage with her.

“Real and very sorry..I mean it” Deb stated, pursing her shaded, lovely lips.

“Sorry enough to, say..Take your shirt off? Show off the goods, Debs?” I asked, beginning the envelope-pushing.

“What? No..” she replied. Until, that is, I moved the snake, which had been writhing around the branch, closer to her legs again, within dangerous proximity to her crotch.

“Can’t believe..Ok, ok..I’ll take it off” Deb answered, making short work of her button-down and exposing her god-given, fantastic upper torso clad only in a white, figure-8 bra.

“Woo-hoo!” I chided her several times. “Tanned, thin, and look at those ta-ta’s!” I commented. “She doesn’t even work out, and has a body like this..” I added, moving the branch and snake away for a few seconds. “But, something’s still not right..Wonder what gaziantep şişman escort bayan it is?” I spoke aloud, ostensibly to myself but to her.

“What? What about this body is not right to you? You just said..” Deb replied, almost as if questioning the idea that her body wasn’t perfect, which it was, anyway.

“Oh, it’s all right…But, too much, umm..Material” I intoned, gazing directly at the bra.

“No way! I’m not getting topless in some cave for you, rain or no rain..This is it, pal..Already took my shirt off” Deb opined.

This time, however, instead of just placing the snake near her, I went one better; I rested the branch on her shoulder, causing her to feel it. One slithering feel sent Deb reaching for the figure-8 bra clasp in record time.

“Ohmygawwd!” she exclaimed, as if the snake had traversed her body. Shaking and dropping the bra to the ground, Deb was now topless and, for the most part, at my disposal. “There!” she commented, pointing her long, polished nails to her chest. “Ta-ta’s are out! Cold, but out!” she said, with a hint of fun chuckle at the predicament I’d put her in.

“The rain’s holding up..Can I at least get my shirt back on so we can get going?” Deb asked, likely knowing the answer would be in the negative. And she’d had her fear of snakes to blame.

“Still drizzling” I observed and stated. “And, you still have jeans on..They’ve got to go!” I laughed.

“I don’t care what you do with that ugly snake, but, I am not, am not, taking off my jeans..No way, I’m done, let’s go back..” Deb demanded.

This called for an increase in the action. As she stood with her back to me, I extended the branch to Deb’s soft, thin waist, and prodded the snake to move around. As if on mental command, the black snake reached itself around Deb’s waist, atop her skin, acting like she was a small tree. Stones and limbs could have fallen with the intensity of her wail and scream, as her high-pitched shriek reverberated off the walls.

“Aeeeiii!!!GetitofffgetitoffffAeeeiii!!!” she screamed quite loudly as I peeled it from her side. “I think I’m going to be sick! That felt horrible! It was ON ME!!” Deb nearly cried out.

“Which means, what, Debs?” I asked, safe in the knowledge that this little trick would prompt a jeans removal.

“Toss it outside! Get rid of it! I’ll take off my jeans AND panties! Just get rid of that slimy creature from hell!” Deb ordered. gaziantep sınırsız escort bayan

“Holyshit..That went right up and down my spine! Ugghghh!!” she stated, fully repulsed by the woods snake.

“I will dispose of this thing from hell…But first, you dispose of those snug, sexy jeans and whatever panties you’re wearing..Let’s see it, Debs..Or else I drop him on your head and walk back to the car myself..With your shirt!” I forewarned, lest she have any ideas regarding not doing as promised.

“Ok, ok..” she said, in a soon-to-be-naked, You-win tone.

“Matter of fact, Debs..I understand you’ve done a little dancing in your time? Mm..Month or two, in college, I believe..How about showing me some of your old moves?” I inquired.

“I must have told you about that one time, and you remembered it..Yes, I did..And it was three months..Paid my rent for 4 months that way” she admitted, holding onto her jeans waistline after initially unbuttoning and unzipping.

“I know you did..Now I want to SEE it..Come on, Debs..Peel it off like I’m throwing money at you..” I egged her on, keeping the snake close by.

Using gyrations and incredibly sexy moves, Deb performed as requested as I stood and intently observed. With her back towards me, the cave dancer leaned forward, presenting her ass just out of my reach, tugging, peeling, and sliding the tight jeans down her legs, finishing by kicking them off the near wall. Now clad only in thin, white panties, Deb decided to make me work for the end, fully naked result.

“Outside with that” she directed, pointing to the snake. “Then come back and take care of these for me..” Deb bargained. “No joke, no tricks..Get rid of the snake, then you can remove my panties however you want to..I just don’t want that creature around here anymore” she pleaded.

Tossing the snake and branch from the cave opening to over the adjoining hill, I returned, never losing sight of my cave dancer.

“All gone?” she asked, to my affirmative head nod. “Now, pull them down, rip them off, use your mouth..I don’t care..While I’m still in the mood to do this..” Deb advised.

With little thought or creativity, I tore the white, lacy panties from her body, leaving her completely, and, finally, naked. Deb knew, both as a woman and my older sister, what all this had done to me. Then again, the bulge in my own Levi’s told the story well enough.

“It’s still raining” she said, although it wasn’t. “We’ve been through a lot today..Mad at each other, got lost, you really tapped into my dead-fear of snakes..” Deb said, running her long nails down my arm.

“Now, we’re going to finish the job..” she stated. Joining her on the soft covering of leaves and packed-down ground, I enjoyed Deb for another few hours like never before. Who’d have guessed a common snake in the woods would be to thank for all of it?

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