Sister in the Cabin



It had been 5 years since I saw her last. She’s not really my sister. Not in any legal sense. My mother had become her legal guardian when she was eleven years old, after her father died. My mom once dated her father and felt a responsibility to his daughter after h-is death, even though Elizabeth was not my mom’s daughter. Mother could well afford to take care of Elizabeth since my father was a wealthy businessman until his early death from lung cancer. Mom was born into a rich family anyway so she would have been able to afford taking care of Elizabeth without inheriting my father’s fortune. My dad was born dirt-poor, but brought himself up from the ashes of poverty to become one of the American success stories. My mom fell in love with Elizabeth’s father and even after their breakup, she still held onto that love until he died in a tragic car accident.

I remember the first time I saw Elizabeth. Even though my mom and her dad dated, I never met Elizabeth because my mom did not want me exposed to her boyfriends, unless if she were to marry one of them. Our butler picked up Elizabeth at her home and brought her to our house. She was eleven, but her beauty started at a young age. I remember seeing her at the front door. My heart skipped a beat. She had long, flowing, dark hair. Her skin was smooth and soft. She looked so innocent, yet so beautiful at the same time.

Up until the moment I first laid eyes on her, I dreaded having her in my home. It would mean I was no longer the young one in the family. Being an only child up to that point, I cherished my role of being spoiled. Things changed that day.

Despite my original hesitation I found myself protecting Elizabeth, from other girls in school who tried to start trouble with her because she was the new kid on the block. Also, I found myself trying to help her out as much as possible. Elizabeth was always sweet and nice to me. She never once bugged me or made me angry on purpose. She was also very smart and fun to be around.

After two months of living with me and mom in our mansion, Elizabeth felt comfortable to say “I love you.” to me. It became our daily routine to say this to each other. At first I was nervous doing so. Partly because of her striking looks. I was attracted to her from the moment I laid eyes on her. Also, I was fairly shy around girls. Being sheltered in a mansion when not in school didn’t help any.

Elizabeth did a lot to bring me out of my shell. She held my hands a lot. Not because we had to, but because she wanted to. Six months into our living together she first kissed me goodnight, on the lips. It was the first time a girl kissed me on the lips. Even though it was an innocent brother-sister type kiss, I found that it set off a spark within me. I could not get to sleep that night, tossing and turning, thinking about her.

The nightly kisses began after that first time. I think she started it out of appreciation and because she became that comfortable with me. Even so, it was our private little secret. Around my mother she usually hugged me and kissed my cheek. When we were alone it was always a kiss on the lips. I came to look forward to our secret kisses. They were always innocent, never tongue or open mouth, but still thrilling to a shy guy like me.

Over time we grew together. We became very protective of one another and tried to help each other with schoolwork and dealing with other kids. When I was in high school I started dating other girls. I never brought them home. For some reason it didn’t feel right to have them around Elizabeth. I was afraid she would be jealous, or maybe I was more afraid that she wouldn’t be. Even so, Elizabeth never seemed to date.

When I graduated high school, I was considering colleges across the country. I had my choice of colleges. I was going to go to a big-name ivy-league college, until Elizabeth threw a fit.

“I guess you are leaving now.” Elizabeth said with her arms crossed over her mature breasts.

“I guess so.” I shrugged my shoulders.

“So that’s it? You’re just going to take off and leave me all alone here?” Elizabeth said.

I walked back to her and grabbed her arms with my hands.

“Elizabeth, it’s not like that. We will always be close. You mean a lot to me. You know that.” I said hoping to reassure her.

“I know. I will just miss you. Please don’t go.” She said with tears forming in her eyes.

By this point I could never say “No” to Elizabeth. Where I went to college really didn’t matter to me. Mom raised me and Elizabeth well enough so we didn’t become snobs like the kids in our neighborhood. Yes, we were spoiled to a degree, but we learned the value of hard work and earning our way as well.

“I’ll think about it.” Is all I could muster up.

I dreaded the discussion with her, because I didn’t know how to say goodbye. Elizabeth had become such a big part of my life that I could no longer imagine a life without her in it on a constant basis. Truthfully, I was dreading college.

