Sleeping Sister



Mark slowly and silently opened Kate’s door, careful to not let the light fall on her still form. He had wanted to do this for as long as he could remember; to touch his sleeping sister. As his eyes fell on her figure, he knew there was no turning back.

Her skinny body rested peacefully, illuminated faintly by the light which seeped into the room from the hall. Steeling himself, he crept inside her room and closed the door softly, so that if she woke she hopefully wouldn’t mind the intrusion. As he walked to the foot of the bed, his eyes alighted on her circumstance more fully. She wore baby blue sleepwear and was mostly free of her blanket; her arms and legs were uncovered while her torso was only partially obscured.

Kate was 18, a year younger than him, and she had a cute face and body, thin with small breasts. As he ran his eyes over her body, he saw that her eyes were still, indicating a deep sleep. He also saw that her pale feet were bare, as usual. He would often shamelessly gawk at her feet, and even took pictures sometimes. Her feet were usually his exclusive masturbation material. Luckily, she didn’t seem to know about either, her naivety seemingly without end. He hoped if he was caught she would explain it away as an innocent action, and especially not tell their parents.

He crouched down gingerly at the edge of the bed, his face now level with her bare feet. All the while, he watched to face to make sure it didn’t wake. Kate wasn’t a light sleeper, but not particularly deep, either, so he needed to be careful. Ever so slowly, he brought his nose forward until it was just in front of his face. Breathing, he smelled her sweat fairly strongly. The erotic scent instantly made him erect, and he continued to indulge in her aphrodisiac pleasures.

After a few minutes, he pulled his face away to check hers. Her eyes were still free of movement, and she hadn’t moved at all. He was emboldened, but although he had lost his inhibitions the same was not true for his caution. He moved his hand adjacent to her feet, less scared than before. He touched her sole and then pulled his hand away. He garnered no reaction. Eager at this development, he gently laid his palm against sole. Again, she didn’t move, even as he kept it there.

Her feet were soft and ineffably warm against his hands. Gradually, he traced his fingers around her feet, before stroking her soles, back and forth, simulating a footjob. He still earned no reaction. Smiling, he undid his pants, letting his hard penis feel the air of his sister’s room. He knew that this was much riskier than anything else, but he felt indomitable and no fear pervaded his feelings of arousal and power.

He brought his dick to her foot and lightly pressed it against her sole. She recoiled and brought her foot back. Mark crouched down quickly, hoping if she had woken up she hadn’t seen him. After a while, he peeked over the top. Her eyes were closed, and she was still in the position she went into after moving. He breathed a sigh of relief, and decided öğrenci gaziantep escort to do something less likely to wake her up.

He wanted to ejaculate on Kate, but knew that the stains would be obvious, so he thought of other options. He could always cum inside of her, but her only exposed hole was her mouth, and she would taste his semen, so it wouldn’t work. If he pulled her pants down, he would have more options, but it was very risky, and he would also have to remove her panties. If he penetrated her butt, she would probably wake up, so he decided that he had only one choice.

He reached his arms out and began to slip her pyjamas off, watching her face intently. Amazingly, she didn’t wake up, probably because the air was just as warm as her clothes were. When he had gotten it down almost to her knees, he stopped, and looked at the fruit of his efforts. He was not dissapointed, and he saw Kate’s hairless, pink pussy in full. He was astounded that she hadn’t worn panties, but cherished the sight nonetheless.

Bending down, he placed his nose over her hole and breathed softly. She smelled amazing, and his tongue lashed out almost instinctively. Her sexy taste covered his mouth, and his penis grew even harder than before. Reluctantly, he pulled himself off of her, knowing that if he continued to eat her out she would wake up.

The fact that she hadn’t moved while he tasted her pussy made him confident that he could cum in her without her waking up. He wasn’t about to fuck her or relive his experience with the attempted footjob, so he merely jacked off until he felt he was close. He stopped masturbating momentarily and pressed the head of his penis lightly on her hole. He pressed into her, needing to be slightly inside to actually cum inside of her.

However, as he moved to penetrate her, he met resistance. Pushing slightly harder, he ripped her hymen. He cursed himself for his stupidity, knowing that he had just deflorated Kate while also probably waking her up. He figured that since there was no way to cover up his act, he would just stand near the bed, ready to talk with her when she woke, and smooth over the damage.

As time passed, however, she hardly shifted, and still slept pretty soundly. He couldn’t believe his luck. He had just deflowered his sister, was about to cum in her, and was going to get away with it. He looked over her adorable body, the sight filling him with lust. He was ready to cum again. Placing his glans into her, he felt her hot, wet insides envelop him. Throwing caution to the wind, he stuck the entire length of his penis inside of her. The sweet succour of his sister’s insides brought him the intense release he had always wanted to experience with his sister.

He came inside of her, sending thick spurts into her cervix and vagina, filling her up with the cum saved over a week. Once his orgasm died down, he looked at Kate. Her sleep seemed restless, which he was sorry for, but evidently he gaziantep öğrenci escort hadn’t been so reckless after all in cumming inside of her like that.

