Sister-in-Law Anita Ch. 02


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My sister-in-law Anita was living in the little one-room guest house in our back yard for a while. Anita is about 39 years old, but she keeps her body in great shape, and a lot of people think she is in her mid-20s. She is about 5’4″ and probably weighs just a little over 100 lbs.

Anita and I had one sexual encounter a few months earlier, but we were both drunk at the time and embarrassed the next day, so nothing more came of it.

Since she was the first one really living in the guest house since we bought the home four years earlier, there were quite a few things that needed to be repaired out there. As the “man of the house,” I took it as my chore to make sure things got done.

On this one particular day, she got home from her work and stopped to talk to my wife, Karen, and I in the main house. She was dressed in a nice black skirt, a pink camisole, and a black jacket. Very nice, very professional looking. She always did dress to accent her assets, and this time was no exception. I was thinking that it would be nice to get under that skirt, but it was at least nice to just sit and talk to her. She mentioned that one of the faucets in the guest house wasn’t working well, and I told her that I would go out and take a look at it as soon as my baseball game on TV was over. I was grateful to have a legitimate excuse to talk to her some more. She seemed happy with that and went out to the guest house.

The baseball game ended pretty quickly, and I put on a pair of old sweats and a painting T-shirt so I didn’t mess up my work clothes fixing the faucet. I walked out to the guest house and saw that Anita only had the screen door closed. I walked in, and there was Anita with only a pair of pink thong panties on. My dick immediately rose to attention. Anita tried to cover her breasts, but I could still see plenty.

“God, you’ve got a hot body,” I rasped.

“Get out!” she snapped at me, and I took one more quick look before I turned and opened the door. Apparently, as I turned, she saw my hard dick straining against the sweatpants I was wearing at the time, and she said, “Hold on just a second.”

I immediately turned back to look at her again. She dropped her hands from their protective position as she walked over to me. She reached down and stroked my fully erect dick through my pants. Her other hand reached inside the waistband of sweats and underwear to take my dick in her hand. She reached up and kissed me, and our tongues intertwined in our mouths. She was now stroking my dick in a wonderful way, and I wrapped her in my arms and started pushing her back toward her bed.

When she backed gaziantep yavuzeli escort bayan into the edge of the bed, she sat down. I tried to push her back onto the bed, but she pushed my hands off. Instead of lying back on the bed, she sat on the edge and pulled my pants and underwear down over my hips. She continued to stroke my dick, which now had a drop of pre-cum glistening on the end of it. She leaned forward and licked off the drop, and a little moan escaped my lips.

“Hmmmm,” she said, “it looks like you ought to do something with this.” She licked around the head of my dick, spreading more of the pre-cum around it.

“Mmm, you taste good,” she muttered, before taking the whole head into her mouth. She started bobbing her head back and forth, and it felt so warm and good.

“Oh, god, that’s great,” I muttered. I reached down and took the back of her head in my hands, and my hips were doing little thrusts, but then she gagged a little and drew back.

“Sorry,” I mumbled, “but it feels too good.”

“Hmmm,” she said. “Maybe you need somewhere else to put that thing.” My dick was dripping little strings of pre-cum onto her legs, and she rubbed one of her hands over the little pools that were formed. She quickly pushed me back a little and then stood up, while licking the salty fluid from her hand. She pushed her panties down over her hips, and said, “Wait a second.”

She walked into the bathroom. I heard the medicine cabinet open, and then a moment later, she walked back out with one hand behind her.

“I can’t risk getting pregnant,” she said, “but if you want, you can fuck my butt.”

I almost came right on the spot, and she noticed the twitching and the little stream that came out of my dick at the moment.

“I guess that’s a yes,” she said, as I nodded my head, stunned by this turn of events. I’ve always been a butt man, and she had one of those asses that makes even guys who aren’t all that interested in anal swing their heads around and watch. Knowing that I might be able to fuck that tight little ass is more than I could have dreamed of. She walked over to me and kissed me deeply again, then turned her back to me and leaned over onto the bed.

“Go in slow,” she said. “I don’t know if I’ve ever had anything that big up there before.”

I walked up behind her and rubbed my dick up the crack of her ass. She had lubed herself with something, and my dick was certainly doing its best to add to that lubrication. I reached down and straightened my dick to try to put it at the entrance to her asshole. gaziantep yeni escort bayan It slid lower, and I slipped into her hot pussy.

“Ummmh,” she sighed. “Wrong hole.”

