Sleepwalking Mom Ch. 09



I let the twins relate the details of my trip to Jaz’s house to Mom. In short, Jaz’s Mama had found cum in Jaz’s hair when she returned from our house the day before. Jaz had come over to have one on one sex after the sleepwalking experience on the night of the graduation party. Jaz’s mama forced her to set up a ruse of her own to get me there so she could fuck the new teenage boy as she struggled to salvage her life any way she could. She had done it before. She terrified me at first but her motives were pure. She just wanted to get fucked. Mom wasn’t pleased with me getting myself into that scenario in the first place, she was pleased that the results made it even less likely that Jaz would be talking about us.

On Monday morning, I was at the breakfast table before Dad. He chuckled as he came down the stairs and saw me sitting in my chair sipping a cup of coffee. Mom was dressed for the day too. She had a meeting with the catering company to finalize plans for the Birthday Party on Saturday. We all knew about it, so it wasn’t a surprise party. Mom brought Dad his coffee and set down a plate of hot blueberry muffins. She glanced at our looks of awe and said, “I didn’t bake them. I bought them and heated them in the microwave.” Dad and I looked at each other and laughed as if to say, ‘Whoa, that was close. I thought she had been reprogrammed by aliens or replaced by a ‘Stepford Wife’ or something.’ We each grabbed a muffin and nearly inhaled them.

As we finished, the twins came out of their room dressed for public consumption. I scanned them both from head to toes and said, “Wow. Are you two auditioning for Miss America or something?” They both giggled and snatched up a muffin and sat down at the table to eat.

Between bites Julie said, “We are going with Mom to make sure we get what we want. You working stiffs don’t get a say. You get what you get.” June grinned and kissed muffin crumbs from her fingers. We all went out the door together. Dad and I went off to work and the women went shopping.

I was a bundle of nerves all morning as I sat at my desk pecking on my computer. I had resolved to ask Sylvia to lunch today. Even with my new found confidence with women, Sylvia still made me nervous. Her beauty alone would have rendered me numb last year, but I thought I was past that. I picked up the phone receiver for the tenth time and rolled it around in my hand, mindlessly untangling the spiral cord leading from the base. I put it back down in the cradle and rehearsed what I was going to say. It should have been so easy: ‘Hi Sylvia. This is Dex, your boss’ son?’ Fuck, that was stupid. I told myself to relax and I hunched up my shoulders and dropped them. ‘What’s the problem? It’s just lunch and she already asked me to ask her.’ I remembered that acronym, ‘KISS’, ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’.

I picked up the phone again and quickly pressed the four digits for her office. I was committed now, but I couldn’t decide whether I hoped she was at her desk or not. She answered. I luxuriated for a moment in the sound of her voice. It’s as beautiful as she is. “Hi Sylvia. Are you free for lunch today?” God, I hoped that she recognized my voice.

Her voice changed from her professional tone and said, “Hi Dex. I am. Come by at noon. I know you ride with your father, so we can go in my car.” The breath, that I didn’t even realize that I was holding oozed out of my lungs. I hadn’t even thought about the fact that I had no way to take her anywhere.

“Sounds good. She you at noon.” I gently slid the receiver back on the receiver and went back to pecking on the computer. It took several seconds before I realized that I had a big grin on my face. The rest of the morning dragged by at a glacial pace.

At 11:50, I was practically positioned at my door with my feet in the starting-blocks waiting for the gun to go off. I had timed how long it took me to get from my desk to hers. It was ten minutes. I didn’t want to be early or late. On the way, I pushed my fingers through my hair like a comb and thought, ‘Shit. I should have checked myself in the mirror.’ I was a nervous wreck. ‘Get a hold of yourself Dex,’ I thought. I checked my watch and realized that I was hurrying so I slowed down and took a deep breath.

Sylvia was just lifting her phone when I walked into her office. She smiled and raised one finger indicating that she would be with me in a moment. She pressed one button and waited only a moment and then she said, “Jarod. I’m going to lunch…” She smiled and looked at me. “Yes. I am… . Okay. Thank you.” She giggled and hung up the receiver and stood up as she smoothed her dress.

“Does he know you’re going to lunch with me?”