He felt sober now after his arousal had ended. He pulled himself out of her, and to his delight his cum stayed in her. He replaced her pants quickly but gently, hoping that he might just get it over with. As he got it on, she jerked away from him, and he ducked, hoping she hadn’t woken up. If she had, at least he had put it on fully. Unless she saw him, nothing could go wrong right now.

After about a half hour of her not getting up, he got up and went to the door. He gave one last glance to Kate’s body. She looked as peaceful as he had found her; no sign of her defilement was visible. Satisfied with what he’d done, he left the room as quietly as he had entered it.

The next morning, everything was normal, to his relief; his parents didn’t accost him and his sister never pulled him aside for a word. After cleaning up around the house, he went to help Kate with the laundry. In the bin was her sleepwear from last night, with a large stain in the middle. He realised that it was probably incriminating, and that he should have thought about what would happen.

“Hey, sis, what happened to your pyjamas?” Mark asked, trying to seem as unrelated to the incident as possible. Kate’s pale face went red.

“I peed myself while I was sleeping,” she said sheepishly. Mark felt relief at her words. She didn’t know what semen smelled like, nor that it had come from her vagina instead of her urethra. Besides, people who think they’ve peed themselves don’t smell it to check if it’s semen.

“It’s alright. We’ve all done it sometimes,” Mark consoled, trying to make himself seem like he was simply a caring older brother. At the same time, he thought that he did actually care for Kate; a lot, in fact, and that this care had simply manifested into lust and love.

“Thanks,” she replied, relieved. Mark completed his chores without incident and relaxed for most of the day, playing games with his sister and browsing the Internet. During the day, seeing her so happy and naive made him regret his actions. He decided to hold off for a week on coming into her room at night, or, more realistically, until his arousal overcame his inhibitions.

After dinner, he went to his room to play some games before going to bed. His lights were still on when he heard a light knock at his door. He knew it to be his sister’s. “Come in,” he allowed, and Kate walked in accordingly. She was wearing a loose fitting nightgown, a look which still accentuated her cuteness. He could see that she wasn’t wearing panties or a bra again, so he had hope that she didn’t think he was going to molest her.

All the same, trepidation began flowing through his veins as Kate sat on the bed next to him. “What is it, Kate?” Mark inquired. She looked nervous and embarassed, and she was reluctant to speak.

Nevertheless, she gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan said, “Both of us know that wasn’t pee.”

Mark felt his stomach drop as he knew he’d been found out. He’d been far, far too careless. He should’ve stuck with her feet and cum on the floor, but no, he had to do the riskiest thing possible.

“I haven’t told mom and dad. I don’t plan to. All I want to know is why you did it,” she stated, in her soft, lucid voice.

“I’ve always loved you, sis,” I confessed, “And I’ve always loved your body. I couldn’t stop myself from being with you.”

She looked rather unimpressed at my explanation. “If you actually loved me, you wouldn’t fuck me while I was helpless. I was awake after you took my pants off. I felt my hymen rip, and I felt the pain of you forcing your massive penis into my small hole. I still do. You don’t love me; you love my body.”

Her words gored him and he was wracked with guilt and sadness to an intense degree. He almost wept at the pain that filled his mind. He wished that Kate would tell their parents, so that he could be fixed. Kate smiled bitterly as she clasped her hands together.

“But it’s okay Mark,” she said, “Because I love you.”

Mark felt so confused by her statement. He didn’t know what she meant either; whether she meant she forgave him or something else.

His confusion was ended when he felt Kate’s soft, warm lips gently meet his. He was incredible surprised at her actions, and he felt his worry turn to bliss as he kissed his sister. She pulled away without tonguing him, and Mark thought that the peck didn’t neccessarily mean that she forgave him or was sexually interested in him.

Her exposed breasts did, however, as she pulled her nightgown off. They were small, but matched her figure well, and their size only made them more sensitive. Mark’s first priority was Kate this time, so after undressing himself he began to play with he clit. He could tell that she enjoyed it, so he bade her to let him lick her again. She complied, letting him nestle his face in her warm genitals. He ran his tongue up and down her vulva, inside her vagina, and sucked on her clitoris, making her whimper in pleasure. After only a few minutes she tremored violently on his mouth, having her first orgasm. Half a minute later she got up and sat across from him.

“I guess I’ll return the favour,” She said, looking slightly nervous and excited.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Mark answered.

“Oh, I want to,” She cooed seductively. Obviously Mark didn’t turn her down, and he spread his legs, his erect dick now easy to fellate. She came over to him and engulfed his penis with her mouth. It felt heavenly. Her hot, wet insides felt amazing over his sensitive cock, and her small mouth wrapped tightly around him. Her tongue flicked over his glans and shaft, making him almost ready to cum already. When he was almost there, she swallowed him down her throat, and its tightness made it seem as if her mouth was the open air.

He grabbed her head and came hard down her throat, forcing her to drink every drop of his thick cum. Panting, he brought her off of him. She smiled, and wiped her mouth with her arm. “Mark, you’re allowed in my room whenever you want,” she said.

He was excited by this opportunity, and he knew that he would take her up on it. “I love you, sis,” he said.

“I love you, too,” she replied.

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