Elizabeth stormed off to her gaziantep sahibe escort bayan room and slammed the door shut. Luckily, my mother’s room was on the other side of the mansion. As we grew up my mom realized our need for space, independence that all kids need in their awkward years. I stood outside of Elizabeth’s room shocked. This was very unlike her. I felt myself become nervous. I wanted to knock on the door, but I remembered our many conversations about that. She never wanted me to knock. Our feelings was that whatever was hers was mine and vice versa. So I entered her room and saw her face down on her massive bed. It once belonged to a queen. I pulled back the thin curtains from the bed as I walked up the two steps.

I sat down next to her and heard her try to stifle her cries. My hand reached out as I tried to soothe her tears away.

“Elizabeth………..I’m not going to go. I’ll go to college around here.” I said.

“Really?” She asked as she raised her head and looked at me through tear streaked eyes.

“Yeah. I didn’t want to go away, anyway.” I said.

She moved over to me quickly and hugged me. She kept hugging me for a long time and I patted her hair and her back, trying to reassure her that I was not leaving.

“I guess I’m not being fair. It’s your future. You shouldn’t let me interfere with it.” She said wiping the last of the tears away.

“I want to stay. To tell you the truth it would be hard to leave. I would be lonely without you.” I said truthfully.

“You are so sweet.” She said and hugged me again.

I held her for a very long time. We both fell asleep like that.

As she approached her high school years, I noticed signs that she was dating. She kept it from me much like I kept my dating from her. We shared just about everything else, but there was a bit of discomfort sharing our love lives. I could see Elizabeth maturing into a woman in front of my eyes. She had always been feminine from the moment I met her, but now it was on a more mature level. Her perfume was now meant to draw men. At times her door would even be locked, which was something we never did before. What could I expect though? Even living at home there were some nights I would not come home after dates with my various girlfriends. Elizabeth was always awkward with me when I did return home. I should have seen the signs of jealousy back then.

It happened one day before her Prom. She had already turned 18 years old earlier than most of her fellow classmates because she had to repeat a grade when she moved here. Having your last surviving parent die that early on in life will do it to you. I was going to Elizabeth’s room to talk, as we usually did. I heard sounds from her room and when I entered I was shocked to see a guy between her legs. They were having sex. I had never seen her naked before. She was always careful about nudity around me. The most I ever saw was her bikini-clad body. She always wore tasteful bikinis so it was tempting, but not too revealing.

The sight hit me like a ton of bricks in the chest. I backed out of her room and closed her door quietly. I entered my room and slammed the door shut. From that moment on our relationship changed. I started distancing myself from her and spending more time with my college girlfriend. I don’t think Elizabeth ever knew I caught her and her boyfriend having sex, but I suspect she must have known. She always asked me what was wrong, but I always denied anything being wrong.

I struggled with myself, because I knew I was jealous. I still wouldn’t bring my girlfriend around the mansion, but I spent more time with her than at home. Around this time I noticed Elizabeth rebelling more. She came home late and was in trouble a lot. I shrugged it off and acted like it didn’t matter. It hurt. I just felt we lost that connection that we had for so many years.

I considered transferring colleges, because I knew I could have gotten a better education at one of the bigger colleges and experienced more of what life had to offer. I still couldn’t bring myself to cut off my connection with Elizabeth, as strained as it was. It was all I had. Mom was always distant though loving when she was around. Her boyfriends were her first passion and she still held to her stance of not bringing them around me and Elizabeth so we didn’t have to go through the heartbreak of one temporary father-figure after another.

We were at the point of me graduating college and Elizabeth graduating high school. Elizabeth and I decided to spend one last summer at our vacation cabin. Now that we were adults, Mom was free to go on her dream vacation with her boyfriend at that time.

Elizabeth and I had ended our relationships at that time, knowing we wouldn’t be around to continue on with them. It was a stressful time, but we were hoping to get away from it all. I loved our cabin. It was in my family long before I was born. It had a lot of family history and felt more like home than şahinbey escort bayan the mansion ever did. Every summer, without exception, was spent at the cabin on the lake.