Sylvia grinned and said, “He does now. He told me not to hurry back. I guess we can go to a real restaurant now.” She led the way and I followed closely as I checked out the rhythmic sway of her hips. She wore a short-sleeved summer dress with a flowing skirt that came down to a few inches above the knees. She walked gracefully gaziantep suriyeli escort bayan in her stiletto heels. Her light brown hair with summer sun highlights cascaded in long random waves over her shoulders and bounced with each step. My dick was on the move and I thought about what Julie had said about trying to hide it by pushing it down my pant leg. I nonchalantly pulled it up toward my belt. The receptionist at the front desk caught me and she pushed her hand to her face to hide a giggle. I’d bet that she’d seen that happen a lot when Sylvia left for the day.

Sylvia drove a new Mini Cooper convertible. She promptly dropped the top as soon as she started the car. She was not concerned in the slightest about her hair blowing in the wind. She concentrated on her driving and neither of us spoke. The dead-air time would normally have made me nervous but it seemed to having the opposite effect. I steeled myself and relaxed during the twenty-minute drive.

The restaurant was nice and it wasn’t crowded. I didn’t recognize a soul and Sylvia commented on the fact that company employees rarely drive that far for lunch. We were ushered to a small square table with a linen tablecloth. She picked a chair and I sat down adjacent to her rather than across from her.

She thanked me for inviting her to lunch. “I rarely go out for lunch anymore and just brown-bag it. Before that I would go to the usual places were everyone went and I was constantly harassed by company big-shots and wannabees, to join them. It’s not good company politics to shoot the big-shots down too often.” She grinned and gave a nervous chuckle and started examining her fingernails. I recognized the autonomous reaction. She was nervous too. That renewed my confidence.

We talked and laughed through lunch. The nervousness dissipated from both of us. I love her laughter. I really enjoyed being there with her and I was sure she felt the same way. At one point, we got laughing so hard that she leaned forward and put her hand on my knee. She instantly realized what she had done and yanked her hand back like she had been burned. Her touch felt like a bolt of electricity ran through me and my dick reacted immediately. The pain was immediate too and she watched me fold forward over the table in my attempts to move it to a more comfortable position. Her face went red with embarrassment. I’m sure mine did too. I could feel the heat in my face. We looked at each other for a brief moment and then burst out laughing again. This laughter was driven, not by the original conversation that prompted her touch, but by our reactions to her touch.

Apparently, she had become quite comfortable with our relationship, because while she laughed, she bent down to look into my lap to see what the problem was. She pulled her left hand to her mouth as her eyes went wide. Her laughter trailed off and while looking into my lap with her hand still over her mouth said, “Oh my.” She looked up at my red face while lowering her hand and said, “Dex? Are you okay?”

My laughter tailed off too and I said, “Sorry Sylvia. That’s what you do to me. It’s really in the wrong place and it hurts. I need to stand up to make an adjustment and this is so embarrassing. Sorry.”

Sylvia pulled her hand back to cover her mouth as she stared down into my lap. She giggled and said, “Don’t be sorry. Go ahead. You look like you’re in pain.” She kept her eyes on my crotch as I quickly stood and pulled my pants out in front with one hand and pushed my rock-hard cock to a vertical position as I leaned forward. The move was fast and well-practiced. The new position relieved the pain but I looked down to see what Sylvia was seeing. Fuck. I quickly dropped my ass back in my chair to hide the huge tent in my pants. The heat in my face doubled and I groaned as I buried my face in my hands. Sylvia was silent a moment and then said, “Wow. That’s impressive. You should never be embarrassed about that.”

I burst out laughing into my hands as I pulled my fingers apart to see what expression was on her face. Others, sitting around tables adjacent to ours, were looking at us. They looked curious about what we were laughing about. I just hoped that they didn’t know. Sylvia was looking at my finger-covered face with a big grin on her face. She leaned toward me and whispered, “All that from an innocent touch on the knee? What would happen if I kissed you? A nuclear explosion?”

This laugh exploded out of my throat in a snort, which was embarrassing in its own right. She exploded into laughter too, which brought more looks from all over the restaurant. Still leaning toward me, she put her hand down on my upper thigh while she watched for my reaction. My cock couldn’t get any harder than it already was so there was no reaction from there. She giggled when I let out a muffled groan.

