Sister , Her Friends Ch. 2



After the night’s events, I was so happy.

That morning I awoke to the shower running and the girls preparing for the meet. I knew I missed some action cause I was a sleep when the girls started showering. However I wasn’t going to let that get me down so I quickly switched on the camera system and to my surprise it was my sister in the shower. She must have been just getting in cause it looked like she was talking to some body.

She was talking to someone it was Tina. They both entered the shower together. I was shocked, they were washing each other. It was very erotic, Nikki was washing Tina’s tits while Tina stood under the shower water. Nikki was massaging and rubbing Tina’s beautiful body. They started kissing and sucking each other, when finally Nikki went down on Tina. She was sucking on her vagina, and tonguing her clit. I on the other hand was already shorts down and cock in hand. I then saw the most peculiar thing, the chicks took turn shaving each others pussy.

Just as that happened there was a knock at the door, I quickly covered the TV and said, “Who is it?”

“It’s me Jennie, are you decent?”

Yeah, come on in. She came in and sat down on the bed and told me that she enjoyed what happened last night. She told me that the girls would be back again tonight for another sleep over. They were wondering if I could get somebody to buy them liquor. I told her I could try, she rubbed my thigh and said “I hope so cause I could make it worth your while.” She then turned around and kneeled next to my bed and pulled out my cock and started to lick the shaft and head. I was in heaven, Jennie she kept kissing and then she sucked a nut into my mouth. Then she did something I never had heard of and stuck her middle finger up my anus. I almost shot my load right there. She was playing with my ass and sucking my cock, it was wonderful. I shot my load in her mouth and she swallowed it. Jennie wiped the corners of her mouth and said make sure you get the liquor, lover-boy.

Meanwhile the girls were out of the shower and getting ready to go when Nikki came in and said “don’t tell mom and we could have more fun later.”

They went to there meet while I stayed home and played the audio and videotape. It came out perfect, I then went and took a shower and jerked off thinking about the comment Jennie said (lover-boy). Did she mean that? Would she actually date me? I kept thinking about her lovely tits and that round ass. I really liked Desiree, but dating any of these şanlıurfa escort bayan chicks would be a dream of a lifetime.

It was about 4:00 p.m. when the girls returned home, they were upset. Most of lost I thought to myself. I asked what was up and they said that Tina had broken her ankle on the diving plat form she supposedly jumped and up and landed wrong. She had to go to the hospital. Tina would be over later, I guess. The girls went upstairs and they called e up about twenty minuets later. I first went to my room and turned on both cameras, and the audio recorder. They asked if I got the stuff and I shook my head yes, I put the case of beer in a cooler and left it in Nikki’s closet. I also got two bottles of liquor, tequila and whiskey. Altogether including having someone buying it cost me about 40 dollars. My sister gave me fifty before she left I kept the change.

My sister and Jennie started drinking the beers and Desiree and I took a couple shots of tequila. Then we drank some beers too. I had excused myself to use the toilet, just as I was about to unzip my pants, Desiree came in and asked if I could use a hand. I giggled and then sure. She pulled my penis out and stood behind me and helped me piss in the toilet. She then got in front of me and started playing with my cock. She started jerking me off and rubbing my balls. Desiree turned around and dropped her panties down and I didn’t need to be told twice. I stuck my cock in her pussy and slowly started to fuck her. She started pushing back against my cock and we fucked in the bathroom. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I was the luckiest man alive.

The girls watched a movie and I sat in my room watching them how ironic. Anyway around 8:00 p.m. or so Tina showed up with a cast on her ankle and in crutches. The girls ordered Chinese tonight, and we started to drink more heavily and decided that we would play dare again. This time there was no truth. Just DARE!

Nikki asked first to Jennie, “Jennie I dare you to go downstairs where my dad is and ask him where the TV guide was when he shows you, bend over and either show him your tits or your ass.” We all wished we could watch this. But that would have ruined it, Jennie got up and went downstairs. We could only hear through the vents what was going on. Which was a fucking shock, Jennie was seducing my father.