It was just Elizabeth this summer. Without mom around, I felt like I could be free to try and repair our relationship without any awkwardness of trying to hide my actions as well. I drove in silence. The six hour drive always felt like a cleansing of sorts. Whatever pressures I had during the year, vanished on the long drive to the cabin.

Elizabeth didn’t mutter a word, but I could tell her worries eased on this drive as well. She looked so beautiful and her beauty only helped remind me of my loneliness. Having no girlfriend didn’t help matters, but I knew I couldn’t start anything up until my new life settled down and that wouldn’t be for awhile. I was on the verge of my dream life coming true. I always wanted to be a writer and a lot of my college projects opened that world up to me in ways many others had to struggle to obtain.

When we finally arrived at the cabin it was with relief. A long drive in silence could seem even longer than if there was good conversation to ease the travel. We unpacked the things from the trailer hitched to the jeep. When everything was unloaded we sat down for supper.

“Don’t you think it’s about time we talked?” I asked.

“About what?” Elizabeth asked defiantly.

“About the bug that has been up your ass for so long. What’s wrong with you?” I asked.

“Nothing! What’s wrong with you? Why are you being an asshole?” She shot back.

I calmed down some before I spoke again.

“Listen if we can’t repair our relationship than we might as well forget being here together for the summer. I don’t want to fight. I love you, but I can’t take this.” I said, trying to salvage our last summer together.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Graduating and knowing you will be moving off. I just feel lost.” Elizabeth said looking down at her untouched food.

I patted her hand.

“That makes two of us. If we don’t try to fix things now, though, we will never fix it. I don’t want that. I love you and I don’t want us to keep going the way we are going.” I said as I stood up.

“Neither do I. I love you too. I really do. I just feel like I was no longer important to you when you would spend nights with your girlfriends and not come home.” Elizabeth revealed.

“You will always be important to me. No matter what happens. I don’t want to lose that. To lose you. And speaking of relationships, I’m not the only one guilty of that. You spent a lot of time with your boyfriends the past few years as well.” I said.

“I guess we are both guilty as charged. The question is : now what?” She said smiling a little.

“We just spend time together and get to know one another again. It’s the least we can do after what we did the past four years.” I said.

“I agree.” She said.

She stood and hugged me. It felt good. We hadn’t hugged in quite awhile before that moment. We held each other. She kissed me on the lips, but this time the kiss seemed more charged than ever. We hadn’t kissed even longer than the last time we hugged. This time there seemed to be a spark. We both noticed it. We pulled apart awkwardly. I felt an erection start to grow. I could see her nipples through her tank top. Clearly not wearing a bra didn’t help her in the coolness of the night.

“Well I am famished. I am going to eat this good meal you made.” She said and sat down and started eating fast.

I had already eaten, so I thought rapidly on what I could do to fill the silence. I feigned being tired, though not much, because after the long drive I was partially tired, I said goodnight and went to bed. Before I knew it sleep had overtaken me.

The next morning I woke up. Elizabeth was dressed in her jogging sweats. I was dressed in mine. We both left the cabin in silence. We smiled at each other. The atmosphere seemed a lot friendlier than it has been in a long time. Even in her sweats she was striking with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. We jogged down the path to the lake as we did every summer. The lake was on our property. It was a nice summer morning. No heat, but it wasn’t cool either. The temperature was just right. We dropped to the grass at the edge of the lake where the deck started. I would have the boat ready for the next day. We had people who checked on the cabin and service the boat throughout the winter doing repairs and tune-ups. Still I liked to make sure everything was in order. Better safe than sorry.

“Nice day for a swim.” Elizabeth commented when she caught her breath.

“Yeah, too bad we didn’t bring our swimsuits.” I said.

“That’s what birthday suits are for.” She said laughing.

“Someone might see.” I said.

“You are such a chicken. Who would see, but me? It’s not like this isn’t private property.” She said.

“Ok, if that’s the way you want it.” I said. şahinbey bayan escort I stripped off my sweats and ran into the lake naked.