We opted for a small desert to give me time to recover and she refrained from touching me again until the gaziantep türbanlı escort bayan bill was paid, Dutch, and we were back in her car. She put the key in the ignition but didn’t start the engine and she left the top up. She looked over at me and then down to my lap. She had a very sultry look in her eyes and my cock reacted accordingly. Her eyes went from my lap to my face and back and forth. I wasn’t embarrassed about my erection and whatever she was seeing from her vantage point was fine with me.

When my erection was throbbing on the zipper, she looked up at my face and said, “Can I see it? Please?” The sultry look on her face told me she wasn’t just kidding around. She was serious. I didn’t respond immediately as I gauged her request against the look on her face. She looked down and licked her lips and then her beautiful eyes came back up to mine, waiting for a response.

I chuckled to lighten things up a little and said, “We haven’t even had a date yet. Would you go out with me on a date? How about Friday night?”

Sylvia giggled and said, “Friday’s good but how about tonight?” I laughed. Her anxiousness was showing. “There is one condition though.” She looked me in the eyes. “You have to show me right now or I won’t be worth a thing until then and you don’t want your dad asking what is wrong with me after going to lunch with you.” She grinned at me hoping that her rationale was sufficient.

I really didn’t give a damn what her rationale was. I was delightfully shocked that a woman as incredibly gorgeous as Sylvia, was so hungry for my cock. She could get whatever she wanted anywhere. Go figure.

I turned my body in my seat to face her and unbuckled my belt. She watched my every move. I unbuttoned my pants and pulled my suitcoat aside and pulled my shirt up to my ribcage exposing my ripped abs. Sylvia muttered softly, “Oh fuck,” as she sucked her lower lip between her teeth and held it there. I held my shirt up and indicated that she had to make the next move and she did.

She tilted the steering wheel up and raised her body so she could get her knees in her seat. She rested her hip on the center console and her forearms on my thighs and pulled my zipper down. She didn’t have to go in after my cock. It sprang out the second the zipper came down. It startled Sylvia and she flinched to avoid getting slapped in the face. She laughed hard and then looked up at me as she said, “Oh my gaawwdd, Dex. I had a pretty good idea from the day you went to lunch with your dad, but I guess I didn’t have a good enough imagination.”

I laughed as she wrapped the fingers of her left hand around the shaft and squeezed. I groaned and let my head fall back against the passenger side window. She released my cock and licked the palm of her hand and dragged it over the firm velvety crown and then stroked my shaft down to the base and into my pants to caress my balls. I could already feel that familiar sensation and prayed that I wouldn’t blow my load right then and there. My heart was hammering in my chest, but it felt like it was in my throat.

Sylvia’s ass was high in the air as she knelt in her seat draped across the console. Her skirt had ridden up her hips and her bare ass was on display. She was wearing a thong. I couldn’t resist running my hand over her perfect butt-cheeks. She moaned when I touched her. She pushed herself further onto the console and slid her pursed lips onto my cock. I thought I would surely explode right then. I let out a long, loud groan and she giggled around my knob. She was measuring my cock with both hands and started giving a blow job on the rest. I mumbled, “Oh fuck. Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum. Please God. Not yet.”

Sylvia was rolling her lips on and off my crown as she lashed her tongue along the underside bundle of nerves. She knew her way around a cock and I knew I was a goner. I lifted my hips and launched the first of many shots of cum into Sylvia’s mouth. She gagged on the sheer quantity and coughed to clear her throat. She kept her lips locked on the ridge and jerked me off until she was satisfied that I was done. She swallowed several times as I poured six or eight shots into her as her eyes smiled up at me.

When she pulled back off my cock and dipped her tongue into the ‘eye’, she looked back up at me with a huge grin on her face. Her eyes glistened with tears that probably erupted when she gagged. She licked her lips all the way around. My cock had a ring of red lipstick just below the ridge and she giggled again when she saw it. She said, “Don’t wash that off and you’ll think of me every time you see it.” That made me laugh.

A couple of women from the restaurant were heading our way and I pulled my suitcoat together to cover Sylvia’s head. As luck would have it, they were parked right next to us. I watched the younger of the two push the key into the lock on the driver’s door and then she stepped into the car and when she was gaziantep ücreti elden alan escort bayan at the same level as me, she looked over. Her hand went to her mouth and her eyes went wide. The woman couldn’t see Sylvia’s face in my lap but she could plainly see Sylvia’s bare ass above her seat and knew immediately what that meant. The driver got the attention of the other woman and pointed at us. The second woman leaned forward and her eyes went wide. I could hear them both laughing as their car started. The passenger looked at me and drove her tongue in and out of her cheek as they drove off.