I pulled out with a muttered, “Sorry,” then I moved the head up an inch or so. When I felt the hole, I started pressing forward, trying to go slow.

She grunted a little, and I stopped my advance. “Go ahead,” she said, “but slow.”

I pressed forward just a little bit, putting my hands on her hips to try to keep myself steady. After a couple of little advances, she said, “Okay, you’re all the way in.”

I started to pump a little harder then, and she groaned as I pushed. I stopped, thinking I might be hurting her, but she reassured me.

“Go ahead, fuck my ass! Mmmmh. Fuck it hard!”

That was certainly all the prodding I needed, and I started fucking her as hard as I could. I could hear the slapping of my hips into her ass, and I thought I could hear the sounds echoing off the walls of the little room. It didn’t take long before I could feel the familiar pressure building up in my dick.

“Oh, god! I’m gonna cum!” I muttered.

“Yes,” she hissed. “Cum in my ass. I want to feel it all!”

That was about all I could take, and I started shooting my load deep in her ass. “Uunnnh,” I groaned, as my dick twitched and my hips tried to thrust as deep as I could into her hot ass.

“Oh, yeah,” she said. “I can feel it. It’s so hot!”

It felt like I was spraying quarts of cum into her. Gradually, I could feel my dick stop shooting out its load.

I got ready to pull out, but she said, “Wait!” I stopped where I was. She reached one hand back behind her and pulled me back against her. My dick was still half hard, and it slid mostly back into her butt. She wiggled her ass against me, with my now softening penis still dribbling inside her asshole. As she kept squirming her hot ass against me, my dick gradually began to recover. As it started getting hard again, she quit wiggling her ass side to side and started gradually thrusting it slowly forward and back. As my dick reattained its full erection, her thrusting got more energetic. Before too long, I grabbed hold of her hips again and was again plunging my dick as far as I could into her butt.

She was moaning again, and now she leaned forward onto one of her forearms, reaching back under herself with her other hand to play with her pussy. Every once in a while she would also stroke my balls, which were again slapping into her butt. I could feel her ass starting to contract gaziantep zayıf escort bayan around my dick. She was moaning loudly, almost screaming, and her thrusts got more irregular as her orgasm got closer. A few more thrusts by me, and she stopped altogether and started shaking. Suddenly, she screamed once and I felt one huge squeeze on my dick, and then something hot and wet on my leg.

After what seemed like several minutes, Anita collapsed forward onto the bed, and my hard dick slid out of her asshole. When I looked down at my legs, I saw that one was wet, and there was more moisture on the bedspread. It seemed that Anita was one of those girls that squirts when she comes, at least this time.

At the time, however, I had more important things to think about, like what to do with this erection that was throbbing in front of me. Anita looked around behind her and saw my problem, and she sat up in front of me.

I was incredibly surprised when she took my dick back into her mouth, since it had just been in her asshole. It felt wonderful; not as tight as her asshole had been, but moist and hot.

She proceeded to suck the head of my dick, licking the little hole at the end. She then reached under me with one of her hands and stroked my balls. Suddenly, without warning, I felt her finger up my own asshole. It startled me at first, but then her other hand took the first one’s place and continued to stroke the base of my dick and my balls, and she continued to suck more of my dick into her mouth, licking the underside of the head. Once my asshole relaxed a little, she stuck her finger as far up as it would go, trying to find my prostate. She continued to stroke the inside of my ass as she sucked my cock, and before too long I felt the familiar pressure building up in my balls again.

As my dick began twitching and the fluid started flowing out, she pulled her finger out of my asshole. The feeling was intense, and I immediately shot my load into her mouth. There wasn’t as much as the first load, so she caught it all in her mouth.

She moaned around my dick, as I groaned and threw my head back and thrust my dick as far into her mouth as I could. She choked a little, but I had already begun to lose my erection, so she didn’t gag that much. She kept my dick in her mouth until it quit twitching, then she let opened her mouth and I stepped back. She opened her mouth and showed me the load of cum on her tongue, then with a bit of a show, she swallowed and reopened her now empty mouth. The obvious pornstar-like action almost made my dick start twitching again, as did her statement: “Mmmm. Delicious.”

“God, you are so fucking hot!” I panted at her. “I can’t believe that you sucked me after that. And you squirted me when you came.”

She smiled at me, said, “I just want to keep you guessing.” She picked up my pants and handed them to me, turned me by my shoulders and pushed me toward the door. “Now get out!” she snapped at me, and as I walked out, she slammed and locked the door behind me.

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