When I came up to the surface of the water I saw Elizabeth undressing. I took in the amazing sight of her ample breasts. She stripped down her sweatpants and lacy panties. The sun shined off her body as if trying to highlight her perfection. Her nipples were big and round as they hardened at the touch of the morning air. Her pussy was trimmed into a triangle shape that was sexy without being too hairy. She looked like a grown woman. Seeing her fully naked for the first time since I caught her having sex sent my heart racing. I had to look away to avoid being caught staring. She ran down the deck and dove in the water.

I had to duck under the water to try and hide my blush so I wouldn’t reveal myself. She surfaced near me. An erection grew that I would not be able to hide. I hoped it would die down before we got out of the water or I would be embarrassed.

“What are you looking at?” She asked sarcastically as she splashed me.

I splashed her back and soon we were wrestling in the water. Our bodies collided many times and the nudity only helped strengthen my body’s desire for her. As I held her arms behind her back I laughed at still being able to conquer her so easily.

“Bully.” She said kidding me.

“That’s me. Now tell me you’ll be my slave and serve me dinner tonight.” I said joking.

“I would do that anyway.” She said seriously.

I realized our nude bodies were touching. There was no way she couldn’t feel my erection pressed up against her pussy, even in the water. The moment was filled with tension.

“I might be helpless, but I can still get you!” She said.

She leaned in and kissed me on the lips. Startling me, I let her arms loose from my grip. The kiss was longer than ever before and had passion behind it. Our tongues didn’t meet, but it was a kiss unlike most sibling’s kisses. Our mouths pulled apart from one another but we hovered close. The tension was even worse. Her hard nipples poked into my chest as my hard cock poked into her pussy. We were practically on the verge of having sex.

“Elizabeth………I dom’t think this is a good idea.” I heard myself say even though I wanted it more than anything in the world.

She paused.

“You’re right. Sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I think not having a boyfriend is affecting me more than I thought it would.” She said as she pulled back from me.

I felt the emptiness of her body no longer against mine and felt regret at having mentioned anything.

“It’s cool. I know the feeling. I am going through the same thing.” I said and we swam in place in awkward silence for a bit.

She turned as a blush came over her face. She swam for shore and I followed. Thankfully the coldness of the morning water helped ease my erection down to fairly normal size. I couldn’t help look at her awesome body as she exited the water. Drops of water dripped off her sexy body. Her ass was round and the sun shined off of it. If she were my girlfriend I would have made love to her at that moment. Instead I exited the water and came up behind her. I slapped her ass playfully before running away to grab my clothes and put them on.

I dressed much faster than her. She had a hard time getting her tight top over her fully matured breasts. Even so, with them being wet her nipples still showed through her jogging top. I whistled mockingly and she flipped me the finger playfully. When she had her top on we walked together up the path back to the cabin. I put my arm around her shoulder and she leaned into me. This was the closest we had been in years. She put her arm around my back. If someone had seen us they would have thought we were a couple instead of almost being siblings.

We made sandwiches and went out for a picnic for lunch. We ate and talked about all the things we kept from one another.

“I caught you having sex once.” I said.

“No you didn’t!” She laughed and blushed looking away.

“No kidding. I was going to come to your room and talk about an exam in college and I caught this guy on top of you.” I said.

“Really? I tried to hide my sex life much like you did with your girlfriend, what’s-her-name.” She stated.

“Shelly?” I said and we both laughed.

“Yeah. Why do you think we have to hide our lovers from one another?” She asked.

“Maybe jealousy?” I stated/asked.

“Maybe. You think if we didn’t grow up together that we would be a couple?” She asked.

“A good possibility. You are my type, you know.” I stated.

“Really?” She looked surprised.

“Really. Shelly looked kind of like you.” I stated.

“I wouldn’t know. I never had the honor of meeting the slut.” She said.

“A-ha! You are jealous!” I said.

“No more jealous than you walking in on me losing my virginity!” She said and threw a cupcake at me.

I dodged it and laughed.

“Really?” I asked when I realized she was serious.

“Really. That was the only time I ever had sex, I’ve only done it once.” She stated and stared at the grass under the blanket.

“Why haven’t you done it since then?” I asked nervously.

“Why do you think? We’ve always had this………..thing. Me and you, I mean. It’s just……………complicated.” She said and laid down on the blanket.

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