Sylvia pulled her torso back across the console and maneuvered herself down into her seat. Then she burst out laughing and said, “Well, that was embarrassing. Predictable, but embarrassing.” She licked her lips again and then ran her hand across her face. She turned to me and said, “Is there any evidence? I can’t even imagine what would happen if I go back to work with cum on my face.”

I laughed at that thought and told her she was good to go. She started the car and headed back to work. Sylvia was in a talkative mood on the ride back. She explained that she had taken this job, far from her family and friends and was feeling lonely. I was the first person she had met in the company under the age of forty. I smiled because I had noticed the same thing with the secretaries and other employees. She went on that she was constantly being hit on by the company management. She was disgusted that they were all married and when she called them on that fact, they would laugh and say that their wives were married but they weren’t. Their advances were becoming more and more flagrant and the sexual tension was exhausting.

I listened and finally said, “Is my dad one of these managers?” Mom had made a comment once that she was sure Dad was having an affair with his secretary, whom she had never met but was sure she was young and gorgeous. She certainly was right about the young and gorgeous part but she was feeling vulnerable and depressed at the time. Mom had talked on the phone with Sylvia since then and Mom liked the feeling of respect that she got from her.

Sylvia burst out laughing and quickly said, “Good God, no. Your Dad has been a perfect gentleman and he has even run some of those guys out of the area when they get abusive. I’ve seen the photos of him and your mother on the credenza behind his desk. She’s very beautiful. Your twin sisters are gorgeous too. I’d be the ugly duckling in your family.” She took her attention off the road and grinned at me in a playful way and continued, “How come you didn’t get any of the ‘beautiful genes’. She giggled.

I said, “Oh come on. That hurts.”

She laughed and looked back at the road and said, “I guess you’ll just have to be satisfied with the giant dick gene.”

I laughed with a little embarrassment and said, “It’s not a giant dick.” She looked over at me and her eyebrows lifted and dropped as if to say, ‘Yeah sure. Tell me about it.’

As I walked her back to her office she said, “For our date tonight. Can you come to dinner at my place?”

I had thought that she was kidding about a date tonight and said so. “I won’t hold you to your offer that was obviously made under duress.”

She burst out laughing and said, “Duress? Is that what that was? I’m serious. Come to dinner tonight and I’ll show you how serious.” I looked at her, surprised by her aggression and nodded. In her office she took a company card and wrote her address and cell phone number on the back. She glanced at my crotch as she looked up at my face and then she stood and handed me her card. Her nipples were pressing hard against her bra and dress and she looked down to where I was looking. She laughed as her face reddened. Then she said, “I’m just getting ready for our date.” We both laughed. My dick was on the rise again and she saw the movement. “Looks like you are too.” I buttoned my suitcoat and she nodded that I was good.

I imagined what Sylvia would look like naked. I was sure that I would find out tonight. I stopped by the men’s room on the way back to my office and jerked off in a stall and shot my wad in the toilet.

Dad questioned me all the way home about my lunch date with Sylvia. I had to tell him something, so I took a risk and told him about her discomfort from the constant sexual harassment from his colleagues. He chewed on that for enough time to make me feel that maybe I had overstepped. Finally, he said, “I try to protect her from these guys. Some of them are at my level and some are higher up the food chain. The word was out about her in a single day. She is very pretty and these guys can be pretty abusive. I’ve thought about going to Human Resources and talked to Sylvia about it but she’s afraid of retribution. She likes her job except for fending off dirty old men. Admittedly, there aren’t many people in the company below the age of forty. That’s one of the things I’m trying to change. Top management is change-averse but we need to hire younger people like you and Sylvia or get left behind. That’s why I thought you two should get to know each other. Tell her to hang in there. I’m making progress.”

I asked, “Is the CEO one of the offenders?” He looked over at me and shook his head and then a sly grin formed as he focused back on the road. I could tell that my question had prompted the very thought in his mind that I had hoped.

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