First, she asked where my mom was he told her she was out for the night. We heard gaziantep sarışın escort bayan her ask for the TV Guide and he told her where it was and then there was silence for a few minuets. Then we heard my dad again, “so what are you girls doing up there?” Nothing really, just girl stuff. Mr. Smith “do you like me?” dad replied sure you’re a good kid. “No I mean like me as in like these.” and we could only imagine what was going on down there. I decided to try and get a better view and made my way to the top of the stairs and looked down dad was facing the TV, which thankfully faces away from me and Jennie was facing me. She saw me and shot a smile. She was top naked here tits were out and swinging she was doing a dance for my father. He was definitely enjoying himself. Jennie approached my father and sat between his legs and removed his pajamas. He must have been hard already cause she never wasted a second, she climbed up and mounted his cock. She was really fucking my father. Jennie rode my father. Her hair swaying in the wind, titties bouncing, it was an unbelievable sight.

I went back upstairs to tell Nikki, Tina, and Desiree. They were in my room watching the television set-up and looking at me. My sister looked pissed off I will tell you that. She asked me if I had taped last night, I told her the truth and Tina said that she knew she heard something last night she just didn’t know what. Anyway my secret was out and I thought that would be it when my sister said you taped us now we tape you. Let’s play porno movie, the girls escorted me back to there room. I didn’t even tell them about Jennie. They took some of my school ties and tied me to my sister’s bedposts. Then Tina placed a neckerchief over my eyes and they decided to have a little fun with me. They used a feather at first from the duster and tickled my chest and legs. I couldn’t help getting hard it was spine tingling. I had no idea which girl was doing what to me. The next thing I knew one of the girls where putting oil on my body chest, legs, penis…everywhere!

Then something quite chilly happened, someone put a cold substance, which I found out later, was whip cream on my cock and proceeded to suck it off. As that was happening one of the girls straddled my face and had me lick and suck her pussy and ass. It was the first time I had eaten ass. It wasn’t to bad, the pussy juice helped null the fact I guess. Whoever was sucking my cock stopped şehitkamil escort bayan and the girl I was eating out came on my face. Then to clean my face off somebody came over and licked it off, and kissed me deep and hard. I was still like a rock and not even near orgasm, to much sex I think. But, anyway the next thing took a few minuets then something cold and wet was poured on my stomach and licked off it smelled like beer. They were doing belly shots of beer off my stomach.

That only lasted a few times then I could hear the old bong firing up and one of the girls blew some weed smoke in my face. I then felt a sharp burning pain on my chest and found out that it is was hot wax. They had decided to gag me so I was not to alert anyone. They poured hot wax on me and one of them fucked me. They didn’t use names the whole time I have know idea how they communicated it but I loved it. That is when I heard one of them say they wanted me to be untied and tied lying horizontally over the bed. I couldn’t figure out why but I did as I was told cause one of them had my nuts in a death grip. I got up and motioned to lay down face up and Tina said no, on all fours. I did and they only restrained my ankles together. Then they tied my hands about shoulder width apart so I could hold myself up.

There was a moment of silence and then I felt s sharp stinging pain on my ass cheeks, they were whipping me. It fucking hurt, they would whip a couple times then rub my ass. They had me lay down on top of Desiree I think, in a 69 position and eat her pussy. We both came about 5 minuets later. Finally the girls untied me and I saw the whole thing. All four girls were there totally naked and looking hot as hell. The one holding the whip was my sister and she looked fucking good. I don’t know if it was the beer, or if it was the weed or the sex. But, I had to fuck her. I motioned for her to come to me and we started kissing and the other girls cheered while drinking and smoking. I laid my sister down on the bed and I slipped my cock into her and she gasped. It felt so hot and tight on my cock. I fucked her nice and slow, trying to enjoy everything I could.

Tina hobbled over to us and stood in front of my sister’s mouth, which gave my sister some opportunity to suck on some pussy. By now it was midnight and I was reaching about my sixth orgasm for the night. I was just about to pull out when my sister told me not to and let it go inside of her it would be okay. So I shot streams of semen up her cunt. I pulled out and lay down on the bed besides her. She snuggled up to me and told me that was great.

I was exhausted, I just lay there for awhile while the girls told stories, drank beer and smoked weed. I heard Jennie tell everyone she fucked my dad, but the real shocker was when my sister had said that she had fucked my dad before. That was the last thing I remembered about Saturday.

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